How do I get my Items back during the Noble Dwarf Origin?

  1. After you become a prisoner in the Noble Dwarf origin they take a way all of your weapons and armor. Is there any way to get the armor back. Because they took away all of the bonus gear I had (such as the dragon armor) and I would really like to have that back.

    User Info: Dragonvare

    Dragonvare - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. heh I already asked this question under the items help but I'll just post what people answered there. there is no way to get them back in-game story-wise at least not untill they patch it, if they do. You don't get much anyways but if you happened to have any of the downloadable content you'll have to go to the main menu, disable the content go back into your game and save then go back and re-activate the content. try not to disable warden's keep or the stone prisoner conent as if you've made any progress in them disabling it could hurt your save file.

    User Info: Macho_Man_Max

    Macho_Man_Max - 7 years ago 0 0

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