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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wayalla

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               Written by Aaron Baker
                           Email: ns_java_games@yahoo.com.au
                                Version 1.0 of guide
        (a) Introduction
        (b) Version History
        (c) Allowed Websites
        (a) Basic Controls
        (b) Park Editor Controls
        (c) Trick Styles
        (d) New Manouvers
        (e) In Depth Trick Descriptions
        (a) Modes
        (b) Pro Skaters
        (c) Off Your Board
    4. NEW STUFF
        (a) Focus Mode
        (b) Graffiti tag
        (c) The New Tricks
        (d) Story Mode and Classic Mode
        (a) Introduction
        (b) Scoring Big
        (c) Linking Tricks
        (d) Score Multiplier
        (e) Changing Positions
        (f) Landings
        (a) Barcelona
        (b) Australia*
        (c) Skatopia
        (d) Berlin
        (e) Airport
        (f) School*
        (g) Downhill Jam
        (h) New Orleans
        (i) Training
        (j) Boston
        (a) Boston
        (b) Barcelona
        (c) Berlin
        (d) Australia
        (e) New Orleans
        (f) Skatopia
        (a) Game Modes
        (a) Introduction
        (b) Piece Categories
        (c) Piece Descriptions
        (d) Making a Good Park
        (e) The Rail Tool
    10. CREATE A GOAL 
        (a) Introduction
        (b) Setting up the goal
        (c) Skate/Combo letters
        (d) Combo/High scores
        (e) Skating Tricks
        (f) Checkpoint race
        (g) Gaps Goal
        (h) Variables
    11. SECRETS
        (a) Unlockables
        (b) Cheat Codes
        (c) Easter Eggs
        (d) Glitches
        (e) Destruction/Secret Areas
        (a) Frequently Asked Questions
                           OPENING STATEMENTS
    Many, many people have hailed Tony Hawks Underground 2 "The worst in 
    the Series", but I love this game. Every year when Neversoft brings out 
    a new skateboarding game, I always like it. It all started with a demo 
    to Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 back in 2000. The demo level was Marseilles 
    (sp?), and I played the demo a lot, more than I have actually played 
    some other of my original Playstation games!! 
    I ended up picking up the great game. Since it was my very first 
    playstation game, I played it a lot. Then Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 came 
    out. Not having a Playstation 2, I got the game on it's release date 
    for the playstation, and was addicted to the game. So addicted I even 
    completed the game with every character - even the secret ones! THPS4 
    came out, picked that up, and even though it was a different style from 
    the other two, it was heaps fun, even more so than the previous games.
    So I had no hesitations in getting Tony Hawk's Underground, and what a 
    great game that was! I was still playing it a year after I got the 
    game, and I was still playing it the morning before I got this game, 
    Tony Hawks Underground 2, which is again excellent. I hope you enjoy 
    reading this guide and find all the help you need to complete the game.
                            VERSION HISTORY
    Version 1.0 = First version of the guide, story mode is complete, but   
                  yet to complete all of classic mode in the guide.
                            ALLOWED WEBSITES
    This guide is allowed on:
    If you want this guide on your site, please email me first. I will 
    probably let you have it, but an email would be nice :)
                               BASIC CONTROLS
    Directional buttons/analog stick: move
    X         Ollie, Jump
    Square    Flip trick, throw projectiles
    Circle    Grab trick, talk to people
    Triangle  Grind, lip trick, graffiti
    L1        Spin left
    R1        Spin right
    L2        Pressure flip, Nollie
    R2        Revert, spine transfer
    Start     Pause
    Select    Change camera
    L3        Focus
    NOTE: Most buttons have heaps of different functions, so I have only 
    listed the main things that they do.
                             PARK EDITOR CONTROLS
    X         Place object
    Square    Rotate
    Circle    Rotate
    Triangle  Delete Piece
    L1        Raise ground
    L2        Lower ground
    R1        Zoom in
    R2        Zoom out
                                TRICK STYLES
    Ollie            Press and then release X to Ollie. It's sorta just 
                     like a jump in the air on a skateboard.
    Grab trick       Hold down circle plus a direction to do a grab trick. 
                     The skater will grab the board. You can hold the grab 
                     trick by holding circle.
    Flip tricks      Press the square button plus a direction to perform a 
                     flip trick. Press the square button multiple times to 
                     perform more of the trick, eg, triple kickflip
    Grinds           Press triangle on the top of a rail, quarterpipe or 
                     anything else with an edge to "slide" along it with 
                     your board.
    Switch           Press R2 to switch. Switch tricks will give you more 
                     points and will deduct separately from normal tricks.
    Manual           Press up, down or down, up to go into a manual. 
                     Manuals are useful for keeping your combo going along 
                     flat surfaces.
    Revert           Press R2 at the bottom of a vert to do a "switch". 
                     This can keep your combo going on from vert ramps.
    Lip tricks       At the top of a vert ramp, not going up on an angle, 
                     press triangle plus a direction to lip the top of the 
                     vert ramp.
    Spine transfer   When two vert ramps are oppsoite each other, go up one 
                     and if the other is in close range, press R2 to spine.
    Bonless/No comp  Press up, up x for a boneless and up, x for a no
                     comply. These are designed to give you a little extra 
    Nollie/Pressure  Press the L2 button to get into pressure or nollie 
                     mode, then press X to execute. 
    Wallride/Wallie  Go paralell to a wall and then ride by it and press 
                     triangle to ride up the wall. Press X while wallriding 
                     to do a wallie and get extra height.
    Wallpush         Ride into a wall and hold triangle to push off of the 
    Skitchin         Find a vehicle, go behind the vehicle and hold up to 
                     skitch. Press L1 or R1 to change sides.
    Off the board    Press L1 and R1 to get off of your board. Hold down X 
                     to run, use the analog stick or directional buttons to 
                     move, hold R1 to hang off of a ledge
    Acid drop        Jump towards a vert ramp, and while over it, press the 
                     R2 button to acid drop into the ramp.
    Powerslide       While skating, press down, down R1. This will turn you 
                     around and skate the other way.
                             NEW MANOUVERS TO THE SERIES
    Focus            Press the L3 button to get into focus mode. This makes 
                     it easier to balance and looks better.
    Vert plant       While going up a vert ramp by a wall, press the X 
                     button to vert plant.
    Tantrums         Sometimes when you stack, a meter will come up. 
                     Rapidly press triangle to throw a tantrum.
    Sticker Slap     Jump into a wall and press the X button to sticker 
                     slap the wall and make the skater head back in the 
                     other direction. Replaces the wallplant from thug.
    Graffiti         Go up to a wall and press triangle to graffiti. Can be 
                     done in a combo off the board to get more points. 
                     Bigger the combo, bigger the size of the tag.
    Natas Spin       Find something with a point (or flat) top that is 
                     quite small, like a fire hydrant. Jump into it and 
                     press triangle plus R1 to perform the natas spin.
                          IN DEPTH TRICK DESCRIPTIONS
    This describes all the tricks in the series that are not new. The newer 
    ones are listed below.
    An ollie is a jumping trick. Just jump in the air and do a spin to get 
    an ollie. Ollies don't show up straight away when you go up on a vert 
    ramp, because it is waiting for you to do a trick, like a grab trick. 
    If you don't perform one, when you land, it will count it as an ollie. 
    To do an ollie, just press X to jump, and then spin around.
    Both of these are performed in the air. To perform a Grab trick, press 
    the Circle button plus a directional button. To do a flip trick, press 
    the Square button plus a directional button. Hold down the flip trick 
    to get bigger points. This can't be done with flip tricks. Spinning 
    these tricks will give you more points.
    Grind tricks are tricks where you use the board to slide across an 
    object, such as a rail, wire, or a ledge. To do a grind trick, approach 
    a ledge that looks straight and press triangle. Press different 
    directions before you jump and grind the ledge to determine what grind 
    you do. Also, pressing buttons like circle, circle can change the 
    position of you when you are grinding. To perform a lip trick, go to a 
    vert ramp, and at the top of the vert ramp (not the air) press the 
    directional button. This will perform a lip trick. If you angle and are 
    moving to the left or right, it will grind, so lip instead.
    A manual is something you do on the ground that keeps your trick combo 
    going, so you can get more points. These can be linked using reverts 
    off of vert tricks. To do a manual, on the ground press up, down, or 
    down then up. You must balance out your manual. The more you stay in a 
    manual, the harder it becomes to balance and the less speed you get. 
    Flatland is tricks you perform in a manual. Pressing different button 
    combos can get tricks, like Pogo, Handstand, etc. Tricks you do help 
    your combo.
    These tricks make the skaters go off the board with one foot and push 
    themselves up. To do these tricks, press the up button a certain amount 
    of times (one for no comply, twice for boneless) and then press the X 
    button to jump. This will do a no comply or boneless. These are used to 
    get more speed, or just more points in a combo.
    The most valuable trick in the game, in my opinion. A revert is kind of 
    like a switch, but just when you land on a vert ramp. A revert changes 
    the board stance when you land, and is great for keeping alive big 
    combos. Revert into a manual to get a big score and keep your combo 
    There are a whole host of special tricks you can do in Underground. 
    Some are new, but a whole lot are old. Special tricks are designed to 
    look good, and to give you a lot of points. Select Edit Tricks from the 
    pause menu, and then go to specials. After you have all 11 spots, you 
    can have 11 specials. Choose them. For me, I have 3 Air Tricks, 3 Grab 
    Tricks, 2 Grinds, 2 Manuals and 1 Lip trick.
    Spine transfer is where you go from one vert ramp, and while in the 
    air, transfer to another vert ramp over a distance. Make sure two ramps 
    are in font of each other, then go up one vert ramp, and while in the 
    air press R2 to transfer. To acid drop, get on a ramp, then jump off 
    and press R2 while in the air (the first ramp has to be higher than the 
    vert ramp you are transferring to.)
    To firstly Wallride, go parallel to a wall, then angle into the wall 
    and press and hold the grind button. You will wallride the wall. Jump 
    while wallriding to do a wollie (wallride ollie) and get more points 
    and jump farther. To do a wallplant, head straight for the wall and 
    jump into it and press down plus x. To do a wall push, skate or manual 
    straight into a wall and hold the triangle button to push off of the 
    This was new in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4. Skitching is where you hold on 
    to the back of something that moves (car, truck, dog, elephant) and let 
    it carry you. You do get points for this. To skitch, go up behind the 
    moving thing you want to skitch and press the up button. Balance using 
    left and right, and to get out of skitching, either press down, or 
    jump. Also, you can move sides while skitching by pressing L1 or R1 (L1 
    to move left, R1 to move right.)
                               THE BASICS
    Compete in a World Destruction tour. You go to 6 different 
    international cities, causing havoc along the way. The story is sorta 
    based off of Bam Margera and Jackass, and skating fans wont really like 
    the story mode. Story mode is packed with goals and the stat system is 
    similar to THUG.
    Ready to go Old Skool? Classic mode is packed with 13 levels - 7 new 
    levels, and 6 old levels! You compete against a two-minute timer and 
    have 10 tasks to complete. The first 3 are all high scores, and the 4th 
    is a high combo. Most other goals are something like:
    - Knock over, hit, collect 5 things
    - Perform a trick over this gap
    - Find the secret tape
    - Collect SKATE
    - Collect COMBO
    It starts off in Free Skate mode, where you can just cruise around the 
    level, look for gaps, look for secret areas and just have a great time 
    doing it. When in free skate mode, press start and go to "Start high 
    score run" to start the 2 minute timer and try to get a high score.
    Gives you the ability to create your own dream skate park. There is all 
    sorts of stuff you can choose from. There are some things that have 
    changed from THUG to THUG2 in the park editor, and you can see those 
    things in the create a park section.
    This was an absolutely great new addition to THUG. THUG2 expands on 
    this. It gives you the ability to create your own goals, on any of the 
    14 levels, or your own skate park. Goals include SKATE letters, COMBO 
    letter, Race, Trick to the beat, Triktris, Skate Tricks, High score and 
    Customize your skater - make him look how you want him to look. You can 
    change his shoes, his hat, his beard, face, glasses, socks, tattoos, 
    hat, hair and everything else, and even put your own face in the game 
    if you really want to.
    I haven't used this yet, but I did in THUG. You can create your own 
    tricks, complete with grab tricks, flip tricks, rotations and all sorts 
    of other things. There are plenty of variables as well, and you can put 
    specials in it, and choose if it is holdable or spinable.
    Create a graphic mode lets you make your own graffiti tag. You have a 
    canvas, and you can make layers and put pictures on it. You can put 
    normal pictures, sponsor logos, weird shapes, backgrounds and also text 
    to create your own, personalized graffiti tag.
                              THE PRO SKATERS
    Tony Hawk
    Depending on whose house you were checking, Tony Hawk's been a 
    household name for over twenty years. But it's really his last half-
    decade of contest winning and 900 spinning that have tattooed HAWK on 
    the foreheads of our youth. A trailblazer in the effort to bring 
    skateboarding to the ends of the world, Tony has become an icon for a 
    generation of kids sorely needed one. Through the invention of 
    countless tricks, his seemingly limitless potential, and a sense of 
    grace and class that follows behind his quickly moving self, Tony Hawk 
    Eric Koston
    The clean bean ideal of an Everyskater, Eric Kosten has quietly became 
    skateboarding's most influential front-row cheerleader for the Los 
    Angelas Laders. Tirelessly supporting his home team to a domination NBA 
    Championship two peat, Eric, has also managed to evolve his smooth, 
    consistent, and innovative skateboarding skills to the point that young 
    fans everywhere are abandoning their dreams of crossovers and three 
    pointers in hopes of someday nailing fifteen-stair backside noseblunt 
    slides, "Just like Kosten" 
    Rodney Mulen
    Rodney Mullen birthed today's street tech. Period. An icon among idols, 
    he's the man who freestyled many of the moves today's freshest pros use 
    as a foundation for their own progressive skating. Flat ground ollies, 
    360 flips, and ollie impossibles were all made manifest by the critical 
    thought and problem solving of this tenured Proof of skateboard 
    Chad Muska
    With a nod to the past manifested in Muska Style, be it his deck 
    designs or his daring 'dos, this heroic skater proudly represents 
    today's new breed of renaissance professional skateboarders. This 
    customized sled shredder is known not only for his breathtaking leaps 
    and bounds on board, but his other-level self promotion - demoning, 
    music making, and palm pressing like the tireless public figure he's 
    built himself up to into. Still, Muska has and always will be respected 
    for fearlessly testing the physical bounds of real deal street skating 
    with the best very of them. 
    Bam Magera
    Bam Margera is both lightning bolt and lightning rod -- snapping necks 
    with his unrestrained Pennsylvania-grown skate style, and harnessing 
    the energy of his own massive discharge by video taping literally every 
    waking moment of his practical-joker lifestyle. For skaters, he's a 
    hilariously talented breath of fresh air in the form of seriously non-
    serious, and for the nest of the planet who know him simply as "The 
    jackass who skates," he's the bad example that everyone wants to follow
    Mike Vallely
    HOMETOWN:   Edison, NJ
    RESIDES:    Long Beach, CA
    STANCE:     Regular
    Bob Burnquist
    HOMETOWN:   Rio De Janerio
    RESIDES:    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    STANCE:     Regular
                               OFF YOUR BOARD
    Firstly, to get off of your board, press the L1 + R1 buttons. If you 
    are confused by that press the L1 and the R1 buttons at the same time. 
    There is no need to hold them down. Now you are off of your board, you 
    can explore on foot. To get back on your board, press the same buttons 
    Movement off your board is kind of the same as movement on your board. 
    Although, when you are on your board, you will automatically move 
    forward, because the board is taking you forward. Off your board, you 
    need to actually hold the up button (analog or d-pad) to head up. So 
    hold up to move forward.
    Off the board it is better to run around, than to slowly walk around. 
    If you are using the D-pad, and want to run, hold down the X button. 
    Let it go and you will jump. If you decide to use the Analog stick and 
    push it all the way up, you will run forward automatically. If you want 
    to walk using the analog stick, then move it up only a bit. The more 
    you move it up, the faster you walk. You don't need to hold X when 
    using the analog stick to run.
    Climbing ledges can get you to places than you can't get to on your 
    board (or maybe you can get to the place on your board, but it is just 
    a lot easier off your board.) To climb a ledge, press the R1 button by 
    the edge. Sometimes, it won't hang on to the ledge. What I do when I 
    jump is just to continuously press the R1 button while in the air so 
    you will always get the timing right and hand on to the ledge.
                               NEW STUFF
                                FOCUS MODE
    Focus mode slows down the game and focuses on your board. A blurry 
    effect comes in, and focus mode just helps you out balancing your 
    tricks as well as making the tricks you do look good. All you can hear 
    is your skaters heartbeat, and nothing else, no music. The music stops 
    while you are in focus mode. 
    Focus mode helps you perform those big combos, because it is easier to 
    balance, meaning more trick time which means big scores. It is a must 
    in a big combos. Focus mode is limited though. You can only perform 
    focus for 15 seconds in one combo. Also, you cannot use it more than 
    three times in one combo. If you don't perform enough tricks, the focus 
    meter will drain down and not last the 15 seconds, but you can get more 
    points again and use it again, but no more than 3 times in the combo. 
    Also the 15 seconds is combines time as well.
    Make sure you roughly know how long you are in focus mode for. You can 
    only use it for 15 seconds. I have this happen to me many times: ive 
    been in a manual or a grind, and ive been easily balancing, when focus 
    has suddenly cut out, and the balance meter is going nuts that I can't 
    control it beacuse it went from very easy to balance to extremely hard 
    in a split second, usually meaning I stack.
    They could have fixed this by actually having a timer of how long you 
    have been in focus mode for, instead of doing what happened to me in 
    the above paragraph.
                            GRAFFITI TAGS
    Graffiti is new to Tony Hawks Underground 2, and I don't think I have 
    seen any game where you can graffiti in apart from this game. You can 
    make your own graffiti tag, or use the default one. The default 
    graffiti tag is the words Neversoft with a bunch of pictures and colour 
    in the background.
    In story mode, each character has their own special graffiti tag, for 
    example, Bam Margera has the word "Bam" on his tag, as well as the Adio 
    sign, which I think sponsors him. Every character in story mode apart 
    from the ones using vehciles have graffiti tags, so you can tag using 
    Ben Franklin, the Shrimp Vendor and the Graffiti Artist, but not 
    someone like Paulie or Bigfoot.
    Graffiti can be done on any wall, or even on a fence sometimes, or on a 
    vert ramp, although you probably wont fit the whole tag on it though. 
    When tags are done out of combos, they are quite small. Get in a combo, 
    and then get off of your board and perform a tag and it will be bigger. 
    If you have a big combo (something over about 15,000 maybe) then the 
    tag will be a lot bigger.
    There is also a graphic editor in game, where you can make your own tag 
    up. You can put pictures on your tag, make layers, or write your own 
    text in there. For example, IGN made a sign saying something like "IGN 
    Rocks" and sprayed it on a wall. Truly great stuff.
                             THE NEW TRICKS
    When you stack, a tantrum meter may come up on screen. Rapidly press 
    the triangle button to perform a tantrum. These are good for afew 
    reasons, first of all, you can take the frustration out in the game, 
    instead of on your controller or the window if you happen to stack a 
    rather large combo. The second is that it gives you some points towards 
    your next combo. After you perform the tantrum (freak out) you have 
    about 3 seconds to get into a combo to incorporate those freak out 
    points into the next combo. There are many types of freak outs.
    1st is where you simply kick the board away
    2nd is where you pick up the board and throw it away
    3rd is where you stomp on the board, causing it to break
    4th is where you pick up the board and smash it against the ground
    5th is where you snap the board over your head.
    If you have ever played Tony Hawks Underground, you will know the move 
    wallplant, where you stick your foot in the wall and push yourself off, 
    making you go in the opposite direction. Sticker slap is like that, 
    except you put down a sticker instead of your foot. So it does the same 
    thing as the wallplant. The sticker I have got to slap is a "2" from 
    the end of Tony Hawks Underground "2", and don't know how to change it.
    Spin something small with a pointy or flat top, like a pole, a fire 
    hydrant or a little post. Jump into it, and press triangle + R1. You 
    will spin around the top of said object. The more the meter is in the 
    middle, the faster you will spin round. The more to the left or right 
    the balance meter is, the slower you will go. Notice how the move is 
    not described in the instruction booklet? That's because you are 
    supposed to learn the move in story mode.
    In THPS1 - THPS4 I don't think there was even a way to do a backflip or 
    a roll, unless it was in a special. In Tony Hawks Underground you could 
    do a backflip or a roll if you make the trick using Create a trick. 
    Now, in THUG2 you don't even have to make your own trick to do flips or 
    a roll. To do a frontlip, hold down either circle or square, and press 
    up twice. To do a backflip, hold circle or square and press down twice. 
    To do a roll, hold either circle or square and press either left twice 
    or right twice.
                            STORY MODE AND CLASSIC MODE
    A few people didn't like the change from THPS3 to THPS4, where by 
    Neversoft got rid of the 2 minute timer and all the tasks given to you 
    straight away and instead placed skaters around the level, ans then you 
    go to them to get your goals. Personally I like the move, but as I said 
    some people weren't too keen on it. Back in Tony Hawks Underground 2 is 
    classic mode. The game gives you the opportunity to go classic in 
    levels, giving you ten goals and a two minute time limit.
    Playing classic mode really made me think how much I missed it. Classic 
    mode is really too easy now. If you re even a reasonably skilled Tony 
    Hawk player, you can get past the first 4 objectives in each level in 
    just one combo! Classic mode really goes too quick as well, even though 
    there are 14 levels in classic mode! More than any other Tony Hawk 
    Also, there are old school levels back, levels from previous Tony Hawk 
    games. If you are reading this and want to know what old levels are in 
    classic mode, then here is a list. From THPS1 there is the Warehouse 
    although it is renamed Training. Also from THPS1 is the School (one of 
    my favourites) and also Downhill jam. From THPS2 is Philadelphia. From 
    THPS3 is Canada, Los Angeles and the Airport.
    In conclusion, classic mode is a great fun, but alot of the goals can 
    be too easy now because of the new moves you have got to do.
    Now, onto the story mode. Story mode really disappoints me. It pits 
    Team Tony against Team Margera on a World Destruction Tour, where you 
    travel through 6 international cities scoring points for your team. You 
    can get the goals by going to the start menu and go view goals.
    Different tasks get you different points. What really annoys me is the 
    game strays away from real skateboarding, and instead has you 
    performing all these non skateboarding goals. They really need to get 
    back to the basics of skateboarding, performing combo lines, high 
    scores, collecting COMBO and SKATE, etc. 
    There are plenty of goals to complete, and story mode is quite short, 
    but I'm sure it will keep you entertained long enough. Alot of people 
    don't like the story, and I can see why. It takes on a more Jackass 
    style with Bam Margera, Steve-O and weeman.
                         THE GUIDE TO GETTING A HUGE SCORE
    This section will describe what tricks you can do, how to get a 
    bigscore, and everything else to do with tricks.
                         SCORING BIG (MASSIVE SCORE)
    Here is how to get a massive score.
    1. Find a halfpipe. A halfpipe is where two vert ramps are close to 
       each other, so that when you land off of one you will head towards 
       the next. The closer, the better.
    2. Go up one side of the vert ramp (it doesn't matter which side) and 
       perform a grab trick and hold it. Any grab trick will do, like a 
       benihana, Melon, etc. Even better, do a sepcial.
    3. Now, spin around the trick. This will give you even more 
       points. Keep on holding down the grab button while you are spinning. 
       You can spin with the D-Pad, analog stick, or L1 and R1.
    4. Land doing a revert. To do a revert, just when you are about to land 
       back down on the Vert Ramp, press the R2 button, and you will 
       revert. This will keep the combo alive.
    5. Perform a manual by pressing up, down or down, up. Manuals will link 
       from the revert, and keeps the combo going on. Now, go up the other 
       side of the vert ramp.
    6. Do the same thing as number 2. Go up the vert ramp and perform a 
       grab trick, then spin it around. Once again, land using a revert and 
       a manual.
    7. When you just have enough speed to reach the next halfpipe, perform 
       a lip trick, and hold it for as long as possible. You will get more 
       points from this than going up the vert ramp with no speed. 
    8. When performing the lip trick, change the trick while you are doing 
       it by pressing different combos, like square, square. Experiment to 
       find different ones.
    9. Land the lip trick using a revert and a manual. No perform some 
       flatland. Perform different tricks by pressing different 
       combinations, like circle, circle to perform a flatland trick. Press 
       square, square to do a flip trick of the current trick.
    10. When your balance meter is going crazy and you don't think you can 
        hold it any more, press L1 + R1 to get off of your board. Now, run 
        and find a grinding place before the meter runs out.
    11. Your grinding meter will be at the middle, so you can easily get 
        about 10 seconds worth of grinding in. While grinding, change 
        positions, just like the lip trick to get the multiplier up.
    12. Now to incorporate focus to our combo. While grinding, you will 
        eventually come to the end of the line, so now use focus (L3) This 
        will slow time down.
    13. Land the trick, and your score should be huge. Just don't bail, or 
        you will ruin a great combo.
                          LINKING TRICKS TOGETHER
    To link tricks together, use manuals. Lets say you grind a rail, and 
    when you jump off, you want to keep the combo alive. You need to 
    perform a manual. To do a manual, just as you are about to hit the 
    ground, press up, down, or down, up. This will go into a manual, and 
    you can take the manual to another grinding location (or a halfpipe, 
    etc.) and your combo will keep on getting better.
    To link vert tricks, and to keep them in a combo, when you land, press 
    the R2 button to revert. This is like a switch just as you land on the 
    vert ramp. While you are reverting, press up, down to get into a 
    manual, and find somewhere else to trick to get lots of points. I 
    always revert, every vert trick I do lands in a revert, and sometimes a 
    manual if I want a big combo.
                              SCORE MULTIPLYER
    The first score is your total points together, and as you to tricks, 
    the multiplier will go up, meaning more points. You get a x 1 for every 
    trick in the combo you do. For example, doing one of these will get you 
    plus one (these are quick methods, a special, for example, wont be 
    counted as that takes ages to do.)
    . A simple kick flip
    . A simple grab trick
    . No complies, bonless
    . Reverts
    . Manuals
    . Lip tricks
    . Changing positions
    Here is an example.
    You perform a heelfip. Total score: 200
    You perform a kickflip. Total score 400 x 2 
    You perform a heelflip again. Total score 560 x 3
    (note that when you perform a trick again, it decreases in value.)
                              CHANGING POSITIONS
    You can change your position (trick) while you are grinding, lip 
    tricking, and manualling. To change your position, press a different 
    combo. Like for example, while you are manualling, press circle, circle 
    to perform a handstand. This will give you more points, and you can 
    even press square, square to do a flip of the trick. This can't be done 
    with Lips and Grinds (the flipping section that is.)
    With lip tricks, you can do the same; input different combos (like 
    square, square) to go into a different trick while still lip tricking. 
    This can be good to get your multiplier up, and not lose points by 
    doing the same lip trick (because you changed.) Performing these will 
    hurt your balance though, so don't bail.
    With grind tricks, once again different combos can be inputted to get 
    different grinding styles. This will change your position to give you 
    more points, and get the Multiplier up. It will hurt your balance, like 
    the lip tricks.
    A clean landing is where you board lands perfectly on the ground, not 
    even at little but off to the side, but perfectly staright. This will 
    give you an extra 1000 points into the combo you are currently doing.
    The most common landing you will get. This is when you land your board 
    slightly off line, not good enough to be a perfect, but not bad enough 
    to be a sketchy landing, this will probably happen 1/2 of your 
    landings. Still, you should strife for perfect, but when doing spin 
    tricks, it is easier to just keep spinning and landing normal than to 
    try and line it up perectly.
    This happens when you land slightly on the side, or like that. The 
    landing is not good enough to be normal, but not bad enough to be a 
    complete failure and you stack it. But this is nearly stack, and you 
    will lose 500 points off of your combo score.
    This can commonly happen, you landed sideways, or you didn't finish the 
    trick before you tried to land. You will lose all your points that you 
    created in the air, and you will fall down. Press buttons to get back 
    up quicker.
                             CLASSIC MODE GUIDE
    HIGH SCORE (30,000)
    PRO SCORE (60,000)
    SICK SCORE (100,000)
    HIGH COMBO (10,000)
    HIGH SCORE, PRO SCORE, SICK SCORE, HIGH COMBO - See my tips on getting 
    a big score. All these 4 are quite easy to do, just find a vert ramp 
    and bust some tricks off of that. If you can't complete these easy, 
    then you will have no hope in the later levels.
    S - From the start of the level, turn left to see the S just by two 
    shelters, near the butterfinger vending machine.
    K - Just by the church, head forward from the start of the level, past 
    the grass and up the vert ramp.
    A - Get to the guell area. The A is in the air between two ledges. You 
    can grind the ledges and get it or jump in the air.
    T - Get to the street. It's in the air above the street. Use the ledge 
    of the building to perform a boneless and get height to grab it.
    E - On the wavy post by the bridge. Use the double jump to grab onto 
    the ledge, then grind across and grab the E.
    The C is straight ahead of you, grind the ledge, then transfer over to 
    the rail and grab the O. Grind the rail around the corner to grab the 
    M. Wallride up the wall and grind the ledge in the Guell area to get 
    the B, then jump off to the right and go up the vert ramp to collect 
    the O. Land it.
    From the start of the level, turn around. Now, go to the bridge. The 
    secret tape is on the middle wavy post above the bridge. Use the double 
    jump on the post, and hand on, then pull yourself up and grind the post 
    along to get the secret tape.
    Easy. The subway is just to the right of you as you start. Go forward, 
    and turn around and go into a manual. Go through the subway while in a 
    manual and go out the other side to complete the challenge.
    From the start of the level, head forward, and then right, and look 
    left. This is the guell area. Spine transfer up to the very top, to 
    find a bench that winds all the way around. Grind it all the way around 
    in one combo.
    HIGH SCORE (65,000)
    PRO SCORE (130,000)
    SICK SCORE (200,000)
    HIGH COMBO (30,000)
    guide to getting a big score that is further on up in the guide. If you 
    can't complete these easy, then once again you will have so trouble 
    with the ones later on in the game. These really are not that hard.
    GET THE SECRET TAPE - Time to go balcony climbing! Head towards the 
    street. Go towards the fountain end of the street. Go up the vert ramp, 
    and get off your board while in mid air and hang on to a ledge. Now, 
    climb your way up. If you find that you can't climb up and are hitting 
    the ledge above you, walk to the edge of the of the ledge you are 
    curretly on, and hang down, then get back up and jump and hang on to 
    the next edge. Keep going up, and on your right will be the secret tape 
    at the very top.
    BUST ALL 5 YELLOW STREET LAMPS - You will need good air stats for this 
    one. The best thing to do is to go into your stats, and take points 
    away from everything else apart from air and speed. You will need about 
    14 or so points. Deduct the 14 points from somewhere, and put those 
    stats on Air and Speed, so air and speed will be full. Now, get to the 
    crane. To the left of the crane will be a bus stop. Use the ramp of the 
    bus stop to launch up and grind the wire that has all 5 lamps on it. 
    Grind through them to destroy them. Oce you do the goal, you can just 
    put the stat points back where you got them from, so all is back to 
    normal again.
    HIGH SCORE (65,000)
    PRO SCORE (130,000)
    SICK SCORE (200,000)
    HIGH COMBO (30,000)
    HIGH SCORE, PRO SCORE, SICK SCORE, HIGH COMBO - See my section on how 
    to get massive scores. These are pretty basic scores, and can be done 
    with minimal trouble. There are heaps of vert ramps around skatopia, so 
    use them.
    S - Grind the fence by the skatopia pool at the very back of the level. 
        Get the K and then keep grinding along the railing to get the S.
    K - Mentioned in the above description, get to the back of the level. 
        To the right of the bran is railing, grind that to grab the K.
    A - From the start, head right around the sign, and up the path. When 
        it gets narrow, look left and go up the vert ramp to grab the A.
    T - On top of the house, the closest part of the house to the cliff 
        edge. Use ramps to get up there.
    E - Go to the left from the start, and go up the vert ramp by the 
        cement mixer.
    First, grind the ramp by the portable home so that you are heading 
    towards the front entrance of skatopia. Keep grinding along the same 
    edge to get the O, then jump and grind the ramp behind the skatopia 
    sign to grab the M. Jump off to the right to grab the B in the air. 
    Keep grinding the edge to grab the O. Make sure it's in one combo. If 
    you have trouble ballancing, use foucs.
    1 - On the porch of the house, just by the dog, on the right side of 
        the porch.
    2 - Just by the top entrance to the mine, on the top of the mountain.
    3 - In the alley just to the left of the barn, by the bowl with the 
        roof on it.
    4 - Just next to the garage area, near the cliff
    5 - On the cliff edge, climb up using the vert ramp to the first ledge 
        near the house, and it's just by the ladder.
    Easy. From the start head left, and go up the big slope. Go past the 
    logs, and then turn around and look down the huge slope. Now, on your 
    right will be vert ramps. Use these to transfer into a grind onto the 
    fence on your right. Grind the fence all the way down the slope and you 
    will get the tape at the end of the fence.
    1 - Grind the top of the shack to the left of the start
    2 - On the first log, the one closest to the big slope
    3 - Awning of the barn, close to ramp where K of skate was
    4 - Grind top of right shack
    An easy challenge. The skatopia sign is straight ahead from the start 
    of the level. Go forward, go up the vert ramp and spine trasnfer and 
    hold down circle and press up twice. This will frontflip. You should 
    easily be able to land it.
    HIGH SCORE (100,000)
    PRO SCORE (200,000)
    SICK SCORE (300,000)
    HIGH COMBO (60,000)
    Once again, all are nice and easy to complete. There are some alright 
    lines around berlin, and plenty of vert ramps and things to grind. Just 
    find a line, and the high combo, high score and pro score will be done 
    easily. Pull off some more combos around berlin and the sick score 
    should be easy enough as well.
    S - High up on a building. From the start, head forward and at the end 
        of the road you will see a vert ramp. Go up the vert ramp, and 
        grind the pipe. Keep grinding and jump to the building ledge, and 
        collect the S.
    K - Up the vert ramp, which is just behind you from the start, at the 
        end of the street.
    A - Where the tagger is in story mode, head right from start, keep 
        going forward, head left and the building is on the right. se the 
        vert ramp to transfer up and climb up using the ladder.
    T - From the start, head down into the aufarht section, and go through 
        the doors. This will take you to the top of a building. In the 
        opposite corner is a wire, jump and grind the wire to get the T.
    E - Go into the aufarht section and go through the doors. Look to your 
        right. You should be able to see the E. Jump off and collect it.
    Grind the top of the aufarht section in front of you from the start, 
    and grind towards the left. Grind the next ledge, and then jump across 
    the street to grab the M. Follow these ledges around by grinding and 
    transfer across the street again into a manual. Go up the vert ramp ans 
    spine transfer up to collect the B and go up the next vert ramp and 
    collect the O.
    First, get to the church. Siine transfer into it. Now look to where the 
    opening is. Go through the opening, and grind the ladder and go up the 
    vert ramp (you needed to grind the ladder for speed) and get off your 
    board and grab onto the ladder. Climb to the top, and walk around. Walk 
    to where the rails are, then jump right onto the platform, then jump 
    left onto the next platform - don't fall! Now walk forward and on your 
    left will be an arch. Walk up the side of it, and you will find the 
    secret tape at the top.
    Resonable air stats and speed stats are needed for this challenge. From 
    the start, head right near the pipe, and then take the street all the 
    way to the left. On the very last planter, up high is the sign that you 
    have to perform the madonna over. Go up the vert ramp at the end of the 
    street, land and then make a big leap over the sign and perform the 
    madonna trick (up-right, circle). You will need to get the jump right, 
    and as I said, get good air and speed stats and it should be easy.
    1 - On top of the church rooftop, get to the church, then grind the 
        ladder as speed, launch up the vert ramp and cling on to the 
        ladder. Climb to the top. Now jump across to the platform to see 
        where you need to acid drop off of. 
    2 - On the aufarht rooftop. Go to the aufarht section, go through the 
        doors to arrive at the top. Once you are on top of the roof, you 
        will see where you need to acid drop from. Make a launch off the 
        roof, and acid drop.
    3 - By where you find the A in skate, and where the graffiti tagger is 
        in story mode. Go to gretchens bar and use the vert ramp on the 
        other side to get up on to the ledge. Climb the ladder to the top.
    4 - Across from the building where paulie was in story mode, near the 
        church. It's also near where you did the previous acid drop. It's 
        just around the corner from the big billboard.
    1 - Right in front of you from the start, grind down the planter to get 
        the first piece.
    2 - After the first piece, go through the doors to arrive on a rooftop. 
        Get to the vent.Stay on your board, but don't move. Now press jump, 
        and you should get the second piece. It's in the air and jumping on 
        the vent should give you enough air.
    3 - At the building where paulie is in story mode, just next to the 
        church, also it's near the madonna statue. You should see it 
        floating in the air.
    4 - Near the train tracks
    HIGH SCORE (125,000)
    PRO SCORE (250,000)
    SICK SCORE (400,000)
    HIGH COMBO (80,000)
    There is a pretty good line that goes through the airport, I always 
    used to use it in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 as well. It just goes from 
    one rail to the other of the escualtor ones (the ones on the straight 
    ground) then onto the rails going down the slope, onto the next rails 
    down below. Also there are the lights, you can transfer between them. 
    Lots of good lines to get big scores.
    S - On the very first light in the level, use the ramp on the left to 
        transfer up and grind the light.
    K - Bottom of the first escualtor, on the ledge
    A - Climb the second tree just after the security chechpoint
    T - At the last esculator, use the ramp to transfer up to the light. 
        Grind the light.
    E - Use one of the ramps at the end airport section. Use the one on the 
        right side as you come down the final escualtor. Go up the ramp, 
        and angle left, press R2 and then grind the highest rail. The E is 
        up here.
    Grind the first escualtors ahead to collect the C. Use the slope on the 
    sloping escualtor to transfer up onto the lights to grab the O. 
    Transfer to the next light, make sure you get the timing exactly right, 
    or you will fall off. It might take some goes before you get it exactly 
    right, but practise makes perfect. Transfer to the next light to grab 
    the B, jump to the final light and jump off at the end to grab the 
    final O.
    1 - Go through the right xray machine, just by the helichopter is the 
        first lot of baggage.
    2 - Go through the right Xray machine and get the first lot of luggage, 
        then continue on, down the escualtors back into the main airport. 
        There will be a round spinning thing just near you. Jump to the 
        middle of that.
    3 - in the toilets, right after the first escualtor head to the opening 
        on the right.
    4 - After the checkpoint, stop, and turn around. Look on the right to 
        find it.
    5 - At the end of the airport, go down theleft staircase. The last lot 
        of suitcases is on the left boxes.
    Easy goal. Manual down the slope (esculator.) It's not even a long 
    slope, so balancing is quite easy.
    From the start of the level, jump over the counter, and go through the 
    xray machine. Use the ramp in front of you to transfer over the 
    helichopter. You will need good air and speed stats, so take them off 
    of lip or whatever, and change them back afterwards. To make this goal 
    count, perform a nosegrab (up, circle) over the helichopter, plus you 
    have to get the gap called helichopter hop.
    Get to the end of the airport. Use the ramp on the right by all the 
    rails to transfer up to the right, press R2 and then grind the railing 
    all the way around and you will get the secret tape.
    HIGH SCORE (125,000)
    PRO SCORE (250,000)
    SICK SCORE (400,000)
    HIGH COMBO (80,000)
    The school doesn't really have any flashy lines to it, just for the 
    fact that it was originally a THPS1 level (a good one at that) and in 
    THPS1, there really wasn't anything for linking tricks together - no 
    manuals or reverts! So the best thing to do is just go to the pools and 
    perform some vert tricks, revert into a manual and go up the over side. 
    These scores are quite easy to get.
    From the start of the level, jump of the end of the awning, and go down 
    the slope on your left. To your left is the kicker gap. Perform a 
    double kickflip over this little gap. Easy.
    It's in the same place it was in the original Tony Hawks Pro Skater 
    game. From the start, jump off the awning. HEad forward through the 
    narrow alley. Go up the ramp so that you get to the roof of the gym. 
    Now, jump onto the air conditioner (the raised up flat roof bit) Now, 
    on the side that the wooden rail is, you will see another awning. Jump 
    onto this. Speed down it, and then jump off the end to get the secret 
                              DOWNHILL JAM
    HIGH SCORE (165,000)
    PRO SCORE (325,000)
    SICK SCORE (500,000)
    HIGH COMBO (100,000)
    These scores are starting to get in the mdeium range now, not the 
    easiest but certainly not the hardest you will encounter. There is a 
    halfpipe in the middle of the level, this can be used for some high 
    scores, but because the level goes downhill, you can easily land on the 
    wrong bit of the halfpipe and stack. Just do some tricks and plenty of 
    flatland. There are afew lines you can use as well.
    S - Use the ramp on your right near the start to launch up and grind 
        the left rail.
    K - Just past the turn, use the kicker to launch up
    A - Use the kicker on the left just before the start of the halpipe to 
        transfer to the rail above the halfpipe.
    T - Just after the halfpipe, use the kicker just by the water to launch 
        into the sign, then wallride up it, grind the top of the sign, jump 
        off at the end and colelct the T.
    E - Launch off the second highest ramp, just bear the end of the level
    First, grind the rail by the water hazard. Jump off the rail about 3/4 
    of the way down, and collect the O. Go into a manual, then up the Qp 
    just in front of you. Land into a manual. Now manual to the left kick. 
    Get off your board, and then launch off the kicker, grab the B in the 
    air. Grid the left part of the halfpipe and grab the O in the air.
    1 - Walk up the side of the dam. Get to the halfpipe, look on your 
        right. Go up the vert ramp, get off your board and then walk up the 
        dam and look on your left.
    2 - On the second part of the secret tape area, you will need to go up 
        the dam, then go across the rail.
    3 - Near the E, which is the ramp up the highest near the end of the 
    4 - At the start near the rails, launch up the kicker
    5 - Near the second puddle,use the right kicker to launch up onto the 
    The giant grate is near the end of the level, you can't miss it! It has 
    a ramp by the start of it, and the ramp at the end of the grate. Just 
    go downhill, and near the end, before the last slope, you can't miss 
    the big grate. Perform a japan (up-left, circle) over it, you will need 
    speed and air.
    1 - Right in front of you from the start, just by the funboxes
    2 - Just by the two kickers, just after the water hazard
    3 - At the very start of the halfpipe
    4 - On the left at the top of the hill, across from the sign
    5 - Right at the end of the level, by the rails
    Get to the halfpipe. I'm sure you know where that is by now. Go up the 
    right side of the vert ramp and get off your board. Climb to the top. 
    Now, on your left will be a rail, grind the rail across. Now, use the 
    Qp to transfer across the gap. If you don't make it, you can get off 
    your board and continuously press the X button to get up there. Run 
    forward, and onto the ground area with the sign. Run across to see 
    another set of Qp's. Grind the top so you transfer across the next gap. 
    Now use the ramp to make a big launch to the secret tape which is by 
    some rails. With good enough air and speed skills this can be easily 
                                     NEW ORELANS
    HIGH SCORE (200,000)
    PRO SCORE (400,000)
    SICK SCORE (600,000)
    HIGH COMBO (150,000)
    Easy. New orelans has so many places where you can get a huge score 
    like this. First of all, there are alot of places to do spine 
    transfers, meaning huge speed, huge air and heaps of tricks can be 
    done. For example, Get to a roof, spine transfer and then Indy 900. 
    Revert into a manual, go up the over side of the vert ramp and you will 
    probably be able to pull off another Indy 900 with a kickflip, which 
    means about 13,000 x 2 just for that air trick! Revert into a manual 
    and perform some flatlanding tricks. Simple.
    S - On the top of the crypt. Get to the graveyard, and get to the crypt 
       (the big grave by the water.) Climb up to the top of it, and then 
        perform a natas spin on top of it for fun.
    K - Do the description for the letter A (below) and transfer to the 
        other side of the roof.
    A - Spine transfer from the building top near the graveyard
    T - On the balcony, just by mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is just by the tram 
        tracks and the river, closest to the end with the church. Use the 
        mcdonalds awning to jump onto the balcony and grab the T.
    E - On the corner of the graveyard and the tram tracks/river are some 
        vert ramps. Look above the vert ramps to see the E. Go up the vert 
        ramp and collect the E.
    First, get to the train tracks. Now head down the road, so that you are 
    heading towards the church end. Go up the vert ramp at the end of the 
    street and grind the top ledge to the right. Keep grind to get the C, 
    use the kicker to launch over the wall. Manual, and transfer over the 
    church statue to get the O. Revert into a manual, and then manual 
    towards the balcony in front of you. Get off your board if you need 
    speed (which you probably will need) and go up the planter to grab the 
    M. You will break the balcony. Grind the rail up here to collect the B. 
    Jump off at the end, and manual to the end of the street. Get off your 
    board and quickly go up the ramp at the end of the street to collect 
    the O.
    Get to the graveyard. While in the graveyard, get to the entrance by 
    the water, near the boat. Now, skate into the graveyard, and the big 
    crypt is straight in front of you. Jump over it and perform the japan 
    trick over the crypt.
    There are many descriptions on how to get this, this may not be the 
    easiest, but it is till one way. Get to the dance floor and jump in the 
    middle. This will send you flying high in the air and give you to dance 
    floor skills gap. You will land on the roof of a building. No run to 
    the upper right and use the vert ramp to spine transfer onto the 
    street. This will give you enough speed that you can now go up the 
    other side of the vert ramp, and get onto the next roof. Jump across to 
    the rooftop on your left, and grind or go up the plank of wood to your 
    right to find the secret tape.
    HIGH SCORE (200,000)
    PRO SCORE (400,000)
    SICK SCORE (600,000)
    HIGH COMBO (150,000)
    There is a halfpipe in the old warehouse section, which can be used to 
    score heaps of good tricks, and you can use the halfpipe, revert, 
    manual trick to rack up alot of points in the halfpipe. Otherwise, 
    there is some rails that go all around the warehouse, try grinding 
    them. These scores can be hard enough to get for the under average 
    player, but even an anverage player can get this quite easy.
    S - Right behind you from the start. Turn around and go up the vert 
        ramp behind you. In the air is the S.
    K - From the start, go down the big slope in front of you. Once you get 
        to the bottom, turn around. In between the two slopes is a QP. Go 
        up the QP and collect the K in the air.
    A - In the passage between the new warehouse and the old warehouse. Get 
        to the back of the new warehouse, where the long Qp is. Now go up 
        the QP and grind the top rail to the left. Keep grinding, and at 
        the end, the rail slants up. Jump off and in the passage will be 
        the A.
    T - Get to the new warehouse area. At the entrance, look to the wall on 
        your right. Go up the Qp by the wall, and transfer to the one on 
        the left.
    E - Get to the new warehouse area. Near the wall ahead of you on the 
        left is a high ramp. Use this to transfer up onto the high rail 
    Boneless over the little kicker in the old warehouse area. Collect the 
    C in the air, and then manual and grind the Qp ahead of you to the 
    left. This will get the O. Keep grinding, and there will be a little 
    rise in the vert ramp you are grinding. Jump up and on the rail above 
    will be the M. Wallride around the corner and jump up and grind the 
    next up high rail. Now transfer to the light on your left and collect 
    the O.
    Get to the new warehouse area. Near the wall in front of you is a 
    raised up ramp, near a funbox. What you have to here is use the ramp to 
    launch up onto the rail (where the E in skate is) grind the rail, and 
    keep grinding it along. At the end, you will grab the secret tape in 
    the little passage.
    How easy. Go down the slope to your right as you start, and the 
    halfpipe is right in front of you. Make sure you have reasonable air 
    and speed stats, and launch off the ramp of the halfpipe, and perform a 
    benihana (down-left, circle) over the halfpipe.
    1 - Wallride the right wall just on the big slo[e as you start. Luanch 
        up, wallride off the end and in the air will be the first 
        skateboard you need to get.
    2 - Get to the back of the old warehouse area. Go to the right side 
        where the Qp is. Now, launch up the side of this, angling to your 
        left. Grind the rail up high. Transfer to the light to grab the 
        second skateboard.
    3 - Where the secret tape was in THPS, from the start, go down the 
        right slope and launch off the ramp into the secret little area 
        above the halfpipe. In here is the skateboard.
    4 - Okay, start from where you did the combo challenge. Go over the 
        kicker, grind the Qp heading left, let the kicker take you up and 
        grind the high rail. Wallride by the corner to grab the skateboard.
    5 - Get to the back of the warehouse. Use the left Qp by the hole in 
        the wall to launch up and grind the high up rail. Grind through the 
        hole in the wall up here to grab the last skateboard.
    HIGH SCORE (235,000)
    PRO SCORE (350,000)
    SICK SCORE (700,000)
    HIGH COMBO (175,000)
    The easiest place I have found to do all of these is on the tea boat. 
    See my tips on how to get a big score if you don't know how to get big 
    scores all ready. Equip some specials, go up one side, perform speical 
    or a grab trick and spin it, revert into a manual and go up the other 
    side. Once again, revert into a manual and then repeat. Once you lose 
    speed, then do flatland tricks.
    S - Get to the building where Ben Franklin was in story mode. If you 
        haven't got him in story mode yet, then head down the street from 
        the start, and the building is on the left. Grind the rail that is 
        just outside the building, and on top of the entrance is the S.
    K - Get to the bank. In the area near the bank is a ledge, grind the 
        ledge around, jump off of the ledge and grab the K.
    A - From where you got the K, head down the street towards the 
        hospital. Go to the left of the volcano spines. Transfer up using 
        the ramp and grab the A.
    T - Get to the construction area. On the very right side of it are some 
        planks of wood. Hip transfer over the planks of wood to grab the T.
    E - In the apartments area, the open area across from the park. From 
        the start, head right down the street and in the open area that is 
        on your right.
    Jump onto the rail just before the fire hydrant. Jump and grab the C. 
    Now jump onto the next rail and that will launch you onto the bus stop. 
    Grind the top and jump off at the end to grab the O. Land in a manual 
    and then jump and land in a manual again to keep your speed so you can 
    do the next transfer with speed. Transfer from the Tony Hawk picture 
    vert ramp to the right to grab the M. Revert into a manual. Now grind 
    the rail by the steps by the hospital, and jump to the right to grab 
    the B. Head towards the construction area and grind the top vert ramp, 
    and at the end will be the O.
    1 - On the boat near the construction area. Spine transfer to get into 
        the boat. You can't miss the tea barrel once you are in there.
    2 - By the 4 benches that you had to grind in story mode. They are just   
        by the park.
    3 - By the kids museum area. From the start, look to your right, and 
        then right again. Go up the stairs to see the tea barrel.
    4 - Get to the library. Transfer from the left vert ramp of the library 
        up to the raised up halfpipe, and the tea barrel is on here.
    5 - Get to the bank. The final tea barrel is on top of the subway 
    Head to the bank. Go up the vert ramp that is on the right side of the 
    picture of Tony Hawk. Get off your board and hang on and climb up so 
    you are in a area with stairs. There is a rail heading towards the 
    church. Grind this rail. You will need to keep your speed up, which 
    means you should keep on jumping to you get good enough speed. Now just 
    keep grinding and you will get the tape by the church.
    I have only done this once, and it was complete luck. You need to have 
    great speed, and great air stats to do this. I have had by stats on 
    full air before, and still haven't been able to complete this goal. 
    What I remember from when I did do it is grind the rail from the ben 
    franklin building towards the park, and bonelessing and performing a 
    backflip down the common stairs.
    1 - Grind the fence by the tea boat, the one that you have to spine 
        transfer over to get into the tea boat.
    2 - The fence by the bank, it is the fence near the ledge you had to 
        grind when you got the K in skate.
    3 - Grind the rail outside the Ben Franklin building by the fire 
    4 - The high musem rail. Come from jeers towards the start, and on the 
        left grind the rail going up the steps, then wallride and grind the 
        high rail.
    5 - Get to the park, then end by the construction area. In between two
        trees at this end of the park is a wire, grab on to the wire, and 
        grind it.
                                STORY MODE GUIDE
    From the start of the level, just go forward, now look back to see a 
    ramp foing down to a bar. Follow the ramp down to the bar, and go 
    inside the building and you will find the special guest, who rides 
    around on a cool scooter type thing. One you switch to him you get some 
    more objectives.
    If you go to start and view goals, you can see the picture of the front 
    of te building that Ben Franklin is in. From the start, head forward 
    along the road and on the left you will see a building with grass and 
    statues on the front. Now either head to the left or the right, and use 
    the ramp closest to the building, go up it and get off your board and 
    you will smash inside the building. Now follow ben franklin out, speak 
    to him and you will get another set of objectives.
    Tag one - near the building where you find ben franklin, on the right 
    hand side near the halfpipe.
    Tag two - go to the park area. In the corner of the level, just by the 
    docks area and the opposite side of the level from the hopsital by a 
    post no bills sign on the wall.
    Tag three - Head forward from the start, keep going and turn right at 
    the end. Head forward past the hospital and over the quarter pipe to 
    find the third tag.
    Tag four - just by the library, it is on the left side of the raised up 
    Tag five - Go to the hopsital. Use the ramp to ransfer up onot the top 
    of the hospital to find the fifth tag.
    Head towards the hospital. It is all the way on the other side of the 
    level from where you start. Go up to the stretcher and press circle. 
    Hold down X and you will go faster. Move forward at the start - if you 
    move left or right you will run into a guard and have to start over. Go 
    across the road, through the alley and to the right. Stay on the 
    opposite side of the guard and you should be right. Now head left, and 
    once again stay on the opposite side that the guard is on. Keep going 
    forward to get to tony hawk.
    The Arcade Machine is right at the start, go left and press cricle. 
    Just bust afew easy combos using whatever you can find around the city, 
    it's pretty easy beacuse the score is very low. You have one minute. If 
    your in a hurry, after you beat the high score, you can just hit end 
    goal to get on with the other goals.
    The stereo to start this mission is just by the park. Press cricle to 
    activate it, and then listen for the loud beat - that is when you want 
    to perform your trick. The trick is displayed down the bottom of the 
    screen. Listen for the pattern and perform the trick - you will get the 
    idea soon enough.
    First, get to the building where you found ben franklin. To the left 
    and right of the steps are vert ramps. Go up one vert ramp, and spine 
    trasnfer over the steps. This should get the statue closest to where 
    you landed. Repeat the same process to get the second statue. Next, 
    head over to the park, and natas spin the head of the washington 
    statue. Goal complete.
    First you must get rid of the grind blockers with Jesse James before 
    you can get the RV ramp. See later on it in the walkthrough for how to 
    do the grind blocker objective. Once you do get the RV ramp to come 
    out, perform a 5,000 point combo on it. Pretty easy.
    The Benches are on the side of the boston park. There are 4 in a row of 
    them. Once you find them, grind one side, and hold down triangle and 
    you will grind the second bench without jumping. Now, jump to the next 
    set of benches and then grind those two. Remeber to hold triangle 
    between the benches to grind the second one.
    The cannons are located by the right side of the park. Head over there 
    are you will see a garbage can on fire. Go over it, and then grind the 
    cannons. You will now get a little cut-scene.
    There is a car travelling around boston that looks like a boat. Find 
    the car driving around the roads, and then press up at the back of it 
    to skitch it. Now just hang on until the timer counts down. It's pretty 
    easy to hand on for that amount of time.
    In the boston park, you will find a statue of washington. Go up one 
    side of the ramp, and then spine transfer over the statue and perform a 
    benihana down-right plus circle. 
    Find that trash can that is on fire by the park. Go over it to get 
    yourself on fire, and while you are on fire, perform a 15,000 point 
    combo. There are plenty of lines you can use to get the combo - it's 
    1 - Head towards the bank. There is a raised up ledge, grind this to 
        the left. Jump off at the end and sticker slap it.
    2 - At the building where ben franklin is
    3 - Get to the construction area, and grind the top of the vert ramp to 
        the left. Jump off at the end and sticker slap the sign.
    4 - On scaffolding of the raised up HP
    Okay, get towards the area with the boat. You will see a big yellow 
    hose. Run up to it and climb up the hose. Keep going up, until you see 
    a place to jump of. Jump up to the next platform and then to the 
    billboard. Press triangle to tag it and get a cut-scene.
    Grind that wierd looking rail near the bank and paulie. There is a guy 
    standing next to the rail, talk to him and he will say about the rail. 
    Grind it, and a timer will start. Head down the road and grind the rail 
    in front of jeers, then the museum rail just to the left.
    First, find the building where you found bejamin franklin. Now head 
    forward and on your left will be a building - that is the bank. Head 
    around the corner and you will see a window that looks different from 
    the others. You can break in there. Climb up to the rail, which can be 
    done from around the corner, then break through the window. Goal 
    The high seas is the ship in the docks area. Spine transfer to get onto 
    it and bust out a combo high enough to complete the challenge.
    Perform the flip trick down the stairs to start off with. Now head down 
    the street to the library. Use the vert ramps on the left to transfer 
    over the mural. Now, head to the construction area on your left and 
    spine transfer into the ship. Now, head left and climb up to the top, 
    and acid drop off into the boat.
    3 team members must perform a kikclip over an inline skater. With you, 
    head towards the park, find the inline skater (he travels around the 
    outside on rollerskates) and perform a kickflip over the top of him. 
    Now do the same thing with ben franklin and the pro skater. You cannot 
    use Jesse James for this mission, as he cannot do a kickflip.
    First get Jesse James (see the very first goal on how to do that.) 
    Change to him and then head over to the hospital. Grind the grind 
    blockers of the ledge by the guy.
    Find the small cars that are driving around the city, and perform a hop 
    three times over the cars. Try to jump over the cars when they are 
    heading towards you. If they are going the same way as you, then you 
    probably wont make it over, or you could just jump them from the side. 
    It's pretty hard to jump over the seaworthy vehicle.
    First, be Jessse James. Now, head over to the bank area to find paulie. 
    Talk to him. Now, head right to the steps, and then to the library 
    which is just ahead. Take the road to the left and go to the hospital 
    and then back to the start. Get there first and win. Hold down the X 
    button to go alot faster which will give you an advantage.
    First, spine transfer over the subway. The subway spines can be found 
    by the park, and im not sure if you can use the one near where paulie 
    is. Once you transfer over that, a timer comes up. Get to the hospital 
    and spine transfer over the hopspital volcao. Next, get to the tea boat 
    and spine transfer into it.
    Head backwards from the start, and on the left will be a tomato crate. 
    Take some tomatos. Now, head the oposite way, and head forward. When 
    you reach the guell area, head right and go forward and throw a tomato 
    at the bull to release the bul and save the bullfighter.
    Find open doors across from the guell area. This will take you into a 
    building. Walk forward to find steve-o riding on a bull.
    Tomatos can be found just off the street, or there is another crate if 
    you keep heading forward from the arcade machine, by the grass area. 
    While you have the tomatos, find 5 pedestrians and press square when 
    you are near them to throw the tomato at them. You cannot hit the same 
    pedestrian twice.
    The Guell area is straight ahead from the start, and to the right. Keep 
    going forward. Now, on the left and right are platners. There are three 
    spine transfers you have to do here. Fairly easy.
    First, get to the street (turn around from the start) head to the 
    street area just beside the arcade machine and the water. Grind the 
    ledge just by the water, and then transfer over the water and grind the 
    netting. Hold your balance until you get around to where the boat is 
    caught in the netting and the goal is complete.
    1 - Get to where the arcade machine is. Now grind the rail heading away 
        from the street. Grind the next rail, and jump off at the end and 
        sticker slap the wall. This will take you to the higher level. Up 
        here is a spat mark.
    2 - On the bircks in the Guell platner area, on the right when you are 
        looking away from the street.
    3 - Get to the hospital. From the start, head forward, and the hospital 
        is just in front of you. Go up the vert ramp, heading right, then 
        get off your board and shimmy to the right. While shimmying, spray 
        over the tag.
    4 - On the wall in the alley, under the big billboard on the ground.
    5 - Near the mamo building, on the window
    What you have to do is grind the trash cans. There are four around the 
    level, and they are all easy to get. While skating around, I'm sure you 
    will find them, they are really hard to miss. 
    Turn left from the start and head forward to find the arcade machine. 
    It's just by the street next to a wall. Press circle to play, and all 
    you have to do is beat the easy high score. There are afew combo lines 
    throughout the city, but it's easy to just go up a vert ramp, and 
    perform some tricks, revert and manual and perform some flatland.
    The benches are just by you at the start. You will see a bunch of 
    benches - you have to grind all of these in one combo, which is easy 
    since they are all right next to each other. Head to one end, and all 
    you have to do is hold down triangle and keep your balance, you wont 
    need to jump at all since they are so close together.
    Turn around from the start, and go forward, then look across the 
    street. You will see an opening in a building. GO through the building 
    and you will be taken to a catpault. Perform a grab trick and do 2 full 
    rotations while holding the grab trick. The grab trick you perform 
    doesn't matter.
    There are multiple ways to do this, but ill only tell you one way. From 
    the start, ride forward, turn right at the grass area and then turn 
    right into an alleyway, where you will see a vert ramp straight ahead 
    of you. Spine transfer over it, and then spine transfer over the next 
    ramp so that you are on the roof. Remember this spot, because another 
    goal is performed here. Now, turn back around and spine transfer over 
    the ramps, and you will go flying high into the air. The third spine 
    transfer you do will have you going right by the billboard. Get off 
    your board and climb up to the billboard.
    Too easy, just get into focus and perform 3 combos, all at least 2,500 
    points each. Press L3 to get into focus. Going up a vert ramp and 
    performing afew tricks is more than enough. Perform 3 combos over the 
    score and goal complete.
    Before doing this challenge, make sure you have your air stats at least 
    at a reasonable level, otherwise it may be hard to do this challenge. 
    Head to where the arcade machine is, just by the street next to a wall. 
    Now, grind the rail going paralell to the wall. Grind it to the 
    opposite way of the arcade machine. Once the rail ends, jump off and 
    perform a sticker slap on the wall, and then you will be sent high, now 
    grind the top rail and challenge complete.
    This may look hard, but it really isn't. The entrance to the guell does 
    look quite hard to transfer across. There is no way you can just go up 
    the QP without speed and make it across, thats why you need speed. Head 
    to the guell area, and to the right side of the entrance. Use the Qp's 
    to spine transfer up as far as you can go. Now, spine transfer back 
    down. This will give you tons of speed and air. When you reach the 
    final Quarter Pipe that you need to transfer over the entrance, angle 
    to the right abit, and boneless. Hit the other QP on the other side. 
    Sometimes you might get a bit too much air, just try again.
    First, you need to get on a tram. Head forward from the start to the 
    guell area. Keep going forward and through the gap and you will put at 
    the top of the tram. Wait until a tram comes past you, get off of your 
    board and then jump onto a tram. Wait until it goes over a QP and then 
    press acid drop to drop off. Make sure you get it right, it may take 
    afew times to judge if it is going over a QP.
    4 members of your team must get knocked into the air by the bull and 
    perform a 5,000 point combo. Let the bull lose first by throwing a 
    tomato at it. Now, find where the bull is and race towards him. Get hit 
    into the air, perform a small trick (something like a double kickflip) 
    land in a manual and perform some flatland tricks, or grind or do 
    anything to get over the 5,000 point mark. Do this with all 4 people. 
    Steve-O cannot flatland, so find a place to grind with him.
    Quite an easy challenge even if your grind stats are not that good. The 
    rail is just opposite the guell area. Climb to the roof, or use the 
    Vert ramps to get up there, then grind the rail that goes down to the 
    ground through the building. It isn't very long. grind it all the way 
    down and balance.
    Just follow the raging bull going around the city (if he isn't free, 
    find some tomatos and throw one at him in the cage) and he will leave a 
    trail of bull dung. Launch off of one and perform a grab trick. Easy.
    Set the bull free first, this will cause a car to crash. Get to that 
    car, and jump over the car, this will set your board on fire. Now, go 
    through the opening across the street from the car. This will catapult 
    you into the air. If you got enough air, you will put the birds on 
    fire, completing the challenge.
    Turn around from the start, and then grind the little ledge going up on 
    the left, and then transfer over to the wavy ledge. Grind that, and 
    then transfer over to the other ledge, and grind that along. Just keep 
    grinding everything along the bridge and don't touch it. Get to the 
    other side.
    Set the bull free. Now find a path where the bull goes. Wait for the 
    bull to come along, then hold down X and go straight at the bull. If 
    you have enough speed, then you will complete the goal.
    Go to the guell area which is straight ahead from the start. Now 
    perform a 25,000 point combo while in this area. Just go up a vert 
    ramp, perform a trick, come back down, revert and manual and go up the 
    other side. All you need to do is get a 25,000 point combo in the area.
    Go forward from the start, head right and then right agai into the 
    alleyway. Spine transfer up, and the up again to the roof (press R2 to 
    spine transfer.) Now turn around and spine transfer down. Spine 
    transfer down again and you should be getting some good air. Spine 
    transfer up, and then you will be at the fan. Press X on the fan to get 
    a launch, and perss any directional button plus grab to perform a yee 
    haw grab. Now acid drop into the vert ramp to complete the mission.
    First is the benches near the arcade machine, perform a flip trick off 
    one of those. Next, go to the oppsoite end of the street, go up the 
    ramp and turn around. Perofmr a flip of the edge. Now go to the other 
    end of the bridge, and you will see some bumps and a little rail fence. 
    Flip trick over that.
    The first sign is just by the grechens bar area, where all the drunks 
    are, and when you go there, the music changes unless you have got music 
    zones off. Look to the left to find the sign. Lip trick it or grind it. 
    From the first sign, head down the street in the direction of the 
    church. Head left into the area before the street, and on the building 
    will be the second sign. Smash it.
    Get to the bombed out church. Head left from the start and then take 
    the road right and it will be right in front of you. Remeber the 
    location of the church, I will be using it for how to get to other 
    locations as well. Spine transfer into the church, and on the right 
    will be a cracked wall. Sticker plant the wall twice to make it break 
    and free the spirits.
    The special guest is Paulie, who is on top of a building. Get to the 
    church. Next to the church will be afew ramps and a building. Spine 
    trasfer up, and then spine transfer again around the corner and get off 
    your board and climb to the roof, where Paulie is.
    From the start of the level, head around the aufarht area, and keep 
    going forward, and across the street. Wee man will be just by the 
    glass. What you have to do is sticker slap the glass two times to make 
    it break. Get a run up, then jump into the glass and press X twice. The 
    glass should break.
    1 - In the Aufarht section, ahead from the start, look to your left
    2 - By the ownzed letters, across from them is the second dispenser.
    3 - Near where the second inliners rule statue is, close to the street
    From the start of the level just go down the stiars, and on your left 
    will be the arcade machine. You should know the drill by now, just beat 
    the easy high score on the machine.
    Start from the church, and head down the road going the opposite way to 
    the church. Now, just before you reach the very end of the road, go 
    right to see some drunks. Use the vert ramp on the right to get op onto 
    the building, now use the ladder on the left to climb all the way to 
    the top of the building. There will be some spray cans here and the 
    graffiti tagger.
    You have to remove the letters of the sign so that all it says is 
    owned. What you need to do is grind the letters off. What you can do is 
    grind along the ledge that has the spat sign on it (just behind you 
    when you start the level) and then transfer up onto the rails just 
    before it and then grind along the letters.
    First rent a cop is straight ahead from the start. Go up the vert ramp 
    and perform the trick. The other one is where you find the pro skater. 
    Do the trick above here as well.
    First, get to the church. If you don't know how to get to the bombed 
    out church, follow my instructions in the first goal. Now all you have 
    to do is get a 40,000 point combo in the church. Just perform some 
    tricks, revert into a manual and perform more tricks.
    I don't actually know where the guy is that you have to talk to, but 
    just go up to one of the fire hydrants on the street or anything else 
    you can find with a pointy top and press triangle plus L1 or R1 to 
    perform the Natas spin. Perform it three times to complete the goal.
    By the church is a little ditch with a pipe going through it. Start 
    from the church and then grind the pipe. Once at the other end, your 
    board should be on fire. Now around this area are 3 cops. Jump over 
    them (it doesn't have to be in a combo, just while your board is on 
    fire) and they will be put on fire. They are walking around this area, 
    so find them and jump over them while on fire.
    Perform 3 clean 10,000 point combos. Clean means a perfect landing. You 
    don't actually have to get the clean when you land out of the combo, 
    but anytime in the combo, for example, you can spin around a kickflip 
    and land in a manual and still get clean. You must get 10,000 in a 
    combo and at least one clean message for it to count. As i said, to get 
    "clean" perform at least a 180 spin and land perfectly. Do this three 
    times and make sure you get over 10,000 points. Flatlands enough to get 
    over that score.
    From the start of the level, head around the ausfarht level and to 
    where wee man is, so that you are at the right of the church. Grind the 
    ledge so that you are heading toward the ausfarht center, and away from 
    the church. Once you grind the ledge, it will light up. Transfer across 
    to the pipe. Keep grinding. Now jump across to the top of the ramp, 
    then to the stairs. Jump off the stairs when they end, go up the vert 
    ramp and grind to the left, so you are heading towards the sign. 
    Sticker slap the sign, so that you will now be grinding the other way. 
    Jump off at the end and acid drop into the vert ramp near where the pro 
    skater is found. Make sure it is done in one combo.
    From the start of the level, head left and go up the vert ramp on your 
    right. Get off your board and hop onto the ledge above. Walk around the 
    corner and go up the next vert ramp, get off your board again and you 
    should be at the top of the building. Look right to see a vent blowing 
    up. Head towards the vent and press X on it to get really high air. 
    Acid drop onto the ramp across the road, and go up the other side of 
    the ramp, angle to the left and perform a rocket air (up, circle, 
    circle) and do the transfer. Don't overshoot it or undershoot it, it 
    may take afew tries to get perfect.
    Get to grechens bar. Once there, grind the first edge of the building. 
    Use the kicker to launch up and grind the middle ledge. Next grind the 
    higest ledge. At the end, jump off. Land in a manual and then grind the 
    ledge to your right. Grind it all the way along. Jump and grind the 
    rail by the letters, and then lip trick the letters.
    First you need to find some paint cans. They can be found on the 
    ground, near the gallerie area. Also they can be found where you find 
    the tagger.
    1 - From the start of the level, turn around. Climb up onto the awning, 
        then climb up to the next ledge.
    2 - Head down the street near where the pro is, and go up the vert ramp 
        on the right. Get off your board, then walk around the corner. Near 
        the ramp and vert ramp is the next tagger.
    3 - Get to the church. Head to the right side, near the area with wee 
        man is the third tagger.
    4 - On top of the yellow building. Go up the vert ramp near the second 
        inliners rule sign, then get off your baord and go up the ladder. 
        Take it to the top to find the fourth tagger.
    1 - From the start of the level, turn around. Go behind the conrete 
        vert ramp, and you will see a sign on the back of it.
    2 - From the start, turn around and go across the street. Look on your 
        right. You will see two big arrows pointing at the sign.
    3 - Head to the church. The sign is on the front part of the church, 
        the closest part to the street.
    4 - By the yellow building, on the ground in the corner
    5 - From the start, head right, and go down the street to the left. Go 
        right to the end of the street. At the end, go right and spine
        transfer up. Go up the next ramp, and get off your board and tag 
        the spot.
    Get to the building where you found the graffiti tagger. Use the ladder 
    to get to the top of the ledges, and then walk around the corner, 
    heading towards the church. Once around the corner, look towards the 
    wall and climb up. You will have to hang on to the top of the billbaord 
    in order to spary the tag.
    Get to the church. Spine transfer into the church and complete the set 
    the spirits free challenge. If you have already done that, then the 
    wall will be broken down, which is what you want. Grind the ladder to 
    get speed, then go up the vert ramp and hang on to the ladder. Climb 
    the ladder to the top, and thne spary all the parts of the wall. It 
    will require about 6 tags, one on each piece. This will bring back the 
    Get to where paulie is. By him are some stairs. Grind the stairs so 
    that you are going away from the church. The first time I done it, I 
    grinded towards the church and had no idea what I had to do! Anyway, 
    grind the steps, jump off and manual, go up the ramp and grind the 
    planter. Now, grind the QP so that you are going to the left. Jump off 
    and grind the high ledge, then the fountain to complete the goal.
    You need to get a small combo score using paulie in his wheelchair. The 
    harder the difficulty, the higher it is. 100,000 for sick mode, but 
    only about 5,000 for easy mode. Just grind around the circle, jump off 
    when your balacne gets bad, land in a wheelie, and do some hops. This 
    should get it easy.
    From the start, head left along the road. Go up the vert ramp on your 
    right just as the street ends. Press R2 to get up. Now, go around the 
    corner. Be careful not to fall off or you will have to get back up 
    there again. Once around the corner, you will see a ramp on your left. 
    Jump off the ramp and perform the flip and acid drop onto the ramp on 
    the other side of the street.
    First, you must get a big air combo while inside the church. This is 
    easily done. Equip the Indy 900 special trick, and go up the vert ramp 
    and perform the trick. Thats you part done. Now, play as paulie. Get to 
    the place near where wee man is, and go around the circle however many 
    times it tells you to. Finally, play as Bam Margera. By the church are 
    some cones. Start by going up the vert ramp between the buildig where 
    you find paulie and the church. Land, and this will give you speed. 
    Manual through the cones, then go down the street. Balance, and on the 
    right just off the street near gretchens bar are another set of cones. 
    Manual through them. If you have trouble balacing, use focus. If you 
    need speed, use the spacewalk manouver (left, right, square).
    The arcade machine here is on the street, near the cop. go up to the 
    arcade machine and press circle. Now just beat the high score. If you 
    need help getting any points, see my big scoring guide.
    What you have to do is grind the 3 rails by the boardwalk in one combo. 
    Start by the pool and grind the first rail. Jump and grind the second. 
    Just before the second one ends, jump off of it and manual so you don't 
    get taken a different way. Now grind the next rail, and perform a 
    reasonably big combo and land it to complete the challenge.
    Get a reasonably sized combo in the mini halfpipe, and make sure you do 
    a liptrick as well. If you've gotten this far in the game I'm sure you 
    know how to perform a lip trick. You can also press different buttons 
    while in a lip trick to change positions.
    First, do the challenge wake up sleeping beauty. Once that is done, 
    then the crane will knock down a wall. Go through the wall and into the 
    outback tours area, to find the special guest.
    By the beach is a pool. Above the pool is a rail. Grind the rail above 
    the pool, and you will grind the drainer, which will drain the pool, 
    and complete the goal.
    Use the bus stop or the crane to launch up onto the balcony. While you 
    are up on the balcony, hit over 6 tables up here. Nothing too hard. 
    There are not secret ones or anything, they are just all in a row.
    He's down by the beach. Find the left toilets area, he is just there, 
    and will run through the toilets. Follow him, and the goal is complete. 
    Talk to him to get a new set of challenges.
    You have to wake up the crane operator. To do this, get to the crane. 
    On the opposite side of the street from the crane is a fire hydrant. 
    Natas spin on it. To natas spin, press R1 + triangle over it. Natas 
    spin for about 4 seconds and the goal is complete.
    This will require a fair amount of climbing. Ge to the crane. By the 
    crane is some balconies. Head left and use the ladders on the set of 
    balconies to reach the very top. Now, grind the last balcony heading 
    right. Keep grinding and jumping the gaps. Get off of your board on the 
    high up building by the pool. Now lunge off while off your board and 
    press R2 to acid drop into the pool to complete the goal.
    Get to the balconies. Climb up the balcony straight at the end of the 
    street. Climb it to the very top. Now jump over to the building on your 
    right. Hang down, drop down and then tag the billboard.
    First bin is on the street. Get to the street and face towards the 
    beach. Head to your right and natas spin on the bin. The other two 
    trash cans are by the beach, one is on the left, and one is on the 
    Find the cars in the parking lot near TC's place and just by the 
    street. Get speed from one of the vert ramps, come back down, make sure 
    that you have special and press L3 to get into focus. Once you're in 
    focus, jump over the cars, and perform a double kickflip with a 180 
    spin. You have to land it clean for it to count, which means perfectly 
    straight. If you can't get enough air to clear the car, try bonlessing. 
    It may take afew tries to get it clean.
    Easy. All you have to do is natas spin Kenny's fingers. Get to the 
    fountain, and Kenny is in the middle of fountain by the crane. use the 
    fountain to launch up onto his fingers. Press R1 + triangle to natas 
    spin his fingers.
    Everyone my grind Tc's awning. They say it is harder than it looks, but 
    it isn't TC's awning is inbetween the bowl and the parking lot. Use the 
    ramp to jump up and grind TC's awning. Do this with the pro skater, 
    yourself and the shrimp vendor.
    A hard one - make sue that you have good air and speed stats for this. 
    You need to transfer from the ramp just by TC's awning to the ramp down 
    near the bowl. From Tc's, look to see a vert ramp just by the edge. use 
    this and transfer to the right. You should pass over a middle ramp and 
    land on the one over the middle ramp. This can take quite some time, 
    and you will need to angle it correctly and get good speed and air.
    You need to manual up  and over the little bridge by the parking lot 
    and the street. Get to the cars and hold down X so you crouch and get 
    speed. Now, see the bridge? You need to manual up and over it. The 
    first slope will be steep, but once you get over that, it should be 
    easy. If you can't get up the steep slope, trying getting speed first.
    Find shrimp down enar the beach. Once you have it, you need to throw it 
    at 5 of the lifeguards. Two are walking around on the beach. Once is 
    dancing or something in front of a girl, and another is walking around. 
    The other three are just off the beach, one is by the big round thing, 
    and the other two are to the left and right of that.
    Perform the special Rotiserie twice between the two buildings. Head 
    across the street from Tc's to find the building you will be launching 
    from. Get up there by climbing or using the ramps. Once up there, spine 
    transfer, and spine transfer again. Once you get to the ramp, press 
    jump to get an extra launch and perform the rotisserie twice. If your 
    having trouble performing the rotisserie, change it's special to 
    something easy (like up, down, circle) instead of the default way. It's 
    alot easier. Perform two of them and land it to complete the goal.
    This is one long continuous combo. Start off by climbing up the wires 
    on the beach. Grind towards the boal to scare off afew seagulls. Once 
    you get to the bowl you wil scare some more seaguls. Now transfer onto 
    the boardwalk railing, and jump across to the next rail and the next 
    rail. That should of scared enough of them.
    REAL MEN FLIP STAIRS (clean 360 double heelflip)
    A toughie. The stairs are by the Bowl and Tc's place. Get speed and get 
    focused before the stairs. Now, jump down the stairs and perform a 
    double heelflip and do a full rotation (360 degrees) and land it 
    cleanly. Cleanly means straight. You will get a message saying "Clean" 
    if it's done right. May take afew try's.
    1st sign is by the boardwalk. Get to the shack and head left near the 
    boardwalk. 2nd sign is at the parking lot. Look on the left side. 3rd 
    one is around the little curve from the parkig lot. 4th sign is on the 
    street. Head towards the fountain and look on your right side. 5th sign 
    is next to the set of stairs.
    You don't even need to use the special character for this. Find the 
    paradise area, and grind all of the outside edges in one combo. Just 
    grind and jump when you get to a gap and then grind again.
    Easy challenge. Get to the parking lot in your mini go kart. Now, you 
    have to go over the bridge and perform a 540 spin. Get speed, and angle 
    to the left or the right (whichever way the bridge is) and you should 
    easily clear it. Now just use the directional buttons or L1 and R1 to 
    perform a 540 spin. If it is more than a 540 spin it will still count.
    All you have to do here is grind the crane, I'm not sure if it matters 
    what part or anything, just grind it and it should cause alot of havoc, 
    and the cop's car will be destroyed, and the skaters will get away.
    There are 5 construction workers up on the street. They are scattered 
    along the street, 3 are at the balcony end, 1 is in the middle and the 
    other 1 is by the bay windows. Go over the top of the construction 
    workers and press left, right, square when you have special to perform 
    the bever blast. Do this to all 5 to complete the goal.
    Easy goal. Get to where the pool is. Grind the rocks heading to the 
    right, which will take you onto the wire above the bikini girls. Just 
    keep grinding all the way along the wire to complete the goal. 
                               NEW ORLEANS
    The arcade machine here is probably the hardest one to find in all the 
    levels. Ge to the river area. Ge to the boat and turn around and look 
    the other way. Now, look to your right to see the side of the building 
    missing. Climb up here and the arcade machine is in here.
    Trick to the beat. Listen for the beat, just listen for a pattern and 
    on the loud beat, perform the trick. You have to get it exactly right 
    for it to count the trick. Get the pattern of the sound down, and then 
    it should be quite easy to do.
    Just go to the river, and there will be a boat there. Jump off the 
    little jetty and press X on the boat. Do the same thing 3 times to 
    complete the goal.
    The Jester is riding around on the Mardi Gras float. Just stay on the 
    road by the river and eventually it will come past you. Now just run 
    onto the float to complete the objective. Take to the jester to get 
    more goals.
    1 - Just by the helipad, on the walkway up to the helipad is the first 
    2 - In the trash alley, by the street is the second spat sign
    3 - On the sign by the watertower
    The watertower is high up on one of the buildings. Use the vert ramps 
    to get up top to the roof near the helipad. Now, use the air vent to 
    transfer across the street to the left. You should be able to see the 
    water tower. Use the vert ramp to transfer up to the high vert ramp, go 
    off the end of the ramp and press X to slap the tower. It might take 
    afew trys because it is easy to overshoot.
    Get to the cemety. There are 5 crypts here, each with skulls on them. 
    Grind the skulls off of each of the crypts to open them. If you grind 
    off one skull, you have 10 seconds to grind the rest of the skulls off 
    before it returns the skull to the crypt. There are 5 total. 
    First, grab some beads. They can be found at the endof the street that 
    has the graveyard on it. By the end of the street, I mean where it cuts 
    off and if you go any farther you will be transported back into the 
    level. Grab the beeds, then find the mardi gras boat that goes along 
    the street. Just stay by the river boat and it will come along soon 
    enough. Jump on top of the float, and then you will see girls on the 
    street - throw these at them. Hit 5 different girls with beads. If you 
    look in the general direction of the person and throw a beed, it should 
    hit. Hit 5 to complete the goal.
    There is a tram that goes along the tracks by the river. Wallride the 
    trolley, and then press X before you get to the top of it to wallie. If 
    you do reach the top, it will grind and you will need to do it again. 
    You need to wallie off of it (wallride then ollie.)
    Get up to the helipad. Once on the helipad, use the vert ramp to spine 
    transfer down to the street. Revert (and manual, but usually you wont 
    have to manual because you are going so fast) and go up the other side 
    of the vert ramp and spine transfer into the bar. Land it.
    Get to the bar area, it is the area where the music changes (unless you 
    have music zones off) and it also has the large drink. Use the vert 
    ramps to transfer onto the roof. Get up there, then get up to the 
    higher rooftop. While up here, spine transfer down to the lower 
    rooftop, and this will give you a lot of speed. Land, then go up the 
    other side of the vert ramp, get off your board in the air and hang 
    onto the ledge or the pipe, climb up and tag the billboard.
    All the potholes on the main street have to be manualed (excluding the 
    big one in the middle.) Get to the church. Once at the church, get 
    speed, and get to the first manhole. Start the manual here. Manual over 
    the potholes. You will lose speed, so use the spacewalk (left, right, 
    square) for extra speed. If you have trouble balancing, then use the 
    focus manouver.
    There are three birds high up in the air by the cemetery. Use the vert 
    ramp on top of the rooftop to sine transfer to the street, then you 
    should have plenty of air to launch up high and hit the birds. 
    Hopefully you will get them all in one go, if not, repeat the process 
    and get the ones you left behind.
    What you have to do is grind (or natas spin) three of the gas lamps by 
    the river. Use the rails on top of the planter, and the ends will act 
    as kickers, so you can launch up. Grind the top of three of them, or 
    you can natas spin them, it doesn't matter.
    Get focused and perform a big combo (the combo varies on which 
    difficulty you are on.) Just get focused, and see my tips for getting 
    big scores.
    Here you have to acid drop into the worlds largest drink. First, get to 
    the bar. Get up onto the roof of the bar. You will see a rail with 
    lights on it above and to the right of the worlds largest drink. Grind 
    this line, and just before the drink, jump off to the left and acid 
    drop into the drink.
    3 of your team members must perform a special trick while inside the 
    church area. Easy. With you, you should already have a special trick 
    you know off by heart - do that and land the special trick. Now go get 
    the pro, and go to the church area. Press start and go to your options, 
    view tricks/edit tricks and view one of the special tricks and perform 
    it in the church area. Do the same with the Jester. 
    This was the very last challenge I had to complete in story mode! It 
    was the only goal I had to do in story mode, then my game FROZE while 
    saving (which is the most annoying thing!!!) so I had to restart the 
    whole game again, and get every goal again, so I did, and this was the 
    last one I did. I don't know exactly how to do it either, I did it by 
    pure luck. You have to get 3 balconies in one combo. To break a 
    balcony, come from underneath it. Just experement with all the 
    balconies in the middle of the level.
    First of all, Raise the dead. Once you done that, head to the middle of 
    the level. Spine transfer down, and then grind around the circle. Now, 
    jump off and head to the church. Performt he airwalk over the statue.
    Raise the dead and play as the guy in the vehicle. Now just run around 
    in your tricycle and run over 10 zombies. The zombies are all over the 
    place, and while you have the dead raised, all people on the street are 
    zombies apart from you, the pro and the jester.
    Get to the trash alley and perform a superman seatgrab over the trash. 
    Use the ramp, and with enough speed and air, and you can easily clear 
    the trash. Remember to do the superman seatgrab as well.
    Get to the cemetery. Find the front gate. Above the front gate is a 
    neversoft sign. Perform a natas spin on the neversoft sign. Go up the 
    vert ramp and then perform the Natas spin. Stay on there for 10 
    Grind through 3 signs in the central area of the level. There are three 
    of them. To break them, grind through them, usually by using the edge 
    of the balconies.
    A narly all team stunt. First, you need to get up to the heliport. 
    There are many ways you can get up here, just use the balconies and 
    climb ladders, or use vert ramps, get off your board in the air and 
    climb up. There will be a guard guarding the main path up to the 
    heliprt, but you can easily go around him. Once you are up there grab 
    on to the helicopter. Let it take you to above the Qp, then press R2 to 
    acid drop off. Land, then go up the other side, and you should get 
    enough air so that you will reach the helicopter again. Get off your 
    board and then let the helicopter take you to above another vert ramp. 
    Acid drop off, go forward, go up the next vert ramp, and spine transfer 
    over it. Press R2 to spine transfer.
    Spine transfer into the mine, and then stand still  once you land to 
    find the arcade machine. To get to the mine from the start, just head 
    forward, and it's just by the big slope. You should know the drill by 
    now - beat the high score on the machine. Fairly easy, just bust out 
    some combos - you have 1 minute to get a high score. Beat 1st place and 
    complete the challenge.
    Get to the school bus park skating area. You need to climb a tree to 
    get the chainsaw. The tree is the one just by the little shack and the 
    top of the mine. Jump onto the tree just here and press R1 to hang on. 
    Now climb to the very top.
    First, complete the previous goal where you get the chainsaw. After you 
    do that, a cut-scene will kick in showing Bigfoot stealing the motor 
    board and running off with it. Once that has happened, get to the house 
    near the start. Climb to the first cliff edge to find bigfoot. Talk to 
    him to get a new set of goals.
    I had trouble doing this goal the first time beacause there is more 
    than one zipline, and I didn't know which zipline it was talking about, 
    or which bowl you had to go into. From the start, head forward and to 
    the right. Go up the narrow path, and use the vert ramp on the left to 
    transfer onto the first cliff edge. Jump up and press R1 to hang on, 
    then at the top, press R2 to acid drop into the bowl near the school 
    bus park.
    First, you need to get your board on fire. The fireworks is on top of 
    the barn. To get there, you will need a boost. Just by the logs there 
    is a flaming pile of garbage. Head towards the garbage fire so that you 
    are going towards the barn, then when you are over the top of the 
    garbage, press X to get huge air and transfer onto the barn. Now run 
    into the fireworks.
    Just climb up the cliff edge, or get to the top of the mountain and 
    climb down. The billboard is on the very top cliff edge. You can climb 
    up using the ladders. Press triangle while off your board to graffiti 
    the billboard and complete the goal.
    This stupid spat guy, I hate him! These are probably the most annoying 
    goals in the game!
    1 - First spat sign is by the shack. To get there, head to the school 
        bus park at the top of the mountain, and just by the top of the 
        mine is a little shack. On the side of the shack is the spat sign.
    2 - The second Spat sign is on the back of the skatopia sign. The sign
        is in front of you as you start.
    3 - This one is on the barn. Use whatever ways you can to get up onto 
        the barn, and then head to the right of the barn and drop down to 
        the flat roof. On the wall of the archaed roof is a spat sign.
    4 - This spat sign is on the first cliff edge, use the vert ramp to 
        transfer up there. It is just by the ladder.
    5 - Another one by the barn. It is on the left side on the barn wall, 
        near the bowling alley and the big bowls.
    An easy goal. Get to the barn. Use the ladder to climb up halfway then 
    jump into the open area of the barn. Ryan Sheckler is standing in front 
    of you.
    You can use any tree for this challenge, but lets use the one at the 
    top of the mountain, that is the tree you got the chainsaw from. Climb 
    to the top of the tree, and then natas spin on the very top of the 
    tree. I'm sure you know how to natas spin by now. Now, you need to jump 
    off in the direction of a vert ramp. Aim for the bottom of the cliff 
    using the directional buttons to point to where it is, then jump off 
    and acid drop by pressing R2 over the vert ramp.
    Is quite easy once you know what to do. You have to start the manual at 
    the top of the mountain by the school bus and make it go all the way 
    through the front entrance of skatopia. Start just by the hose line on 
    the ground, and manual. Head downhill and you will get more speed. Now 
    go around the bend (turning and balacning can be hard) and keep 
    manualing down the slope. The more the manual, the harder it will 
    become to balance. When you think your balance is getting really hard 
    to control, press L3 to get into focus mode. This will help you alot 
    and probably give you the 15 seconds you need to ge through the front 
    entrance. Keep manualling down the slope and go out the front entrance 
    of skatopia in one manual.
    An easy challenge, all you have to do is grind all 3 logs in one combo. 
    Go up the big slope and grind the first log, then jump and grind the 
    second log, and jump and grind the third log all in one combo. 
    Get up to the school bus park. Just by the little shack is a mine. Use 
    the vert ramps here and spine transfer (R2) down into the mine. Goal 
    First, get to the school bus, and look to your left. Go forward from 
    here and go up the vert ramp. Spine transfer down to the road, and 
    revert and go up the other vert ramp (note you have to do this in one 
    combo, so thats why you needed to revert, but because you are so quick 
    going staright to the next vert ramp it isn't really nessecary to 
    manual.) Now spine transfer again into the garage. Once again revert 
    and spine transfer out of the garage. If you are having trouble getting 
    the last spine transfer, try going to the right some more.
    Ok first get to the school bus park, and turn around and look downhill 
    towards the barn. Now go forward and grind the ramp on the right. It 
    should now light up. Once you grind that, transfer to the edge of the 
    pond. Now, jump off and grind the left ramp. Keep grinding, then jump 
    and grind the part of the garage and jump off (don't let it take you 
    around the bowl). Now wallride up and grind the top of the mobile home. 
    Jump and grind the ramp, then jump and grind by the skatopia sign to 
    complete the line. It has to be done in one big combo.
    Get to the top of the mountain. Jump up so that you are near the mine. 
    Up here is a vert ramp, with a normal ramp just near it. Go up the vert 
    ramp, and then when you land, use the ramp to launch out to the weather 
    baloon. While you are in the air, get off your board and hang on to the 
    1 - First hive is where it shows it on the goals list, just by the 
        barn. Go to the right side of the bran, go in the alley and 
        wallride the right side.
    2 - Another one near the barn, from the school bus park, head down the 
        hill, and then to the right. Look up high to see the bee hive on 
        the wall. Use the ramp by it to wallride up and scrape off the 
    3 - Get to the pond. Just by the pond is a cliff edge. The cliff edge 
        is opposite the garage. Use the ramp here to wallride up and knock 
        the hive.
    4 - By the garage, wallride up the wall of the garage
    To start this off, get to the school bus park, and face downhill. The 
    start of the wire is up here. Use the vert ramp before the wire and 
    boneless off the top of it and grind the electric wire. Just hold your 
    balance now let the wire do the rest. The wire goes downhill, so you 
    don't have to worry about your speed, you will go quite fast. Just 
    balacne yourself out. If you think you are about to fall off because 
    you can't control the balance meter, don't worry, use focus. Focus will 
    give you 15 seconds, which is enough time to get from halfway to the 
    end of the line, so about when you get to the garage, or even before, 
    use focus. 
    A fairly hard challenge, this can be annoying. What you have to do is 
    go through one shack in a combo, then go through the other shack while 
    in the same combo. Seeing as the shacks place you all the way at the 
    other side of the level, it can be quite hard to complete. First jump 
    through the shack on your left and perform a trick as you are going 
    through. This will take you to the school bus park. Hopefully when you 
    go through the shack, you will not land right next to the vert ramp, 
    you want to land on the straight section going downhill. If you do land 
    right next to a vert ramp, start again and hope you don't land there 
    next time, it might have something to do with where you jump through 
    the shack to. When you do land on the straight, now grind the right 
    vert ramp. Remember that downhill line? Well do that. Transfer to the 
    pond, then jump and grind the vert ramp on the left or right, it 
    doesn't really matter. When you get near the garage, jump off and 
    manual the slope down. Head for the shack. You will have to do a U 
    turn, and this is easiest done in focus mode. Get focus and then make 
    sure you are performing flatland tricks to keep your focus going. Now 
    turn around and head through the shack on the right (you should of gone 
    through the shack on the left the first time.) Using focus it should be 
    easy to turn around and go through the shack, and complete the goal. 
    Make sure it is done in one big combo.
    A simple challenge compared to the last one. Get to the school bus park 
    at the top of the mountain. Now, use the vert ramps up here to spine 
    transfer all the way to the bottom of the cliff, so that when you land, 
    you will be able to see the house in front of you. Spine transfer down 
    and you should have heaps of speed - now jump off the end of the vert 
    ramps (so don't go up them like normal ones, use them as ramps you 
    launch off of) and go over the house. With the speed and air you have 
    after the spine transfer, transferring over the house should be quite 
    easy to complete.
    All you have to do here is grind the wire and acid drop. Get to the 
    logs just by the barn. Grind the log at the top of the hill and then 
    jump and grind the zipline wire. Now jump off near the end and acid 
    drop to the vert ramp below you.
    An easy challenge, all you have to do is transfer from one of the vert 
    ramps to the left or the right of the sign to the sign vert ramp. Just 
    get speed an angle so you will hit the sign halfpipe. Quite easy. 
    1 - Go through the entrance of skatopia and head left, just by the 
        cement mixture is the first lot.
    2 - On the cliff edge opposite the garage area. Climb up or go around, 
        whciever is good.
    3 - Just by the third lumberjack log, the third being the one farthest 
        away from the start of the level.
    Do a flip trick over the plant spot to make the plants grow.
    This challenge can be quite annoying, for the fact that mostof the time 
    this wont register! Get to the lumberjack logs. Face towards the start. 
    On the left of the massive slope, is another slop. Manual down this. 
    Now you are ment to get big air off the piece of plywood, but i'm not 
    sure exactly how to do this, just try and hitting it at different 
    angles, pressing X at different angles.
    You need to be bigfoot for this goal. Play as him, he has the powered 
    skateboard. Now, this big slope is the one just to the left of the big 
    mountain. From the start, head left around the sign and the house to 
    find the huge slope. Jump into a manual and with the power of the 
    board, it is really easy to manual up the slope.
    Get to the house. Get to the top of the spin bomb, and grind around it 
    4 times. It's pretty easy, and you shouldn't have trouble grinding 
    around it 4 times, thats nothing.
    This took me awhile to do because I thought that when you end the natas 
    spin, it just puts you out in a random position. Get to the rockets and 
    climb to the top. Do a natas spin on one of the rockets, and then press 
    the direction in which the other rockets are and natas spin them. You 
    cannot natas spin the some rocket set more than once, as they go down. 
    Just jump off and hold the direction in which the next rockets are and 
    natas spin the 4 sets of rockets.
    Go up the vert ramp on the base of the fountain of glory (the one that 
    is on the side of the fuse.) Then get off your board in the air, and 
    hang on to the edge. Pull yourself up, then grind down the fuse.
    What you have to do here is to hit 8 boxes in two combos. This is 
    easily done. First, get to the boxes. Hop on the first box, and get 
    into a manual. Now get off your board and jump onto 3 other boxes (or 4 
    if you can) by the time the timer runs out. Do the same thing to the 
    other boxes, jump on them while the timer is up.
    Easy, just climb to the top of it near the school bus park.
    You play as Tony Hawk in this challenge. Ride down the hill and hit the 
    dogs to get a critter bonus. Just keep hitting the dogs and you will 
    get more time. Go down the hill to find some more critters, and through 
    the front entrance.
    On sick mode, go up the vert ramp, grind on the fence, and then head 
    downhill. Jump off the fence and grind the left vert ramp. Once you 
    think you can't hold on balancing your grind anymore, jump off into a 
    manual, and head straight for the sign. Make sure it is done in one big 
                            GAPS GUIDE
    Enter the added on part of the warehouse. There will be a funbox with a 
    raised up rail on it. Use the funbox to transfer and grind the raised 
    up rail.
    Took me awhile to find - in the old part of the warehouse, find the 
    pool that is just to the left as you go down the big slope. On the back 
    wall is a wodden beam, use the vert ramp to jump up and perform a lip 
    trick on the beam.
    One brought back from tony hawks pro skater 1. After rolling down the 
    slope, on the right side of the old warehouse is a halpipe, as the gao 
    suggests, perform a lip trick on any side of the half pipe. Any side 
    will count.
    What you need to do here is transfer between the pool you can skate in, 
    and the pool edge with water in the new warehouse area. Start from the 
    pool with water in, grind the ledge of it, then jump and grind the 
    Once you go down the slopes at the start of the level, look behind you. 
    You will see some quarterpipes. Go up one qp, and then transfer over 
    the slope part. You will have to angle it, and land it for it to count.
    As it says, you have to transfer from a rail to a light. The rails are 
    all up high in the level, use the quarterpipes to get up there and 
    transfer to the light.
    There are two ramps in the old warehouse area - easily transfer between 
    The red button is in the new warehouse area. On the side wall just near 
    the crossover between the old and the near area is the red button. 
    Wallride the red button.
    There is a taxi in the old warehouse area, Jump over it.
    Remember when you used the funbox to laucnh up to the raised rail? Just 
    to the left of the funbox is a vert ramp, go up this, and transfer into 
    the pool, or you can do it the other way around, from the pool to that 
    vert ramp.
    Go to the QP in the back of the old warehouse area. Now, grind it 
    heading towards the right. Keep grinding, and you will eventually get 
    around by the halfpipe. Keep grinding then jump at the end and grind 
    the rail up high.
    Transfer between to lights, you will need to grind the rails up high 
    again, then transfer to the light.
    At the back of the new warehouse area are some Qp's. Go up one side and 
    angle over the platform, so you do a hip transfer.
    Get to the new warehouse area. As you go into the new area, look to 
    your right. There are two vert ramps on the back wall, you need to 
    sucessfully transfer between these two quarter pipes.
    Head to the back of the old warehouse area. Use the Qp's on the back 
    wall, go up it and lip trick on one of the sprinklers.
    Just near the wall is a funbox in the new warehouse. Use this to 
    transfer into a grind on the rails.
    Get to the back of the new warehouse area. THere are Qps by the back 
    wall, use these to go up and lip trick the wire up high.
                           2 PLAYER/ONLINE
                            GAME MODES
    A fairly simple game mode to understand. All you have to do is be the 
    person with the most points at the end of the time limit and you win! 
    The main trick is to get big combos. Go up a vert ramp, do a big trick, 
    then land doing a revert and manualling. Then perform some flatland, or 
    go up the other side of the vert ramp and do the same thing. This is 
    guranteed to get you a lot of points.
    This mode is sort of like the above game mode, although instead of 
    being the player to score the most, you have to be the player that 
    reaches the pre-set score first. Just do lots of big combos, and keep 
    trying to stay ahead of your opponents score.
    Once again, fairly easy to explain, the player that has the biggest 
    combo at the end of the time limit wins. Just perform a vert trick, 
    then land using a revert and a manual, and go up the other side of the 
    vert ramp, do the same and then land using a revert and a manual, and 
    perform some flatland tricks, then land when your balance is getting 
    All you have to do in this game mode is to try to hit the other player 
    as many times as possible. To hit the other player, bump into them, but 
    make sure you are going faster than them, otherwise you will get 
    knocked over. If you have more slaps than the other person, try to get 
    them to chase after you, because they are the ones that need more 
    There is a crown somewhere in the level, and the first player to find 
    it becomes the king. While you are king, the crown will be above your 
    head, and your score will start going up. If you don't have the crown, 
    find the player with it, and then knock them over to steal the crown. 
    Of course, you will skate slower while wearing the crown, otherwise it 
    will totally be unfair.
    What you have to do is to tag the most objects. To tag an object, 
    perform a reasonably big trick on it. If it is a rail, grind the rail, 
    and it will become your colour. If you see something that isn't your 
    colour, but is instead your opponents colour, perform a bigger trick on 
    the object, and it will become yours. Keep getting and stealing 
    A wierd game mode (by the sounds of it) that I haven't played. In this 
    game mode, you can shoot fireballs from the bottom of your skateboard. 
    The higher the combo, the bigger your fireballs become. Your objective 
    is to knock out the other players. Shoot fireballs with the up 
    directional button and the square button or the down directional button 
    and the square button. 
    I haven't played online, so I don't know anything about this mode, 
    really. What I think you do is compete against other opponents online 
    in Created Goals, and see who can complete the objectives the fastest. 
    The server player chooses which goals, and the player or team who 
    complete all goals first, wins.
    Form teams, and then you have to try and steal the other teams flag. 
    Find the other teams flag, and then return to your base for a capture. 
    Remember, you flag has to be at your base for a capture. If it isn't 
    there, follow the arrow to find your flag, and hit the player who has 
    it to retrieve the flag.
    You can choose a word in this mode (any word you choose). Now, one 
    player starts off and does a combo trick. The second player needs to 
    get a bigger score than the first player, otherwise they get a letter. 
    If player two scores bigger than player one, they swap and player one 
    now sets the score, and the new player two has to beat that or else 
    they get a letter. First one who gets all letters loses. Yeah, I know I 
    probably just totally confused you.
    Just like the one player mode. Cruise around the level you choose 
    without any time limits. See how big combo you can get without no time, 
    and just generally skate around, and find out secrets in the level. 
    Great for practising.
    A new game mode to Tony Hawks Underground 2. Each player places 5 coins 
    throughout the level. Be the first to pick up all the coins, inclduing 
    your own 5, or at least be the one to pick up the most coins before the 
    time limit runs out, and you win.
    Another new mode to Tony Hawks Underground 2. The game is sort of the 
    same as Trick Attack, however this time you have multiplae stages per 
    game, with a variable time limit. In the first stage, the time counts 
    down and the lowest scoring player gets eliminated from the game. This 
    continues until only one skater is left standing. And they are the 
                           CREATE A PARK GUIDE
    Tony Hawk's Underground 2, like THUG, THPS2, 3 and 4 allows you to 
    create your own skate park. You can add lots of things in here, which 
    is great, in my opnion. You can even greate gaps, rails, and your own 
    goals to put in your park. 
                            PIECE CATEGORIES
    Off the top of my head:
    Ground pieces
    Ground pieces
    Small stuff
                        PIECE CATEGORY DESCRIPTIONS
    FUNBOXES           This is hard to explain. A funboxes, is sort of like 
                       one raised up piece in the middle, and then ramps 
                       going around the outside connecting to the middle, 
                       although it doesn't look like ramps. You can choose 
                       from long funboxes to short, and small funboxes. You 
                       can launch off of the sides of funboxes, roll over 
                       them, etc.
                       Funboxes generic are sort of like Funboxes, but they 
                       look totally different, and are not jump those ramp 
                       things. They also inlcude lots of different things 
                       from different Tony Hawk games, like the Vert ramp 
                       with two ramps on the side and a sign above it.   
                       Also, the funboxes have rails and all on it, like 
                       the ones in the middle in the Tampa contest.
    BUILDINGS          I think everyone knows what a building is. I also
                       think everyone knows what a trailer is also. These 
                       pieces are great to put in your park, because it 
                       gives the player the feel that they are in a town.   
                       You can also put in little trailers, traincars, and 
                       RVs. For the buildings, you can put in the School 
                       building, a Liquor building, and some over types of 
                       houses, inlcuding a Skyscraper.
    RESTARTS           Lets say you place a 1P icon on the map, this is 
                       where the first player will start the level. Also, 
                       if the player happens to fall in water, lava or a 
                       Pungee pit, they will respanw at this location. 
                       Same thing for the second player. You cant put the 
                       restarts over any other object, they have to be on 
                       flat land, no grass, etc. You can also place Horse 
                       start points, and King of the Hill crowns.
    TOOLS              Two out of the three objects in this category are 
                       new to the Tony Hawk series. There are three things 
                       you can use in this category. They are: Gap tool, 
                       Rail tool, and Arena Selection. The gap tool lets 
                       you link two pieces together. The Rail tool allows 
                       you to create rails wherever you want, kind of like 
                       powerlines. This is great because it sucked in the 
                       other tony hawks that you had to raise the land to 
                       place a rail. The arena selection can be used to 
                       copy/paste areas of your park.
                              MAKING A GOOD PARK
    If you want to make a city style park, you will want to have a nice 
    atmosphere in the level. Firstly, place streets around the place, and 
    make tunnels, etc, where a car can get through without too much 
    trouble. Make the street go around in a big circle (loop) going past 
    houses, and different places, and when you can't put a street, 
    improvise. For example, there was a place behind a few buildings where 
    a street piece wouldn't fit, so I made it an alley. I did this by 
    putting grass on the left and right, and making a line up, and then 
    putting sand in the middle. It makes it like an alley, like an offroad 
    track which is good for the cars. Also, in another area, I made slopes 
    leading up to the liquor area, and made that as like a ramp. The area 
    underneath where the air is was all grenery, and a normal skating area. 
    Around the streets it is best if you place some buildings, like Houses, 
    Skyscrapes and those liquor buildings around the streets. Don't make it 
    all the way around, I out a halfpipe in the middle of streets with 
    grass and sand as a path, and then raised the grass by one to make it 
    look like a hedge maze, but still had a good effect. Remeber tunnels 
    and jumps make it look good, and when you play it using a car, it will 
    be superb if you need to jump over water, or a pool.
    I guess it would be like Hawaii style. Try to give it a good, remote 
    feeling. Try to create water around the edges, if you want it that way. 
    There are a few good beach pieces in the miscellaneous. These are the 
    party boats, and also the dock areas. This makes for a great beach 
    setting. Also, you can place sand around the place, and make a lot of 
    pools. you can make your own pools by lowering the land, and the 
    selecting pool parts category, then put the pieces in. Simple. There 
    are also some preset.
    Wanna make your park like it's a competition park? Easy. Try to make a 
    vert section, and also a street section. The vert section should 
    consist of a halfpipe, and maybe some other vert ramp pieces around the 
    area. For the street section, you should place some of the funboxes in 
    there, like the pieces in the middle of the level in Tampa. Look around 
    in the funboxes section, there is some good stuff in there.
                             RAIL TOOL
    Controls to the rail tool: 
    X        - Place rail
    Square   - Snap to object
    Circle   - Grab nearest rail point
    Triangle - Delete rail
    L1/L2    - Move cursor up/down
    R1/R2    - Control Camera
    This lets you create your own rails. In the previous Tony Hawk games, 
    had to raise the land if you wanted to put the rails up high. In 
    Unerground, you can place them anywhere. You don't need to raise the 
    land, you can draw them anywhere, even over other objects.
    This can be good if you make the rails leading from a skyscraper for 
    example, and then make it head all the way down to another house. In my 
    opinion, this is a great new addition.
                          CREATE A GOAL GUIDE
    THUG2 lets you create your own goals. You can set where each 
    pedestrians is who gives you the goal, where you start, etc. This is a 
    great mode, and really boosts up the replay value of the game, in my 
    opinion. This section will describe all about creating your own goal.
                             SETTING UP THE GOAL
    Firstly, you need to press the start button to get up the pause menu 
    (either in a create a goal level, or park editor.) You wont see the 
    option Create a goal if you are playing in Story mode, or any other 
    mode apart from create a goal mode or the Park Editor.
    Next, you must select which goal you want to choose. Descriptions of 
    the goals will come later on in this section. You can choose from Skate 
    Letters, Combo letters, High score, High combo, Skate Tricks, Combo 
    Skate Tricks, Trickits and gaps goal. Select one.
    Your first job is to place the pedestrian who gives out the goal. Put 
    him in a reasonable spot, like on the porch of a house for example, or 
    in the middle of a halfpipe for the High score challenge. Don't put 
    them in impossible places, like on water where you can't get to them, 
    on lava or too high in the air.
    After you place them, you need to place the player start point for the 
    goal. If you are creating a collect combo goal, put the player right at 
    the start of the line. Same with the gaps goal.
                                SKATE/COMBO LETTERS
    SKATE LETTERS     The person who plays your level must collect all the 
                      letters of the word skate (5 letters total.) You can 
                      place these anywhere in the level, and the player 
                      just has to find all letters in the time limit. They 
                      don't have to be in order or anything. I usually make 
                      one lot of skate letters for driving, another for 
                      just walking, and another for skating. If you really 
                      want to make it hard, put the skate letters in hard 
                      to reach areas, for example: You need to get a lot of 
                      speed and launch into the air to grab the letter, or 
                      behind a house that you need to climb, or on top of 
                      the roof of a house behind it's chimney so the player 
                      can't see it.
    COMBO LETTERS     Well, sort of like the above challenge, although the 
                      player must collect the letters combo, all in one, 
                      usually big, combo. The letters don't have to be 
                      gotten in any order really, but they are usually 
                      placed in an order. Make sure the letters you place 
                      are actually possible to get in one combo. For 
                      example, there is no use putting the C in one corner 
                      of the level and the first O in the other corner. Try 
                      to place them in a good, combo line.
                               HIGH SCORE/COMBO
    HIGH SCORE        The person who plays this goal has to get the amount 
                      of points that is preset. You can set the score 
                      amount for the goal in the variables. If you are 
                      going to make the score extra big, give the player 
                      some more time. Also, be reasonable once again. Here 
                      is no use making a high score 2 million in just 15 
                      seconds, because it would have to be done like a 
    HIGH COMBO        Player must score a very high combo score. A combo is
                      a continuous line of tricks, and when you land 
                      without doing a trick or bail, then the combo ends. 
                      This is great with small time limits, in my opinion, 
                      because they have to get the combo right first time. 
                      Best to put the starting point near a halfpipe, or if 
                      you want to make it harder, away from the halfpipe.
                               SKATING TRICKS
    - Skate tricks
    - Tritris
    - Combo skate-tricks
    - Trick to the beat
    Most of these are the same, so I will do one big description. The 
    tricks appear on the right hand side of the screen, and the player has 
    to perform these tricks. You can set what type of tricks they have to 
    do (basic flips, double tap grabs, etc.) but you can't set grinds, 
    manuals, flatland tricks, lips, etc. You can also set the acceleration 
    (how fast they come up). With combo skate tricks, the player is 
    required to do the skate tricks in one combo. With Trickits, here is an 
    example: Lets say there are 5 tricks:
    Double Heelflip
    Double Kickflip
    Varial Kickflip
    And you perform a Heelflip, the heelfip will go away, and a new trick 
    will appear. Lets say that you perform 4 tricks in the air, then land 
    it, the 4 tricks you landed will dissapear, and 4 new tricks will 
                               GAPS GOAL
    Requires the player to gap between two objects a certain amount of 
    times, however many times you choose. You can select all different gaps 
    (10 total) and make the player pull a required trick over the gap. Once 
    again, make the gaps actually possible to get, and say what the trick 
    is when the pedestrians says it.
    Variables are things you can change.
    EDIT POSITIONS - Allows you to set up all the peices in your goals 
                     again, for example, the starting point of the goal, 
                     the position of where the pedestrian is standing, and 
                     if you are doing the skate or combo letters goal, you 
                     can edit the positions of those letters.
    SET TIME LIMIT - Allows you to set the amount of time that the player 
                     has to complete the challenge. For high score levels, 
                     it should be 2 minutes, but for the high combo/combo 
                     letters goals, it should be short.
    SET SCORE      - Available only in the High Score and the High Combo 
                     goals. Here, you can set the score that the player has 
                     to reach in the time limit. For High score, the player 
                     just has to reach this score using any means nessecary 
                     and as many combos as they need, but for high combo, 
                     they have to get the score in one combo. It doesn't 
                     matter how much all add up to, you need a combo bigger 
                     than the score.
    NAME GOAL      - Here you can name the goal, and when the player 
                     presses start and goes to view goals, the name will 
                     show up here. So you could call a goal "Street race" 
                     and it's really colelcting skate letters, but you are 
                     in a car. The default goal names are the type of goal, 
                     for example, collecting skate letters will be "Skate 
                     Letters" on the view goal screen if you don't give the 
                     goal a name.
    NAME PED       - Here you can give a name to the pedestrian that gives 
                     out the goal to you. You can name him whatever you 
                     like, and it will appear when you are near the 
                     character. It will say "Mr Sickness" Press Circle to 
                     talk. The default name sof the pedestrians are 
                     "Created Goal."
    SET GOAL TEXT  - Type in what the pedestrian will say to you when you 
                     go up to him for the goal. I will only reccomend this 
                     if you have USB keyboard, because selecting the 
                     letters using the controller can be too long, and 
                     boring. I usually just leave the text how it is.
    WIN MESSAGE    - This is what the pedestrian will say when you complete 
                     the challenge. You can make it from a simple "Yeah" to 
                     anything else you want them to say. Once again, typing 
                     it all in can get boring, and the default message is 
    DELETE GOAL    - Fairly simple to understand. Hit X, and it will delete 
                     this goal from the park. All letters, and the 
                     pedestrian and start point for the goal will be 
                     deleted. It will also be removes from the "View 
                     Goals" menu.
    TEST GOAL      - For some reason, this cannot be used on Park Editor 
                     levels. Anyway, when you are making goals in the 
                     normal levels, select this and it will skip straight 
                     to the pedestrian saying what you need to do. This is 
                     great if you think you might have put the combo 
                     letters too far apart, or maybe you thought the gap 
                     was a bit impossible, here you can test the goal.
    CONTROL        - This determines how the player will start out when 
                     they first start the goal. You can choose from Skating 
                     (the default, and you can get off your board) Walking 
                     (You start off walking, but can get back on your 
                     board) Walking Only (You can't get back on your board 
                     for the rest of the goal) and finally you can choose a 
    PICK GAPS      - Here, you can select the gaps that the player has to 
                     do in the gaps goal. You can select a total of 10 
                     gaps. To select the gap, press the X button and a tick 
                     will be in the box. Press again to untick. Only gaps 
                     that you have done yourself will be displayed on the 
                     tricks menu, but in park Editor, you can choose any.
    SKATE TRICKS   - There is a lot of stuff in here. You can select what 
                     types of tricks come up, like basic Flip tricks 
                     (Simple direction + square) Diagonal flip tricks, 
                     Double tap Flip Tricks (left, left square) and grab
                     tricks. you can also select if you have to spin them,
                     and also the acclerations of the tricks, how many they 
                     need to win, and all sorts of over stuff.
    All this stuff is taken from the GameFAQs "Cheats and Codes" section, 
    so credit goes to all the people that sent in information to that 
    section on GameFAQs.
    All Cheat Codes                 Find all the gaps 
    Ben Franklin                    Complete the Find Ben Franklin Goal in 
                                    Boston Story mode 
    Bull Fighter                    Complete the Free the Bull Fighter Goal 
                                    in Barcelona  
    Call of Duty Soldier            Complete Story Mode on Sick 
    Cheat Codes Movie               Complete all gaps on all 15 levels 
    Graffiti Tagger                 Complete the Find the Graffiti Tagger 
                                    Goal in Berlin  
    Jesse James                     Complete Classic Mode on Sick 
    Jester                          Complete the Find the Jester Goal in 
                                    New Orleans  
    Natas Kaupas                    Complete Classic Mode on Sick 
    Neversoft Skates Movie          Complete Classic Mode with 100% 
                                    completion  100% 
    Nigel                           Complete Story Mode on Sick 
    Paulie                          Complete Story Mode on Normal 
    Pedestrian Group A              Complete Story Mode on Easy 
    Pedestrian Group B              Complete Story Mode on Normal 
    Pedestrian Group C              Complete Story Mode on Sick 
    Pedestrians Group D             Complete Classic Mode on Normal 
    Pedestrians Group E             Complete Classic Mode on Sick 
    Pedestrians Group F             Complete Story Mode with 100% 
    Pedestrians Group G             Complete Classic Mode with 100% 
    Pedestrians Group H             Find all the gaps 
    Phil Margera                    Complete Story Mode on Easy 
    Pro Bails 1 Movie               Complete Classic Mode on any Difficulty 
    Pro Bails 2 Movie               Complete Story Mode with 100% 
    Pro Skater Level                Complete Story Mode on any difficulty 
    Pro Skater level, Call of Duty 
    Soldier, Nigel, Peds Group C, 
    World Destruction Tour Video    Complete Story mode on "Sick" 
    Pro Skater level, Shrek, Phil 
    Margera, Peds Group A, Wolrd 
    Destruction Tour Video          Complete Story mode on "Easy" 
    Pro Skater level, The Hand, 
    Paulie, Peds Group B, 
    World Destruction Tour Video    Complete Story mode on "Normal" 
    Ryan Sheckler                   Complete the Find Ryan Sheckler Goal in 
    Shrek                           Complete Story Mode on Easy 
    Shrimp Vendor                   Complete the Find the Shrimp Vendor  
                                    Goal in Australia 
    Steve-O                         Complete Classic Mode on Normal 
    The Hand                        Complete Story Mode on Normal 
    The Triangle Level              Complete Classic Mode on any difficulty 
    The Triangle Level, Jesse 
    James, Natas Kaupas, Peds 
    Group E, Pro Bails 1 Video      Complete Classic mode on "Sick" 
    The Triangle level, Steve-O, 
    THPS1 Tony, Peds Group D, 
    Pro Bails 1 Video               Complete Classic mode on "Normal" 
    THPS1 Tony Hawk                 Complete Classic Mode on Normal 
    World Destruction Tour Movie    Complete Story Mode on any difficulty 
                              CHEAT CODES
    In previous Tony Hawk game, there have been many ways to get cheats. 
    For example, THPS4, you had to buy them, in THUG, you needed to 
    complete every goal. Well, in THUG2 to get cheats, you must complete 
    every single gap in the game! This will be quite a hard task to do, so 
    hopefully someone will post a gap checklist guide! 
    However, Neversoft have a section in options called cheat codes, and 
    you can type in cheat codes there. There currently has been one found. 
    If you find any more, please email them to me.
    Enter "oldskool" at the cheat codes section to unlock Natas Kaupas
    Thanks to Myseryus401
                              EASTER EGGS
    In Boston, get into the apartment (to the right of the start, in a 
    little are) and there is a starwars kid there. PRess circle to "Feel 
    the power"
    In canada, from the start, turn around, and go forward and to the right 
    abit. Now look left, and on the snow it says "Neversoft rules." If you 
    didn't know, Neversoft are the makers of the game.
    In Los Angeles, go to the fire truck. The name of the fire truck 
    company is Neversoft Fire Department (or something along those lines!) 
    They sure do love putting Themselves in the game!
    If you find any more, please email them to me.
    The most horrible thing that can happen to you! It's happened to me, 
    and heaps and heaps and heaps of other people out there! At one stage 
    on the Tony Hawks Underground 2 board, there were heaps and heaps of 
    topics about the freezing. As I said, it happened to me, and i was 
    really really annoyed.
    What happens is when you are saving the game, it freezes, meaning you 
    can't continue, and you have to reset your console, meaning the data is 
    all erased. It sucked because everything I had done just went like that 
    - everything! I only had one story mode goal left to complete until I 
    had completed every goal in story mode.
    It will probably happen to you too, as it has happened to many people! 
    There is a solution though - make 2 backup files. If one gets 
    corrupted, reset, load the other one and then save it again so you will 
    always have two backups, and when you save, save over all three so that 
    they are all at the same spot. If one gets corrupted, you wont lose 
    Sometimes when you go out of focus mode, the music stops playing. It's 
    probably because the music stops when you go into focus mode, and 
    something might forget to trigger it to play again when you are out of 
    it. Only very rarely happens. To cure this, why you have lost the 
    music, just go to game options, sound option and go to Skip track or 
    Playlist. Highlight them and the music should come back on.
    A small little one here. Perform a special trick over a spine, so you 
    get a special trick plus a spine transfer in your combo. For some 
    reason, the sepcial colour will be on the spine transfer trick, and the 
    special will be a white colour instead of it's normal colour.
                                 DESTRUCTION/SECRET AREAS
    In the washington park there are two cannons facing the tea boat area. 
    Find the trashcan that is on fire just by the cannon, and jump over it 
    (either on your board or off your board, it doesn't really matter.) Now 
    grind both of the cannons while your board is on fire to light the 
    fuse. Once you see the cutscene, afew things have changes in that area. 
    Afew beams are down, and there is now a vert ramp on the ground and 
    more ramps.
    Set the bull free. To do this, throw a tomato at the bull in the cage. 
    Once the bull is set free, the bull will knock over a car, and also 
    over a tower. Now you can use the tower parts as a vert ramp.
    You have to grind a little cable up very high. Get to where you found 
    the graffiti tagger in story mode. Now grind along the very top ledge, 
    heading the opposite way of the church, which should be to the left. 
    You will grind a little rail by the train tracks, causing afew things 
    to happen.
    Outback tours park. In Free Skate or story mode, get to the crane. On 
    the opposite side of the street to the crane is a fire hydrant. Natas 
    spin on the fire hydrant. to natas spin, go up to the hydrant, ollie 
    into the top of it and press triangle plus circle. Spin for about 5 
    seconds, and watch the little cut-scene. The crane knocks over a wall. 
    You can now skate through where the wall broke down to, into the 
    Australian outback area, where there are afew rails and a bowl and 
    other things to trick off. This is also where the special guest is in 
    the Australia story level.
    Raise the dead - get to the cemety. There are 5 crypts here, each with 
    skulls on them. Grind the skulls off of each of the crypts to open 
    them. If you grind off one skull, you have 10 seconds to grind the rest 
    of the skulls off before it returns the skull to the crypt. There are 5 
    total. It changes the music, the lighting, and there is a hole in the 
    middle of the level.
    I don't really think there is anything in this level - it does get 
    (SPOILERS) burnt down at the end of story mode, but thats about it.
    Causing an earthquake - to cause an earthquake, just by the start there  
    are 4 tremor rails, A north rail, a south rail and a east and west 
    rail. Grind all 4 of them (not in a combo or anything) to cause an 
    earthquake) now you can get onto the highway, which is nessecary for 
    getting a stat point in classic mode. 
    By doing this you can unlock the phillyside skatepark area. Find the 
    housem it's by the powerlines, near the awning. Grind the rail just by 
    it, and you will transfer onto the powerlines. Grind it for afew 
    seconds, and the fences will come down across the street. You can now 
    skate in that phillyside area, which was previously unaccessable. Also, 
    you can drain the fountain, not that there is much point to it though. 
    Find the grass area by the founain. It is the grass area that is away 
    from the second house. On the edge of thise grass area a rail. Grind 
    the rail all the way to the along, and you will get to the balcony area 
    of a house. There is a little valve there, grind it to drain the 
                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
    Q - Does this game take longer to finish than that of Tony Hawks 
    A - If you mean just finishing Story mode with the bare minimum (Eg, 
        going to the next level as soon as you can) then it is probably the 
        same amount of time, but thats just for story mode.
    Q - Whats this classic mode I've been hearing about?
    A - Classic mode is sorta like the career mode in THPS2 and THPS3, you 
        have 2 minutes, and 10 tasks to complete in 14 levels!
    Q - Is the Gameplay like Tony Hawks Underground?
    A - Yes, it is very similar, but that aint a bad thing, plus there are 
        new moves and all.
    Q - Whats the Create a Park mode like? Any new stuff?
    A - Yes, there a Hugeys, Big slopes, and there is no Miscellaneous 
        section anymore, everything in these has been relocated to other 
        sections. Also, normal rails are back, as well as the rail tool, 
        but you still can't overlap things.
    Q - So what new moves are in the game?
    A - The natas spin, focus, graffiti tag, sticker slap, vert wallplant, 
    Q - How much Replay value does this game have?
    A - Heaps, first of all you need to complete story mode 3 times (on 3 
        difficulties) to get everything possible out of story mode, then 
        you have to complete every single goal on story mode to get 
        something else. Next you have to complete classic mode 2 times 
        (Normal, Sick) and complete every single goal in classic mode to 
        get all the secrets that classic mode has to offer. Also, there is 
        create a goal mode, ability to create your own tricks, and creating 
        your own park adds infinite replay value to this game, and also 
        there is the thing could online play which will keep you 
        entertained for ages! And don't get me started on the gaps! There 
        is heaps to do.
    Q - What new 2 Player/Online modes are there?
    A - There is Elimskate and also Scavenger hunt. On Scavenger hunt, you 
        press up plus square to place a coim, and once everyone has placed 
        their coins, you need to collect the most coins to win. In 
        Elimskate, the player in last is eliminated until there is only one 
        player remaining. Both can be played online, but only scavenger 
        hunt can be played 2 player.
    Q - What sort of goals has classic mode got?
    A - Every classic level has got a high score, a pro score, a sick 
        score, high combo, skate letters, combo letters and find the secret 
        tape. The other 3 challenges are usually a mixture of finding 
        things or tricking over or on something.
    Q - How many classic mode goals are there?
    A - In total 140, 10 per level.
    Q - How many goals does Story mode have?
    A - There is 24 goals per level, 6 levels, but thats not including the 
    bonus objectives. So there is 144 normal goals, but there are other 
    bonus ones in Australia, New Orleans and Skatopia.
    Q - How are the gaps, are there plenty of them?
    A - Yes, there are heaps. There are more in the game than any other 
        tony hawk game (i think) because there are 15 levels.
    Q - How do I perform the natas spin?
    A - Go up to something with a small top, and press R1 + Triangle.
    Q - My game froze while saving, PLEASE HELP!!
    A - Always back up your save file! It froze on me once while saving, 
    and as you can imagine, I was pissed off. I've heard many ignorant 
    people out there sya "hasn't happened to me" and haven't backed up 
    there save file, and then it happens to them! So do it, if you are 
    reading this, back up your save file!
    Q - Any chance of a review by you? 
    A - Probably not a full one, but here is a short one.
    Presentation   - Story mode is just okay, but classic mode is a blast.
    Graphics       - More cartoonish characters, and good looking places
    Sound          - Absolutely great music from bands
    Gameplay       - Similar to THUG, but more moves and less glitches
    Lifespan       - Heaps of create a modes, and online play
    Presentation - 8 / 10
    Graphics     - 8 / 10
    Sound        - 10 / 10
    Gameplay     - 10 / 10
    Lifespan     - 10 / 10 
    Q - Where can I find some more info on this game
    A - GameSpot, IGN, or there are some other guides
    Q - Who are the pro skaters in this game?
    A - Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Mike Vallely, Chad Muska, Rodney Mullen, 
        Bam Margera and Eric Koston.
    Q - Who is on team bam, and who is on team margera?
    A - Team tony - You, Hawk, Mullen, Vallely, Muska, Burnquist
        Team bam  - Bam, Koston, Sparrow, Weeman, Phil, Paulie
    Q - Do you skateboard in real life?
    A - No
    Q - Is THUG2 more realistic than the other games?
    A - No, it's the same, although if you do want realism, you can take 
        down your stat points to 0.
    Q - Any cheats for this game?
    A - Afew have been found, the most important one is straightedge, which 
        gives you perfect rail balance.
    Q - How do you get the cheats legitimately?
    A - Get every single gap in the game.
    Q - I need help on xxx gap, but it isn't done in your gaps guide. 
        Please help!
    A - If it isn't done in my guide, either wait or ask on the GameFAQs 
    Q - Have they removed the Darkslide and the Double tapping glitches 
        that were in THUG?
    A - Yes.
    Q - What old school levels are back? 
    A - School, Downhill Jam, Warehouse, Philladelphia, Los Angeles, 
        Airport and Canada.
    Q - What story mode levels are there?
    A - Training, Boston, Barcelona, Berlin, Australia, New Orleans and 
        Skatopia. Plus a secret level.
    Q - What secret characters are there?
    A - Can't tell! Na, seriously, look in the unlockables section.
    Q - Do you think there will be a THUG3, or another Tony Hawk game?
    A - Hopefully there will be, there should be. As long as Neversfot keep 
        making them, I'm willing to spend the money and buy their game.
    Q - What Tony Hawk games do you own/played?
    A - I have played and completed THPS on Playstation, I own and have 
    fully completed with every character THPS2 and THPS3, noth on 
    playstation. I have also played and completed THPS3 on PS2. I used to 
    own THPS4, but sold it after I got thug. I Own and still love THUG, and 
    I own this game, THUG2.
    Thanks to :
    Neversoft and Activision for making the Tony Hawk series
    CjayC for making GameFAQs and posting this guide
    Everyone who contributed the cheats onto GameFAQs

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