What are the two best mage specializations?

  1. Blood Mage seems cool, but is it really good at all? I am level 6 and coming up on my first specialization point. Thank you.

    User Info: SiriusBlack

    SiriusBlack - 8 years ago

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  1. Some good advice ShinGnosis, but It doesn't really answer his question. To answer, Sirius, it really depends on what you want from a specialization.

    Blood Mage is the only one that will really give you more DPS. It's spells are quite effective, and you can use your health when your mana runs out.

    Arcane Warrior gives big defensive bonuses, comparable to a warrior for tanking ability. But these come in the form of sustained spells, so you won't have that much mana left for casting normally while you're doing it.

    Spirit Healer should be pretty obvious. For a support mage nothing beats keeping your other party members alive. I'm not sure how useful Cleansing Aura is, it's a great heal but it drains all your mana fast in combat.

    Shapeshifter is the odd-one out. With master shapeshifter the forms are pretty effective. But you can't cast any of your normal mage spells, or maintain sustained spells, while shifted. If you don't like casting mage spells that much, I'm not sure why you're a mage in the first place, but if that's the case this is the specialization for you.

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  1. This is highly subjective. I haven't played blood mage but just from fighting against NPCs with blood magic, they are certainly not bad. Arcane warrior seems a bit pointless as you have to put weapons away to cast spells (lag time) and heavy armor gives large % penalties to casting cost. Spirit healer is pretty handy for healing. Shapeshifter seems pretty useless. Again, this is highly subjective and these are just my opinions.

    User Info: pseudodeus

    pseudodeus - 8 years ago 0 4
  2. I have heard many people say that SPirit Healer+Arcane Warrior is overpowered, but I have not tested it myself. My current play through has me as a Shapeshifter/Arcane Warrior, but I think Shapeshifter largely sucks once you get very far in the game. It's kind good for a little while though.


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  3. I was Blood mage/Arcane Warrior and Blood mage is pretty OP with the large AoE Dot Stun that has a short cooldown and low cost and make your character more resilient with armor you got a nice guy there

    User Info: Dramaticnoob

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  4. I actually found Shapeshifter to be fairly powerful, at least after I got master Shapeshifter. I don't use spider form often, but swarm hits ALL nearby enemies for a good chunk of damage, and rage + overwhelm makes for a great combo.

    I went Shapeshifter + Arcane warrior. Go into swarm mode to hit large groups, then switch to arcane when mana has been depleted by damage. Haven't had any problems in a fight yet.

    User Info: Cogspell

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  5. I like Arcane warrior just to let your magic skill decide armor. The abilities are garbage IMO. Get some heavy armor and LOTS of magic potions and have at it.

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  6. As an offensive mage you want to focus on getting a lot of magic points.

    Cone of cold while freeze even high level bosses with enough magic points so that makes it ridiculous good. I had two mages with cone of cold and they would take turns freezing revenants and what not while my trusty tank just chipped away at them.

    Blizzard is great for taking out, or slowing down, hoard of low level enemies, throw it at choke points like a door opening and combine with lighting storm and there won't be many left.

    Crushing prison is great for quickly putting a stop to high level enemy mages like the arcane warriors, which can be a real pain if you don't get them quickly.

    I also picked swarm and it does a decent enough job of grinding down the enemies health, it won't friendly fire and it will jump to the next enemy if the one it was cast at dies.

    User Info: ShinGnosis

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  7. For me it would be a combination of arcane warrior+blood mage or arcane warrior+spirit healer

    if u like tanker that can still do big damages go for arcane+bloodmage.. being blood mage makes your mana problem scratched. stats focus on magic and constitution and little willpower for sustainables

    if u want a tanker+support healer go for arcane+sprithealer
    in this specializtion.. ur focus will have to be on magic and will and a tiny bit constitution

    shapeshifter is useless since u cant cast any other spells and its casting time to transform makes it more worse.. but if u really like becoming a spider or a bear or a swarm of insect.. well...

    User Info: LaZboy03

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  8. Due to attachments to certain party members of late, i have been going with 2 warriors, one being a two handed fighter, and another being a one handed with shield fighter. Then i have one dual weapon rogue, and a spirit healer. I's been working pretty good.

    However, the first time i played through the game I used a warrior, a rogue, a spirit healer and a blood mage. This worked excellent!! My blood mage had the offensive spells, which made it so i could literally have my spirit healer do nothing but sit with cleansing aura on and cast a lot of heal spells. I had her firing basic attack, and occasionally using earthquake to start the combat. It did a great job in the party

    User Info: dretcher2

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  9. Blood mage all the way. So incredibly useful, you have no idea. It takes a little bit to get to the good stuff (blood wound and blood control are simply unbelievable), but it is so very much worth it. Shapeshifter is pretty worthless. With arcane warrior, you get to wield some of the most beastly armor in the game very easily, whilst being a mage, but the best stuff for a mage is mage equipment (Reaper's vestments - almost overpowered), so only do that if you really want to look like a boss the likes of which the world has never seen. Spirit healer is amazing, it completely rids the need for injury kits, and revival is almost necessary for the later boss fights. My party was as follows - Wynne (spirit healer, blood mage), Morrigan (shapeshifter, spirit healer), Alistair (champion, berserker [but I wished I had gotten to make him into a reaver, such a shame]) and myself (blood mage, arcane warrior). It brought the rape, through everything but healing the Arl of redcliffe, which I did last, at which point there was a conflict of interests and I Wynne was done away with. But be a blood mage. It owns. And have at least one spirit healer. It, too, owns.

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  10. I turned Wynne into a Spirit Healer/Arcane Warrior and maxed the Earth and Ice forces talents, the Arcane Warrior ones and picked up lots of healing ones. Add to this the Superior Medium Dragon Scale Armor (I have a +7% from the armor instead of a penalty) + the Arcane Warrior only sword found int the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest....well she kicks muchas ass.

    I am currently playing around with Morgan as a Shapeshifter, but so far she dies almost as fast as a Healer only Wynne.

    User Info: starhawk55

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  11. Blood mage and arcane warrior are the best combination in the game. Just having those two skill sets alone can get you pretty much through anything. With arcane warrior you can be the BEST tank in the game for even the strongest hitters will hit for less then 10. With magic being high, healing potions will heal for around 200 health.

    So you understand, I couldn't kill the high dragon. Barely did 1/8th of his hp in damage before he destroyed my whole team. Put all 4 points that I had saved up into arcane warrior and the dragon never dropped me below half hp. Arcane warrior = beasty.

    User Info: rustygun5

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  12. Arcane warrior + Spirit healer is my first choise, done the game with that combo and once with Arcane warrior + bloodmage but prefer the spirit healer, its simply impossible to die, just keep the sustainables us and throw on heavy armor and blow any mobs to pieces while not every getting close to dying.

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  13. Try Arcane Warrior + Blood Mage. Crushing Prison > Blood Wound > Combat Magic will take out just about anything.

    User Info: Tanaka_Punie

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