How to kill an ogre?

  1. my main is a mage. when my party engages the ogre he kills each party member in 3 hits. he will not focus on 1 individual, he moves from target to target, not necessarily killing 1 before moving to the next. my mage does not have enough mana to heal thru the fight. actually, the ogre will kill a member before the cd is up on my heal. he seems to do way too much damage for this fight to be possible. I have at least 15 attempts. Am I missing something? about to uninstall because its so ridiculous.

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    icculus8 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    What is the best idea with melee attackers and one ranged? As I am pretty new to this genre of games this makes me pretty frustrated with dying 20+ times when i have tried...

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    bj_orn - 7 years ago

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  1. It requires some micromanagement on your part. I'm assuming you're talking about the ogre in the tower. Make sure you move healing poultices into the hotbar of each character. Make Alistair and the tower guard engage the ogre in close combat and move your character and the other mage away to deal ranged. The ogre will occasionally move towards either of your mages, so have him run away until it targets one of your fighters again. If any of your characters get too weak, pause (Space Bar), have them use poultices or have your mages heal them and then unpause.

    Hope this helps

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  1. You can always just change the difficulty down to easy for that one fight, but if you can't beat the ogre be prepared to face a lot of frustration as there are a lot more difficult fights down the road.

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  2. Try using your healing potions for healing, not just a single healing spell on the mage.

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  3. I found Freeze spells to be most useful, just watch out for friendly fire for the Cone. Winter's Grasp works too but ogre shrugs it off too often. Go for ranged attacks with everyone in the party surrounding the ogre as far as possible from him.

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  4. The majority of his damage comes from his specials, his base melee attack isn't fun but is quite survivable. But if you're going to survive, especially on harder difficulties, you want to make sure that any time you see a special attack name come up that you get people out of it. Massive attack and smash are very avoidable, Rush is harder but possible.

    If he gets on someone that can't take the hits, like a mage, just run circles with that char as the others get free hits.

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  5. Yea, you should just let 1 or 2 guys tank him, and let the rest just do some ranged attacking ;)

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  6. As a mage, you don't get another mage you only get two melee guards. The way I did it was with Alistair tanking using a combination of the healing items and healing from me. Alternatively, you can move everyone else away and blast the ogre with a ton of spells and then kite him around the room. He doesn't move faster than you and you can actually solo him if you can toss enough spells without running out of mana (very tricky).

    The recommended method would be setting up the two guards to use bow attacks and alistair tanking him with the potions and healing. That should have it so only Alistair takes damage. Pepper a few damaging spells in between the heals if you can, I also recommend frost, and if alistair dies, have his next target kite him around the room.

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  7. I started as a mage, so I had Allister and two soliders.

    Have one or two melee characters attack him, keeping one at his back at all times if you use two melee. The one at the back will do extra damage, and will only take damage from the ground-stomp ability. Pause the game, and command your tank to use a Poultice when he's between 33% and 50% health. If your second melee manages to pull agro, that's ok, just make sure your first melee gets behind the boss. All melee should use stunning abilities when they're available.

    Archer characters should hang in the back, and concentrate on keeping Shattering Shot up on the boss. The roll of mages depends entirely on their spells. Either Frost Weapons or Flaming Weapons is useful if you're attacking with multiple melee characters. If you have Heal, save it for an emergency, when your tank isn't able to use a poultice. Winter's Grasp and Cone of Cold can both stun the boss, I prefer to use Vulnerability Hex first, as it lowers the Ogre's resistance to the stun. Weakness is very good as well, but the boss seemed to be very resistant to Paralyze.

    You're going to need a potion or two throughout the fight, as you'll be burning through your mana. I'd recommend focusing on keeping one or two debuff on the boss, saving your heal for the tank and only attacking with Winter's Grasp and your staff attacks. Going all out with offensive spells will cause the Ogre to agro on you, leading to you having to kite or getting squashed.

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  8. At the start you'll have certain enemies with which you'll struggle.
    The ogre (luckily) is a melee opponent which makes it able for you to kite him around.
    Make sure all your partymembers are equipped with some ranged weapon at all times and in case of enemies like this you can always keep them on ranged while the ogre keeps chasing one party member.
    Preferably you want to have as much space between the ranged and the kiter as possible that way you can swap characters safely when the ogre decides to exchange his hatred to another.
    Note: Any frost spell has a chance to freeze/slow the opponent making kiting easier.

    Its a safe albeit slow method, but as long as you're a nimble kiter its sure to work.
    Note: If you're up against a ranged foe with which you struggle try to use stuns and such in succession of eachother not all at the same time.

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  9. Spread out and use ranged attacks. Whoever he's chasing should try to kite him.

    If you have other parties trying to melee him, you can do that but the moment you see Massive Attack, make them run away.

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  10. Make him attack one person with threaten or taunt, then let him run around while the rest shoot

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  11. I found the easiest way was to use Alastair to pull aggro from the Ogre with his special skill Taunt. Run the Ogre in circles around the tower while everyone else attacks him with nothing to worry about.

    You can beat the ogre without anyone suffering a single point of damage by doing this.

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  12. The first ogre is the hardest. Use any CC (Crowd Control) you have at your disposal and use another when the first wears off. Winter's Grasp, Paralyze, etc..

    Also take control of members, use a poultice when their health is down. Switch back and throw everything at it. If your mage is targetted, kite, kite, kite.

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  13. when u meet with ogre in tower you just keep range, switch all characters on bow . taunt with Alister and run.

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  14. I agree with wexorian, easiest way is to put bow/crossbow on everybody, remember to change their tactics so they don't switch and run up to the ogre, with the mage just cast a high aggro spell, or taunt with alistair and start running like a chicken with its head cut off. I like to throw each party member in a different corner of the room, that way i know pretty clearly who the ogre is after if it switches aggro. Easiest way to do the tower ogre in. I think i've tried it on nightmare, not too sure though

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  15. This is just me, I have done the tower Ogre with Mages and rogues as my PC. Spacebar is your friend. Also Alistair should have at least two attacks that can stun or knock down an enemy, use them to disrupt a special attack by Ogre. Likewise the Dirty Fighting of a Rogue character

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  16. Easy.. spread your team and make sure to equip 3 members in your party with range weapon before fighting him
    use threaten on your tanker then attack ogre once then make the ogre chase your tanker around while others keeps shooting at it..
    the only enemy i find difficult to kill in this game are those revenants and yes they are harder too kill than any high dragons including the archdemon himself. be prepare for those revenants

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  17. Just go all out on the Ogre. When he craps a party member, switch to Alistair and use his Shield Bash move to force him to drop the character

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  18. Just get Petrify spell, It will help a lot you in game, It is a key spell for bosses. You can also combine it with brute skills like punisher, cripple (dual sword skill), etc. So you can shatter your opponent, which means if you pretify someone and shatter it, it doesnt matter how much life it has, It will simply shatter and die. Freezing also works, but petrify takes long to worn out. If your petrify fail, just load and try again if you are having trouble. I've noticed also that key boss you can't shatter (those with thick health bar and orange name), but it is still useful though. Since you are mage, try to find spells combinations such as hex and drain life, your drain will be more powerful, this one unlocks codex though. I didnt check drain mana, but it may also work. Also get Death syphon if you have the chance, it will turn dead bodies into mana for you!

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  19. Ok for this... I will just describe what I did. I played an mage and specialized in ice. The reason I did this is because you can freeze people which stun them for a long time, get a buff, and get a ranged move that freezes whole groups of guys. Out of all the classes I had the easiest time playing it. I also took healing. Anyway when I got to this I didn't even bother using the attack buff despite the game giving me 2 guards on top of allaster.
    First I started out having everyone range, while I froze him twice(using both ice moves). Then when he got closer I switched everyone to melee quickly and ran in circles for a bit until I could freeze him again. I mixed some heals in between there but that was pretty much the way it went.

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