Review by Lunatic999

Reviewed: 01/03/05

A vast improvement to the previous underground, but still falls short

Taking place in a massive, free-roaming city featuring five distinct interconnected neighbourhoods, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers an immersive game world where the streets are your menus. As players explore the city, they’ll encounter rival racers who will school them in the ways of the underground and tip them off to the hottest racing spots in town.

Last year EA released the new game in its Need For Speed series, the Need for Speed Underground. The game was radically different from all previous NFS series games. The first game in the series, which took the racing from super exotics racing around the large country style tracks, to the new level of street racing, based in a city and at night.

The sequel, Need For Speed Underground 2 gives the same attitude but with all new game play options.

STORYThe game starts off where the NFSU ended. You were involved in a car crash which was carried out by the rivals and now you are starting all over, and your first step is moving to the new city, Bayview. The game tried to unfold new street racing career with story to support with in NFSU2. The first new thing you will notice in the game is 2D cut scenes, similar to that we saw in Max Payne but it’s not used as effectively as it was in Max Payne. This 'comic stripping' effect had gamers complaining a lot as they preferred the older animated videos.
The story wasn't that good, however just having a story gave it a few marks 4/10

SOUND The audio in this game, well I guess it is done pretty good. If you were wondering about the confusion, it is because I believe that the audio relating to the sound effects, engine noises and audio like that are done very well. However I believe that the soundtrack to this game is pure faecal matter. But you can always turn off songs that you don't like, or do what I did and remove all music and just play some other songs in the background
If they had a better soundtrack, the sound score would have gotten very high 7/10

GRAPHICS They haven't improved that much since the original and those graphics are now outdated. The cars look nice and detailed and car reflection is beautiful. The newly constructed city looks great, and most corners are built to be able to taken fast. 7/10

GAMEPLAY The game play is similar to the original, but there has been leaps and bounds in the changes. You now races around to races/stores and special events instead of travelling through a menu. In addition there are few U.R.L, Underground Racing League. This is nothing but the tournament mode that we saw in the NFSU1 and usually fetches big money. Even though the races are located on the map, actual racing doesn’t start on the open street but a circuit is loaded similar to that of NFSU1. Also the upgrade parts are unlocked on winning particular races. There are plenty of races and it can take a while to complete all races and move on to next stage or to unlock a performance or visual upgrade.
However, there is a flaw in the game, the only fun parts are when you start racing and when you are near completing the game, and the middle section of the game is annoyingly repetitive and makes the interest level of the player very low, this then leads to many people not being bothered to finish the game.
The game play has increased from the original, however the fact that the game gets boring seems to lower the score 8/10

REPLAYABILITY I think that this can be put into two sections
Offline: Offline, after you complete the game, you probably won't feel like playing it again. And also people don't even finish the game as it gets boring.
Online: Online, on the other hand is much better, as we get to race with people of all different attitudes and characteristics, and this is quite fun.


Total Average: 5 2/3
Total Score: 7

This game is what Need For Speed Underground 1 should have been, and I recommended that you rent it first before you actually decide to buy it. I believe that if this game were given to another company, for example SEGA or Rockstar, they would have developed a much better game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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