1. I always like to play persuasive types and from what I understand the main hero is the only one interacting with NPCs. I wanted to create a warrior at first, but then I saw that coercion requires cunning up to 16. How important is the skill in this game? Should I create a rogue so I don't feel bad about sometimes not getting everything out of quests or should I forget about it?

    Or perhaps create myself a warrior and add points to cunning till I reach 16? Although that strikes me as highly ineffective char building.

    What do you guys think?

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    Pemptus - 8 years ago

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  1. You get 5 free cunning points from the fade (assuming you find them all). In order to max coercion, you need 16 cunning.

    A human starts with 11 cunning, so you don't need to put points in cunning if you're starting with human. For elves and dwarves who start with 10 cunning, all you need is a single point. Of course, you'd also have to do the circle quest and the fade early.

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  1. You could pool all your starting stats into cunning and as a human warrior you'll have 16 cunning

    With that set you'd only have to worry about your combat stats after leveling up

    That way you can increase your coercion stats all the way up and not miss out on dialogue at all

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  2. Cunning is VERY important to this game, not only do you need persuasive/intimidate to acquire certain party members, its great for recruiting NPCS to be your meat shield, acquiring items, and favors from people. Being persuasive also makes it a tad bit easier for those romantic options ;-)

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  3. One of the quest lines that you can access mid-game (the mage tower one) gives you a boatload of free attribute points (something like +3 to every stat) if you find all the semi-secret locations.

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  4. Agreed. Coercion is very important. so make sure you max it out early. Not only does it allow you to gain help, items and favours, it also makes things much much easier. I've skipped plenty of fights with persuade/intimidate. In the beginning it may not be that helpful to skip fights but later on when your character is a much higher level the fights just get tedious. Also, you can get away with things that your party members may disapprove of. For example, for the Broken Circle quest, you are supposed to choose to side with one of two people. Depending on who you side with, you will get a spirit healer to join you. But i didnt finish the quest as the spirit healer wanted. I was able to persuade her that I tried my best and she joined me.

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  5. Personally, I played a rogue on my first play though. Coercion is a nice thing to have, but by no means game breaking. so really up to your individual style.

    Also as a sidenote, in some conversations.. if your have sufficient cunning, there are cunning options as well (but not as much as Persuade/Intimidate ones)

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  6. Unless you are a rogue I would wait on putting points into Cunning until after you complete the Mage Tower (this should be your first stop). You will gain a lot of permanent bonuses to stats here. Also, as a rogue you will not need Coercion maxed out to succeed at all persuade attempts due to having very high Cunning. As a warrior, while the Armor Penetration from Cunning is technically not a bad stat, you may find yourself struggling for other stats you need to max out offensive and defensive skills. As a mage, Cunning is obviously useless after the 16 points required to gain access to skills.

    I have never failed a persuade attempt with 16 Cunning and Coercion maxed so don't worry much about Cunning until after the Mage Tower is complete as you will gain a lot of Cunning for free in the Fade.

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  7. Well, I think you can't have everything.
    If you want to be a tough warrior, then you shouldn't waste your point in cunning and coercion. A tough warrior can solve their problem with their muscle after all.
    If you want to be a rogue, you will surely need cunning, so invest them right away, you will need some ally or other advantages from persuasion since you are not as tough as warrior.
    If you want to be a mage, well, just aim for the second tier of Coercion and moderate cunning, you need those point for other vital aspect of a mage. You don't need too much advantages after all.

    I hope this help.

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  8. As a side note, I used Coercion on a Warrior with Intimidate since my Strength was so high anyway, and occasionally dropped a point here and there into Cunning to qualify for the next level of the talent, and I never once failed an intimidate interaction.

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  9. My opinion is that you should start out as a mage. It is always good to be a mage in any RPG game. They deal good damage, although have undesirable health, you can recruit tanks such as Sten. You're going to find that being a Mage really helps you through the Elite Boss battle fights such as Flemeth, the High Dragon, Ser Cauthrin, etc. Because of the weak health you get for the Mage, it's important to have tanks such as Sten and Oghren ( mainly because he's funny as hell ). However, during adventuring, I would recommend either Zevran or Leliana so they can picklock. Going back to your original question, coercion is semi-important in the game, it occasionally reap benefits that you could have gotten just by persuading or intimidating. However, you are going to want to amp up your herbalist and survival skills. Herbalist provide you the ability to make poultices and that's good because sooner or later, the stores are going to run out of them to sell to you. Survival is needed for a quest later in the game and acts as a radar for you. Also having Wynne is imperative. There's so many times that she saved my skin by reviving me. So in summary, go with mage, get Winter's Grasp and Flame Burst, then Living Bomb, boost the rest of Living Bomb's branch except for the last one, finally go for all fire type because they're DPS spells. If you have some DLC's that would be good, boost Sten's strength up to around 48 (doesn't matter if he dies a lot, he'll eventually be a big hitter) then let his constitution catch up. Make sure you get all the spirit healer abilities for Wynne and level up all the abilities she already started with, focusing on Willpower (you don't know how annoying it is when you need her to heal you and she doesn't have any mana) Good luck!

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  10. I understand how u feel lol. I too am a completest :P. At least i am for my first play through! It's not Super important however, but it does make it easier for many things. Like getting a few free items and getting the most rewards outta some situations. Also, romancing is much easier and gives better options when talking to ur allies (approval points). U dont really have to max it out at all. 16 cunning is fine. in fact u dont even have to place any much/any points, simply choose the magi tower as ur first stop, and u should earn enough free points not have to spend any in coercion. Also, if u wanna spend points on cunning and no feel guilty i do have a good build for it!

    ROUGE: DUAL SWORDS - assassin/duelist
    I read a guide that explained a bit about how dual swords work. it was a bit complicated so i'll sum it up. daggers + max cunning = GG. yeah pretty simple. lethality is obviously involved and u should use assassin/duelist. 20 str (for best light armor), 36 dex (for skills involved) and max out cunning. to make this pawn even more add a para' rune to each dagger. remember that lightning burns mana so it makes a good second choice when it come to runes. and also make sure u have a tank (alistair(sword n shield) or shale(beefy n' comical XD) are good tanks)just so he's not targeted. This ensures your rouge can get behind for that awesome back stab, and so he does not die xD. also, back stabs can be assured if u have a mage with stunning/freezing/petrify or any other forms of disable (Morrigan :P) with the "Coup de' Grace: skill. This build is pretty fun and is prolly' the easiest way to get the 200 damage award! A good rouge/dual swords is a friggin' beast!!!

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