Review by dudezaplenti

Reviewed: 04/18/06

An Excellent Experience...While It Lasted. A 7.7.

This game is great, but it's just way way way too short. The game only contains 8 levels, not counting the last level, which is essentially just a boss fight.

Of those 8 levels, only ONE lasted more than 20 minutes. The reward collection does add some replayablility, but not much. Once you've collected all the rewards, there's really no point in going back. You're much better off uninstalling the game to free up the whooping 7gig installation.

Of the 8 levels, only 5 had puzzles, and of those 5, only one will give you some pause. The lack of puzzles wasn't compensated by other aspects. The gunfights were also few and far inbetween.

There are two special motorcycle chase sequences seemed like fillers more than an actual polished mode. It was as if the developers knew their game was short and just threw in some thin content to extend the play time.

Collection the rewards throughout the levels will yield costumes, character bios, concept art, cheat codes, cinematic replays, and the object viewer, which just lets you look at the various enemy and object models in the game.

The good parts however, are quite amazing. The GRAPHICS were crisp and emersive. The levels are lush and beautiful. The graphics sort of have this hazy dream effect.

The SOUNDS were also quite good and really help with the suspension of disbelief.

The STORY was less impressive. It was quite disjointed and seemed like an afterthought that only served to being Lara from one beautiful location to the next.

An average gamer will see all there is to see in this game in one weekend. The serious gamer will probably wear this game out in less than a day, not exactly a sound investment for US$54.00.

Overall, I can not recommend a buy on this game. Either rent or wait for prices to drop to around US$25.00.

Which is kind of sad, because this is a game that can easily be a 9 out of 10 if it weren't so short. It's so short in fact, I'd say that it needs to be at least twice as long as what is here to get a 9. Did I mention the game was short? It is.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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