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"Better than the first one."

Racing games change a lot during last 2-3 years. From exotic car racing games NFS 1-6 every company started setting the racing games in street racing environment. But no one really did a good job until NFS Underground came out. Everyone was crazy about that game. It was near perfect. But now when Underground 2 came out we saw that really the first was not good. It is because of the amount of things they changed.

Graphics 8/10

Although the cities look nice and big and car models are awesome, even if you have a pretty fast machine there is a lot of pixels showing and game slows down sometimes. Well, new games require more, but I don't think that you should see a big amount of pixels if you have Gforce 4 128mb! But things change. Except that fact verything else is modeled perfectly. It gives feeling like your inside the game.

Audio 10/10

Soundtrack in the game is awesome. It has a large variety. It will suit everyone. So no problem with that. But audio really shines when you tune the car, pick manual transmission, turn of the music and just listen to the sound of the engine. It is absolutely awesome. It sound like the cars from the F&F movies. It is really great. Also any abither sounds in the game are made really good. No complaints from me.

Gameplay 10/10

First thing you will notice when you start a game is that it is an OPEN CITY game. It is a great thing because Underground 1 lacked it. So that changes gameplay moderately. Now instead of buying parts in the main menu, you have to drive to different stores to buy different parts, which adds a little realistic feeling to the game. Also you drive to different icons to get different races which is great. Also it is harder to get rich in the game. You really have to save money and think about what you are buying now. And after 10 hours of playing I realized that the game is verrryyyy long.

Replayability (depends)

If you like racing games you will play it over and over again. Although this game is pretty long so by the time you finish the game you will not feel like playing it again. But also as the time goes by you will pick it up someday eventually.

I give this game 10/10. Personally, I'll say that this is the best racing game that ever came out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/04

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