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    Beginner's Guide by gbash

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             Star Wars (TM) Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords   
                          Beginner's Guide (Light-side)
    Author:               Greg Ash (gbash, gash(a)aokweb.com)
    Platform:             PC
    Version:              1.2
    Date:                 10 May 2005
    Copyright:	      2005, Greg Ash
    Character Build
     -Starting Class
     -Prestige Class
     -Force Powers
     -Lightsaber Upgrades
     -Best Weapons
     -Best Armor
    Gameplay Notes
     -Team Members
     -Gaining Influence
     -Light Side vs. Dark Side
     -Resisting Dark Side powers
     -Ebon Hawk
    Planet Quest Notes
     -Nar Shaddaa
     -End Game
    Workbenches and Lab Stations
    Misc. Quest Solutions
    Combat Basics
     -Die Roll System
     -Saving Throws
     -Base Attack Bonus
     -Attacks per Round
     -Dueling vs. Two-Weapons
    Bugs Still in Program
    Version Information
    This guide will help new players get through the game with less frustration
    about character build, missed opportunities, or trying to figure out some
    puzzles. This is not a walk-through guide. I've minimized spoilers, but there
    are some. And I've also tried to give you options on building a character to 
    suit your playing style. Essentially, this guide is what I wish I knew when
    I first played this game. It does not cover all side quests.
    Your main character will be a Jedi Sentinel who then becomes a Jedi Weapon
    Choose to use either a single or dual lightsabers early. Either way has some 
    advantages: Single- better defense and attack, Dual- extra attack and chance 
    to use more lightsaber crystals. If dual weapons, use a short lightsaber in 
    the off hand to further reduce attack penalties. However, late in the game,
    dual lightsabers become extremely powerful.
    See the section on Combat Basics to better understand how gameplay works
    for battles.
    Die roll- The basis of combat and skills use throughout the game. For example,
              the program picks a random number from 1-20 (based on one 20-sided
              die--a 1d20 roll) for an attacker to determine whether or not the 
              attack is a successful hit. The rolled number is added to the 
              attacker's BAB + DEX mod + other attack bonuses, and if the total
              number is greater than the defender's Defense, then that hit is 
    VP-       Vitality points, the health of your character.
    SP-       Skill points, your ability to perform certain skills.
    FP-       Force points, your ability to use Force powers.
    XP-       Experience points, required to level up.
    DC-       Difficulty Class; the relative difficulty of a task. DC applies to
              skill use and saving throw attempts.
    Skills-   If you have a usable skill for target (such as mine or door), which
              shows in action list, you get a 1d20 die roll + skill rank + bonuses
              vs. DC of target.
    Attack-   Chance to hit opponent (1d20 die roll + STR mod + weapon mod +/-
              Feat/Force bonuses). Must equal or beat opponent's DC. Note: DEX mod
              used for ranged attacks.
    Defense-  A character's Difficulty Class; the chance to avoid being hit 
              (Base DC10 + armor + DEX mod +/- Feats bonuses +/- Force bonuses). 
    Damage-   Amount of hurt done by successful Attack, measured in VP. (Weapon die
              roll + STR mod + Feats bonuses - defender bonuses). 
    BBD-      Blaster bolt deflection with lightsaber (or hand with feat).
    BAB-      Base Attack bonus (fighting ability): starts at 1 and increase
              1 per level.
    Saves-    Ability to resist certain types (All, Fortitude, Reflex, Will) of 
              damage, effects, or powers (number added to die roll). Also called
              Saving Throw. Grenades, mines, and force powers have a set DC that
              you must beat to avoid or reduce damage. Your saving throw includes
              a 1d20 die roll + save type rating.
    Melee-    Hand-to-hand type fighting with weapons.
    Range-    Attacks using blaster-type weapons.
    CH-       Critical Hit, a hit that can double the damage.
    CT-       Critical Threat, a weapon's ability to cause a Critical Hit (CT is 
              normally a 20 based on 1d20 roll, but can be increased to 19-20 or 
              more by weapon or feats).
    LS-       Light side, being nice and noble.
    DS-       Dark side, being self-serving and mean.
    The following character build is good for new players. After you gain some
    play experience, you will probably want to try some different builds.
    Starting Class (using Sentinel instead of Guardian):
    Jedi Sentinels and Guardians gain BAB and Saves at the same rate. At level 15,
    a Sentinel has one less Feat and 30 less VP, but he has 36 more Skill Points
    and 30 more FP. Also, the Sentinel's Force Immunity (Fear/Stun/Paralysis) 
    can be more helpful than the Guardian's Force Jump.
    Build up as Sentinel to level 15 and then go Jedi Weapon Master for the 
    remaining levels. 
    Sentinel: 8 VP, 3 SP/level, +bonuses
       Class Skills: Awareness, Computer Use, Persuade, Security, Stealth, Treat
    With the recommended Attributes, your character can have the following minimum
    statistics at character level 15:
     VP = (8 norm + 2 CON + 1 Toughness) x 15 lvls                  = 165 VP
     FP = 40 Force Sensitive + ((6 norm + 4 WIS + 2 CHA) x 15 lvls) = 220 FP
    Prestige Class
    After you reach level 15 and have high light or dark side points, you can talk
    to Kreia and switch to a Jedi prestige class. Save your level ups after the 
    15th until you get the prestige class option (from talking to Kreia). 
    Note: Your character advances to the next level automatically, so it's best 
    to go to prestige class immediately upon gaining level 15.
    Jedi Weapon Master: 10 VP, 6 FP, 1 SP/level, +bonuses
       Class Skills: Awareness, Demolitions, Persuade, Treat Injury
       Bonus Feats: Greater Prestige Sense, Deflect, Increase Melee Damage 1
       Gains one feat every other level.
       Gains one Force Power at every level.
       Access to all the advanced combat feats.
    With at least 6 levels of Weapon Master, your character can have the 
    following minimum stats:
     VP = 165 (Sentinel) + 60 = 225
     FP = 220 (Sentinel) + 36 = 256
    Equipment can greatly increase the FP amount through WIS and CHA bonuses. You
    can also increase your FP amount through your talks with Kreia and Visas. At
    the end of the game, with your attribute and equipment increases, your
    character can have 500+ VP and 500+ FP. By completing most of the available
    quests (not all), my character ended up at level 25 during the end game.
    Strength (STR): Represents physical power. Each increase in STR mod increases 
    melee damage and chance to hit (attack) by +1, which is important for 
    characters who use close-combat weapons (vibroblades, swords, lightsabers).
    Dexterity (DEX): Represents agility and reflexes. Each increase in DEX mod
    increases ranged attack (blasters) and increases a character's Defense 
    (DC) rating by +1, making him harder to hit. 
    Constitution (CON): Represents health and resiliency. Each CON mod increases
    the character's VP by one per level. This is important for all characters 
    and classes. Also, a higher CON is required for many of the better implants.
    Intelligence (INT): Represents knowledge and reasoning. A high Intelligence 
    adds modifiers to the number of points a character has to spend on essential 
    skills. Not required for this character build. You have to have INT 14 to get
    extra Skill Points per level up.
    Wisdom (WIS): Represents willpower and perception. Each WIS mod increases
    the character's FP by one per level. The force powers of a Jedi with high 
    WIS are also much harder to resist. Later in the game, you can gain the feat
    Battle Precognition, which will add your WIS mod to your defense.
    Charisma (CHA): Represents personality and the ability to lead. Each CHA mod 
    increases the character's FP by one per level. The force powers of a Jedi with
    high CHA are also much harder to resist.  It is also central to any persuasive
    Your base attributes start at 8 and you will receive 30 points to add to your
    six attributes.
    Point Cost
     8-14 = 1 point per increase
    15-16 = 2 points per increase
    17-18 = 3 points per increase
    You get a +1 bonus for each 2 points over 10 for each attribute. You get to
    increase one attribute each 4th level (6 increases by level 24).
          Start  End   Start Bonuses
    STR  - 12    12    +1 Attack and +1 Damage with melee weapons**
    DEX  - 12    12    +1 DC, +1 Reflex saves, and +1 Attack for ranged**
    CON  - 14    16    +2 VP/level and +2 Fortitude saves (increases are 
    INT  - 12    12    +1 SP/level
    WIS  - 14    18    +2 FP/level, +2 Will saves, and makes Force power
                          use stronger (increases are retroactive)
    CHA  - 14    14    +2 FP/level, +2 Persuasion, and makes Force power 
                          use stronger
    I increase the CON to allow for better implants later. There are some good
    good implants that require CON 16 or 18.
    With a maximized light side rating, your character gets a mastery bonus:
      - Guardian/Weapons Master gets STR+3
      - Sentinel/Watchman gets CON+3
      - Consular/Master gets WIS+3.
    Also, during the game, you can get a WIS+1 upgrade from T3-M4, if you repair
    him successfully three times (requires 20+ Repair and Influence). 
    Note: In addition to the stated uses of skills, all the skills but Persuade 
          also determine what you can build using a workbench or lab station. Your 
          main character's Repair skill is used to determine how well you can break
          down items. Whichever character you choose to create items is the skills
          used for that (so pick your character with the highest required skill).
    Awareness - Spot objects, mines, or enemies hidden by stealth. At least one 
    member of party should have medium rating (6-9). Related to WIS.
    Computer Use - Slice computers with computer spikes to disable turrets, disable
    shields, or flood rooms with gas. At least one member of party should have high
    rating (10+). Related to INT.
    Demolitions - Set, recover, or disarm mines. At least one member of party 
    should have high rating. Related to INT.
    Persuade - Main player only. More dialog options. Useful, somewhat.
    Repair - Repair and reprogram droids by using repair parts. Your main 
    character's repair skill is also used to determine how well you can breakdown 
    items at a workbench. Droids need this for self repair, so go high for them. 
    Related to INT.
    Security - Open locks and security doors. You can bash open most locks (at 
    risk of breaking some items inside). T3-M4 and Bao_Dur are good for this. 
    Related to INT.
    Stealth - Use stealth type devices (belts). Can do most tasks while in stealth
    mode. High points not necessary. Put 1 pt into Stealth at start to get option 
    to wear stealth generator. Related to DEX.
    Treat Injury - Improves amount of healing when using medpacs. Helpful early in
    game. Related to WIS.
    Note: All classes receive 4x their normal amount of skill points at Character
          Creation. Also, each class skill maximum is your level +3. Cross-class 
          skills can only be one half of (your current level +3) and cost two 
          points for each increase (thanks to TCalanis for correction here).
    Note: Slicing computers and repairing droids have a base cost, which is the
          cost for someone with no repair/computer skill. For every 4 points you
          have in the required skill, you reduce the base cost by 1.
    Feats (8 available through Sentinel 15, 5 through Weapons Master 7):
    Choose to go either as a single or dual lightsaber wielder (using double-blade
    lightsaber is same as dual-wielding). Note that some feats improve attacks 
    while lowering your DC at the same time. Also, some feats are always applied
    (passive combat feat), while others are only in effect when you choose them
    during combat (active combat feat). Flurry, Power Attack, and Critical Strike
    are active combat feats, and you should maximize only one progression of
    them and do not select the others as feats. Also note that higher Attack 
    ratings mean that you hit more often, and is especially useful for dual weapons
    users, who have Attack penalties.
    Single weapon (always applied when using single, one-handed weapon):
    _ Dueling                            [DC +1, Attack +1]
    _ Improved Dueling (lvl 4)           [DC +2, Attack +2] 
    _ Master Dueling (lvl 8)             [DC +3, Attack +3] 
    Dual weapons (always applied when using two weapons):
    _ Two-weapon Fighting                [Attack penalty reduced to -6/-6]*
    _ Imprvd Two-Weapon Fighting (lvl 4) [Attack penalty reduced to -4/-4]*
    _ Master Two-Weapon Fighting (lvl 8) [Attack penalty reduced to -2/-2]*
       *Note: a balanced weapon in the off-hand can further reduce the Attack
              penalty by +2/0.
    The following:
    _ Class Skill- Repair                [Makes Repair a class skill]
    _ Toughness                          [+1 VP/level]
    _ Weapon Focus- Lightsaber           [Attack +1]
    Maximize one fighting specialty:
    _ Improved Flurry (lvl 4)            [Extra melee attack/rd, Attack -2, DC -1]
    _ Master Flurry (lvl 8)              [Extra melee attack/rd, Attack -0, DC -0]
    _ Improved Power Attack (lvl 4)      [Damage +7, Attack -3, CH+1]
    _ Master Power Attack (lvl 8)        [Damage +12, Attack -3, CH+1]
    _ Improved Critical Strike (lvl 4)   [Triples Critical Threat, stun 6 sec,
                                          DC -5, melee only]
    _ Master Critical Strike (lvl 8)     [Quadruples Critical Threat, stun 6 sec,
                                          DC -5, melee only]
    Any additional from the Sentinel levels:
    _ Regen Force Points (lvl 4)         [Regenerate FP faster]
    _ Regen Vitality Points (lvl 4)      [Regenerate VP faster]
    _ Improved Toughness (lvl 4)         [-10% damage per each damage hit over 20]
    _ Master Toughness (lvl 8)           [+1 VP/level, added to previous]
    _ Advanced Jedi Defense (lvl 4)      [BBD (blaster bolt deflection) +3]
    _ Conditioning                       [Saving All+1]
    Weapons Master Feats:
    _ Weapon Specialization- Lightsaber  [Damage +2]
    _ Superior Weapon Focus-Lightsaber 1 [Attack +1]
    _ Superior Weapon Focus-Lightsaber 2 [Attack +1]
    _ Superior Weapon Focus-Lightsaber 3 [Attack +1]
    _ Inner Strength I                   [Reduce damage suffered by 5%]
    _ Inner Strength II                  [Reduce damage suffered by 10%]
    _ Inner Strength III                 [Reduce damage suffered by 15%]
    _ Superior Two-Weapon Fighting 1     [Attack penalty reduced to -1/-2]
    _ Superior Two-Weapon Fighting 2     [Attack penalty reduced to -0/-2]
    _ Superior Two-Weapon Fighting 3     [Attack penalty reduced to -0/-1]
    Jedi Sentinel Feats received automatically at start:
    Weapon Prof- Pistol, Rifle, Melee, Lightsaber
    Armor Prof- Light
    Flurry                               [Extra melee attack/rd, DC -2, Attack -4]
    Power Attack                         [Damage +3, Attack -3, CH+1]
    Critical Strike                      [Doubles Critical Threat, stun 6 sec, 
                                          DC -5, melee only]
    Rapid Shot                           [Extra ranged attack/rd, DC -4, Attack -4]
    Power Blast                          [Damage +3, Attack -3]
    Sniper Shot                          [Doubles Critical Threat, stun 6 sec, 
                                          DC -5, range only]
    War Veteran                          [+25 VP]
    Jedi Defense                         [BBD, must beat attack die roll by 10]
    Jedi Sense (Levels 1,6,12)           [DC +2,+4,+6)
    Force Sensitive                      [FP +40, main character only]
    Jedi Weapons Master Feats received automatically:
    Greater Prestige Sense               [DC +2, additional +2 / 5 levels]
    Deflect                              [BBD +1, additional +1 / 2 levels]
    Increase Melee Damage I              [Damage +2, melee only]
    Increased Melee Damage II (lvl 8)    [Damage +4, melee only]
    Increased Melee Damage III (lvl 15)  [Damage +6, melee only]
    Force Powers (24 available through Weapons Master level 7):
    These powers are all universal or light side. Be sure to note which cannot be
    used while you are wearing armor (AR). Also, the higher your light side 
    rating, the less FP it costs to use light-side (LS) force powers.
    _ Force Push                [Push back, Stun 3 sec, Damage +level, save= 1/2
    _ Force Whirlwind (lvl 9)   [Immobilize 12 sec, Damage +level/3 per 2 sec]
    _ Force Wave (lvl 15)       [All Pushed back, Stun 6 sec, Damage +1.5xlevel]
    _ Burst of Speed            [DC +2, Speed x2 for 36 sec) AR
    _ Knight Speed (lvl 9)      [DC +4, Attack/rd +1, Speed x2 for 36 sec] AR
    _ Master speed (lvl 15)     [DC +4, Attack/rd +2, Speed x2 for 36 sec] AR
    _ Stun                      [Stun 9 sec, save= slow]
    _ Stasis (lvl 9)            [Stasis 12 sec, save= slow]
    _ Stasis Field (lvl 15)     [All within 10m Stasis 12 sec, save= slow] AR
    _ Cure                      [Heal party 5 VP + CHA + WIS + level]
    _ Heal (lvl 12)             [Heal party 10 VP + CHA + WIS + level, neutralize
    _ Master Heal (lvl 18)      [Heal party 15 VP + CHA + WIS + 2xlevel, neutralize
                                 poison and stun]
    _ Stun Droid                [Immobilize for 12 sec, damage +level]
    _ Disable Droid (lvl 6)     [Immobilize all droids within 5m for 12 sec, 
                                 damage +level]
    _ Destroy Droid (lvl 12)    [Immobilize all droids within 6m for 12 sec, 
                                 damage +1-6 x level]
    Choose remainder from the following:
    _ Force Resistance          [Some resistance for 60 sec] AR
    _ Force Immunity (lvl 15)   [Some resistance +5 for 60 sec] AR
    _ Force Aura                [DC +2 All +2, for 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Force Shield (lvl 6)      [DC +4 All +4, for 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Force Armor (lvl 12)      [DC +6 All +6, for 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Force Valor               [Physical attributes +2, all party, 20 sec] AR, LS
    _ Knight Valor (lvl 9)      [Physical attributes +3, all party, 20 sec, immune
                                 poison] AR, LS
    _ Master Valor (lvl 15)     [Physical attributes +5, all party, 20 sec, immune
                                 poison] AR, LS
    _ Energy Resistance         [Shields against 1st 15 sonic, fire, cold, elec,
                                 lasts for 2 minutes]
    _ Imp. Energy Resist (lvl 9)[Shields party against 1st 15 sonic, fire, cold, 
                                 elec, lasts for 2 minutes]
    _ Throw Lightsaber          [Damage 1-6 x level/2]
    _ Advanced Throw Lightsaber [Damage 1-6 x level/2 up to 3 targets]
    _ Battle Meditation (lvl 6) [Attack +2, Damage +2, Will +2, faster VP regen for
                                 20 sec all party] AR
    _ Imp. Battle Med. (lvl 12) [Attack +2, Damage +2, Will +2, faster VP regen for
                                 20 sec all party, and enemies within 10m suffer -2
                                 to all above vs. DC 5 + level + WIS mod + CHA mod]
    _ Force Affinity            [FP regen during combat]
    _ Force Channel             [FP regen +50% noncombat, force damage +3, force
                                 saves +2]
    _ Affect Mind               [More dialog options]
    Automatically received:
    _ Precognition              [Get advanced notice of upcoming danger]
    _ Beast Trick               [Distract beast for 30 sec]
    _ Breath Control            [Immunity from poison for 240 sec]
    _ Force Enlightenment       [Instantly use your Speed, Armor, and Valor at
                                 reduced FP cost] AR, LS
    Lightsaber Upgrades  (upgrades yours and team members'):
    Note: The following does not show those that just add low attack (1-2) or 
          damage (1-3) bonuses. You can only find crystals and cannot make them.
    Note: Dual weapon users should get items that give higher attack bonuses to
    help offset penalties.
    Crystals (be sure to use crystal with your name and get it upgraded by Kreia)-
    BBD- 	             Jenruax (+5),
                         Lorrrdian Gemstone (+3)
    Ion (vs. droids)-    Firkrann (+2-12)
    vs. Dark side-       Solari (+1-8)
    Special damage-      Phond (Physical +1-6),
                         Barab Ore Ingot (Fire +2-16),
                         Pontite (Cold +1-10)
                         Dragite (Sonic +1)
    Stun-                Bondar (25% vs. DC10 for 1 rd)
    Massive Criticals-   Opila (+2-12),
                         Ultima-Pearl (+1-6)
    Keen-                Nextor,
                         Ankarres Sapphire,
    Attributes-          Kasha (WIS +2),
                         Kaiburr (WIS +3, CON +3),
                         Ruusan (WIS +1, CHA +1),
                         Ankarres Sapphire (STR +2, DEX +1),
                         Dragite (CON +1),
                         Pontite (CHA +2),
                         Velmorite (DEX +1)
    VP Regeneration-     Ankarres Sapphire (+2),
                         Kaiburr (+3)
    FP Regeneration-     Qixoni (+1, DS only)
    High Damage-         Qixoni (+5, DS only)
                         Sigil (+1-6)
                         Upari (+1-8)
    High Attack Bonus-   Damind (+3)
                         Upari (+3)
                         Solari (+3)
                         Ultima-Pearl (+3)
    Note: You can create every type of Cell, Emitter, and Lens at a workbench. 
    Best Weapons:
    * Enchani Vibrosword, Physical 4-14 +2 Cold, CT 19-20 x2, Attack +2, Upgd full
    * Sith Tremor Sword, Physical 4-14 +3 Sonic, CT 19-20 x2, Attack +2, Upgd full
    * Zhaboka, Physical 3-24, CT 20-20 x2 +2-16, Upgd Edge and Grip
    * Sith War Sword, Physical 3-17, CT 20-20 x2, Attack +1, Upgd Edge and Grip
    * Vibrosword, Physical 2-12, CT 19-20, Updg full
    * Freyyer's Warblade, Physical 5-32, CT 19-20 x2, Attack +1, not upgd
    * Trandoshan Sword, Physical 5-16, CT 20-20 x2 +4, Attack +1, not upgd
    * Shyarn, Physical 6-17, CT 20-20 x2, Attack +1, Bonus Feat- Imp. Flurry,
      not upgd
    * Zabrak Vibroblade, Physical 3-12, CT 19-20, Bonus Feat- Finesse, Upgd full
    * Tehk'la Blade, Physical 1-10, +5, CT 19-20 x2, Attack +1, Bonus Feat-   
      Imp. Critical Strike, not upgd
    * Ryyk Blade, Physical 3-8 +3, CT 20-20 x2, Attack +2, Upgd Edge and Grip
    Lightsabers (not upgraded)-
    * Lightsaber, Damage 2-16, CT 19-20
    * Short Lightsaber, Damage 2-12, CT 19-20, Balanced
    * Double-Bladed Lightsaber, Damage 2-20, CT 20
    * Mandalorian Disintegrator, Damage 6-16, CT 18-20 x2, Attack +2, Upgd full
    * Micro-pulse Blaster, Energy 4-18, Attack +2, Upgd full
    * Zabrak Heavy Blaster, Energy 5-14, Attack +2, Stun 25% 6 seconds DC 18
    * Onasi Blaster, Energy 4-11, Attack +2, Upgd full
    * Mandalorian Heavy Pistol, Energy 2-11, Attack +1, Updg full
    * Heavy Sonic Blaster, Sonic 3-11, Attack +1, Upgd Scope
    * Systech Electric Blaster, Energy 1-8 +2-12 Electric, Attack +1, Upgd Scope
    * Elite Watchman Blaster, Energy 2-14, CT 19-20 x2 +2-12, Stun 25% 6 seconds 
      DC 18, Upgd full
    * Deshade Sonic Disrupter, Sonic 2-5 +1-10 unstoppable, Attack +1, Upgd Scope
    * Zersium Rifle, Energy 3-25, CT 19-20 x2, Attack +1, Upgd full
    * Ceremonial Bowcaster, Energy 4-13, CT 17-20 x3, Attack +3, Bonus Feat-
      Imp. Rapid Shot, not upgd
    * Arkanian Blaster Rifle, Energy 4-15, CT 19-20 x2, Attack +1, Upgd Scope
    * Charric, Unstoppable 1-10, CT 18-20 x2, Knockdown DC 14, Attack +4, Upgd full
    * Mandolarian Assault Rifle, Energy 3-14, CT 19-20 x2, Stun 25% 6 sec DC 14,
      Attack +2, Upgd full
    * Zabrak Blaster Carbine, Energy 5-27, CT 19-20 x2, not upgd
    Best Armor:
    For armor, the DC number is the amount of Defense added to character's base DC
    of 10, and the Dex number is the amount of allowable character's DEX mod 
    allowed for Defense. High DEX characters can lose some Defense when using some
    medium or heavy armors. A number such as 10/- means that the armor will protect
    you from the first 10 points of that type of damage per hit.
    Jedi Robes-
    * Ossus Keeper Robe (DC1, CHA+2, INT+4, WIS+4) Onderon Palace
    * Baron Do Sage Robe (DC2, WIS+4, 20%/- vs. DS)
    * Jedi Master Robe (DC3, FP regen 1)
    * Gray Jedi Robe (DC1, CHA+2, FP regen 1)
    * Matukai Adept Robe (DC1, CON+2, DEX+2, STR+2)
    * Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit (DC 8, Dex +4, 20/- Cold, Fire)
    * Enchani Shield Suit (DC7, Dex +4, 10/- Elec, Energy)
    * Mandalorian Heavy suit (DC5, Dex +5, 10%/- vs. Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash)
    * Ubese Environmental (DC5, Dex +4, 10/- Cold, Elec, Energy, Fire)
    * Reinforced Fiber Armor (DC7, Dex +4)
    * Zabrak Battle Armor (DC6, Dex +4, 10/- Cold)
    * Electromesh Armor (DC7, Dex +6, 10/- Energy)
    * Jomah Hogra's Battle Armor (DC11, Dex +2, Immune CH, STR +1)
    * Krath Holy Battle Suit (DC9, Dex +2, 15/- Cold, Fire, Sonic)
    * Powered Light Battle Armor (DC8, Dex +2, 25/- Sonic, STR +1)
    * Sith Battle Suit (DC7, Dex +7)
    * Verpine Fiber Ultramesh (DC10, Dex +3)
    * Quick-save often (F4); and quick-load if needed (F5).
    * Save in different slots, such as one for beginning of each planet.
    * Use the Spacebar to pause the game.
    * Be sure to explore all areas on all maps (look for doors to other areas).
    * Read your journal to see status of quests.
    * Read any datapads you pick up. They usually give strong hints about what you
      need to do to get through the area. Reread datapads by looking at them in 
      your inventory.
    * Use computer consoles to view rooms and gather data.
    * Activate disabled droids to fight for you (often not worth the trouble) but
      does give some extra XP, even if there are no enemies left to fight.
    * Pazaak and Swoop racing are just sideline entertainment.
    * Look for people and aliens with names. They often have information you need
      or additional quests for you.
    * Flash mines only stun and can't open locked doors or containers.
    * To level up, you must have current level x 1000 XP to reach the next level,
      so it takes more for each new level.
    * Use "Solo" mode to scout with a single character.
    * For a better view of your surroundings, press the Caps Lock key.
    Team Members:
    * Build up team member's skills, feats, and force powers to compliment your 
    * Give some team members at least one point in stealth so that they can 
      use stealth equipment.
    * You can see all available party members' equipment screens while on the
      Ebon Hawk. 
    * HK-47 can become a team member if you find and install all of his parts.
      However, he is not necessary.
    * T3-M4 is a moving upgrade bench
    * Give your Jedi members different colored lightsabers to help remember who 
      has what (change the colors on the workbench).
     Kreia      - Peragus. You will need to talk to her often to learn more about
                  the Force (gives you bonuses). She can also upgrade your special
                  lightsaber crystal later in the game (several times). Also, 
                  whenever she is part of your party, you get an XP bonus (~7%).
     Atton Rand - Peragus. Has ability to keep fighting while any other party
                  member is still up. You can also get a Will+1 increase from him
                  when you talk about reading his thoughts.
     T3-M4      - Prologue, Peragus. The same from KOTOR 1. He is also a portable
                  workbench. Oh, T3 has a message from Carth and Bastila if you
                  can get influence with him for advanced repairs. If you can 
                  repair him three time (takes Repair 24), you can get a WIS+1
     Bao-Dur    - Telos. He has unique ability to destroy shields and force fields,
                  and he has a huge amount of skill points.
     Handmaiden - Telos, Hidden Base. Male characters ONLY. Spar with her onboard
                  Ebon Hawk at your levels 10, 14, and 18. You can also get the 
                  Battle Precognition feat from Handmaiden in which your WIS mod 
                  is added to your DC (talk to her about fighting moves and the
                  Enchani style of fighting when it shows).
     Disciple   - Dantooine, Enclave Sublevel. Female characters ONLY. He is also
                  a portable lab station.
     Visas Marr - Ebon Hawk. After you get to 1/4 light or dark side, watch her
                  cut-scene with Darth Nihilous, then the next time you enter your
                  ship, she will appear. Defeat her and she's yours. Talk to her
                  some afterward to gain influence, and possibly Force Insight
                  (add WIS mod to Defense).
     Mandalore  - Dxun/Onderon. He's a powerful fighter using blaster rifles. As a
                  side quest with him in your party, go find some of the scattered
                  Mandalorians on the different planets. (He was also in KOTOR 1
                  under a different name.)
     HK-47      - Ebon Hawk. The same from KOTOR 1. Requires that you find four
                  missing HK components, then repair (which doesn't require skill).
                  He talks about a quest to find HK-50 droid production plant, but
                  that doesn't seem to exist in this version of game.
     Mira       - Nar Shaddaa. Requires that you be Light side or Neutral. If you
                  get Mira, then you cannot get Hanharr. Whenever Mira is the 
                  selected character, your party will not set off any mines. Also,
                  Mira has a wrist rocket launcher (like Boba Fett), and you can
                  make rockets for her at a workbench.
     Hanharr    - Nar Shaddaa. Requires that you be Dark Side. If you get Hanharr
                  then you cannot get Mira.
     G0-T0      - Nar Shaddaa. I didn't find him any more helpful than T3-M4.
    You can turn Atton, Bao-Dur, Disciple, Handmaiden, and Mira to Jedi (if you
    have good influence with them). They have unique requirements as well:
    Gaining Influence-
     Atton-      Atton likes to be respected and taken seriously. He has trust
                 issues, so almost every line that goes "I trust you" will be
                 accepted. Learn his secret at Nar Shaddaa, then talk to him about
                 his past.
     Bao-Dur-    Gaining influence with Bao-Dur is entirely dependent on him
                 being in the party to see your actions. You cannot increase your
                 influence with him through general conversation on the Ebon
     Disciple-   He likes the Republic and the Jedi, so all of your conversations
                 need to support both. 
     Handmaiden- Most of your influence with her is won in conversation, and then
                 you get the most by sparring with her and winning three times
                 (at Exile levels 10, 14, and 18).
     Mira-       The best way to get Influence with Mira is to have an Awareness
                 11. Ask about why she doesn't kill, follow the Awareness line.
                 Then take her to Nar Shaddaa, near the Cantina.
    For any of these that you will convert to Jedis, be sure to not level them up
    too much: hold some of their level-ups to use after they become Jedis. Below 
    are some locations for gaining influence with certain characters in your
      Mechanic- Kreia or Bao-Dur
      Atmospheric Sensors- Bao-Dur
      Mercenaries- Handmaiden, Kreia
      Malfunctioning Droid- T3-M4
      Salvager- Visas or Kreia
      Akerre's Hydrospanner- All
      Vrook- Kreia
     Nar Shaada
      Repairing the Airspeeder- Atton or Bao-Dur
      Sick Man- Atton, Bao-Dur, or Kreia
      Guy Asks for Credits- Kreia
      Guy Getting Mugged- Kreia
      Droid Merchant- T3-M4
      Mandalorian with Permacrete Detonator- Handmaiden, Bao-Dur, or HK-47
      Bounty Hunters- Mira or Hanharr
     Onderon Port
      Bounty Hunter Attack- Mira
      Side with Anda- Mira, Visas, or Kreia
      Side with Vaklu- Visas
      Cantina Attack- HK-47, Hanharr, or Visas
      Starport Visa- Atton or Bao-Dur
      Droid Merchant- G0-T0
      Port Guard Captain- HK-47, Atton, or Kreia
    Light Side vs. Dark Side:
    * The higher your LS score, the less FP it takes for using LS Force powers,
      which can be significant later in game.
    * To get max LS points, always choose to save lives, avoid fights, refuse 
      rewards, and give people extra money.
    * One DS deed can offset several LS deeds.
    * Some DS points early in game is not significant; you can easily make up
      for those later.
    * With a maximized light side rating, your character gets a mastery bonus:
      - Guardian/Weapons Master gets STR+3
      - Sentinel/Watchman gets CON+3
      - Consular/Master gets WIS+3.
    Resisting Dark Side powers:
    As shown below, high WIS and CHA modifiers and high Fortitude will help protect
    you from Sith attacks:
    Force Suppression/Breach
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Wound/Choke/Kill- DC5 + level + Fortitude + WIS mod + CHA mod
    Slow- 		  DC5 + level + Will + WIS mod + CHA mod
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Affliction-       DC20
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Plague-           no save (armor restricted)
                      DC5 + level + Will + WIS mod + CHA mod
                      Equipment that makes you immune to mind-affecting attacks
    Shock/Force Lightning/Force Storm- 
                      DC5 + level + Will + WIS mod + CHA mod reduces damage by 1/2
                      Shields that protect against electrical damage
    Drain Life/Death Field- 
                      DC5 + level + Fortitude + WIS mod + CHA mod reduces 
                        damage by 1/2
    Any equipment that improves your saving throws help against these powers.
    * Vibroblades work better than blasters against shields (early in game).
    * Ion-based weapons and grenades are best against droids and shields.
    * Early in the game, you will probably get more hits by using normal attack 
      rather than choosing active combat feats (to avoid Attack penalties).
    * Take time to activate shields and apply stimulants or Force powers for each
      character at the beginning of tough battles.
    * For tough fights, gang up on one enemy at a time.
    * You can instantly use items from your inventory screen while paused.
    * Before you have good Force powers, use grenades to soften up enemies before
      closing in for melee.
    * Use concussion, cryo, or adhesive grenades to hold enemy and then throw
      frag, plasma, or sonic grenades to damage.
    * With advanced Force powers, you can take out entire rooms without using
      weapons: use Stasis to hold or slow down all, then use Wave twice to damage,
      and repeat.
    * You cannot change armor while in a battle.
    * Wearing armor will prevent you from using some Force powers.
    * Downed party members will revive at end of current battle.
    * If all of party dies, load your last quick-save or auto-save, whichever was
      later, and try different tactics.
    * To change opponents or order of combat selections, click on Cancel Combat
      and then make new selections.
    Ebon Hawk:
    * Talk to team members to have them make items (if you have less than 10):
      - T3-M4 creates programming spikes
      - Mira creates grenades
      - Mandalore creates stimulants 
      - G0-T0 creates security tunnelers 
      - Disciple creates healing pacs
      - Bao-Dur creates shields (only before you get a lightsaber)
    * Talk to team members to gain influence.
    * Talk to Kreia about your special crystal (without it installed in your
      lightsaber), to get her to upgrade it, and do this more than once.
    * Spar with Handmaiden three times.
    After the prologue, you start on Peragus and then go to Telos. From there,
    travel to the planets in any order you want as many times as you want. complete
    most side quests to get the XP and chance at LS points.
    Prologue (Ebon Hawk adrift):
    * This is optional. You can skip this by clicking on noted place in Bridge.
    * If skipping, go around and gather up all items first and then skip.
    * Get needed parts for hyperdrive from outer hull (use lift).
    * Use the torch from the dead miner in the morgue to open some doors.
    * Don't worry about missing sith troopers with laser turret, you'll get to
      fight them onboard for XP.
    * Shooting at asteroids will not affect anything later but will get you DS 
    * Use the shuttles to travel to unvisited areas.
    * Use the Information Terminals to quickly travel to visited areas.
    * Get your gear at TSF office in Entertainment 081 section.
    * Talk to Lt. Grenn in TSF office for quests.
    * The "New Fuel Supply" quest is completed on Nar Shaddaa later.
    * For light-side points, complete the Ithorian quests.
    * Apartment A1 has side quest.
    * Do NOT destroyed the Bumani Exchange Console and kill the guard. If you
      do, you cannot enter the area and will have to go back to previous
      save or start a new game.
    * For underground base, optimize your weapons for defeating droids.
    * Talk to the Administrator Adare, Zherron, and others inside Khoonda to get
    * Daraala, in Salvager camp near ruins, has some Jedi items for sale.
    * After getting quests, go the Enclave ruins, then head to Crystal Cave.
    * Talk to Saedhe at crash site near cave before going into cave.
    * Help defend Khoonda for light-side points.
    * Breaking into north storage door at Khoonda is okay, after getting task to
      improve defenses.
    * Akkere has some Thorium charges, which you can buy from him for 1000 credits.
    * It takes a Thorium charge to open the Dxun cache door (from Korriban).
    * On downed spaceship, repair the core and bring the droids back online. Don't
      overload the droids. Repair each droid and put into patrol mode to have them
      fight for you.
    * Use the Mandalorian Guide to quickly go from camp to Ebon Hawk and back.
    * Talk to Zuka, Xarga, and Guard Captain for quests needed to get reputation
      points required by Mandalore.
    * In jungle, in quest to hunt down scouts, go back south and then west.
    * Complete quests before fighting in Battle Circle.
    * Be sure to check out containers in shuttle hangar.
    * You can find only two extra Starport Visas. 
    * Go to Dhagon Ghent's lab in Western Square; talk to people with names
      along the way to find out what's happening.
    * Return to Merchant Quarter and talk to captain Riiken about Ghent.
    * Go to Cantina in Western Square to gather evidence about Suulio's murder.
      Speak to Kiph, Nikko, and Panar.
    * Repair the droid merchant for better prices. He also has an HK-47 part and
      droid parts critical to your investigation (after you learn about them in
      cantina from Panar).
    * Be sure to complete all other actions, such as taking care of starport visas
      quests, before you have Ghent set up a meeting with the Master Jedi. 
    Nar Shaddaa:
    * To Annoy the Exchange:
      - Help Lootra get with his wife 
      - Fix the freighter order for Fassa
      - Agree to help Vogga the Hutt
      - Kill Saquesh
    * At refugee landing pad-
      - Talk to droid TT-32 about quest.
      - Talk to Tienn Tubb about changing transponder codes (also has air speeder
        part in shop).
      - Talk to Vossk about bounty hunters.
      - Talk to Borna Lys in swoop racing area for side quest.
      - For LS points, offer to give the Ebon Hawk to its previous owner.
      - Buy items from Oondar before you talk to Geeda (Geeda will have better
        items for sale after you fully complete Dantooine and Onderon if you side 
        with her). Return after those planets for better items.
    * At the docks-
      - Talk to Fassa for a quest.
      - Talk to Lassavou in flophouse for a quest (has air speeder part as reward).
      - In quarters, use stealth to listen to Aqualish thugs talk about Vogga.
      - Talk to others in quarters for additional side quests.
      - Get air speeder part at Pylon 3.
    * At entertainment promenade-
      - Buy Juma juice from bartender.
      - Talk to Domo and have Handmaiden dance.
    * At refugee quad-
      - Talk to refugees with names for quests.
      - Then go throughout whole section (search all containers).
      - Repair air speeder with the three parts; have Atton check work for 
    * To get faster notice by Exchange, you can pay Kallah-hah 2000 credits in
      Entertainment Promenade.
    * You must fix the airspeeder BEFORE meeting with the Exchange and going to
      Goto's yatch. After that, it will be completely disabled.
    * After defeating slavers on Ebon Hawk, be sure that Atton is well equipped.
    * Have a good blaster, rockets, and stealth belt in inventory for Mira later
      (You can only make rockets after you met with Mira).
    * After completing the above, travel to other areas to trigger meeting with 
    * On Goto's yatch, do NOT destroy any utility droids before getting the
      Shutdown code.
    * In valley, picking up items from corpses will cause Hssiss monsters to 
    * To hear history of dark lords, go to each tomb entrance.
    * It takes a Thorium charge to open the sealed door in the academy (there is
      a charge to be found in area).
    * Explore all of academy before going to training room.
    * In academy, complete tests at console to open training room and library.
    * You must be heavily LS or DS to access the secret tomb at back of shyrack
      cave. Your force power will not always recharge while in the tomb.
    * Search the Jedi corpse multiple times to spawn more Hssiss (this is an
      exploit--about same as cheat). It doesn't help to level up too much, because
      as you gain levels, your enemies gain levels, especially the bosses.
    End Game:
    After you finish all the planets and tie up the loose ends, you can talk to
    Kreia to start the end game scenarios by traveling back to Jedi Enclave on 
    Dantooine. From Dantooine, you will then travel to Telos, and then travel to
    the Ravager and back to Telos before heading for Malachor V. You will have
    no choice about the destinations.
    During the last visit on Dantooine, you should have received the Force Power
    Force Enlightenment, which activates the best of your Speed, Armor, and Valor
    abilities at once, for less FP. Be sure to use that later.
    * On the Ravager-
      - Mandalore will be part of your party. Your other party member should be 
      - Three of the four proton cores go to locations along the south side. The
        fourth location is at the top-right side of the screen.
      - You can create a proton core from missiles after one core explodes
        prematurely (use console to activate missile).
    * On Malachor V-
      - Have the Exile clear out monsters from all areas of surface and depths.
      - Buff up before going through large gate.
      - At Trayus Academy, exit through one side, clear it out, and then return
        to exit to the other side for more XP.
    Lab Stations:
    At lab stations, you use chemicals to create new items. You can break down
    items for chemicals (or break down items at workbench for components). The
    Skill shows what amount of Treat Injury you need to make the item. Chems is 
    how many chemicals are needed to make the item.
    Item               Skill  Chems   Bonuses
    ----               -----  -----   -------
    Medpac                 1     20
    Antidote Kit           5     24
    Adv Medpac            10     40
    Life Support          20     75
     CON 12
      Reflex Package       8     17   Reflex saves +1
      Pheromone Package   17    150   CHA+1, Persuade +1
      Cardio Package      26    450   CON+1
      Strength Package    35    850   STR+1
     CON 14
      Retinal Combat       5     37   Awareness +1, immune to CH
      Lornan              18    150   10% electricity immunity, 5% energy immunity
      Biotech             27    450   Regenerate VP 1
      Power               36    850   STR+2, Fortitude +1
     CON 16
      Bioantidote         10     37   CON+1, Immunity to poison
      Nerve enhancer      19    150   Immunity to stun, fear, horror
      Reaction system     28    450   DEX+3
      Advanced combat     37    850   Attack +1, Blaster/Rifle weapon focus &
     CON 18
      Strength-D          11     37   STR+1, CON+1
      Immunity-D          20    150   Immunity to CH, poison, stun, fear, horror
      Perception-D        29    450   WIS+2, CHA+1
      Enhancement-D       38    850   Dueling, improved, master;
                                       Two-weapon fighting improved, master
    Required implant CON is based on natural CON (no item or force modification).
    At workbenches, you use components to build new items. You can build most 
    range, melee, armor, and lightsaber upgrades (not crystals), with the required 
    amount of specified skill. Use a character with the highest skill to build 
    the items. Your character's Repair level is always used for breakdown (except
    when Exile is not in party).
    At a skill of 20 Repair, your ability to break down items becomes 100%
    efficient. With a high Repair, you can sometimes get hundreds of components 
    from breaking down an item.
    Note, some upgrades add requirements to the weapon you add them to, such as the
    Vibration Cell requires that you have the feat Weapon Focus (Melee) to use the
    weapon with it attached.
    Note: The Miner's Outfit and Jedi Robes are not actually "armor," so most
    upgrades won't work with them. You can use some underlays such as as
    Environment Underlay and the Biorestorative Underlay.
    Refer to the "KOTOR 2 Workbench Items Creation Guide" for more information.
    Peragus Dormitory Puzzle:
        ...   - 3
        -X..  - 17
        -...  - 13
        X     - 5
        X..   - 7
        To get lift to work, enter the code in reverse:
        7, 5, 13, 17, 3
    Onderon Palace, Storeroom:
        Twice first key number exceeds value of its half by 99 - 66
        Reversing second key's digits increases value by 1/5   - 45
        Third key differs from the reverse of its digits by
          twice the product of its digits                      - 39
    Nar Shaddaa, Fassa's quest at docks:
        Toggle power to Pylon 2
        At Pylon 2, use following order for docking:
           1. Silver Zephyr
           2. Alakandor
           3. Toorna's Profits
    Nar Shaddaa, Vogga's Warehouse:
        3E1D   must become   1E7T
        L7T3                 3L3D
        You rotate a set of four characters:
        1. Turn center block counterclockwise.
        2. Turn leftmost block counterclockwise.
        3. Turn rightmost block clockwise.
    Nar Shaddaa, Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels:
        Go straight ahead until you reach fan. Turn Left.
        Go straight ahead until you reach fan. Turn left.
        Go straight ahead until you reach fan. Turn right
        Your are then at the exit.
        Go straight through two doors, turn left and go straight through all doors 
        to exit.
        (Exit is a far left.)
    Freedon Nadd's Tomb, Vault 1 (faulty circuits):
        Find the one that doesn't have any letter showing twice elsewhere.
        The answer is C. eba
    Freedon Nadd's Tomb, Vault 2 (missing operators):
        (6 * 2) - 8 + 9 * 1 = 13
    Korriban, Sith Written Test:
        ID # 3401726-B853S5O0X001
        Sith Lord not on Korriban                 - Freedon Nadd
        Present LEAST appropriate for a Sith Lord - Gizka
        If at 6 and opposite 16, how many         - 20
        Sith Code                                 - ...victory
        NOT a Paradox                             - I always lie
    Locations of the HK-47's parts:
        HK Vocabulator -     HK droid, Peragus
        HK Control Cluster - HK droid, Telos Plateau
                           - Sullustan merchant, Dantooine
        HK Droid Processor - Kodin, Droid Merchant, Nar Shaddaa
        HK Chassis -         HK droid, Nar Shaddaa, Vogga's Warehouse, part of plot
    D&D Die Roll System:
    The rules for KOTOR are based on the 3rd Edition of Dungeon & Dragons (D&D),
    with some modifications.
    Generally each player gets one turn per round, and order of action (for the 
    entire current conflict) is determined by a character’s initiative. The number
    of attacks a player can make per round is based on enhancements such as 
    “Speed.” The following is highly simplified and only gives a general idea about
    how combat works. One 20-sided die is used (1d20); that is, the computer 
    chooses a random number from 1 to 20.
    --Determine who gets to hit first:
        Initiative throw (1d20) plus DEX bonus = Initiative. Order of attack is 
         highest to lowest.
    --Determine if a hit is successful (Attack roll):
        Attack = Attack roll (1d20) + BAB + STR bonus (DEX for ranged) 
         +/- Combat, Force, etc. modifiers
        Defense Class (DC) = Base DC 10 + Armor bonuses + Equipment bonuses + 
         DEX modifier +/- Combat, Force, etc. modifiers
        When Attack >= DC, you get a hit (which does NOT determine the amount of 
    --Determine how much damage the hit causes (Damage Roll):
        Damage = Weapon die roll + STR bonus (DEX for ranged) + Weapon bonus 
         +/- Combat, Force, etc. modifiers of you and opponent
    Note: Feats, circumstances, and special items can affect all the above.
          In KOTOR 2, the Weapon Finesse: Lightsabers feat will allow you to use
          the DEX instead of STR bonus for lightsaber attacks (thanks to VaMinion
          for correction here).
    A Critical Hit is an Attack roll of 20 (or could be more based on equipment and
    feats in use). When a Critical Hit is rolled, a new Attack roll takes place. If
    that Attack roll is a hit, then the following Damage roll amount is doubled
    (or more based on equipment and feat bonuses).
    Saving Throws:
    Certain hazards use Saving throws, meaning that the opponent or device gets
    a 1d20 die throw and the victim gets a die throw plus any saving modifiers.
    So, a higher saving throw helps to reduce or prevent damage. Each is affected 
    by a physical attribute: DEX for Reflex, CON for Fortitude, and WIS for Will.
     - Fortitude saves against disease, poison, or paralysis
     - Reflex saves against damage from mines or grenades
     - Will saves against mental influence or Force mind attacks
    A level 15 Sentinel will have the following saving throws, with the recommended
         No Equipment
    Fort   -  12 
    Refl   -  10
    Will   -  9
    These numbers can be increased with equipment and weapons.
    Base Attack Bonus (BAB):
    The BAB is the Attack bonus your character gets as you level up. A BAB of +5
    means that the character gets a +5 Attack bonus. In KOTOR II, all characters
    gain one BAB per level.
    Note: KOTOR BAB does not follow regular D&D rules: you will only have one
    attack per round, but a round is only 3 seconds instead of 6. See the next
    Attacks per Round:
    You always get one attack.
    Flurry will give an extra attack (with DC and Attack penalties).
    Using two weapons or a double-bladed weapon will give an extra attack (with 
      Attack penalty).
    Using Knight Speed will give an extra attack (with DC bonus).
    Using Master Speed will give an extra two attacks (with DC bonus).
    Therefore, maximum attacks per round is 5. (One from base, one from flurry, 
    one from two weapons, two from Master speed.)
    Dueling vs. Two-Weapons:
    With maximized character stats at a level 20 character build:
    Dueling maxed = Attack+3, DC+3
    Max of 4 attacks/round
    Two-weapons maxed = Attack 0/-2
    Max of 5 attacks/round
    Defense, using Master Flurry and Knight Speed = 
      10 base + 6 Jedi Defense + 5 armor + 5 DEX - 1 Flurry + 4 Knight Speed = 29
    Two-Weapon = 29             
    Dueling    = 29 +3 = 32 (10.3% less chance of being hit)
    Attack = BAB 20 + 5 STR + 5 weapon + 1 feats = 31
    Two-Weapon Main = 31 (4 attacks)
    Dueling = 31 + 3 Dueling = 34 (4 attacks)(~10% greater chance of hitting)
    Two-Weapon left = 31 - 2 = 29 (1 attack)(~15% less chance of hitting)
    So, Two-weapons vs. Dueling = 4 10% weaker attacks = 40% greater chance that
                                                         one attack will miss
                                  1 extra attack with 15% greater chance of missing
    Summary: Two-weapons are better against weaker opponents and Dueling is better
    against strong opponents, most noticeably early in game. Not enough overall 
    difference between the two, so go with whatever you think looks better. 
    However, at the higher levels (20+) the % difference between dueling and two-
    weapon use becomes increasingly less, making dual weapons a better choice,
    especially for the two sets of lightsaber upgrades.
    Bugs Still in Program:
    * Telos: Do NOT destroyed the Bumani Exchange Console and kill the guard. If
      you do, you cannot enter the area and will have to go back to previous a
      save or start a new game.
    * G0-T0's Yatch: Do NOT destroy any utility droids before getting the
      Shutdown code.
    * On Dantooine or in smoky areas, the game can slow to a crawl. This can be
      fixed by adding this line to the [Graphics Options] section in the
      swkotor2.ini file
        Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
    * If program is too choppy, try disabling the Frame Buffer Effects or changing
      the levels of AA or Anistrophy.
    This document is copyright (c) 2005 to Greg Ash.  
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a property of
    Lucasarts, Bioware, and Obsidian, and all related marks are Trademarks,
    Registered Trademarks, or Copyrights owned by the respective companies. All
    rights reserved. 
    V1.0  –  1 April 2005 - Guide is complete.
    V1.01 - 20 April 2005 - Added correction to D&D Die Roll System about the use
            of DEX with lightsabers (thanks to VaMinion).
    V1.1  - 29 April 2005 - Removed some equipment redundancies and cleaned up
            some more text throughout.
    v1.2  - 10 May 2005 - Added locations to Gaining Influence section and some 
            misc. notes.

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