Need Help With Cheat Console - STEAM ver?

  1. hey guys,

    um, well, i followed the instructions for the console activation provided here on gamefaqs, all the way to the point where i have to change the key bindings. i did so and now the key binding for the console looks like this:


    and the TARGET from the shortcut properties look like this:

    "D:\steam .exe\steamapps\common\dragon age origins\bin_ship\DAOrigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

    but whenever i try to press 'x' in game, nothing pops up and even if i try typing the cheat, all it does is like open windows such as the inventory screen etc.

    i need help please, this is again, dragon age origins steam version.

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    heroicbanzai - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    What did you change it to?

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    heroicbanzai - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I have attempted to find the daorigins.exe and have yet to find it. I search in all the places do not have it. i need a lot of help to find this.

    User Info: antsarescary

    antsarescary - 6 years ago

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  1. cheats are still active
    just go to the steam forums
    and look for the thread How to Activate Cheats for the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age: Origins
    there you should find your answers

    User Info: SrgMick3

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  1. Try changing it to something else, ` allways works for me, and honestly with all the console cheating in pc games in the last few years, what else would you have it be?

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  2. This is tricky. For the steam version, you have to add the "-enabledeveloperconsole" portion AFTER the "-applaunch 17450". So the final product will look similar to: "D:\Games\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 17450 -enabledeveloperconsole". This will work for the steam version.

    I also recommend using the ` key for the console, but that is personal preference.

    User Info: Hellswrath99

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  3. Actually, you can just make a new shortcut for the game on your desktop and add the -enabledeveloperconsole to that.
    The target will look like this: (don't forget the " at the beginning and end of the destination)

    "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\dragon age origins\bin_ship\DAOrigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

    Where the 'Steam' part is your steam installation folder. As you can see, I'm using the Steam version as well, and it works fine for me.

    Also, note that you won't see anything when you press your assigned hotkey. You won't get a box or anything, nothing will pop up, you can't see what you typed. You'll know that it works, however, if when you're typing you suddenly see the top part of your screen a bit greyed out with tons of letters, numbers and symbols. Though if you did it correctly it shouldn't open up the various windows.

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  4. I suggest not changing the keybinding at all. I didn't. Just leave it alone and the default will be the tilde key (`).

    Since you've already changed the keybindings, you'll probally have to manually change it back to `. Changing this binding to a key that is already used in-game won't work, that's why you couldn't activate the console.

    Make sure that you add -enabledeveloperconsole AFTER the quotes. Doesn't matter what version you have or what is already in the quotes. Changing what's in the quotes will cause the shortcut not to work.

    Activate the console with the tilde key (`) and press backspace to be sure you've got a clear field before typing in the command. As stated previously you won't see anything until you begin typing, and even then you won't see what you're typing. After typing the command press enter and it will automatically exit teh console. (the letters and symbols will fade, rather than disappear immediately.) You'll know for sure whether or not the console is active because you won't be able to do anything in-game, beyond just moving the mouse cursor. So if you want to be sure that the console is active, try using the mouse to open one of the game menus. If it doesn't open, then the console is active. You can do the same thing to make sure that the console has been deactivated after entering a command.

    Make sure there is a space between the actual command and any variables, as well as a space between variables if there are multiple. There shouldn't be any spaces within the command itself (i.e. don't substitute a space for an underscore) - just make sure you type it in exactly as it appears on the cheats page.

    for example-
    "zz money 5000" and "zz_money5000" are both incorrect
    "zz_money 5000" is correct

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  5. I just bought the Ultimate Edition and I've read about 6 of these and none of the stuff suggested works for me.

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    to use cheat engine on games..
    click process>click DAOrigins.exe (it will have some code infront of it don't worry just look for daorigins) then:
    potion/poultic thingy what ever their called need atleast 3 of them for it to work: type 3 if it is 3 potions you got click first scan> go back to dragon age use 1 potion it will now have 2 potions left go to cheat engine type 2>click next scan then it should have the potion amounts in address/values part on left side of cheat engine double click them all if you begineer you won't know what it what so just double click all then double click down the bottom of cheat engine under the "value" secion where you double clicked them to type in 999999999 that is the max it allowed then> go back to dragon age use the last potion THEN TA DA your potion you hacked will be 999999999


    BAG SPACE hacking it is bit harder because you can't do it straight away when you start the story: when you find a merchant that has a bag to increase bag space your standard bag space is normaly 70 and bags from merchants increase it by 10 so like you did with potions type 70 in the bar> go to dragon age buy the sag or what ever it is that increases bag space you will see it automaticaly increased bag space by 80 so go back to cheat engine> type 80 and press next scan it will show your bag space there in side bar on cheat engine double click it down the bottom like potions under where it says "values" you double click the number and type 999999999 go back to the game next time you load it or save the game or buy another bag it will have your bag space as 999999999 so be pateint and either save again then load or go do some quests it will show up eventualy haveing basicaly infinite bag space

    MONEY HACK! kind of confusing but easyer then everything else! lets say you have 1 soverein 3 silver and 5 copper you DO NOT put into cheat engine 1 for gold or 3 for silver or 5 for copper because cheat engine hacks the copper only but don't put 5 copper.. you put this for exactly for example 10305 because 1 soverein 3 silver and 5 copper is equal to 10305 copper or if you had 15 copper you just put 15 in values well lets get started! type your money into the search bar click new scan > go to dragon age next time you loot money like a extra 15 copper if you had 1gold 3silver and 5 copper like i said your game will show 1/3/20 so you type into cheat engine 10320 then click next scan > grats! you can see your money there double click it look at bottom of cheat engine click the number under value and type 999999999 AND GUESS WHAT! next time you sell or buy or loot money your m oney will turn into "99999soverein/gold 99silver 99copper" this will last like for ever

    seeing cheats don't work dw you can hack stats as well! BUT IT IS DIFFERENT in cheat engine it is not 4byte value type! D: what to do you think? trying to find the attribute value but it doesn't work ingame? well guess what!

    clear the stuff you did befor click the scan type click "double" if you got 5 stat points to use type 5 into cheat engine> go to dragon age use 1 point> type 4 into cheat engine click next scan ect..> use another point> type 3 into cheat engine it should show your stat on side box in cheat engine double click it all doesn't matter what it is there do same as befor double click the number once the adress and value is at bottom of cheat engine make it like 6000 because to max all stats you need 1000 for each stat so 6000 is all you need to put your stats should be able to be like 1000 each once you used all the points you gave your self.. anyways


    cheats don't work! but hacks do!

    (i haven't figured out how to hack exp yet but why need exp if you can change stats, talents, spell points to use?)

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  7. Dragon age has no cheats anymore so do what i said to hack stuff cheats don't work at all anymore don't bother with them

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  8. DO NOT GET CHEAT ENGINE FROM ANYWHERE BUT IT'S OFFICAL SITE! or their fake versons with viruses in them or are copys bads made which don't work as well or never get updated ect.. if you know about cheat engine and people say like 6.9 or 8.0 or stupid stuff like that versons exist.. well that would be a fake verson their using or talking about the current cheat engine is 6.0 the REAL offical one

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  9. cheat engine 6.0 came out like jan 2nd or something this year (2011)


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  10. not on the steeam forums anymoree but a good explanation can be found at

    do NOT use the cheat engine if you do not want trojans and viruses.

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