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"Natas spin, wheelchairs? We're getting desperate!"

The Tony Hawk series. Probably one of the most popular series of games ever made. Definitely the best skateboarding game ever made.

So whats new in Underground 2? Not a whole lot. Some of the best skaters in the world are going on a wild ride given by Tony Hawk and Bam on a world destruction tour. Also, you get to meet Paulie "wheels of fury" Ryan!

So, four new things have been added to gameplay. The Natas spin, an old skool skateboard trick. Nothing too mind bending

Graffiti tagging. Thank god! Now I can finally spray paint all over a level like I always wanted to do! Oh wait, I didn't.

Switching characters. Now during a run you can switch characters to another pro, a guest, and then a secret guest. The secret guest usually ride a vehicle like a rocket powered scooter or etc. I liked the idea of switching characters and having to do specific tricks with them, but the vehicles I didn't dig too much at all.

Focus aka Matrix mode. I saved the best for last. Okay I saved the only gameplay altering thing for last. Focus mode is where time slows down and you can really bust out some mad tricks. The downside is that you get only one focus mode per combo, and it eats up your special meter fast like fat people eat everything. Plus it only lasts fifteen seconds.

Okay! Time to finish this up.

Graphics - 9
They're starting to get really good. I wonder how good the anti-aliasing looks on the PS2.. *snicker*

Sound - 10
Usually there's a lot of tracks I don't care too much for, but they did a great job this time. Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Ministry, Rancid (hey, I like the new album), the Ramones (of course), and no more crust punk rock! Thank god! Stay outta rotation Toy Dolls!

controls - 10
you can beat this game just fine with the keyboard, but if you plan on beating this game on sick mode, I'd suggest a gamepad. After a session of rippin it up on the keyboard, my elbow feels funny, and my fingers are reminding me of all the consistent hell I put them through... all in the name of fun!

Rent or buy?
Well if you've gone this long without playing a tony hawk game, I'd suggest renting it. If you're going to buy it, I'd say get the pc version as you can use your internet connection to compete online, it's easier to create your own graffiti, it's easier for face mapping, you get full screen anti-aliasing, you can run it at a higher resolution (1280), and it's $20 cheaper than the console versions. Yes, all of that is better than the console version!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/25/04

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