How best to utilize Arcane Warrior?

  1. So having recently obtained the Arcane Warrior specialization and the first two points in it, I am having difficulty deciding how to use it. On one hand, it's neat to be able to equip myself with all the cool shiny armors instead of the often unimpressive robes... I wear the robes of the First Enchanter, at the moment, which are a visual downgrade from my previous Archon's Robes. Would I be most effective wearing light armor and a two hander? Should I wear heavy armor (thus fatiguing me to hell, though the Arcane Warrior class ability adds 50% fatigue already eep) and serve as an extra tank? What has been everyone's observations on the most effective use of Arcane Warrior?


    RUNFORYOURLIVES - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Generally I only used arcane warriors abilities after I have been depleted on mana. Start out with a wand at distance and unload all your spells on mobs for initial damage then switch to tank style (quick-swap weapons) and let the rest of your team do the rest while you have aggro.

    On the flip-side if you have Arcane Warrior + Spirit healer I stayed in Arcane mode the whole time and played much like a tank. You can heal yourself and buff yourself to the point of never dying and if you have the healer npc it will be rare you ever get out damaged by mobs.

    Arcane warrior is more about survival and less about casting lots of spells.

    User Info: LavisBlade

    LavisBlade - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. I found it best to use an arcane warrior as a tank. Go into his special mode, equip the best armor and activate Rock Armor. But other than that I found this specialization pretty useless. Mages are already the best class (balance-wise) just as is.

    User Info: CoinMatze

    CoinMatze - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Though it is still possible to do both, just so long as you put plenty of points into Willpower, you'll have a vast mana pool to dwell in. I'd say if your going for an Arcane Warrior the Primary Attributes to look at are Magic, Willpower (the basics of a mage.. duh) and Constitution, seeing as the Arcane Warrior can tank, why not let it? while having a vast amount of mana for spells if and should the need arise?

    User Info: Kimusabi1337

    Kimusabi1337 - 8 years ago 0 0

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