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    Enemy FAQ by Froggy7384

    Version: 1.60 | Updated: 10/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Suffering Enemy Guide
    By Froggy7384 (Seth weinstein)
    As this is an enemy guide, it will cover EVERY enemy, including bosses. While
    I will not reveal any plot spoilers aside from their archive entries, if you
    simply don't want to know what the final boss or any of the other bosses are,
    then you should be very careful when reading this guide, as this is the only
    warning I will give you concerning spoilers.
    <<<<<<<<<<<End Warning.>>>>>>>>
    Version .30
    -Started this FAQ. Completed information on Slayers, Marksmen, and Mainliners.
    Version 1.0
    -Added information on the rest of the Minor Enemies.
    -Started and completed information on Major enemies.
    -Made minor format changes.
    -Added a conclusion.
    -Added copyright information.
    Version 1.1
    -Added Archive Information on Slayers, Marksmen, Mainliners, and Noosemen.
       Thank you Zeeboe!
    -Edited formatting a little.
    Version 1.3
    -Finished Archive Information. Huge props to my man Zeeboe again.
    Version 1.4
    -Added First Appearances, courtesy once again of Zeeboe.
    -Added two tidbits on Slayers and Mainliners, courtesy of Vietboiken.
    Version 1.51
    -Added an additional Burrower starategy, courtesy of PirateKing.
    -Separated the Fester rats into their own category, and affectionately
       dubbed them "Festering Rats".
    -Added an additional way to dodge the Festering Rats.
    Version 1.52
    -Added an additional strategy for defeating Torque (Monster Form),
       thanks to DreamlessMind via Email.
    Version 1.53
    -Added an additional tip for avoiding Mainliner attacks, courtesy
       of Notyur Koncern, via Email.
    -Added DreamlessMind and Notyur Koncern to the list of people to thank,
       because I forgot to. Sorry, guys.
    Version 1.54
    -Added a little tidbit regarding Festers.
    Version 1.60
    LOTS of new stuff, so I jacked it up to 1.60 :-)
    -Added an additional strategy for defeating the Monster form.
    -Confirmed that Torque (Human Form) throws bombs, care of Seth Calypso
    -Added new tip for defeating Infernas, c/o Seth Calypso again.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. How to read this FAQ
    3. The Minor Enemies
       3a. Slayers
       3b. Marksmen
       3c. Mainliners
       3d. Noosemen
       3e. Burrowers
       3f. Festers
       3g. Festering Rats
       3h. Infernas
       3i. C.O.s and Inmates
    4. The Major Enemies
       4a. Dr. Killjoy
       4b. Horace
       4c. Hermes
       4d. Torque (Monster Form)
       4e. Torque (Human Form)
       4f. Torque (Final Form)
    5. Conclusion
    6. Contact Information
    7. Copyright Information
    1. Introduction
    Hello, friends. This is my first FAQ, so please forgive me if it's not all that
    good. I didn't want to start with a full FAQ, so I thought I'd do something
    simple: a guide to the various enemies in The Suffering. I hope you find it
    informative and useful, because there are times that I wished I had one of
    these. Enjoy!
    2. How to read this FAQ
    I will be organizing the information on enemies in a simple format which should 
    work very nicely. It goes something like this:
    (Section number): (Enemy Name)
    First Appearance: The chapter in the game where you will first fight this
       monster. For Major Enemies, this will be the only chapter you fight them in.
    Appearance: What it looks like. Size, shape, any defining characteristics.
    Telltale Sign: Some enemies can appear quite suddenly, much to your dismay.
    If an enemy makes a specific noise, or has a sign of its prescence, I'll tell
    you what it is here.
    Attacks: How this enemy will hurt you. If there is a specific way to avoid
    these attacks, I'll tell you what that is.
    How to Kill Them: Exactly what it says on the box. Strategies to make sure that
    you come out victorious, and not vice-versa.
    Special notes: If there's anything that didn't fit into one of the above
    categories, it'll be here.
    Archive Entry:
    The information found in the Archives concerning this monster, copied verbatim.
    These things can actually be kind of useful, sometimes.
    Well, that's it. Now on to the meat!
    3. The Minor Enemies
    What makes an enemy minor is that you will encounter it more than once, indeed
    many, many times during your stay on Carnate.
    3a: Slayer
    First Appearance: Chapter One, "The Worst Place On Earth"
    Humaniod in form. The arms and legs are, of course, blades, and the
    heads are not connected to their bodies, although that's slightly less notable.
    They are wearing some sort of whiteish thing with metal trim. There
    are two sizes, small and large. The small ones are about a head shorter than
    Torque, while the large ones are a head taller.
    Telltale Sign:
    They make a clanking sound when they move, which is the downside
    of having metal limbs, I suppose. Because these guys will come from seemingly
    nowhere, this is good to know. If you hear clanking, stop and look around to
    make sure that you're REALLY alone.
    As one would assume, their blades are their primary weapons. They will
    do any of the following: slash you with one or both blades, do a backflip,
    kicking you with one of the blades in the process, or fire themselves like a
    missile at you. The latter attack is hard to see coming, so watch out. If they
    are hanging from the ceiling, which they do sometimes, they can kick you with
    their leg blades while sticking to the ceiling with their arms. The best way
    to avoid that attack is to either get under a high ceiling, or just kill them
    before they get a chance to hang from it.
    How to Kill Them:
    Simple enough. Just keep shooting, and stay on the move to
    dodge their attacks. Sometimes the bigger ones will cross their arm blades,
    blocking your bullets. Just let up on the fire until they relax, or shoot them
    in the legs (the fleshy part, not the blade-y part). The big ones will
    sometimes revive after you kill them. To prevent this, shoot off their heads,
    either when they are on the ground, or in the process of fighting them.
    Special Notes:
    Sometimes when left alone, dealt a lot of damage, or if you
    shoot their heads off while they are still alive, Slayers will get down on all
    fours and scamper around like spiders. While this is very creepy, they cannot
    do damage to you while on four legs, and aside from being very agile, they are
    excellent targets.
    Archive Entry:
    "I first witnessed these creatures jumping out of the ground itself. Their
    heads were attached from their torsos held aloft by hideous contraptions.
    Their limbs have been replaced by blades of the sharpest steel. To my eyes,
    they appear to be a manifestation of decapitation, yet it seems improbable that
    anyone ever had their head cut off in Abbot. I suppose on Carnate anything is
    possible. I have dubbed these monstrosities Slayers."
    3b: Marksman
    First Appearance: Chapter 2, "Descending"
    Huge hulking beasts, they lumber around like gorillas, dragging
    their knuckles on the ground. They have a device on their back that kinda looks
    like a bagpipe, but is in fact several guns attached to a rotating turret,
    while will turn in a jerky motion, which is also creepy. They are a reddish
    color, and wear a blindfold over their eyes. They are larger than Torque by a
    notable margin.
    Telltale Sign:
    These guys have no specific sign other than the lumbering sound
    they make when they move, but they're so big that they are often hard to miss.
    If you're taking damage, and you don't see the source, make sure that a
    Marksman isn't sniping you from afar.
    Periodically, they will get down on all fours, aim all of their
    turrets at you, and fire one to five bursts of bullets, or a constant stream
    like a machine gun. Move quickly out of the way to avoid both attacks. While
    the damage from said attacks may seem minimal, it really adds up when fighting
    more than one Marksman, so watch your health bar.
    How to Kill Them:
    These guys can take a lot of damage, and will often seem dead when they are
    not. The best way to know when they are dead is when they roar, throw their
    hands up, and finally fall over. Otherwise, be wary. 
    Special Notes:
    They will often pop right up out of the ground, attached to posts, which will
    then disappear. While sometimes annoying and always unexpected, this is a
    pretty cool effect if I do say so myself.
    Archive Entry:
    "Based on the battery of rifles attached to its back and the blindfold around
    its head, these Marksmen appear to be the reincarnation of a military firing
    squad. Abbot was originally a P.O.W. camp during World War II, so it seems
    likely they would have had executions of that sort. Indeed, there are stories
    of a rogue Colonel who was to be court marshaled but instead took his own life.
    Perhaps he is connected to these abominations."
    3c: Mainliner
    First Appearance: Chapter 4, "Abbot Prison Blues"
    In terms of body type, imagine a midget crossed with a frog. They are small,
    squat creatures, with small legs and large, multijointed arms. They have many
    hypodermic needles sticking out from ther backs, filled with glowing green
    liquid, and their eyes are also needles that have been jabbed through their
    skulls into their eye sockets, which, once again, is a very cool effect.
    Telltale Sign:
    Anywhere you see liquid, be it blood, water, or green goo, be wary, as these
    creatures will pop up from them rather quickly. The glowing green needles on
    their backs will also serve as a very good locator, especially in dark rooms.
    They will also make a hard-to-describe sound, sort of like a "bleh", when they
    appear from a puddle, so if you hear it and don't see it, once again, make sure
    you're really alone.
    They've got two, and both are long range. The first involves them pulling a
    needle out of their backs and throwing it at you. It moves slowly and is easy
    to see, so this attack won't be too hard to avoid. Their other attack, however,
    is hard to avoid. They will jump at you, and if they succeed in landing on you,
    will jab a needle into your neck. Since they offer no warning before attacking
    this way, they best way to avoid it is to keep moving away from them and hope
    that they come up short. 
    EDIT: Notyur Concern has informed me that this attack
    CAN be avoided. Apperently one can wriggle free of a Mainliner once it jumps
    onto you by rapidly pressing the R1 button and rotating the control stick.
    However, if they succeed, both attacks will blur your vision and movement for a
    few seconds, so watch out.
    How to Kill Them:
    Since they're so short, it's not a matter of aiming and shooting, like with
    other enemies. It's best to have your gun pointed down in an area where you
    know they'll appear, or as soon as you hear or see one. These guys will also
    take more hits then you think, so don't stop shooting until you're sure. Also,
    they appear in the shower room in Chapter 4. If you turn off the showers, they
    will stop appearing.
    Special Notes: After dying, Mainliners will give off light green gas for a few
    seconds. This gas will harm you if you touch it, so avoid it. Mainliners can
    also sink into the ground and appear behind you, so if you see one dissappear,
    prepare yourself.
    Archive Entry:
    "In the 1970s, lethal injection was introduced as the most humane means of
    state sanctioned killing. To date, twenty-five such procedures have taken place
    in Abbot. This creature - I call him the Mainliner, appears to suffer with
    every move he makes. Perhaps the mixture of sodium pentothal, pancuronium
    bromide, and potassium chloride in his veins is not to his liking."
    3d: Nooseman
    First Appearance: Chapter 6, "I Can Sleep When I'm Dead"
    A torso, hanging by its neck from a long rope. What happpened to its lower
    body? No one knows. It also appears to have a sack covering its head, either
    that or very few facial features.
    Telltale Sign:
    Sometimes, if you happen to look up, you'll see a large spot of blood on the
    ceiling, or even suspended in midair. Noosemen drop from these spot, and only
    these spots. You might accidentally go through the entire game without so much
    as encountering a Nooseman just by avoiding walking under these sports.
    Their only attack is to drop from the aforementioned blood spots and grab you.
    Once they grab you, they will ravenously bite at you until you shake them off
    by wiggling the control stick and mashing buttons. After that, they will hang
    for a few minutes (no pun intended...well maybe a little) before scurrying back
    up their ropes. You can avoid this attack by spending as little time as
    possible under the blood spots.
    How to Kill Them:
    After they attack you, in the period where they are just sitting there, they
    are vulnerable to attack, but your window of opportunity is very small. Act
    quickly, if you're going to act at all. There is also the rare case where they
    will drop down and miss you, but those opportunities are far and few between.
    Special Notes:
    It's not really productive to kill Noosemen, because they can appear infinite
    times out of the same blood spot. It's best to just avoid them.
    Archive Entry:
    "Not only is this Nooseman dead from being hung by the neck, but he also
    appears to have had his skin removed. I wonder if these creatures are tied to
    the legendary story of the inmates who, outraged by the death of fellow workers
    in a Quarry mining accident, hung and skinned five C.O.s. The Nooseman are more
    supernatural the many of their brethren, ripping themselves straight out of the
    ceiling in an entirely impossible manner."
    3e: Burrowers
    First Appearance: Chapter 8, "Darkest Night, Eternal Blight"
    A giant sack, with a human inside but invisible. The sack is wrapped in chains,
    which it will use to attack. The chains have blades on the end.
    Telltale Sign:
    Since they burrow, the sign that one is near is ground being turned up around
    your feet, as if something is moving under it. They also make the noise that
    one would expect from a burrowing creature, sort of a rumbling sound.
    They have two, both involving their chains. One is simple, they pop up from the 
    ground, whip two chains at you, and then sink back under. For the other, they
    will pull out all three chains and spin around quickly, making the chains spin
    around them in a wide, dangerous arc.
    How to Kill Them:
    I used to think that the easiest way to kill them was to keep backing up and
    shoot them when they pop up. I now know that the best way is to simple stay
    still, back up when they pop up, and then shoot them. While this does require
    goodish reflexes, it provides more attacking opportunities. Beginners might
    still opt the backing-away method, which is perfectly okay, but the quicker way
    is to stand still.
    EDIT: PirateKing says that if you dodge the Burrower's attack and then throw
    a bomb down the hole they leave, that will kill them Caddyshack style.
    Special Notes:
    None really, these guys are pretty straight-forward. I do find it odd, however,
    that no matter where you shoot them, their heads will fall off when they die.
    I can't complain, however, because Midway and Surreal did an excellent job on
    them otherwise. These are my favorite enemies :)
    Archive Entry:
    "These Burrowers are some of the most lethal creatures I have encountered,
    primarily due to their ability to spring fourth from the ground itself
    and just as quickly, re-submerge. They're closely tied to the very soil of
    Carnate, a theme among monstrosities. He appears of a human body tied up in a
    gunny sack, constrained by leather straps, with deadly steal chained attached
    in various locations. I believe they represent those buried alive."
    3f: Festers
    First Appearance: Chapter 13, "Dancing At The Dawn Of The Apocalypse"
    Imagine a fat, blue human, slightly taller than Torque. Now put a cage on his
    head, a mace in his hand, and decorate him with scars, cuts, and the odd chain
    or two. That's what Festers are.
    Telltale Sign:
    The game rarely, if ever, puts you in situations where Festers will sneak up on
    you. They almost always appear in areas with a lot of water, so keep that in
    mind whenever you see the ocean. To that end, a telltale sign is almost
    unnecessary, but I will tell you this: they are so heavy, the ground shakes
    with their every step.
    They have a giant mace, which they will swing at you. It hurts a lot if it hits
    you, so keep your distance. The mace itself is so heavy that it will impact the
    ground in a large circle if it hits it, much like the attack that Torque does
    in his Monster form when you press the Jump botton. They have another attack,
    but it is rarely used: they will open one of their many wounds, and Festering
    Rats will swarm from it.
    How to Kill Them:
    Festers are unique among enemies in that bullets have no effect on them
    whatsoever. The only way to kill them is to either throw whatever bomb you have
    on you at them, or to hack them open with the shiv or fire axe. I myself opt
    for the fire axe, as a few hits from it pretty much guarantees their doom. So,
    basically keep your distance until you see an opening, and run up and slash
    them before they hit you with that heavy mace. Also, I have been informed that
    a well-thrown Molotov Cocktail will not only ensure the Festers' doom, but also
    kill a good deal of the Festering Rats that they will release when they die.
    Special Notes:
    When they die, Festers will release Festering Rats once again, as a final
    Archive Entry:
    "Continually emerging from the slave ship, these are the festering creatures
    who foil my attempts to escape this confounded rock. Rats live within their
    flesh, wreathing within it and then springing fourth randomly. They appear to
    be a reincarnation, not of the slaves, for then, they would be of darker skin
    tone, but instead of the slave traders. In this form, they are forced to live
    out again and again the fate they forced upon those hapless slaves."
    3g: Festering Rats
    First Appearance: Chapter 13, "Dancing At The Dawn Of The Apocalypse"
    A swarm of little rats, either black and red or black covered in blood,
    depending on your point of view. Usually there are about 6-8 of them in a
    Telltale Sign:
    Probably 90% of the time, you'll only fight these guy when they're coming out
    of Festers, so there's your telltale sign right there. But, if that's not good
    enough for you, they also make that squeeky-squeek noise that rats make.
    They only have one, but it's a doozy. They'll rush at you, the entire swarm at
    once, and jump at you. In mid-jump, they will explode, which causes a little
    damage. So what's a little damage, you say? Read "Appearance" again to know
    that they come at you in swarms. Enough "little damages" can add up to "big
    damage", which is of course bad. There are three ways to dodge this attack, and
    they are listed below:
    -Run. Stop whatever you're doing, and run away. If you zig-zag, you'll decrease
       your chances of getting hit. This method is unreliable, because they can
       home in on you pretty well, and very quickly. Use it as a last resort.
    -Jump. Stand still, wait until they get close to you, then jump forward over
       them. If your timing's right, you'll miss most of them, if not all. This is
       a pretty reliable method, and should be used unless there is not adequate
       space to jump, or unless you can...
    -Duck. If you are on unlevel ground, get lower. This method works extremely
       well, because when the Festering Rats get close enough to jump, they will do 
       so and sail right over your head, leaving you perfectly unharmed. Do this
       whenever possible.
    How to Kill Them:
    Most of the time, you won't have to worry about this because their own self-
    destruction will do the job for you. Of course, any gun pointed at the ground
    and fired rapidly will take care of them, as will bombs if your aim is good
    Special Notes:
    Unless I'm mistaken, the only place that you fight Festering Rats without their
    Festering hosts is in the sewer leading out of the North Beach, where they will
    come out of pipes above. Just watch your head, and take care of them as you
    would if they were spewing from Festers.
    Archive Entry:
    3h: Infernas
    First Appearance: Chapter 19, "And A Child Shall Lead Them"
    Before they're really harmful, Infernas appear as little girls. Nothing
    unusual, just little girls dressed in a white robe-like outfit. In their
    dangerous form, however, they move so fast it's hard to see what they look
    like, but that doesn't matter (see "Telltale Sign")
    Telltale Sign:
    Flames. Lots of them. Infernas move fast, and trail flames wherever they move.
    They will also appear from any flames you might encounter late in the game,
    so think twice before you blow up anything.
    Trailing flames is bad enough, because by this point in the game you know that
    flames hurt quite a bit. Aside from that, their only other attack is to stop
    briefly and then blow up, dealing damage in a wide radius. It's almost
    a given that you will take damage while fighting Infernas, just avoid the
    flames and bombs the best that you can, and curse the game developers for
    making them attack in groups.
    How to Kill Them:
    Since they move so fast, unless you're a really good shot, you're just going to 
    waste ammo shooting at them when they're moving. Wait until they stop to blow
    up, line up your shot quickly, and let them have it as much as you can.
    EDIT: Seth Caypso writes...
    Flames that Inferna are gonna come out of ALWAYS make a hissing noise that
    resembles giggling, which is possible to hear even if you aren't close enough
    to see it. To stop the Inferna from coming out of said fire, just wait until
    the Inferna make that really highpitched scream and just toss a shrapnel
    grenade into the fire (It takes a bit a practice but it works). Problem
    Special Notes:
    Once you kill them, they will leave a small pile of ashes. You must shoot the
    ashes to completely destroy them, or they will revive. And you REALLY don't
    want to fight Infernas more than you have to.
    Archive Entry:
    "From what I have witnessed, this manifestation of evil appears to have two
    distinct forms. The first, a young girl, Puritan dressed, perhaps 13-years of
    age. This transforms into an all together more disturbing, flaming creature.
    Both clutch a small hand made doll. To my mind, there is no doubt that these
    creatures are tied to the three young girls who made witchcraft accusations in
    the late 1600s, and lead to the incendiary death of eleven innocents."
    3i: C.O.s and Inmates
    First Appearance: Chapter 4, "Abbot Prison Blues"
    You've seen these guys. The C.O.s look a little like police, and the inmates
    look like you, but with a spiffy orange shirt to match the spiffy orange pants.
    Telltale Sign: Usually if the C.O.s want to fight, they'll start shooting
    before you even know they're there. So, if you're being shot at, it's either a
    C.O. or a Marksman. You'll only fight inmates once, and there's a significant
    conversation before you do, so it's not going to be any surprise to you. Sorry
    I don't have any better advice, but they're just human, after all. You've seen
    They'll just shoot or stab you with whatever weapon they have. Simple enough.
    How to Kill Them:
    same way they're trying to kill you. Simple enemy, simple strategy.
    Special notes:
    You'll only fight inmates and C.O.s a few times in the game. Of course, killing
    inmates and C.O.s willy-nilly will get you the bad ending in no time at all,
    so make sure they're really a threat before killing them.
    Archive Entry:
    4. The Major Enemies
    Major enemies, also referred to as bosses, will only be fought once throughout
    the entire game. They have no health bar, and they usually require thought
    rather than just shooting at them. They're actually a nice break from the
    otherwise endless slaughter.
    Note: Since major enemies never "sneak up" on you, they will not require a
    telltale sign.
    4a: Dr. Killjoy
    First Appearance: Chapter 11, "Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner"
    This is the guy that keeps appearing out of those projectors. He seems to be
    made of light, which in a way he is. He's about Torque's height, and pretty
    much fits the "doctor" stereotype to a T: apron, bow tie, black gloves, and
    even that silly reflector thing on his head. The apron is, of course,
    splattered with blood, but hey, on Carnate, what isn't?
    Killjoy will not attack you directly, but instead send four Slayers after you.
    Deal with them as you would any other Slayer.
    How to Kill Him:
    First, don't bother with the Slayers, because Killjoy will revive them after a
    few seconds of death. What you instead need to do is destroy the four
    projectors that are making Killjoy exist. The first two are just lying around
    the lab, completely exposed. They are your first targets. The other two are
    above you, one in a sealed room and the other in a metal cage. Destroy the fuse
    box under the room and the rope suspending the cage to destroy these
    projectors. After all four projectors are out of comission, kill the Slayers
    one last time, and that should do it for the good doctor.
    Special Notes:
    The good doctor will appear at the end of the game one last time. So don't get
    freaked out when he appears after you think you beat him.
    Archive Entry:
    "One of Abbot's most persistent legends tells of Doctor Killjoy, the quite
    insane psychiatrist/surgeon who ran an asylum on Carnate. Doing research of my
    own, I found that he did indeed exist, though which stories are true and which
    are fabrication is anyone's guess. Since the cataclysm I have three times seen
    a surgeon formed of pure light, reminiscent of sixteen millimeter film
    projection come to life. Could this be the fine doctor?"
    4b: Horace
    First Appearance: Chapter 15, "An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind"
    You've probably seen this guy without knowing who he is. When you finally do
    fight him, he will appear in an electric chair, and looking none too happy.
    Would you be?
    The room where you fight him is extremely electrified. Live wires will dangle
    from the ceiling, and every once in a while a wave of electricity will zoom
    out from Horace's chair. Jump over the wave, and just do your best to avoid the
    How to Kill Him:
    Defeating Horace is a matter of shutting off the electricity. There are fuse
    boxes around the room, which need to be destroyed. Bash open the first one,
    wait for another one to stop being electrified, and repeat. When all of the
    fuse boxes are destroyed, run over to the main machine and pull the killswitch.
    Horace will thank you, and your fight will be over.
    Special Notes:
    Horace will also appear later in the game to open some doors for you as a sign
    of gratitude.
    Archive Entry:
    "Many inmates break once inside Abbot, but none of snapped more extremely than
    Horace Gage, who the tale goes became convinced his wife wasn't safe without
    his protection, and sliced her to ribbons during a conjugal visit. He ended up
    in the mercy chair, electrocuted by Abbot's then executioner, Hermes Haight.
    For years, inmates have said he haunts Abbot, and I believe I saw him ten
    minutes ago. I surly wish I had not."
    4c: Hermes
    First Appearance: Chapter 18, "Single Bullet Theory"
    Hermes has an extremely distinctive appearance, as he is completely made out of
    green gas. Other than that, he is basically humanoid, and also fits the
    stereotype of a "ghost" pretty well in that his upper body is relatively
    normal while his lower body is often made of just gas.
    Hermes will fill up the room you are in with his signature green gas, which
    hurts as you would expect. The gas comes from four pipes in the corners of the
    room, and six grates in the floor. To shut off the gas, run and shut off the
    four pipes, and then close four of the six grates in the following manner:
    (clockwise from the entrance) pull the box over it, shoot the rope holding it
    open, cannot be closed, shoot the TNT boxes behind it to blow it closed, and
    shoot the rope behind it to drop a box on it. Once all the pipes and most of
    grates are closed, moving around will be a lot less painful. The only other
    attack Hermes has is to shoot puffs of his green gas at you, but those are
    slow-moving and usually signaled with Hermes saying "I grow tired of this
    game." Avoiding them shouldn't be too hard.
    How to Kill Him:
    Once all of the gas has been shut off, go to the crank that's in front of the
    grate near the furnace. When Hermes pops out of said grate, turn the crank to
    blow steam at him. Then immediately let go and run to the furnace door, because
    if you did it right, Hermes should be blown into the furnace. When he is, shut
    the door, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.
    Special Notes:
    If you played through the game anything like I did, you will probably be very
    low on Xombium during this battle, so it is EXTREMELY important to shut the gas
    off quickly and conserve your health. Also remember that the two grates you did
    not close will still have gas coming out of them, even if Hermes isn't there.
    Avoid them.
    Archive Entry:
    "Since the cataclysm, I have several times saw myself mysteriously surrounded
    by noxious green fumes. I have fled in each case and I think if I had not, I
    might not be alive to write this now. When in the gas, I have seen a humanoid
    who seemed to take great joy in the prospect of my death. Could this be Hermes,
    Abbott's resident executioner for several decades? If I recall, he took his own
    life in the gas chamber."
    4d. Torque (Monster Form)
    First Appearance: Chapter 20, "Last Breath Before Dying"
    Even though it is unlikely that you don't know what this looks like by now,
    I'll tell you anyway. Imagine a Marksman without the turret, and with long
    claws on one hand and a Slayer blade on the other. That's basically what this
    He'll either slash you with his claws, which do a lot of damage, or pound the
    ground to make spikes pop up, which also does a lot of damage. Keeping your
    distance is essential in this fight, because if he corners you there's not much
    you can do to save your sorry behind.
    How to Kill Him:
    I'll reiterate: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Getting up close isn't going to help you
    at all. Either chuck bombs at him, or shoot him with the Revolvers, because
    they seem to kill him pretty fast in comparison to the other weapons. Do NOT
    use your own monster form, because attacking him in that form will hurt
    yourself as well.
    EDIT: DreamlessMind writes...
    There's an easier way to kill your monster form at the end of the game. 
    If you can make it quickly to the cage on your right - opposite the
    crane - there is a machine gun posted on top of the crates. You have
    to move quickly, because the beast goes right after you. If you make
    it up there, he can't reach you and you're free to mow him and the little
    guys down at will.
    'NOTHER EDIT: darkchild informs me...
    If you head towards the little island you can get to by walking over the metal
    bridge and looking out towards the water. You will see a small piece of land at
    about sea level that you can jump to. The monster can't follow you, so what
    comes next goes without saying: gun him down however you please.
    Special Notes:
    You'll fight a few Mainliners in addition to the monster, but by this point in
    the game they won't really be a threat. Oh, and don't use your monster form.
    Archive Entry:
    "I saw this creature in a dream, and he seems somehow connected to these
    horrific events. In my dream, I witnessed the inmate Torque transform into this
    beast and lay waste to all around. Since the cataclysm, I have seen Torque go
    berserk, killing beasts with his bare hands. But of course, during such times
    he himself does not actually transform into a beast. He merely becomes
    intestly enraged. The meaning of my dream, I leave for the reader to decide."
    4e. Torque (Human Form)
    First Appearance: Chapter 20, "Last Breath Before Dying"
    ...do I really need to tell you? Fine, he looks like you. EXACTLY like you.
    He'll shoot you with a Tommy Gun, basically the same way a C.O. would attack.
    Seth Calypso confirms that Torque DOES throw bombs in the following order:
    Molotov, Molotov, Dynamite, Schrapnel Granade, Dynamite, Molotov. But, if you
    kill him fast, this will never happen to you.
    How to Kill him:
    Hurting him in your human form, as you might expect, will hurt yourself too.
    Just do what I do: as soon as the battle starts, change into your monster form
    and lay the smack down on him. A few swipes of the claws should take care of
    him pretty well.
    Special Notes:
    You'll fight a few Slayers in addition to the human form, but by this point in
    the game they won't really be a threat. Oh, and don't use your human form.
    Archive Entry:
    "Since the cataclysm, I have seen the death of many inmates. But one seems to
    be an unstoppable survivor. I have seen him take out packs of Marksmen and
    Slayers without even breathing hard. Torque is an inmate of some ill-repute,
    having been sentenced to die for the killing of his ex-wife and children. Of
    course, being convicted and being guilty are two different things. Perhaps he
    will save us all, but I feel certain he will at least save himself."
    4f. Torque (Final Form)
    First Appearance: Chapter 20, "Last Breath Before Dying"
    HUGE. Bigger than anything. At first, he kind of looks like a bigger version
    of your monster form, but you'll notice other things, like more claws, a chain
    where your blade would be, a halo made of chains above his head, spikes arching
    from behind his back, and a big red glowing orb on his chest. Oh, plus there's
    a little Torque hanging from his belly. And, of course, it's FREAKING HUGE.
    Oh man, where to begin? It might just be easier to list them.
    -Will slash wildly with his claws. Keep your distance to avoid.
    -Will whip the area with his chain. Keep your distance to avoid.
    -Will fire a dark vortex from his halo, which will slow you down for a few
       seconds if it hits you. Dodge it if you see it coming.
    -Will launch flames from his spikes. Move away from where you're standing when
       he fires them, because they'll home in on the place where you were when he
       fired them.
    -Did I mention he's huge? There's nothing you can do to avoid that.
    How to Kill Him:
    Look up. Hey, it's that device that Dr. Killjoy used earlier! To lower it to a
    height where you can use it, go to the area near the bridge that the monster
    destroyed when he surfaced. To your right is a gated area that is conveniently
    now open. Go in, and use the crane controls inside to lower the device as low
    as it'll go. Then move yourself under the device and wait for it to shoot you
    with its bright purple beam. When it does, you will gain the ability to shoot
    energy instead of firing your weapon. From there, it's just a matter of
    shooting the creature with the energy. You'll know you hit when the cracks in
    the creature flash purple. Keep at it, and it'll fall soon enough.
    Special Notes:
    Here's an interesting fact: You just beat the game. Enjoy whatever ending you
    Archive Entry:
    "I only briefly saw this enormous creature a single time, near the docks. I
    cannot even begin to describe him, save for one thing: he seems to be quite
    literally connected to an inmate, the convicted killer, Torque. Incredible as
    it may sound, this creature appears to have a miniature version of Torque
    attached to him by a long embilicus. Beyond that, I can only say that I view
    him as the most evil of all the creatures. A pure manifestation of fury and
    5. Conclusion
    Wow...can you believe I finished that in just one night? Me neither.
    Okay...I might have made a few mistakes in this FAQ, so feel free to email me
    at Froggy7384@yahoo.com with any mistakes you find in content, spelling, or
    grammar. It would be greatly appreciated.
    I would like to thank:
    -Midway and Surreal for making such a great game.
    -My parents, for making me born in Maryland, where this game takes place.
    -My parents' friends, for getting them out of the house so I could write this
       FAQ uninterrupted.
    -GameFAQs.com, for hosting this FAQ.
    -God, for all that existance stuff.
    -Zeeboe, for the Archive Information and First Appearances on EVERYTHING.
       Seriously, I can't thank him enough.
    -Vietboikien, for telling me that you can still shoot Slayers if they're
       blocking, and the showers/Mainliners trick.
    -PirateKing, for the excellent Burrower edit.
    -DreamlessMind, for the tip for defeating Torque (Monster Form).
    -Notyur Koncern, for the tip on escaping the grasp of Mainliners.
    -dreamchild, for the small-island tips on defeating the Monster form.
    -Seth Calypso, for pointing out a spelling mistake, confirming that Torque
       (the boss) does indeed throw bombs, and giving me the Inferna tip.
    6. Contact Information
    You can contact me, Froggy7384 aka Seth Weinstein, throught one of the
    following methods.
    Email: Froggy7384@yahoo.com
    AOL Instant Messenger: Frog7384
    Yahoo Instant Messenger: Froggy7384
    GameFAQs Username: Froggy7384
    7. Copyright Information
    Copyright 2004 Froggy7384 (Froggy7384@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ was created by Froggy7384. It may freely be saved to your hard drive,
    or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post it on a
    Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are made, and
    I am given credit for this FAQ. I reserve the right to require any website
    posting this work to remove it.
    The Suffering Copyright 2004 Midway Home Entertainment Inc.
    MIDWAY is a registered trademark of Midway Amusement Games, LLC.
    I wrote the Copyright Information based on the way that x MJ x wrote his/hers,
    so...uh...copyright information copyright of x MJ x.

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