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    Jedi Sentinel FAQ by PapaGamer

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                          (PC version) JEDI SENTINEL FAQ
                                  v1.01 2005-04-20
               (c)2005 Barry Scott Will <pyric@cavecreations.net>
    Table of Contents
    [1] Jedi Sentinel Class
    [2] Ability Scores
    [3] Skills
    [4] Feats
    [5] Force Powers
    [6] Prestige Classes
    [7] Companions
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    Version History
    1.01 2004-04-20
         - Minor typographic corrections throughout
         - Changed some information on feats to add Power Attack to list
           of recommended feats
         - Added actual saving throws (up to level 20) to class stats
         - Minor modifications to some of the recommended starting ability
    1.00 2004-03-14
         - First release
    [1] Jedi Sentinel Class
    "The Jedi Sentinel ferrets out deceit and injustice, bringing it to light. 
    They strike a balance between the physical and mental disciplines of the 
    Jedi Order." (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game manual)
    Jedi Sentinels are all about the skills. In KotOR1, the Sentinel class 
    suffered from poor combat abilities (about equal to a Consular), lack of 
    skill points (only 2 per level plus one-half of the Intelligence modifier) 
    and lack of real usefulness for those skills.
    KotOR2 makes up for those deficiencies, and then some. All classes now 
    receive the same Base Attack Bonus of +1 per level. Sentinels have the same 
    number of feats, less one, as a Jedi Guardian. All classes get their full 
    Intelligence modifier in bonus skill points each level. Sentinels have a 
    base of three skill points; and there is an actual need for a skilled 
    character on every team.
    So, what can we conclude from these changes?
    The Jedi Sentinel may just have replaced the Jedi Guardian as the class of 
    choice for combat-minded players. Players who enjoyed the Sentinel in 
    KotOR1 will rejoice in having lots of new toys to play with. Force users 
    will still want to start as a Jedi Consular.
    Class statistics:
    Vitality:      8/level
    Skill points:  3/level + INT modifier (*4 at first level)
    Class skills:  Awareness, Computer Use, Persuade, Security, Stealth,
                   Treat Injury
    Force points:  6/level
    Force powers:  1/level, bonus at 1st level*
    Saving throws:
    Level   Fort/Ref   Will
     1          2        1
     2          3        2
     3          3        2
     4          4        2
     5          4        3
     6          5        3
     7          5        4
     8          6        4
     9          6        4
    10          7        5
    11          7        5
    12          8        6
    13          8        6
    14          9        6
    15          9        7
    16         10        7
    17         10        8
    18         11        8
    19         11        8
    20         12        9
    Saving throws continue at the same progression all the way to 50th level.
    Feats:         3/6 levels
                   (feat - no feat - feat - no feat - no feat - feat)
    1st Lvl Feats: Armor Proficiency: Light; Critical Strike; Flurry;
                   Power Attack; Power Blast; Rapid Shot; Sniper Shot;
                   Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol;
                   Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle;
                   Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber;
                   Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons;
                   Jedi Defense; Force Immunity: Fear; Jedi Sense;
                   War Veteran
    Class bonus:   Force Immunity: Fear/Stun/Paralysis
    Mastery bonus: Lightside - +3 Constitution
                   Darkside  - +3 Dexterity
    *Player characters do not choose any Force Powers at first level (character 
    creation). Companions who convert to Jedi Sentinels will receive two Force 
    Powers at first Sentinel level.
    [2] Ability Scores
    There's no reason to play a Sentinel unless you are going to take advantage 
    of the Sentinel skill set. Taking advantage of the Sentinel skill set 
    requires a decent number of skill points and a reasonable Intelligence 
    (one-half of the skills in the game are modified by INT). In general, 
    Sentinels should start with an INT score of no less than 14 and no higher 
    than 16. Don't start with an INT of 18--there is little worth in a trade of 
    six ability buy points for one more skill point per level--though you may 
    wish to raise INT to 18 with level-up points.
    Beyond INT, the field is wide open. If you are shooting for Lightside 
    Mastery, you can leave Constitution low, as you will receive a +3 bonus at 
    Mastery. The same is true of Dexterity for Darkside Mastery players. 
    Strength is really of little concern to a Sentinel. You can do more than 
    enough damage with all the weapon upgrades you will be creating--courtesy 
    of your advanced skills. A Finesse feat covers your attack bonuses.
    Of course, you will still need a good Dexterity for Defense, Reflex saves 
    and attacks (with ranged weapons or using Finesse). The question becomes, 
    how much do you want to use offensive Force Powers? You won't have the DC 
    boost of a Consular, so you'll need medium-to-high starting Wisdom and 
    Charisma to be effective with offensive Powers early in the game.
    If you intend to be combat-oriented, then start with a DEX of 16 and 
    average WIS and CHA--12 in both, or 14 in one and 12 in the other. 
    Concentrate on buffing and defensive powers, such as Speed, Resistance, 
    Battle Meditation, etc. Don't worry about offensive Powers until you get 
    into the mid-teens in levels, by which time the DC of your Powers will have 
    gotten high enough (from equipped item boosts to WIS and CHA, as well as 
    your higher level) to actually have some effect.
    If, on the other hand, you really want to use offensive Force Powers early 
    in the game, you'll need to leave DEX at 14, possibly even 12, and get one 
    of WIS or CHA to 16 and the other to 14. Concentrate on increasing them 
    with equipped items and level-up points. You may also wish to use the Valor 
    line of Force Powers for an instant boost to both abilities.
    Sample Starting Stats for Combat Sentinel:
     STR 12, DEX 16, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 12
    Sample Starting Stats for Force Sentinel:
     STR 10, DEX 12, CON 10, INT 14, WIS 16, CHA 14
    Sample Starting Stats for Skilled Sentinel:
     STR 10, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 16, WIS 12, CHA 12
    [3] Skills
    There is no way (short of cheating) to keep all eight skills maxed; 
    fortunately, you do not need to do so. There are several skills that do not 
    provide much beyond the ability to create a few upgrades and miscellaneous 
    items at workbenches and lab stations. If you really need those items, you 
    can have another character create them.
    The list below provides recommendations for those skills that should be 
    kept at their highest level and those skills that can do with fewer points. 
    Any Sentinel with an Intelligence of at least 14 should be able to easily 
    follow the recommendations.
    [3.1] Computer Use
    Computer Use comes in quite handy beyond just slicing computer consoles. It 
    shows up many times in conversations, especially with droids, and enables 
    the creation of several good upgrades, especially for lightsabers. This is 
    an easy choice for a skill to keep maxed, at least until you get your 
    Prestige Class, by which time you will have gotten most of the benefit from 
    it. If you continue with a Watchman or Assassin PrC, keep this skill maxed.
    [3.2] Demolitions
    This is one of two (Repair is the other) skills that are cross class skills 
    for a Sentinel. Unlike Repair, there is little compelling reason to take 
    the Class Skill: Demolitions feat and keep this skill maxed. Demolitions 
    aids in the creation of some items: mostly grenades, mines and armor 
    upgrades. You don't really need to make grenades and mines, and armor 
    upgrades are not as important to you personally.
    If you do want to use Demolitions for the extra experience points that 
    comes from recovering mines, either save skill points until you take the 
    Weapon Master, Marauder or Assassin PrC (all of which have Demolitions as a 
    class skill); or, take Class Skill: Demolitions early and continue as a 
    Jedi Watchman so you don't lose any skill points and can keep all your 
    important skills high.
    If you leave this skill low, Mira becomes a very good ranged support 
    character, since she can level up Demolitions very high and has the special 
    ability of never triggering mines.
    [3.3] Stealth
    There are a couple of quests that can only be done by a character using 
    Stealth and there are several useful upgrades that require Stealth to 
    create. However, unless you're going to take either the Jedi Watchman or 
    Sith Assassin Prestige Class and make use of Force Camouflage and the Sneak 
    Attack damage bonuses, you can dispense with this skill for your main 
    character. Just level up Atton or Viss with Stealth ability to handle item 
    creation and the occasional quest.
    If you do want to become a stealthy Watchman or Assassin, you still don't 
    need a lot of purchased ranks in this ability in order to beat the 
    Awareness of most NPCs. Increase this skill at about one-half to two-thirds 
    your character level.
    [3.4] Awareness
    Awareness allows you to spot mines, detect creatures using Stealth, make a 
    few upgrade items at workbenches and occasionally shows up in conversation. 
    The only really useful thing Awareness does is allow you to easily get the 
    necessary conversation options to convert Mira to a Jedi; and, since she 
    just becomes another Sentinel, even that may not be important to you. Raise 
    your Awareness skill at about one-third your level; definitely no more than 
    [3.5] Persuade
    Persuade is a must-have skill for Lightside characters. For Darksiders, who 
    do not care much for peaceful resolutions, it is not as important; though, 
    it can occasionally be useful for getting extra rewards from reluctant 
    victims...that is, people you have just "helped". Persuade is only used in 
    conversations, and it is used frequently. LS Sentinels should keep this 
    skill maxed. DS Sentinels should keep this skill at about half max and take 
    the Affect Mind and Dominate Mind Force Powers.
    [3.6] Security
    Security is quite useful for getting into locked containers without 
    destroying the contents. When you attempt to open a locked door or 
    container, your Security skill is added to a random number from 1 to 20 
    (d20) and compared to the lock's Difficulty Class (DC). If your skill plus 
    the d20 is equal to or greater than the DC, you are successful in opening 
    the lock.
    Security Tunnelers add 6 to your Security skill when used on a lock. 
    Security Spike Tunnelers add 10 to your Security skill. When you are not in 
    combat, the game allows you to "take 20"--i.e. the game assumes you will 
    keep trying until you get a roll of 20 on the d20, so it just gives you the 
    20 rather than making you try over and over again.
    Late in the game, you will encounter locks with a DC near 60. That means 
    you need around a 40 Security (including all equipment boosts, Intelligence 
    modifier, tunnelers, etc.) to open those locks. Security is also useful for 
    creating a number of weapon and armor upgrades and making your own shields. 
    For example, making an Echani Energy Shield requires a Security skill of 
    19. This is a great skill to keep maxed.
    [3.7] Repair
    Repair is an important skill for any character that wants to fully use 
    workbenches. Unless you are controlling a party that does not include your 
    PC, it is the PC's Repair skill that determines the number of parts 
    received when you break down items. In short, if you want enough components 
    to create the upgrades of your dreams, you need a high Repair skill to get 
    everything you can get out of broken down items. Not to mention Repair 
    governs your ability to create a lot of different items, and comes in very 
    useful during missions for repairing broken droids and in conversations.
    [3.8] Treat Injury
    Treat Injury is not as useful for healing as it was in KotOR1. First, any 
    character can use a medpack on another character; thus, you can have the 
    party member with the highest Treat Injury skill go around administering 
    medpacks (after combat, of course). Second, the addition of Master Heal as 
    a Force Power greatly improves the ability of Jedi to heal everyone in the 
    party instantly, even in combat. Treat Injury does show up in a few 
    conversations, and you need at least one character with high Treat Injury 
    if you want to create medpacks and associated items at workbenches and lab 
    stations. For the main character, about one-third to one-half your level in 
    TI will work just fine.
    [4] Feats
    [4.1] Combat Feats
    Debate rages over whether two-weapon or single-weapon fighting styles rule 
    the day in KotOR2, as well as whether Critical Strike or Flurry are better 
    combat feats. The short answer is: it really doesn't matter.
    Even at the hardest difficulty setting, combat in KotOR2 is extremely easy, 
    especially for the Exile, meaning you. You could, pretty much, use a 
    toothpick and still win all the fights without much trouble. Pick a 
    fighting style and select the feats most appropriate to that style.
    If your Dexterity is higher than your Strength, you'll need Finesse: 
    Lightsaber for the saber options or Finesse: Melee Weapons if you want to 
    use swords. These feats allow your Dexterity to modify your attack roll 
    (Strength still modifies damage). Ranged weapons automatically use your 
    Dexterity for attack (and no ability modifier is added to damage).
    [4.1.1] Single saber
    The "classic" style from the original movies, shot to Korriban in SWEP1 
    with Darth Maul's double saber. Characters who want to use a single saber 
    should take the Dueling and Flurry feats and use Master Speed to get a 
    total of +7 to Defense, +3 to Attack and 4 attacks per round.
    [4.1.2] Double saber
    The SWEP1 "Darth Maul" style, and the best way to deal maximum damage, on 
    average, on every hit. Take the Two Weapon Fighting feats. Power Attack is 
    a good set of feats for the double saber, as it has the highest base damage 
    of any saber. With up to four attacks (when using Master Speed), Flurry 
    isn't a big help and the base critical threat range is too low (only 1 in 
    20) for Critical Strike feats. Power Attack, on the other hand, can quickly 
    bring down most enemies and helps offset the Sentinel's normally low STR 
    [4.1.3] Two single sabers
    The SWEP2 "Anakin" style, and the best way to maximize upgrades. You will 
    need to have a normal saber for your right (primary) hand and a short saber 
    for your left (off) hand. You can equip up to ten upgrades this way (4 
    crystals, 2 lenses, 2 emitters and 2 power cells). You will have a higher 
    critical threat range so use the Critical Strike feats (in addition to Two 
    Weapon Fighting) and upgrades that increase your chance of a critical hit 
    (add Keen to your weapon) or add to the damage (Massive Criticals 
    property). You can also use a lightsaber form that increases your critical 
    hit multiplier, doing even more damage.
    [4.1.4] Ranged weapons
    You can also choose to use blasters. If using pistols, you should use two 
    and take the Two Weapon Fighting feats and Precise Shot feats. If you want 
    to use blaster rifles, you don't need either TWF or Dueling, so take Rapid 
    Shot in addition to Precise Shot.
    [4.1.5] Melee weapons
    Primarily swords, non-lightsaber melee weapons should only be used early in 
    the game, before you get your saber. If you're a high-Dexterity Sentinel, 
    just use blasters early on so you don't waste a feat on Finesse: Melee 
    [4.1.6] Unarmed
    All Jedi get Unarmed Specialist feats at certain levels. You can use 
    unarmed fighting and offensive Force Powers. You'll need Finesse: Melee 
    Weapons if you want your Dexterity to apply to your attack rolls while 
    unarmed. You should also take the Force Deflection Powers to enable you to 
    deflect blaster fire without a saber. Use Flurry to increase the number of 
    attacks per round.
    [4.2] Other Feats
    Toughness is always a good choice, as is Conditioning. As a Sentinel, you 
    will want to take Class Skill: Repair immediately (at first level). You may 
    want Class Skill: Demolitions if you're playing a Sentinel with a high 
    Intelligence (16 or higher).
    You'll have eight total feats prior to taking a Prestige Class, which may 
    change your choices. Combat feats will eat up most of those eight slots 
    along with Class Skill: Repair; so, there's not a whole lot of other 
    options available while you're a Sentinel.
    [5] Force Powers
    Which Powers you choose will be based on your alignment, your WIS and CHA 
    ability scores and your preference for fighting. Here are some general 
    All Jedi should have, at least, Burst of Speed. Lightside Jedi should 
    definitely take this all the way to Master Speed (for reasons that will 
    become clear near the end of the game). Speed just makes it a lot easier to 
    travel back and forth through all the areas of the game.
    Defensive Powers
    There are a large number of defensive powers, almost all of them Lightside 
    or Universal powers. If your WIS and CHA scores are low, you'll need to 
    depend more on these Powers until late in the game. In the early game, you 
    will find many opponents make their saves against your offensive Powers, 
    rendering them almost useless. There are a lot of defensive powers to 
    choose from, and they're all good.
    Lightside Jedi should take the Valor and Armor series to Master level (for 
    the same reason as Speed). They should also take up to Master Heal, as it 
    is very useful (and costs almost nothing for a LS player to use). Add in 
    other buffs such as Energy Resistance, Battle Meditation, Force Barrier, 
    etc. The only downside to this style is the time it takes to activate all 
    the buffs; some of them don't last more than a handful of rounds. Pick two, 
    possibly three, buffs and raise them to Master level. Throw in a few 
    offensive Powers for later in the game, and you'll be good to go.
    Darkside Jedi will want to stick with the Universal Powers as the LS powers 
    will cost too much to be of real benefit. You can still get Speed, Force 
    Barrier, Battle Meditation and others. Use them the same way as LS players.
    Neither side should bother with Force Immunity as you face very few enemy 
    Jedi who actually hit you with a lot of Force Powers.
    Offensive Powers
    Darkside rules the day when it comes to damage-dealing Force Powers. LS 
    players have the Stun/Disable/Destroy droid Powers, which can be quite 
    useful in some areas. Beyond that, they are forced to either spend a lot of 
    points on Force Storm or use Force Wave and Stasis Field to immobilize 
    enemies and then cut them up. Darksiders will want to load up on Force 
    Storm, Insanity, Kill, etc. and keep WIS and CHA high so these Powers 
    actually work most of the time.
    [6] Prestige Classes
    Sentinel makes a good base for any Prestige Class. You will want to 
    carefully consider where you will take your Sentinel after level 15, as 
    this will greatly influence your starting ability scores and the skills you 
    [6.1] Jedi Weapon Master/Sith Marauder
    Weapon Masters and Marauders are combat-focused PrCs. You'll lose two skill 
    points per level after switching to one of these PrCs, so you'll want to 
    get everything you can out of skills prior to level 15. Weapon Masters 
    achieving LS mastery can get a bonus to both CON (+3 from LS Mastery 
    Sentinel class) and STR (+3 from LS Mastery WM class). Marauders can get +3 
    to DEX (DS Mastery Sentinel) and +1-8 damage to attacks (DS Mastery 
    Marauder). Therefore, your focus is going to be combat and causing as much 
    carnage as possible.
    Recommended starting stats:
     STR 16, DEX 10, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 12
    Increase WIS and/or CHA with level-up points if you are going DS and 
    becoming a Marauder. This will give your DS Force Powers more punch. LS 
    players can leave WIS and CHA alone, concentrate on defensive powers and 
    increase STR for even more damage to their attacks. Both PrCs receive feats 
    allowing them to shrug off damage, so don't worry much about Defense.
    You can save yourself taking any Finesse feats due to the high STR. Use Two 
    Weapon Fighting and either Critical Strike (for high damage from two single 
    sabers) or Power Attack (for maximum carnage with a double saber).
    Focus skill points on Persuade, Repair, Computer Use and Awareness. Save 
    skill points for use on Demolitions after you've switched to the PrC as 
    both classes have Demolitions as a class skill. Since you'll be the combat-
    heavy member of any party, you'll want a tech/ranged backup and Jedi 
    support companion.
    [6.2] Jedi Master/Sith Lord
    Jedi Masters and Sith Lords are both masters of the Force. Your primary 
    focus is going to be using Force Powers, not engaging in combat. You can 
    use the skill set developed while a Sentinel (plus the fact you lose only 
    one skill point per level) to further avoid dangerous situations. Vitality 
    points will drop, so the Sentinel LS Mastery bonus of +3 to CON comes in a 
    great deal more handy than the +3 DEX from DS Mastery.
    Your Defense rating will be lower with these PrCs as they do not get the 
    Jedi Sense bonuses to Defense as rapidly as the other PrCs. You do get a 
    lot more Force Points, additional Force Powers and additional influence 
    over your companions and their alignment and abilities. You won't have the 
    Force Focus feats of a Consular to boost the DC of your powers, but you 
    will have several Force Forms to increase the potency of your Powers.
    Recommended starting stats:
     STR 10, DEX 12, CON 10, INT 14, WIS 14, CHA 16
    Concentrate on boosting both WIS and CHA and use Toughness feats and 
    specialized Jedi light armor to bolster Vitality and Defense. Use a single 
    saber and take the Dueling feats for the Defense and Attack bonuses. 
    Regardless of which alignment you take, you should have a broad selection 
    of both offensive and defensive Force Powers at your disposal. Your higher 
    Charisma will offset the Force Point cost increase for using Powers of an 
    opposing alignment.
    Keep your Computer Use, Repair and Persuade skills high while a Sentinel 
    (take Class Skill: Repair at first level) as these skills are the most 
    useful in avoiding sticky situations. Use the Affect/Dominate Mind powers 
    (regardless of your alignment) to give you even more options for talking 
    your way out of fights.
    [6.3] Jedi Watchman
    While the combat PrCs and Force-using PrCs are almost identical between 
    Light and Dark, the skilled PrCs are quite different. The Watchman is 
    almost identical to a Sentinel, except you will receive more Force Points 
    and higher saving throws. Every three levels you will receive a bonus of 1 
    - 6 points of Sneak Attack damage to a maximum of 7 - 42 points. You also 
    receive the Force Camouflage Powers that enable you to use Stealth even 
    without a Stealth Field Generator.
    However, the Watchman is not really set up to be a stealthy attacker. If 
    that is what you are looking for, try the Sith Assassin PrC. Rather, 
    Watchman is the preferred PrC if you are, essentially, looking to remain a 
    Sentinel throughout the game. You can seamlessly transition to Watchman and 
    you won't even really notice a difference.
    A future Watchman is the one class that can really benefit from a high 
    starting Intelligence. Start with 16 INT, take Class Skill: Repair and 
    Class Skill: Demolitions early and just go to town turning yourself into 
    the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. There will be nothing you can't do, 
    except, possibly, use any offensive Force Powers effectively.
    As a Light PrC, you can shoot for Mastery and get a total of +6 to your 
    Constitution (+3 LS Mastery bonus from Sentinel class, +3 LS Mastery bonus 
    from Watchman class). So, leave your starting CON and STR low, and 
    concentrate on DEX (for Defense and Attack) and INT (for skills). You may 
    even want to take your INT to 18 (by level 8) so you can almost max out all 
    your skills save one (and that one will probably be Stealth).
    Recommended starting stats:
     STR 12, DEX 16, CON 10, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 10
    Possibly raise INT to 18 at levels 4 and 8, then increase your WIS and CHA 
    to 12 each. Take the Dueling feats for their bonus to Defense and Attack. 
    You may also want to take Improved and Master Flurry. Increase Jedi Defense 
    for more blaster deflections. Don't worry about any skill-related feats 
    (your skill ranks will be high enough as is) nor Conditioning (Watchmen 
    receive all base saving throws at the highest level progression).
    You'll want to concentrate on defensive Force Powers, especially Armor, 
    Valor and Speed, since you're LS and will receive, near the end of the 
    game, Force Enlightenment, which will affect those three powers. You will 
    want to travel with a melee specialist (such as Mandalore or Handmaiden) 
    and a Jedi support companion (such as Disciple or Visas).
    [6.4] Sith Assassin
    Sith Assassins give up 33% of the feats of the Watchman (getting only 1 per 
    3 levels rather than, effectively, 1 per 2 levels). They also have much 
    lower saving throws than the Watchman. In return, they gain higher Sneak 
    Attack bonuses: +1 - 6 every two levels to a maximum of 10 - 60. Combine 
    this with Force Camouflage, and the Assassin is built to be a Stealth-user.
    If your intention is to take the Sith Assassin PrC, you should keep your 
    Stealth skill much higher while a Sentinel. You also will receive 
    Demolitions as a class skill, so don't take Class Skill: Demolitions as a 
    Sentinel and save at least one point per level to instantly max this skill 
    once you are an Assassin.
    Darkside Mastery will net you a total of +6 to Dexterity, so you can spend 
    more on WIS and CHA early in order to make effective use of offensive Force 
    Powers. Imagine freezing enemies with Insanity and then slicing them up 
    with Sneak Attack damage...
    Recommended starting stats:
     STR 10, DEX 12, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 15, CHA 14
    Increase WIS and CHA with level-up bonuses and concentrate on the better 
    Darkside Force Powers, such as Fear/Horror/Insanity, Shock/Lightning/Storm 
    and Slow/Affliction/Plague. Take the Two Weapon Fighting feats and Flurry 
    to get up to three attacks per round even without Master Speed.
    [6.5] No Prestige Class
    You may choose to continue as a Sentinel and not take a PrC. This is not 
    really a good idea. By level 15, you have received everything you can from 
    the Sentinel class. If you want to continue as a skilled Jedi, choose 
    Watchman or Assassin as your PrC. You'll get the same number of skill 
    points and Vitality points per level, more Force Points per level, plus 
    bonus feats and Force Powers.
    [7] Companions
    You are the skilled member of the team. You may not have every skill maxed 
    out (though you can come close); but, you can handle just about anything 
    the game throws at you: recovering mines, slicing computers, spiking locks, 
    repairing droids...You can do it all.
    Which means you have much less use for the skilled members of your party. 
    Atton, Mira, T3 and Bao-Dur just don't get much love from Sentinel PCs. 
    Bao-Dur can be converted to a Jedi Guardian, which is useful; and Mira is 
    better left as a Scout and used as a grenadier/ranged support team member. 
    Atton and T3 will usually just hang around Ebon Hawk, playing pazaak with 
    each other.
    Typically, as a Sentinel, you will want one melee combat-focused teammate 
    and one who is either a ranged support combat specialist or a good Jedi 
    support teammate. Make sure one of the two is capable of handling whatever 
    skills you may be lacking (such as Demolitions).
    [7.1] Atton
    As a Scoundrel, Atton does get Demolitions as a class skill. If you keep 
    him as a Scoundrel (i.e. don't convert him to a Jedi Sentinel), he can be 
    your ranged/grenadier support for a while. Unfortunately, his starting INT 
    of 10 precludes him becoming really skilled, and you don't need a lot of 
    his skills anyway. Unless you just like listening to him gripe, he can stay 
    home once you add a few more people to your party.
    [7.2] Bao-Dur
    Bao-Dur isn't of much use to you unless you convert him to a Jedi Guardian 
    and turn him into a melee fighter. His skills aren't as useful to a skilled 
    Sentinel such as yourself, and he stinks in a fight until he becomes a 
    Jedi. Don't level him up after meeting him until you can convert him and 
    give him a head start at becoming a decent combatant. As a bonus, you can 
    use his high INT (level it up to 16 as soon as you can) to give him enough 
    Demolitions skill to be your mine-recovering backup as well as melee 
    [7.3] Disciple
    Disciple starts as a soldier with stats identical to Handmaiden. If you 
    feel you really have need of him as a combatant, keep him as a soldier. 
    However, he is far more useful to you converted to a Jedi Consular (convert 
    him early, before leveling him up) and used as Jedi support. His previous 
    training as a soldier helps him stay alive in melee and the Consular 
    bonuses will make him useful for buffing the party and knocking down 
    [7.4] G0-T0
    G0-T0 is an expert droid with even less usefulness to you than T3. Unless 
    you just really enjoy his scintillating witticisms, leave him on Ebon Hawk.
    [7.5] Handmaiden
    Handmaiden is a pure melee combatant. She is a soldier with decent 
    Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. She only has an Intelligence of 10, 
    so will never get more than one skill point per level, unless you increase 
    INT, which is a waste. You should level her as a Strength-based melee 
    fighter, increasing STR with level-up points, and giving her your best 
    melee weapons. If you level her up as a soldier for a while, she will get a 
    lot of feats, so can be well-equipped to deal with any situation.
    Once converted to Jedi, she becomes a Guardian, which is just like a 
    soldier, but with fewer feats. She'll never be strong in the Force, so 
    taking advantage of her soldier class for a while is not a bad idea. She 
    makes an excellent combat-focused party member (for males only, though).
    [7.6] Hanharr
    Darkside players can get another melee combatant in Hanharr, a wookie. In 
    KotOR1, the wookie Zaalbar was pretty useless after the early levels due to 
    his low Defense (could not wear armor). Fortunately, Hanharr gets a couple 
    of upgrade feats: Wookie Toughness and Wookie Rage. With his insanely high 
    starting Strength and Constitution (both 20), he makes a good melee 
    fighter. Unfortunately, he's a scout, not a soldier, so he doesn't get 
    quite as much Vitality or feats as you could want.
    [7.7] HK-47
    HK-47 is, probably, the best pure ranged support character in your party. 
    Not only is he immune to several DS powers, but you can get his Defense 
    very high with various types of droid plating. Put level-up points into DEX 
    to improve his ranged attack. He has a high enough INT to also be your 
    Demolitions expert, if you need one. Equip him with either dual pistols or 
    a repeating rifle.
    [7.8] Kreia
    Kreia is pure Jedi support. As a Consular, with a Neutral rating, she can 
    fling both DS and LS Powers with ease. If you need a powerful Jedi in your 
    party, you can hardly go wrong with Kreia. If you can put up with her 
    nagging, that is.
    [7.9] Mandalore
    Mandalore comes equipped as though he is going to be a ranged fighter. 
    Don't buy into it. Level up his STR and turn him into a melee monster. If 
    you're looking for a melee specialist who uses plain, old-fashioned vibro-
    blades (thus ignoring energy shields), Mandalore's your man.
    [7.10] Mira
    Mira should not be converted by Sentinel PCs. First, you don't really need 
    another Sentinel on your team. Second, she is far more useful to you as a 
    Scout in a ranged/grenadier role. Keep her as your tech backup (everything 
    but Security and Stealth), ranged support character (free Precise Shot 
    feats and her wrist launcher!) equipped with dual blaster pistols.
    [7.11] T3-M4
    T3, when equipped with dual blaster pistols, can be a pretty good ranged 
    support character who can handle whatever skills you may be missing (except 
    Treat Injury). Still, his primary usefulness is tech skills, which you 
    should have in plenty as a Sentinel. Leave him behind and take a semi-
    skilled fighter with you instead.
    [7.12] Visas Marr
    Visas is a Jedi Sentinel with an average Intelligence of 10 (no bonus 
    points). Who designed this character? Since she's not very skilled, boost 
    her Wisdom and Charisma and set her up with party-wide defensive powers and 
    some good offensive powers and use her as Jedi Support. One skill she can 
    use is Stealth, so you can keep her around for that role as well.
    - FINIS -

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