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"Entertaining at best."

Imperial Glory is a Napoleonic Era RTS game set during the time period of 1789-1830. Many have seen this as nothing more as a Total War clone that was poorly executed in terms of gameplay. I didn't know what to expect before I got my copy yet I had played the demo extensively and was impressed with the features that were included.

Gameplay (8/10): In terms of civilizations that are playable, only five are available and they are France, Great Britain, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Prussia. Each civilization has their own distant units like the Napoleonic Old and Young Guard or the Black Watch Highlanders. Musketeers, Skirmishers, Dragons, Hussars, Cuirassiers, Grenadiers, and Royal Guard are all expected to be included. Basic gameplay consists of controlling large masses of troops and engaging the enemy until one side breaks in typical Napoleonic warfare fashion. Each civilization allows you to control them on a world map while having the ability to build alliances, trade routes, buildings, technological upgrades, among other features. The gameplay is more of a Medieval-Risk mixture which is somewhat of a warm welcome for beginners new to both series engines. The only drawback is that units especially the enemy AI, doesn't really attack well during combat. The AI tends to just mass their troops and attack in groups while not really using a sense of strategy. Other times, they just stand there while your troops blow them to pieces.

Sound (7/10): Units sound like their respectable counterparts to a certain degree. However, I feel that not only does it sound generic at times, it could just be plain right annoying to listen to. Units tend to chatter expressions like, "The infantry line will advance!" or my favorite, "Ready, Aim, Fire! Fire! Ready! Fire!" repeatedly whenever you select and move them. The ever so common battle cries, grunts, and groans during combat are almost laughable at best.

Campaign (8/10): Seeing as how this is set in the Napoleonic time period, your goal is basically to conquer and control other countries to become a world empire. Locations include parts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle east. Similar to Sid Meier's Gettysburg, the use of generals, colonels, captains, or commanders can have a variety of abilities to boast unit attacks in general. Capturing various objectives gives off bonuses depending on which side holds it first.

Graphics (8/10): Each civilization's armies that reflect their real life counterparts, look respectable and unique. Seeing combat on a 3D world map allows you to view the battlefield in more tactical advantage. However, unit combat animation is somewhat generic at best.

Replay value and Closing Comments: Imperial Glory is an decent game for those that want to led troops on a large scale into a Napoleonic Era time period. The only problem is it does just that and nothing more. The lack of replay value along with minor problems like weak AI, generic animation, and sound issues causes more problems than necessary.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/31/07

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