Do you get anything for killing the mage, siding with Sophia at Wardens Keep?

  1. Do you get anything for killing the mage, like some mage items or anything magi can use?

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Accepted Answer

  1. ***SPOILER***

    From the Warden's Keep you will obtain a robe that enhances your blood magic (if you are a blood mage by that point). You will also obtain an odd substance that gives power of the blood (does not make you a blood mage). If you make a deal with Sophia, you can obtain the robe and this substance. You will also obtain gold from Sophia, but note that it is only 8 gold pieces and about 50 silver pieces. You will also obtain a dragonbone staff called Winterbreath and a Warden's commander armor (great for you as an Arcane Warrior or Alister/Sten). Note, that you can accept Sophia's deal, clear out the tower, help Sophia fully, then break the deal with Sophia - kill her - to obtain the rest of the loot.

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Other Answers

  1. A Blood Mage robe.

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  2. The major loot in Wardens keep comes from completing Ancient History and killing the two main NPCs that you meet. So long as you complete Ancient History, you'll get a nice sword and some other random loot.

    If you deal honorably with Sophia, and follow the right dialogue options, you can get a large amount of gold, but do not get her equipment. If you deal honorably with the blood mage, you get just Sophia's equipment. You can, however, kill them both to complete the quest. And if you're persuasive enough, you can get Sophia to fix the weak point in the fade before killing anybody.

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