How do I beat the skeletons in the Brecilian Forest (the ones that come out of the tombstone)?

  1. How do I beat the skeletons in the Brecilian Forest (the ones that come out of the tombstone)? Near the crazy Mag.

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  1. The above post is pretty accurate, but here is a strategy to use if you're a mage and have Morrigan as well. Each of you having a heal spell is pretty much essential to keep a tank topped off fighting a revenant. However, oftentimes the skeletons will ravage the group before you can respond. One way to deal with this is to save, and then activate the encounter. Once you see where all the skeletons are, then channel the high firestorm spell over the spawn points of the skeletons and THEN activate the gravestone. Most of the skeletons will be killed or severely wounded, and if not wounded, they will target the character who dropped the fire spell. Simply run into the firestorm and force shield yourself. They will swing at you in the firestorm, doing no damage to you while the storm tears them apart. Then with your tank (Alistair/Shale) tank the revenant. Use heals from Morrigan and healing items on alistair until you get your main character back from force shield. Then simply just rotate a heal or two from Morrigan, with your 4th member (I had Leliana) firing damage from a distance. Should go down eventually. The biggest part about these is to not blow your whole mana bar on burst damage, because the revenants are pretty resilient to magic damage, but not to regular attacks and staff damage. Just don't stack melee for this because the revenants according to the codex are capable of hitting anyone around them at the same time as they hit their main target resulting in a lot of healing that is avoidable.

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  1. That ancient gravestone will open up a quest for a couple of other gravestones in the forest for a nice set of heavy plate (Juggernaut), but first you have to defeat the revenant. Unfortunately, it's going to be extremely tough if you are lower level as the armor set you are rewarded with is decently high level (tier 6). You need a tank with some decent armor and Wynne to heal, and even then, you will have to clear out the skeletons fast to properly deal with the revenant. Debuffs will go a long way to helping deal with the massive damage the revenant puts out, such as weakness or sunder arms. Don't be afraid to use potions either. If you're having a lot of trouble killing the first one, skip it and come back later because you've got two more to deal with later (the final piece is not guarded by a revenant).

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  2. While the points above are useful and correct I have found that if your a Warrior or are controlling any of your other party members. using ranged attacks against a Revenant is a bad idea. It will pull you to it as soon as it's in range and running and shooting is a bad strategy while fighting them Instead get one of your tanks close to it after and engage it in close combat while the other protects your Mages yes Mages use Morrigan to cast lightning storm or chain lightning or any similar area affecting spell and use Wynne to heal the tank your using to attack the Revenant and the one protecting your Mages alternatively. That worked for me at least and still works pretty well also fine tune your tactics for these battles to gain the most points damage wise or set healing parameters so your mages heal your tanks automatically once the health drops below a particular percentage

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  3. From my own experience using ranged attacks is actually not that bad of an idea, sure he might use his pull attack at times but at that time he won't be damaging anyone. Rogues backstabbing him are surely out of his pull aswell.

    A proper tank and a lot of healing pots (or a healer, walking healing pot :P) are almost surely a must.
    Also spread your characters, this way any AoE effect isn't likely to hurt more then one.

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  4. Really, all the advice given so far is fine; I've beaten the revenants with a balanced group and it works fine. A somewhat easier alternative that I've found, however, is to use an all melee group with Wynne as support and healing. I used Alistair as tank, my warrior as damage, and Shale as damage and activated passive damage buffs like Berserk and Powerful Swings. Then I had Wynne active Haste and Cleansing Aura and just manually controlled Wynne's healing. Haste makes your guys pump out crazy damage, and Cleansing Aura keeps debuffs off and constantly heals for around 45 or so every 3 seconds (very powerful, just make sure to keep Wynne close to the melee). I've used this group to kill High Dragons and it seems to work pretty well on anything.

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  5. Simple strategy. Freeze the Revenant with Cone of Cold (He resists on occasion). If you have it, sleep all of the skeletons to keep the unoccupied ones in check, use Mind Blast after sleep wears off. Kill all of the skeletons while freezing the revenant on cooldown with Cone of Cold and then switch to the Revenant and easy fight. The skeletons are weak enough that you shouldn't need to heal very much so you have plenty of mana for spamming cone of cold.

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  6. Cookie mode:
    You need Force Field and Missdirecting Hex. Force Field Revenant , when its down hex him., when hex is down force field is up again -> you can dissable him totaly with this.

    Other way around would be having tank with taunt , then grap as many in range as you can and taunt (be sure to have revenant in ) taunt and then force field the warrior. Mobs will keep bashing the force field while you have free time to kill them (note however that you will have to survive a bit without protection with your tank till force field is ready to be recasted)..
    Once adds are down you can kill revenant easily with hex , if thing get wrong just force field him and heal up.

    while it works vs any melee boss it simply makes things too easy so try not to abuse it ;]

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  7. The simplest and most strait forward tactic of beating any of the Revenats is to understand what they are doing.
    There is an invisable (as in it does not show up on you status bar) Damage over time Aura that the revenants have. You can see it if you are on flat ground ( it has the same radius as their weakness aura) and it is spirit damage.

    So the solution points itself out. Stay outside the aura (use ranged attacks) except for the tank who needs spirit resistance, either gear or potions, or better both.

    Tank the Rev in a corner or something, have you damage dealers take out the extra skeletons quick, starting with mages>archers>melees. Heal the tank, shoot with bows. It amy take some time, but what does it matter if it dies in 2 minutes or 5 minutes, it is still dead.

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  8. Wow!:D Thank you soooo much for the detailed answers;)

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  9. Actualy force field works in 2 ways and I usualy use it on my tank (taunt>forcefield on him). Then its easy, let your DDs take down the skels one by one and after that use all your debuffs on the big one. With forcefield you can even tank a high dragon with a naked guy (insta reuse after depleted) and they must fix that imo.

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  10. I used force field on the revenat, then I used Wynne, Morrigan and myself (as a mage) to destroy the skeletons as quickly as possible. They should be gone by the time the revenant gets up, Then just use every spell you possibly can and have someone, preferably Alistair, tank. It worked every time for me, but unless you're over level 13 or on one of the lower difficulties, I wouldn't try it

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  11. Im a Warrior/Berserker on Lvl 12 with Leliana/Alistair/Morrigan.

    My tactics is a bit different but also spams Force Fields. Here's wat i Do:

    1.Force Field Revenant
    2.using Alistair/Main Character, Id do a taunt or threaten(which points skeletons' attention to either of them)
    3. Have Morrigan cast Cone of Cold on the skeletons, which might affect the tank
    4. Because I have Two warriors and 1 is either safe or not from the COne of Cold, spamming Sheild bash can Shatter them.
    5. Use Morrigan's Crushing Prison will also Shatter them.
    6. By The time Revenant is active, Force Field again.
    7. Repeat until all Mobs are down.
    8. When its only the revenant, use EVERYTHING!. Leliana is a Rogue and Dirty Fighting sometimes stuns the Revenant(50/50)

    Recommended: Lots of Lyrium and HP Poultices(NOTE: u can craft items even when fighting)

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  12. The way that I generally kill the Revenant is a bit more... pathetic.

    Being a mage I used cold cone and then ran (because often the Rev as well as the skeletons will target you after you use that) while allowing my other party members to attack the now frozen solid enemies. Though it's an exploit, cone of cold sure does to the trick when you have something mean wanting to kill you and you need it to stop moving for a second.

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