A couple of questions......?

  1. I have two questions!
    1) How do I get rid of curses that are on me? I assume they're curses-they appear above my special moves options on the right of the screen.
    2)Where is Wynne? Is she a healer?

    This game is so massive, you could wander around for days and still miss things!

    User Info: le1979

    le1979 - 7 years ago

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  1. 1) Those tiny red boxes are sometimes curses and sometimes injuries. If they have a little timer that counts down (like if you cast a spell) then it's a curse, otherwise it's an injury. To cure an injury, either go back to your camp and they will be removed, or use an injury kit. Sometimes, for example, your warrior will get a penalty to magic. If that's the case, just leave it and take care of it when you get back to camp. Only worry about the effects that you can tell will cripple someone in the next fight. If the red box is a curse, you can either wait for it to go away or use one of the healer's dispel wards to get rid of it.

    2) Wynne is the mage in the Circle tower that is putting up a barrier to keep the children safe. I didn't realize it was her until I had already decided to kill her. You can either have her join up or you can kill her.

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  1. Wynne is a Mage specilized in Spirit Healer when you pick her up, so saying she is a heal is correct. She can be found in the, what I'm calling the Corrupted Circle Tower, just a hint, when you ask for her help make sure you mention nothing of killing everyone up in the Harrowing Chamber (through out the entire event), or else she will turn on you and you'll lose your healer.

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  2. 1) Curses they worn out and dont take long, so I pressume that is not your question. As far as I noticed, you are talking about injuries right? those who say you are deaf, bleeding, etc... If you are talking about those, you need to use and injury kit. Everytime one of your characters die in game, they dont really "die", they get injuried.

    2) Wynne can be found in circle tower quest. She is the only real healer in the game, so dont miss her!

    User Info: ArthasEvil

    ArthasEvil - 7 years ago 0 0

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