How do I solve the Bridge Puzzle in the Urn Gaunlet?

  1. Perhaps I'm not understanding the mechanics of how the puzzle works, but I seem to only be able to make one square solid at a time, and the panels that make two 'translucent' bridge pieces do not work with eachother. I can make a complete translucent bridge, but it seems my 4th party member can't activate any panels once I do so. Can someone walk me through the solution?


    RUNFORYOURLIVES - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. As you may have guessed, you need to have your party members stand on the squares at the side to progress through this puzzle. Certain combinations will make the platforms solid, so that your character can progress along the bridge alone. At the end the bridge will materialize completely and the rest of the party will be able to cross. Here are the combinations. The squares are numbered left or right 1-6, from the entrance's viewpoint.

    - First step: right 1, right 2, left 3
    - Second step: right 2, left 3, left 6
    - Third step: have them stand at right 2, right 4 and left 6, then have the one that was standing on right 2 run over to left 1.
    - Fourth step: have them stand at right 4, right 5 and left 1, then have the one that was standing on right 4 run over to left 5.

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Other Answers

  1. I had a hard time with that as well. What you have to do is find a panel that lights up 2 panels (the first 2 to begin with) somewhere along there is another panel that lights up 2 but it overlaps with one of the panels currently visible making one of them visible, with your 3rd guy you need to find a panel that lights up the one that is next to be solid and then move the guy who is lighting up the first 2 panels to the one that lights up the last portion of the bridge along with the 3rd portion, while doing this you move your 3rd guy to each consecutive panel while you're 4'th walks along the pathway. Don't worry about death if he/she dies, they are just teleported to the entrance. It's more just trial and error so i hope that helps.

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  2. To solve the puzzle, you'll need three characters standing on the stones, with the fourth moving across the bridge slowly.
    As you can see, there are 12 stones in total; 6 on the left and 6 on the right. As a point of reference, the stones will be numbered like so:
    1 [] 12
    2 [] 11
    3 [] 10
    4 [] 09
    5 [] 08
    6 [] 07

    As I had Alistair, Morrigan, and Zevran in my party I assigned them as A, B, and C for stones, while I kept my character as the one who walked the bridge as X.
    Alistair = A
    Morrigan = B
    Zevran = C
    Main = X

    To begin, move A to stone 1. Move B to stone 4. Move C to stone 8. Move X forward as far as it'll go.
    Next, keep A at stone 1. Move B to stone 10. Move C to stone 6. Move X forward as far as it'll go.
    Finally, move A to stone 11. Move B to stone 5. Keep C at stone 6. Move X forward as far as it'll go.

    Hope this helps.

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