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"The game is good, but incredibly hard"

In some ways, The Incredibles from THQ reminds me of a throwback to the old 2D platformers like Super Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog. There's lots of precision jumping and simple environment puzzles to solve all while under the constant barrage of a multitude of enemies. Then they throw in a couple of racing levels, a stealth level and one level that is like Super Monkey Ball on steroids. Even the save system is old school: savegames only save the last level unlocked. When you reload, you have to start over at the beginning of that level.

But, while the game uses an incredible movie as tie-in, and has an incredible idea for gameplay, it also is incredibly difficult. You get unlimited lives, and you need them as you will replay levels again and again and again... There really are some good ideas in this game and it could have been a lot of fun. Instead, it's just frustrating.

The game looks good, with crisp graphics and character models that look very similar to their movie counterparts. You play most of the game (11 of 18 levels) as Mr. Incredible in standard action/platformer levels with lots of combat, some puzzles and a bit of jumping. Mrs. Incredible has three levels of action/platforming, though with a few twists based on her flexibility. There are also two races using Dash and a stealth level based on Violet's invisibility.

Then there's the Incredi-Ball: Dash running inside Violet's forcefield bubble. This is, quite possibly, not just the most fun level in the game, but could have been one of the most fun levels in any game in the past year. But, again, the difficulty level is frustrating and obscures the fun of rolling and bouncing your way through scores of bad guys while solving puzzles: destroy this generator to take down this forcefield so you can get to this other generator that powers this other forcefield...etc.

The soundtrack gets a bit tiring after a while and each superhero only gets a handful of lines that they repeat over and over and over while you play the levels again and again and again...

Well, you get the point. To add insult to injury, the controls are loose, which makes it hard to make some of the more difficult jumps and control of the camera is frequently taken away (especially during boss fights), so you can't always get a clear view of your surroundings.

The Incredibles had the potential to be incredible. Instead, it's just average.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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