Black Grimoire(Spoiler)?

  1. I gave the grimoire to Morrigan as soon as I found it and she has since said nothing about it while adventuring or at the campsite either. When does she give you the quest to kill her "mother?"

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    fluffythepirate - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. **Spoiler**
    To embark on Morrigans personal quest, you must do the following, in order:

    Retrieve the Black Grimoire from Irvings room in the Broken Circle quest. Give the book to Morrigan.
    Become warm with Morrigan. (have you done this?)
    Finish Broken Circle quest line.
    Go back to camp and she will disclose how shes learned about her past, and how you have to kill Flemeth. Accept.
    Leave Morrigan at camp and do not include her in the party. Return to Flemeths Hut.
    Talk to Flemeth. Tell her you are here to kill her.
    Shell transform in a dragon. Kill her. (Have fun!)
    Flemeth will have a key on her. Grab the key and open the door to her hut. Open the chest in her hut and grab the grimoire and Morrigans best magical robes there. The robes are significantly better version of what she starts the game in.
    Go back to the camp and talk to Morrigan. Give her the grimoire.
    Shell have a long talk with you. Now you are friendly with Morrigan.

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