Where can I find Witherfang?

  1. though I have finish all the quest in the Dalish camp and walkk all over the west and east of the forest but still no sign of the Witherfang hm... do I have to kill the mad hermit or sth? Do I need to do anything else? I have completed the quests in Circle of MAgi, Redcliff.. but got stuck with dun know where to find the Wolf boss?!! Thank u for ur help

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    Tinpi88 - 7 years ago

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  1. First, you can either trade for the acorn from the Mad Hermit with any of the items you receive for completing quests inside the Dalish Elf Camp (in my case he asked for either the book you get for Cammen's quest, the ring you get for rescuing Deygan in the forest, or the amulet you get from Anthras after reporting about Danyla), or just take it from the stump it's hidden in and fight the Mad Hermit. Either way, once you return the acorn to the Great Oak, he gives you a branch that'll let you get through this mist that obscures the road into the southern portion of the Eastern Brecilian Forest. That road will lead to the Elven Ruins and once you make it through the upper and lower levels, you'll arrive at the entrance to the Lair of the Werewolves which is a pool of water. Enter and proceed through the dungeon and you'll eventually get a cut scene that leads to you meeting with Witherfang. Alternate route is to talk to the Mad Hermit until he asks you to kill the Great Oak for him and after you do, you bring him a werewolf pelt which he will enchant. The werewolf pelt will allow you to pass through the mist the same way the branch from the Great Oak does. Hope this helps.

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  1. you have to help the tree retrieve the acorn from the hermit. Then he'll give you something that will let you get past the fog in the eastern forest to get to the ruins where whitherfang is.

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  2. Or help the hermit. I've heard you need a werewolf pelt in addition to that though.

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  3. Well... You gotta kill the hermit OR trade with him, to get the acorn. I recommend you to kill him, since the only thing he accepts to trade (at least that I experienced) is the scarf given by that Female Werewolf that is the wife of a Dalish Elf in the camp, but that scarf is needed to complete that quest (Between the Female Werewolf and the Dalish Elf), so... kill the hermit. The only way I found to trigger a battle was to examine the piece of wood (a log or something) that he has on his camp, chosse the option to try to reach the hole or something. Just simply ignore what he says. Then he will trigger a battle. I warn you that he is a rather powerful mage, and he summons two rage demons. But if you completed the Tower of Magi and Redcliffe Village/Castle, you should have no problem with this old man.

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  4. A stick from the Great Oak will get you past the forest fog. The stick can be gotten either by returning the golden acorn to the Great Oak or killing the Great Oak at the request of the hermit.
    After you walk through the fog, you'll fight your way through the Werewolf lair to get to the Spirit of the Forest, who will give you a choice on how to access to Witherfang (fairly simple and straight-forward, I'm just trying to avoid additional spoilers).

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  5. You can also trade with him using the Book of Songs acquired from the Dalish camp. The book is located in a chest near Lanaya, She would stop you from peeking into the chest, but if you kept insisting to open the chest for 3 times, you would eventually succeed.

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