Where can I find cheaper materials for Potent Lyrium Potions?

  1. To make them, you need 4 Lyrium Dust, 1 Flask, 2 Concentrator Agents and 2 Distillation Agents

    They vendor for 1g 25s

    The only place I have found dustx99 (unlimited dust) is at the mage tower so far, and for four dust its 9s 60c

    The other materials the only place I have found x99 (unlimited) is in the camp from the camp merchant, which sells 2x Concentrator agent for 90s, 2x distillation agent for 36s, and flasks for 1s 50c

    Doing the math the total cost to make them from those two vendors is 1g 37s 10c, which is just above the vendor price to sell them at vendors. If there is a cheaper source this could be a potential legitimate money making item for late game.

    The camp merchant has a rather sizable inflated item price - 50% higher than the base price for each item.

    Are there any other vendors which sell unlimited amounts of the materials for cheaper? Or is there any way to reduce the cost of items from merchants?

    Again, for reference the price for one of each from the two merchants listed above:

    Dust: 2s 40c
    Concentrator Agent: 45s
    Distillation Agent: 18s
    Flask: 1s 50c

    User Info: RavenBStone

    RavenBStone - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In Denerim Tavern, concentrator is 33s, while distillation agent also less at 13.2s, and flask only 1.1, and there's a total savings of 34s on the 1g37.1s, meaning in two trips you can make 44g or so if you sell 100 potions going back and forth between denerim and docks.

    User Info: mastah_435

    mastah_435 - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. The two agents can be bought for cheaper in either Denerim or Warden's keep if you have DLC if I remember correctly. Honestly though you shouldnt need potent lyrium potions, I played through the entire game on hardmode and just had my casters taking base lyrium potions whenever dropping below 50% mana. It doesnt really effect their ability to chain cast spells since they usually take them while important spells are on cooldown anyway.

    User Info: jeek_x

    jeek_x - 7 years ago 0 0

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