How do you enable cheats?

  1. I can't open the notepad doc to enable cheats, can someone help me?

    User Info: nijpugly314

    nijpugly314 - 8 years ago

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  1. I've posted on the message boards a few times about this. Hope it helps.

    Alright, here's the step-by-step Vista instructions (I'm running 64-bit, if that matters):

    1) Click on Windows logo in lower left corner.
    2) Click on "Computer".
    3) Double Click on "C:".
    4) Double Click on "Program Files (x86)"
    5) Double Click on "LucasArts"
    6) Double Click on "SWKotOR2"
    7) DON'T open the swkotor2 ini file here.
    8) Now, directly beneath the Menu bar, but in the strip above the files and folder names, you'll see a few different options. Mine looks like this:

    File Edit View Tools Help <----------- Not this bar
    Organize Views Burn Compatibility Files <----------- This bar

    9) Click on "Compatibility Files"
    That option then disappears, and the files and folders in the viewing window change. For example, before clicking on Compatibility Files I have 28 items. After clicking I only have 5 items.
    10) Now you'll see the swkotor2 ini file. It's up to you, but you may want to back an untouched copy to a separate location than your LucasArts folder. Double click the ini file.
    11) Scroll clear down to the bottom of the list titled "[Game Options]" and paste in the following (without quotes)... "EnableCheats=1"
    12) Save, exit, and play.
    13) Push the ~ button, type in your cheat, and push enter. As has already been mentioned, you won't see the text box that it goes in. Just push ~ and type. For example, just type in "revealmap" (without quotes) and push enter. Open your map and see if all the dark areas just got filled in. If so, it worked.

    Also, from now on, that save file will have a banner across your save file image that says "Cheat Used" or something to that effect. It doesn't hurt your game, though.

    Good luck.

    User Info: cadillacactor

    cadillacactor - 8 years ago 2 0

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