What are all the characters? Which are/are not romancable?

  1. Okay, so... I'm seeing a lot of characters here... I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing some... Are there any I can miss and not come back to? I don't want too much spoilers. Just a list of names of characters who can join the party. Though if someone is missable, I'd like a little tip on how not to miss them, y'know.

    Also, I heard Morrigan, Alister, Leliana and some other guy Zhevran or something were romancable, but is anyone else? I also heard Morrigan and Alister are straight, but Leliana and Zhevran are bi, is that so? Anyone else romanacable straight/bi or anything?

    Anyway, so characters I know about thus far are... Alister, Morrigan, Mabari Hound, Leliana, Sten, Shale, and Wynne. But I know Alister, Morrigan and Leliana, and Wynne join mostly because of main story plot. I'm mostly only interested in ones that can be missed, like Mabari Hound and Sten. Any others you can mention would help. (Though please, no big spoilers, just a small tip on when/where not to miss them would be great.)

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  2. Additional Details:
    Nevermind, I got the Strategy Guide, it answered this for me. For those reading this question and also wondering who all the characters are and where to find them, the answer would be...

    Alistair - Ostagar
    Dog (Mabari) - Ostagar or Human Noble Origin
    Leliana - Lothering
    Loghain Mac Tir - Landsmeet
    Morrigan - Korcari Wilds
    Oghren - Orzammar
    Shale - Downloadable Content
    Sten - Lothering
    Wynne - Circle Tower
    Zevran Arainai- Random Encounter

    And yes, Morrigan, Alister, Leliana and Zevran are the only four who are romancable. Morrigan and Alister both being straight and Leliana and Zevran both seem to be Bi. So to get the Hopelessly Romantic acheivement, you'll need to play two games. You can only romance up to three characters as either gender. Female can romance Alister, Leliana and Zevran, and male can romance Morrigan, Leliana and Zevran. I have heard it's possible to smooth talk your way into two relationships, don't know about three though. But Regardless, you could have one straight and one same-sex relationship in two playthroughs and still get all four.

    Question answered, Question closed.

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Accepted Answer

  1. As far as i know of only Alister, Morrigan, Leliana, and Zhevran are the romanacble party members. Yes, what you said about Al and Mor being straight and as for Leli and Zhe are the bi ones.

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