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    Chopper Guide by fat_bud

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    Battlefield 2 Chopper Guide by Budzilla v1.3      29/05/2006
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Battlefield 2 has been out for a while, yet there are many people new to the 
    game who are mearly getting their feet wet. Unfortunately that means they are
    inexperinced with flying helicopters. Helicopters are easily the make or break
    unit of any game(in publc servers at least).  This guide is intended to help
    get new players up to speed on the basics of flying and fighting, despite the
    complete lack of documentation that came with Battlefield 2.  Please take time
    to read this guide if you are new to BF2 AND don't say, "No Duh!" There are 
    plenty of players who make mind boggling stupid decisions while flying.
    Dont't forget to enjoy yourself!
    **Important**This guide has been updated for the game mechanics in the 1.3
    patch. I don't know what little surprises EA and Dice have for us in the near
    future. So this will be my last update becasuse I'm too lazy and not getting
    paid for this. I can't see myself re-writing this thing after every patch that
    comes out.
    1. FLYING
       a)Getting Started
         i-Control Set Up
         ii-Other Stuff Which Is Helpful 
         iii-Creating A Game
       b)Flying Around
         ii-Level Flight
         vi- Challenges
       c)Special Forces Helicopter Movement
       a)Take Off
       b)Evading Income Fire
       d)Attack Helicopter Weapons
         i-TV Missile
         ii-20mm Cannon
         iii-Unguided Rockets
       e)Transport Helicopter Weapons
         ii-.50 Cal
       a)Character Classes for attack choppers
       b)Flag Whoring aka Flag Skipping, Stat Farming
         i- Character Classes
         ii- Tactics
    5. THREATS
    7. Special Thanks
    8. Mistakes, corrections and adding other information
    9. About the Author
    10. Version History  
    1. FLYING
      a)Getting Started
        i-Control Setup
          W - Increase Motor Speed
          S - Decrease Motor Speed
          A - Turn Left
          D - Turn Right
          X - Drop Flares
                                        / \
                                         | Mouse Foward - Tilt Nose Down
    Left Mouse Button- Fire       /              \   Right Mouse Button - 
                                 /                \  Change Weapon
                                 |                 |
                                 |                 | Mouse Right - 
    Mouse Left -                 |                 | _______________________>
    Slide Chopper Left           |                 |
                <______________  |                 |Slide Chopper Right
                                 |                 |
                                 |                 |
                                 |                 |
                                         | Mouse Backwards - Tilt Nose Up
                                        \ /
    **Note** If you inverse the Mouse in Settings then pushing the mouse foward
    will tilt the nose foward and visa versa.
        ii-Other Stuff Which Is Helpful
        RAM: Get 2gigs of the stuff! I noticed a huge improvement in loading times
        when  I upgraded from 1 gig. With less disk swapping going on, you will
        have a smoother flight
        Video Settings: Crank up that draw distance to the maximum!
        Headset: VOIP rocks and you know it! It easier to say to your pilot, "AA
        GUNS TO OUR LEFT!!" than to type it out. Spend some cash on a headset and 
        you will get alot more out of Battlefield 2
        Patience: Take your time and be prepared to die alot. You won't be a good 
        pilot overnight or in a week but keep at it and you will get loads of Gold
        stars to impress people of the opposite sex
        iii-Creating A Game
        OK.  First of all we need a practice arena.  Don't practice online because
        this will make you very unpopular.  Click on Multiplayer tab at the top of
        the screen and select "Create Local". Find a large map(64 players) like 
        Dragon Valley.
        Okay press and hold the "W" key to spin up your motor.  After sometime the
        chopper will begin to liftoff, for the moment gain height. 
        ii-Level Flight
        OK, to go straight ahead, tilt the nose of the chopper downwards slightly, 
        notice that you are going foward. The same principle applies to flying 
        backwards. Maintain motor speed and tilt backwards. DON'T be aggresive 
        with how much you tilt the chopper otherwise you will be a smoking hole 
        in the ground. Treat the chopper like a baby for the time being.
    **NOTE**When flying you will have to be giving constant adjustments with the 
    mouse even in level flight
        Once you master flying straight ahead it's time to turn.  Press and hold
        either the "A" or "D" keys to turn in whatever direction you wish to head 
        to. You will notice that you will start to lose height in most cases. Use 
        the mouse to keep the nose from dipping too much.
        Decrease motor speed, slow the chopper down to 40Km/h or less. Keep the 
        helicopter level with ground (and make sure the ground is level!). When 
        you are a metre or so above tilt your nose back slightly and I mean only
        a fraction! At all times you should be holding down the "S" key so your
        landing can be as smooth as possible.
        To strafe move the mouse to the left or right SLIGHTLY! If you continue to
        move the mouse it will roll over and crash. Make sure you are holding the
        increase motor speed button 
      With flying the best way to get better is to practice and practice and 
      practice. Did I say practice? I'm not joking either. Fly through streets,
      next to buildings along roads in a forest. 
        vi- Challenges
        If you think you are good, try the following obstacles (64 Player maps).
        All are possible and if you can't do them, you will not make much of a 
        pilot online:
                    -The large circular tunnel under Kubra Dam
                    -Most warehouses can be entered where there is one 
                    large door on one side
                    -The TV station at Sharqi Peninsula. Take off with
                    the Cobra and fly under the construction site bar that's
                    connecting the two buildings
                    -Hover under a carrier!
        These are pretty easy themsevles.
      c)Special Forces Helicopter Movement
      The helicopters in SF are HUGE. They handle differently too. Think about
      sliding acrosswet ice, let's say you turn right. While you maybe facing 
      your new direction, you will drift towards the way you were originally
      going. So flying these choppers requires more input then the other choppers.
      Just give yourself more lateral room to work with when you are fighting.
      If you are unfortunate to be a victim of spawn camping, take-off is very
      difficult.  You have two options jump in and spin like crazy(hold "A" or "D")
      if a sniper with an M95 is in the area or a Special Op guy is trying to plant
      C4 on you.  Just pray no team mates are on the helipad OR find and kill the 
      SOB who is making life difficult.
      b)Evading Incoming Fire
      This is the second most important part of this guide(behind flying 
      naturally). Make no mistake about it, helicopters are fragile and can 
      easily be shot down with a .50 calibre weapon.  What to do?:
      **Submission by L1b3rat0r**
      -When attacking a vehicle that sees you and fires back, try to fly in a
      random approach pattern while descending, and slow down so you can land 4-6
      rockets in a pass
      -Fly low! Fly so low try and not fly above tree top level. If they can't see
      you then they can't hit you therefore can't hurt you! A stinger might be
      looking up in the air for you while you are skulking near the ground. You 
      might point out that flying high gives you visibilty of the action and you 
      can hit you targets from afar. That's true but everyone can see you also 
      hitting targets from afar is difficult. Also multiple ground AA guns will 
      engage you. It is easy to escape one hostile AA gun. But more difficult to 
      escape 3. Jets are a different story but they can fly so fast and escape the
      threat so quickly it doesn't matter for them. Tree top level at highest!!!
      -Use as much cover as possible. Trees, hills, large buildings. Not only this
      can break lock of the missiles but guns won't be able to hit you either
      -Make a firing run on your target and when you return come from another
      direction which is unexpected
      -Circle Strafe! This is where you are flying in circles around a target and
      you ALWAYS have your nose (therefore your guns) pointed at the target. To do
      this move hold the "W" key and either "A" or "D" Then slide the chooper in
      the opposite direction you are turning. It is easier than it sounds.  When 
      firing rockets in attack choppers always aim the rockets slightly to the 
      left of the target if your are circling right and visa versa
      -If you have a lock on warning in your cockpit and you are certain the enemy
      is a hostile jet. Find cover or even better beam the enemy.  What is 
      beaming? Where the enemy is flying towards you at your 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock
      position. So think of a  side on collision with a car and you pretty much 
      have it.  The advantages of this move is that the aircraft will have a hard
      time getting a lock on you because you are crossing their HUD too quickly for
      them and their missiles will have to turn really hard to get you.
      -As you get better try to fly faster
      -When flying transport choppers when you see multiple APCs and tanks -  RUN!!
      -NEVER EVER SOLELY RELY ON YOUR FLARES to escape threats. A machine gun or 
      cannon can still shoot you down and a skilled air defence solider can fire 
      his missiles after the flares you dropped are no longer effective
      Good aim, fire power and alignment of the planets might help when shooting 
      down foes whether you are in the pilot or gunner seat.  
      You might think that's BS. I've flown in Blackhawks where the 
      players on the minigun failed to fire a single round at a TOW missile or 
      Stinger site. I've yelled at them over VOIP, "!$#@ HELL. YOU #!@#($#@ shoot 
      the Stinger it is right infront of you. Less than 10 metres away!"  To 
      replies of, "I didn't see it! Not my fault."  Yes its your fault if the pilot
      is giving you targets to hit but you fail to even fire your gun.
      This is differnet from missing your target because the opposition of course 
      does not want to be killed. When you are a gunner you have a much better 
      visibilty then your pilot. ALWAYS BE LOOKING FOR TARGETS. This is especially
      true at enemy spawn points.
      Keep your pilot informed of any threats that can shoot you down.
      Lead Targets! If a target is moving aim slightly ahead of it of where its 
      travelling. If you never lead a moving target you will miss most of the time.
      How much leading depends on the weapon(guns need some while rockets need
      Make sure that cannon doesn't overheat.
      **Submission by L1b3rat0r**
      If the pilot comes to an almost complete stop and flies low when not at a
      helipad, he probably sees something he wants you to shoot.
        i- TV Missile
        The TV missile is tricky to use but instant death against anyone who it 
        hits. The gunner of any attack chopper has access to 8 of these babies.  
        When in the gunner position right click to switch to TV mode. A black and 
        white screen will appear. When you have a target click on it and the 
        missile will at that excact point. Don't fire at a target that's near the 
        edge of the screen when the taget is less than 70 metres away or the 
        missile will miss the target because it cannot turn in time. Also you can 
        update the missile's impact point by double clicking in the TV view. 
        Which makes it handy when shooting down other choppers!
    **Note** The TV missile is very dodgy at times. While its automically supposed
    to load another after you launched one, sometimes it won't(I'm not sure if this
    is a bug or a design decision). So after the missile you have fired is 
    destroyed enter TV mode again and make sure the loading sequence is taking 
    **Note** The centre of the TV view for the gunner on the PILOTS HUD is not the
    centre of the screen. In regular BF2 all TV missile cameras are centred
    between the centre of the screen and the gunners view info display. With SF
    helicopters the centre of the TV view for the gunner in the PILOTS HUD is
    about a centimetre(half an inch) below the gunner view display. If you are a
    gunner in the SF helicopter DON'T SPEND TOO MUCH TIME AIMING FOR THE SHOT.
    The SF helicopters are  very difficult to line up with long range TV shots,
    they also handle differently so it is easy to flip them if they are tilted
    back too far.
    **Update** The 1.03 patch seems to make the TV missile more responsive to the
    gunners commands.
        ii- 20mm Cannon
        The front of each attack chopper has a variant of these. The Chinese and 
        American cannons are pretty much equal in terms of fire power. However the 
        MEC chopper cannon seems extremely powerful and has lots of splash damage.
        This makes it very desireable especially against infantry and light 
        vechicles. The gunner gets this weapon and mearly fires away. Be careful
        that you don't hold down the trigger for too long or the gun will overheat
        check your heat status every few seconds.
    **Note** Press "C" once to change view to HUD only for greater visibilty.
    The patch makes the cannon more effective on the China and Cobra against 
        iii- Unguided Rockets
        Remember how I said fly low?? This is why. You have to point your nose at 
        the target to hit it.  Also notice how the crosshair is slighly lower than
        the point of impact? The rockets are not parellel but are actually aimed 
        slightly up. Practice makes perfect. UNLOAD ALL ROCKETS in one attack run.
        When you get better, aim for the rear of tanks where the armour is weaker.
        A full 8 rocket barrage against confined enemy is very devestating.
    **Note** Remember to pull up when your rockets run out!
    **Submission by L1b3rat0r**
    Moving slower and lower will make your rockets hit closer to the reticles
        i- Minigun
        Nothing too mini about this beast. Fires an insane number of hard hitting 
        rounds and tears up infantry like no other weapon in the game. Of course 
        a due to its power to deter enemies it usually leads to flag whoring. 
        Something that I love doing. Naturally the gun is mounted on the side of 
        the blackhawk so keep giving directions to your pilot of where targets are
        and watch your score go up and up! However once this gun overheats it takes
        ages to cool down. Short bursts please.
    **Note**Since 1.2 patch this thing was completely nerfed then improved up and 
    only God knows now. The minigun is weaker that I've seen plenty of infantry
    dance around the bullets and survive. It's now not much better than the .50cal
    guns on the other transport choppers. Thanks EA and Dice good work on removing
    the America's ONLY firepower advantage in the skies or anywhere for that
    matter. *Steps off soapbox.*
        ii- .50 Cal
        This weapon is really only effective on stationary vechicles, since the 
        helicopter is always moving. You can guess that this weapon is almost 
        useless when mounted on a chopper.
                                 -GOOD OBSERVATION SKILLS ARE A MUST            
                                 -LEAD TARGETS
                                 -TRY TO FIRE IN SHORT BIRSTS when you are using 
                                 cannons or side guns
                                 -USE COVER
                                 -FLY LOW
                                 -IMPROVISE no guide can cover every situation
                                 -PRACTICE AND BE PREPARED TO DIE ALOT
                                  *Submitted by SplinterRomp*
      a)Character Classes for attack choppers
      The best classes to use would be the Medic and Engineer. Chances are bullets 
      will penetrate the cockpit glass and will seriously injure you. A medic will
      automatically heal you and himself. An engineer won't be able to fix their 
      own vechicle however if there are 2 choppers around fighting together they 
      can quickly hide and repair themselves without going back to base.
      Support isn't too much of a help because it takes forever to be resupplied.
      b)Flag Whoring aka Flag Skipping, Stat Farming
      This is a frowned upon practice however if you are detractor I dare you to 
      fly a chopper around for 10 minutes without getting shot down or dying. This 
      practice is only effective in a blackhawk, less so on a shoebox and ever 
      worse in an attack chopper
      **Update** The 1.03 patch has very much put an end to this practice. Only the
      pilot can capture the spawn point, passengers have to hop out to speed up the
      capture.  Not really effective in heavy combat.  Of course you can make a few
      firing runs at the flag and thin out the oppostion then have your passengers
      jump out.  The choice is yours. Make sure the players manning the guns DON'T
      leave their position otherwise you are a clay pigeon.
         i- Character Classes
         Pilot: Medic
         Gunners: Support and Medic
         Back seats: All Engineers or 2 engineers and a Special Ops
         Naturally the engineers are in the back repairing like crazy. THEY MUST 
         ALWAYS BE IN THE BACK SEAT. There are 2 Medics onboard this will heal 
         the people in the back seats very quickly and increase their life 
         expectancy alot. While the support keeps resupplying people in the 
         back seats with ammo.  You will have noticed that instead of 3 engineers
         you can have 2 engineers and a Special Op. Anti-Tank classes are 
         hopeless because it is too difficult to aim and anti tank round when 
         flying.  When you come across armour or an APC the Specail OP can drop 
         loads of C4 on the victim(tanks and APCs cannot aim directly up) and 
         blow them to hell!
         ii- Tactics
         Not much in the way of tactics. Except when your are taking flag, spin the
         helicopter slowly so the side guns can engage all targets. Also try to 
         stay far away from the flags as possible because sneaky people usually 
         lay loads of C4 for unsuspecting flag skippers. Also never ever land!
      Some Blackhawk causing your team alot of grief?? Get a shoebox and place C4 
      on the nose. Now fly into the blackhawk. The C4 will make sure you are 
      awarded with the kills. Can be very funny plus the other team might think 
      twice about flying. Make sure you passengers know about this one-way flight.
      d)Mobile Spawn Point
      A transpot helicopter can fly high enough so that it is out of range heat
      seeking air defense on the ground. Two or three squad leaders stay in the
      chopper while everyone jumps out. Boring for the squad leaders but very
      annoying to the opposition.
    5. THREATS
      -.50 Cal Guns. Whether mounted on a DPV or tank these guns to be utterly 
      respected. They can shoot down a chopper in no time. Run away or destroy
      them as quickly as possible
      -IGLA/Stinger. Can shoot you down easily enough. The good news is that they 
      are stationary and take along time to reload.  The best approach to take 
      them out when they are on a hill is to attack the site from below where the 
      sandbags surrounding the site give it a blind spot. Then unleash your flares
      and rockets when you see the target.
      -APC or AA gun. These 2 are just as bad as eachother. Take them out or avoid
      altogether. TV missle works best.
      **Submission by L1b3rat0r**
      -APCS take ~4 rockets to destroy
      -Tanks. Some lucky player might shoot you down with the main cannon, which is
      not very likely. However watch out for that .50 Cal on the roof....
      **Submission by L1b3rat0r**
      -Tanks take 5-6 rockets to destroy
      -Infantry. Rarely shoot down choppers. Anti tank soldiers have trouble 
      shooting down most choppers. Don't fly low when there are Specail Ops because
      they have C4 to stick to the belly of your chopper. As for M95 snipers don't
      worry about them when you are flying. My accuracy is 57% with rifles and I've
      only shot a pilot out of a chopper twice whilst in flight and it was just 
      hovering there. The rifle grenade that comes with Assault kits are a threat.
      3 hits from these can shoot you down.  
      -Aircraft. Jets are your biggest foe. Since you can fly slower, use that to 
      your advantage. Don't bother trying to shoot down this foe. 
    **Submitted By SplinterRomp** - Shooting down a jet can be done. Fly behind a
    jet that's flying straight and level and unload all your rockets. Only 2 hits
    are need to take down a full health jet. Make sure the jet is close.
      -Helicopters. An attack chopper battle will boil down to who is the better 
      gunner. The MEC chopper has the advantage of a very powerful cannon. The best
      outcome would be to take out the opposing chopper with a TV missile. Try to 
      get in close and unleash that missile!
    **Submission by L1b3rat0r**
      -IF you are engaged against a helicopter where it is behind you, tilt your 
      nose up and fly backwards in an attempt to get behind it and straighten 
      yourself out but;
                  -make sure you have room
                  -the more you tilt, the more dangerous but more effective the 
                  manuever becomes
    Thanks L1b3rat0r this manoeuvre is commonly called a "Cobra"
      US-    AH-1 "Cobra"
      MEC-   Mi-28 "Havoc"
      China- Z-10
      Pilot Weapon: Rockets (8x5) 
      Gunner Weapons: TV Missile (1x8)
                    20mm Cannon (China and US helicopters contain 900 rounds)
                    30mm Cannon (MEC chopper contains 450 rounds)
      Differences: The MEC chopper has a much more powerful cannon. Also it is
      considerably wider than the AH-1 and Z-10. So wide that if you aim perfectly
      with the rectile on the Mi-28 from in front or behind a Z-10 or Cobra, all 
      the unguided rockets will miss!
    **Note**The 1.2 patch reduced the armour on these choppers. You can still take
    a tank round to the body and survive. Since a tank round removes around 75% of
    your health you better head to a friendly helipad.
      US-    UH-60   "Blackhawk"
      MEC-   Mi-17   "Hip" aka shoebox
      China- Z-8     aka shoebox
      Gunner Weapons: Minigun(Blackhawk only. Infinite rounds)
                    .50Cal(Shoebox only. Infinite rounds)
      Differences: There is a slight seating difference between the MEC and 
      Chinese helicopters. The US gets the uber powerful minigun. Note that the
      name Shoebox is not an offical name. It is just the name me an my friends
      use online.
    c)Special Forces
      US & UK AH-64 "Apache"
      Everyone Else MI-35 "Hind"
      Pilot Weapon: Rockets (8x5) 
      Gunner Weapons: TV Missile (1x8)
                      30mm Cannon 900 Rounds
      Differences: These attack choppers are almost the same. Except the Apache
      feels more responsive to the controls of the pilot and can turn tighter.
    7.Thanks to these people (these are their Battlefield 2 names):
     SplinterRomp -For teaching me extra stuff about flying and laying down insane
     -=Cpt.Killj0y=- -Shooting me down so often when I was flying and he was in a
                    jet. Self destruction is the ultimate form of self improvement
     and Everybody else in 4104!
     L1b3rat0r thanks for sending in your suggestions!
    8.Mistakes, corrections and adding other information
       If there are mistakes in this guide or have me write in more advice, please
       contact me at the email below. 
       If you would like to add your own advice to this guide I may allow it. I
       WILL CREDIT YOU with what you contribute.
    9. About the Author
    Contact email: crapcorner@hotmail.com
    BF2 Name: Budzilla
    Clan: None
    CPU: AMD 4200+ X2
    RAM: 2GB 3500LL
    HDD: 400Gb
    VID: ATI 512Mb 1900XTX
    CRT: 19inch LCD VX922
    Sound: X-Fi Elite Pro with Logitech Z-5500 speakers and Headset
    Mouse/Keyboard: Microsoft basic keyboard and a G5 Logitech mouse
    Games I like: Little big Adventure 2
                  Falcon 4.0 and Allied Force (F4 readers would notice that;)
                  Deus Ex 1&2
                  Call of Duty
                  Rainbow 6 series
                  Splinter Cell Series
                  Hidden & Dangerous Series
                  C&C Generals
                  Enemy Territory
                  Vampire Bloodlines: The Masquerade
                  Commandos Series
                  Half-Life 2
                  Civilization 2
    10. Version History
      1.0   (28/09/2005) First Release
      1.03  (24/10/2005) Update for 1.03 patch
                         Updated Intro
                         New tactics and pointers by me
                         Tactics Submitted by e-mail
    Copyright 2005 Daniel Kinna

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