Cant kill the brood mother (SPOILERS)?

  1. Ok so i got all the way through the trenches easily but when i hit the brood mother BAM cant kill the thing, ive tried around 6 times so far and im just getting plain frustrated, im afraid i might lose sleep on the subject. My strategy is have every part member go for the brood mother, have morrigan flame and blast it from afar while i have my character (Duel wielding warrior) as well as alistar and Oghren attack the thing all at once, now normally i lose alistar first (hes a weak one) followed by Oghren, then my char. And I normally get down to the point where its almost dead but then the hurlocks come in and just rip whoever is left of my party down. So what should i do? I cant kill this thing and its pi**ing me off

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    saviorss1 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hehe. . my friend you are indeed helpless if you don't use tactics.
    1. No character in DAO is weak! heck even Lloyd in Redcliffe can fend for himself.
    2. No Healer = Imminent Death
    3. No Tank? that can taunt darkspawn attacking healer/spell damager? = DEATH
    4. Are you not using skills? that could respectively lessen the armor or damage of broodMAMA?

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Other Answers

  1. Here's what my strategy/party comp was. I have Alistar as a Champion/Templar and Leilana who I've made into an alternate dual-wield/archer mix (yes, I know, it's really not that optimal at all), Morrigan (mix of primal and entropy magic), and myself, whose an Arcane Warrior/Shapechanger (though shapechanger has been a complete waste, wish I'd held out till I found Spirit Healer) mage with near complete Primal magic (missing only Petrify and the last Fire spell).

    When the fight started, I switched off tactics and had all my character hold position, then immediately dropped a blizard and a tempest ontop of the brood mother, then had Morrigan Vulnerability hex it. Alistar ran around 'tanking' tentacles and hurlocs. Leilana shot at the Brood Mother, and MOrrigana and I DPS'd on her as well. Alistar mostly chugged potions to stay up, as I had a large excess of Greater Healing at this point (around 30, I got craft happy). I regularly chunked fireballs ontop of the brood mother anytime her tentacles were near her, and renwed Blizzard and Tempest as neccessary. The Blizzard and Tempest killed or heavily weakened most of the Hurlocs who came in, but those that made it through got DPS'd by Leilana and me (Winter's Grasp/Cone of Cold+Stonefist=win). I also used Dark Sustenance to keep my mana up along with drain life+vulnerability hex spell combo to keep my life up.

    Given your group composition, however, it seems you favor melee combat, so my ranged oriented strategy may not be optimal for you. Try bringing Wynne, Morrigan, yourself and EITHER Alistar or Oghren. Set Wynne in her happy heal/support mode, Morrigan in debuff/damage mode, and proceed to hack the hell out of the thing.


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  2. Less melee, more range. You're going to learn quickly that elite and boss monsters tend to have very painful short range AoE attacks that tend to wipe any units up close to it unless they are chugging pots. Use your heaviest tanker up against the Brood Mother while your other two deal with the tentacles and Hurlocks. You might need a considerable amount of potions however, both healing and lyrium. Deal with the tentacles and Hurlocks first, it'll take the pressure off of your party. Might also want to consider getting the Juggernaut armor set in the Brelician? (Dalish) forest. Your BEST bet would be to just switch up your party and use only one tank instead of 3 but given that you're a dual wield warrior, you should probably just switch Oghren out for Wynne and have Alistair tank, assuming you continued his skill branch into shields and stuff all your heaviest armor on him. Bottom, line, keep the majority of your party away from the Brood Mother and spread out to avoid AoE attacks and focus fire the hurlocks and tentacles before going after the Brood Mother.

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  3. I beat the Broodmother using Alistair, Leliana, and Morrigan, with my character as a sword & shield using warrior. This battle is basically broken down into small segments: first the Broodmother attacks with just herself and her tentacles, then herself, the tentacles and a small group of hurlocks/genlocks, and then finally a group of shrieks (or something similar) and her tentacles.

    The way I beat it was to start by pulling my party as far away from the Broodmother as possible to prevent her from hitting my group with her highly damaging attacks. The tentacles will come seek out your party. Focus on them one-by-one until their health goes down to a certain point and they disappear. Once you've made all the tentacles retreat, focus on the Broodmother. I used Morrigan's Cone of Cold spell to keep the Broodmother under control, and let the rest of my party wail on her. After a certain amount of damage has been done, the second phase starts and the tentacles and darkspawn appear. Immediately pull back your party. Focus fire on the darkspawn to kill them and the tentacles to make them withdraw, and then repeat on the Broodmother. A third, similar phase will begin shortly thereafter. Same strategy, but here you can finally kill the tentacles for good. Go in for the kill on the Broodmother. Spells like Cone of Cold which stun/freeze/immobilize the Broodmother are great, and allow you to pound away while taking minimal damage.

    To sum up, stay away from the Broodmother while killing her summons/tentacles, and keep her under control while hurting her directly. I found this battle MUCH easier if you try to kill only one group at a time and only attack the Broodmother if she's the only enemy on the battlefield.

    Bonus tip: Cone of Cold + Overpower = Insta-kill on most white-label and some yellow-label enemies.

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  4. I used morrigan, alistar, my duelist rogue, and wyn (or however you spell all their names. The first thing I did was get morrigan and win on the stone platform inside and then then distracted the tentacles with alistair (using sword and shield blood dragon armor, with full tanking spec.) I popped a blizzard and a temptest on top of the brood mother and then burned the tentacles down while she died.

    Before I could even burn all the tentacles the second phase begun, but fortunatelly, they all ran right into my aoe's and froze themselves so I had my party hold and just sat back and let them all die. Worked like a charm. had to throw in a chain lightening or two and a few lightening bolts. never had to use a single of any potion and I did it at about lvl 13. Those aoe spells are your best freind. I very rarelly had to even bother tanking anything throughout the game because of them.

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  5. Have ranged characters stand on the stone area's either in the center or at the back and defend them with your melee/tank.

    The ranged can keep on the boss the entire fight or help down some of the mobs halfway through, the tentacles CAN NOT come up on the stone area's and having your ranged away from them on the stone will pretty much have them safe from the tentacles.
    After that its a matter of enduring the hits from the tentacles with your tank and killing off the tentacles and other adds.

    Tentacles respawn twice after that its partytime. From what i've heard she has some insane melee finishers so after the second respawn you might wanna send in your melee to chop at close range. Playing mage on my first playthrough meant i was AoEing the boss like crazy so i put all my melee on a ranged weapon when the adds were dead.

    Grease + Fireball, Thunderstorm, Blizzard, Flamepillar are your friends XD

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  6. Killing the brood mother can be either very easy if you have the right spells and plenty of pots. Mostly lyrium and some health. My character was a mage and i took Morrigan, Oghren, and Alister. The only thing Alister and Oghren are needed for are to take care of the darkspawn that show up.

    First thing to do: take all your characters to the stone area on the side. Turn off all tactics. Ignore the tentacles. Use Vulnerability Hex, Affliction Hex, and then use Drain Life, and Winter's Grasp. Make sure you use all the hexes you have before you use the damage spells. I think i more than doubled the normal damage. When the darkspawn come have Oghren, and Alister take care of them while you keep going at broodmother with Morrigan and your character if its a mage. it may take a while to kill but this is guaranteed first time kill. Just remember to take lots of lyrium pots. Also, the broodmother uses spit which does damage so take a few health pots as well.

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  7. My main is a mage, spirit healer/arcane warrior. I used Ohgran, my dog, and Sten (Sten rocks out with his *** out). I had them all not move but I made them circle my mage. They took care of the darkspawn and the tentacles and I healed them and kept inferno up on the broodmother then wanded her to death. Was a piece of cake. I used health pots only.

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  8. I used a different but much more entertaining option on hard. I had my main (mage, primal based with a touch in arcane warrior/spirit healer for survivability.) And the melee bros, allister, oghren, and sten. I dug through my bags and loaded up the melee bros with crossbows so they'd stay out of trouble. My basic strat was this, When she clusters up the tentacles around her, fire off an inferno, a grease ball, and spam fireballs and chain lightning. If any of them make it out of the apocalyptic over nuke, I would sick my melee bros on em while my main chugs pots. With three melee its a breeze to intercept the darkspawn units and keep them off my mage. The big key for doing this stand off is once the darkspawn are dead and she starts acid spitting to spread people out past melee range of each other. 40 damage acid spit on one person isn't bad, on 4 its hella painful, especially spammed.

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  9. Lots and lots of pots (potions). Pause and use your characters more effectively. I loathe doing this but its not like I can re-write the whole tactics thing. Anyhoo. Spend time with your spirit healer and keep party healthy. Send off tank and off-tanks to take down tentacles.

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  10. My party was myself(human warrior/champion wielding sword and shield), Oghren (using a maul), Shale, and Wynne. My tactic was much simpler than the above, but worked fairly well.
    I focused all three melee guys on the same enemy at all times while Wynne sat back and healed us. So the beginning of the fight I attacked tentacles one at a time until they all disappeared, then I focused on the brood mother.
    Then when she calls in dark spawn and tentacles I focused on the dark spawn, and then the tentacles. When they were all dead I went back to attacking the brood mother.
    I continued this cycle until the brood mother was dead.
    I have found focusing on the weaker but more numerous enemies before returning to the "boss" of any fight is a fairly effective tactic.
    Hope this helps.

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  11. I found this fight pretty easy, first my set up:
    Alister with full jugger armor, belt with 10 fire resist 10 healing amount bonus and neck with 15 % healing bonus, he is almost invulnerable to fire i focust on it cause the rest of the party :P
    Wynne: which is spirit healer and blood mage, have all 4 healing spell line, all 4 fire line, some hexes for decrease resistances
    Me: as a Arcane warrior / Spirit healer, also 4 heal-4 fire line, some area stun ( cone of cold ) and other spells
    Morrigan: some area hexes and area stuns full fire and healing line, have grease too

    tactic is pretty simple, pause at start, send alister, do the provoke to get agro, morrigan do grease a 1 hexe, wynne do another hexe (aoe one for tentacles) and regen on alister, me charging up flamepillar, that will take about 1 second of gameplay, next, both wyn and morri flame up too, while me use fireball, wait till flamepillars castings finish, spam both fireballs and use cone of fire of morri and me while wyn use an AoE heal. mob down. encounter takes about 10 secs of gameplay, if you dont count pause time.

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  12. I killed her using Shale (tanking), Morrigan, Wynne, and my main as Duelist Rogue. When the fight begins, I held position with everybody clustered in front of her out of range of her AoE attack, and everybody squeezed off several rounds of ranged attack (Shale switched to rockmastery for a bit to do rock hurl). Then when the first round of tentacles and darkspawn showed up, I sent Morrigan in dire bear form (bereskarn?) and Shale in to melee and stay on broodmother. Wynne stayed put to heal, while my rogue dealt with adds. After adds were down, my rogue went back to broodmother, this time to melee. When tentacles appeared around the broodmother, the rogue dealt with them. From that point, it was just a matter of Wynne keeping the party healed. Morrigan stayed in bear form the rest of the fight. Pretty sure she main tanked the whole fight, but Shale would have taken over had she fallen (which she didn't). Shale went to pulverizing blows and used slam as often as it was available. My rogue was the only character that died, when broodmother was at about 15% health. I waited until broodmother was almost dead for Wynne to rez him. There were only two darkspawn adds when the boss fell, which I had my entire party up to dispatch. Took lots of lyrium to do it this way.

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  13. I think I had an arcane warrior at that point... everyone else was dead and i really didn't care since she did maybe 5 damage per hit and lesser healings healed 80+... it was too bothersome to mind the rest of my party, just wailed around for a bit... got picked up, dropped wailed on her a bit more, chugged a pot... ad nauseum.

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  14. Broodmother isn't too difficult. If you stand on solid areas of stone flooring, the tentacles can't hit you. Particularly the stone area near the back of the room.

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  15. Yes, stay at the stone area but and give bow and arrow to the team members who have swords or axes, and aim the broodmother. Give them back only when the tentacles arrive and then hit the tentacles. Have patience and i recommend to have Wtnne in your team so that she can heal you. Good Luck! and keep tyring.

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  16. I equip every member with ranged weapons and have them stand on the stone areas along the back wall. Spread out a little to avoid splash damage. The tenticles can't hurt you if you don't get too close to the edge of the stone floor. When the Darkspawn come out, kill them quickly, you can switch you melee back to melee weapons for this. They may take a few tenticle hits, but no big deal. Switch back to ranged and repeat. One of the easiest fights in the game. I left my healer auto attacking and healing members, she had at least 50% mana when we finished.

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  17. This is what I did to beat the Brood Mother.
    My Party: Rogue, Assassin/Duelist, Shale, Oghren & Wynne
    Shale starts off by using Rockfall on the Broodmother to wipe out the frontline tentacles.
    Then the tentacles move towards my party and attack. I have the group move out of range a bit, use Shale's Rock Hurl to do some preliminary damage, and then have the party knock out the tentacles again, while Rock fall does a bit of AoE Nature damage. Usually Rock Fall has worn off by then, and I have the group attack the Broodmother. After about a quarter of its health is knocked off, you'll be pushed back by regenerated frontline tentacles again. Some Hurlocks & Genlocks will reappear. Have the party knock them out (my rogue was able to sweep them up pretty quickly). Then just repeat the cycle over until Broodmother is dead.
    Wynne is set with healer tactics with some lyrium potions ready, Shale has mostly a Rock Mastery based tactics and Oghren has Agressive tactics set. Everyone has a potion tactic set if their health gets below 25%.
    The best thing is to pause a lot to get a good view on what is going on in the battle. Hope this helps.

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  18. I myself am an arcane warrior, i recommemend having wynne for healing and I basically chopped up all the tentacles and darkspawn first before attacking brood. It's best to stand on the stone platforms and try to keep your mages alive. I actually killed brood using the ordinary mage attacks. I don't suggest u use melee to fight brood bcuz if u're not thick enough, she grabs u and if u can't stop her, well, byebye. It isn't that difficult if u respond well.

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  19. well it doesnt matter what your party looks like really. If you dont have a healer put in tactics to use health potions once health below 50% of 75% or whatever.
    hit the tentacles, not broodmother directly. once darkspawn come get rid of those first.
    have you got the ice spells? cone of cold(freezes targed so its immobile)? (or blizzard-careful, fiendly fire-get out of range) if you have cone of cold use, rinse repeat. that and potions should get you through easily.

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  20. Stay in the stone area that leads to a backward small dead-end path behind the brood mother. It's a good place to stay there for two reasons:
    1) You can take care of her tentacles without having to worry about any popping up behind you since there'd be stone ground there.
    2) For any archers of mages, they have clear shots at the brood mother without the risk of tentacles either.
    3) You can lure the darkspawn to that spot and take care of them deliberately with your warriors and whatnot.

    I did it as such with barely any health poultices to spare and it got me through. Though they would probably help a motherload.

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  21. Oh boy! Brood mother! What a doozy that was! I was using my rougue and pretty much got leliana, morrigan and that dwarf... I just used the regular way, make morrigan use frost spells with aoe's leliana targets and uses her skills dwarf tanks Rouge goes in and agros too much and ends up dieing(I started panicking here) And.... well.. I got morrigan to summon a skeleton and that skeleton did the final blow xD It was funny how it had a mace and just whacked brood mother to death! xD

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  22. Well, this would be a lot easier if you were a ranged attacker. I would recommend that if your main character is a melee fighter that you have Wynne in your party and some other tank. Get Morrigan filled with deadly spells. When you meet up with Broodmother, set all your characters to stay still so they can fight off the tentacles. Switch to Morrigan and blast at Broodmother, DPS attacks work great such as flame blast, inferno, fire blast, virulent bomb, and living bomb. Hex the Broodmother up so it'll receive more damage. This setup is good because you'll have Wynne healing you anytime your health drops low (provided she still has mana), your tanks (main char and another warrior) will take care of the tentacles that might attack, and that leaves your last char (Morrigan preferably) free to attack Broodmother.

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  23. I had Alistair, War dog and Wynne. Stand Wynne at the back on the stone floor so she doesn't get attacked by the tentacles - this will ensure that she can provide health as you need it and take pot shots at the blood mother from a distance. I've attempted this at a later stage where Alistair is a bit harder than before, so I set him on the tentacles, though he does usually end up dead some how or other (bless him!) then I leave my character to take on the tentacles and darkspawn, whilst I change to the dog and bite the crap out of her belly, using all my special moves. She doesn't seem to be able to grab the dog, but focuses on the other two.

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  24. Here's how you don't go wrong:

    Morrigan (or your mage)- Attack spells. I always have her spirit healer too, plus always have her area effect at all times
    Fighter of your choice (mine was Allistar, 'cause i was romancing) - melee and meat shield
    Rogue (well, it was my main) - dual wielding, melee, mostly meat shield
    Wynne (or your mage) - Healing and some attack, I had her set up to heal ppl below 25%

    -The big thing is to have Wynne (or another mage) be able to use revival. It saves your ass. You can buy the spirit healer class in Denerim in the mage store (i believe).
    -The other big this is Area Effect spells, because they deal out damage to all the tentacles and monsters around the Broodmother to make them easier to take down. I would reccommend (if you have enough), to have one area effect after another. I used Morrigan, 'cause I had only her and Wynne as mages.
    -Have one of your party killing off the tentacles, or in my case, throw Allistar at them. Have everyone else concentrate on attacking the Mother or healing.

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  25. One helpful (and probably the most helpful on this pg.) tip is that there are 2 trenches behind the brood mother. If you go their enemies will follow you, but when you go back to the brood mother the enemies won't follow you anymore and will just stay back in the trenches. Also enemies will help you beat the brood mother but you will pay a price and have to battle them at the end.

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