How do i unlock the Duelist?

  1. How do i unlock the Duelist specialization for the rogue?

    User Info: isrzanza

    isrzanza - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    But what if I failed, qhere can i find her to play again?

    User Info: X-drumer

    X-drumer - 8 years ago

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  1. From playing, you unlock the Duelist spec from Isabela in the Pearl brothel in Denerim. You have to unlock the Pearl from a quest from the sergeant in the market to make the mercs leave the brothel. Once there, you can talk to her and she challenges you to a card game, where you can either catch her hand as she tries to cheat, or you can try to cheat at the game without her catching you. It'll prove to her that you are quick and graceful, by not allowing her to see or catch you cheating.

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  1. You learn Duelist from an NPC that resides in the Pearl (brothel) in Denerim. She is in the main room as you enter. You have to play a game of cards with her and catch her hand by passing dexterity checks. Afterwards, Duelist will be available to you.

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  2. The NPC in the Pearl is named Isabela, fyi

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  3. Also note that if your character has crappy DEX, if you have Leilanna (might work with other rogues as well, not sure) in your party she will help you after a couple failures and allow you to succeed the check easily.

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  4. Or if you don't want to associate with the sergeant there is a poster in the market right next to the exit into the elven alienage. Examine it and the pearl will be unlocked.

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  5. Also note that if youre Coercion and Cunning is high enough, you can convince Isabela to have sex with you instead of playing cards. Either way you will end up getting the Duelist specialization.

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  6. You can also cheat and win the card game and she'll teach you. There are several ways to get the class, people really have trouble getting it?

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  7. Mage

    Arcane Warrior: Learned From: The Presence in Brecilian Ruins (Nature of the Beast quest line)

    Blood Mage: Learned From: Desire Demon in Fade (Arl of Redcliffe quest line)

    Shapeshifter: Learned From: Morrigan (Companion), Varathorn (Dalish Camp)

    Spirit Healer: Learned From: Wynne (Companion), Wonders of Thedas (Denerim, after Landsmeet starts)


    Assassin: Learned From: Zevran (Companion), Alariths Store (Denerim, after Landsmeet starts)

    Bard: Learned From: Leliana (Companion), Alimar (Orzammar)

    Duelist: Learned From: Isabela (The Pearl in Denerim)

    Ranger: Learned From: Bodahns Wares (Party Camp)


    Berserker: Learned From: Oghren (Companion), Gorim (Denerim Market)

    Champion: Learned From: Arl Eamon (at the end of the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest line)

    Reaver: Learned From: Kolgrim (Wyrmling Lair)

    Templar: Learned From: Alistair (Companion), Bodahns Wares (Party Camp

    That should clear up everything :P

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