How do I beat Broodmother?

  1. I have for some degree of success with Tempesting the crap out of her, while my melee artists protect the mage from tentacles and other shennanigans. I almost barely win a few times but that spit attack is was gets me in the end always.

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    CaptainDjango - 7 years ago

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  1. Pretty darn easy. there are a number of ways to beat it. You prety much need an ice mage for all of them. The way I did it: Get the ice mage up to blizzard and cast blizzard right on top of the BM while everyone else stays at the back of the room. Having a good archer helps deal consistent damage to the BM while your warrior takes out the tentacles and spawn that come out of range of the blizzard. the hold position button was useful for that. took a long time, but no one came close to dying.

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  1. Try switching to easy, if not already on it, as then tempest will not injure your own team, I used a similar tactic to what you described, and it seemed to work on easy.

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  2. Check the other thread. there's quite a few answers on there.

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  3. I like to use two mages(I'm one), my dog, and alistair.

    If one of your mages has cone of cold, this fight is sooo much easier. Basically you find an angle that the cone of cold can attack most of the tentacles and the brood mother herself to freeze since she rarely resist. Onces she's frozen, attack her with all you have.(melee and your tempest) Once she is unfrozen use winters grasp since it takes away decent damage as well as a possibility of freezing her again. Once cone of cold recharges, you just rinse and repeat.

    While your mage/s are doing that, have alistair on cpu and just let him do his thing. He's one of my favorite melee's on here. Your dog is there for the crowd control. Once the brood mother starts moving her tentacles all over the place and brings in dark spawn help, this is where your dog can use howl and stun everything to give you a break.

    If you don't have freezing spells, you're just going to have to do your best to keep everything stunned while you go to town on the brood mother.

    My favorite parties for this fight

    Me(Ice mage)
    Alistair(melee shield basher)

    Me(Ranger with stunning archer)
    Alistair(melee shield basher)

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  4. I found this fight pretty easy, first my set up:
    Alister with full jugger armor, belt with 10 fire resist 10 healing amount bonus and neck with 15 % healing bonus, he is almost invulnerable to fire i focust on it cause the rest of the party :P
    Wynne: which is spirit healer and blood mage, have all 4 healing spell line, all 4 fire line, some hexes for decrease resistances
    Me: as a Arcane warrior / Spirit healer, also 4 heal-4 fire line, some area stun ( cone of cold ) and other spells
    Morrigan: some area hexes and area stuns full fire and healing line, have grease too

    Tactic is pretty simple, pause at start, send alister, do the provoke to get agro, morrigan do grease a 1 hexe, wynne do another hexe (aoe one for tentacles) and regen on alister, me charging up flamepillar, that will take about 1 second of gameplay, next, both wyn and morri flame up too, while me use fireball, wait till flamepillars castings finish, spam both fireballs and use cone of fire of morri and me while wyn use an AoE heal. mob down. encounter takes about 10 secs of gameplay, if you dont count pause time.,,

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  5. Broodmother isn't too difficult. If you stand on solid areas of stone flooring, the tentacles cant hit you. Particularly the stone area near the back of the room.

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  6. Bellwar you freaking beast that's exactly what I did! Oh and it owns. Only I had three Tempests, two Infernos, one Blizzard, an Earthquake, and two Blood Wounds going at the same time for AOEs, then I just spammed Lightning, Stone Fist thing, Winter's Grasp, and Arcane Bolts. Killed her in like a minute. On Nightmare.

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  7. Hey guys I actually asked this question so here's what I ended up doing. With Oghren, Stenn, Morrigan, and Myself as a Rogue. On Normal.....
    On the edge of the map I pelted her with range while guarded Morrigan and my rogue with the two melee fiends. With my rogue left I barely pulled out the kill since his high dex hit her with nonstop fire arrows.

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  8. I used morrigan with her spells, and went in twice as a spider...the spit doesn't affect her much in that form. I had myself and liliana fire ranged at her, and Oghren I left to deal with the tentacles that tried to attack. When the minions came, the three non magic's torn em apart. Did this at level 13 only...I get the feeling by the difficulty that the dwarves were not the best choice for my first race to go to.

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  9. I rarely fight the Broodmother directly... There is a ramp-like area outside of the main room. I move the party there, setup a wall of defenders (they will get the tentacles), and then use magic to attack the Broodmother. It is still a hard fight, but getting away from the AOE spit helps to keep it managable.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. I did it with me as tank, ogren (i like to use characters that are involved in the story), wynn and lelianna. So I did not have any area effect spells. Strategy is simple. DPS down one tentacle at a time. DPS down one darkspawn at a time, then dps brood mother. Keep everyone healed.

    Fought her in the main room. Needs monster healing and a lot of pausing.

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  11. I'm assuming your team is Alistair, Leliana, and Wynne. I'm also assuming you have sword+shield specialization. Leli is meant to be in the back with a bow, so if you haven't given her one yet, do it. Wynne should also be in back, obviously, and you and Alistair up front.

    Now; KILL THE TENTACLES FIRST! The spit should do negligible damage if you or Alistair have decent armor. It helps to use Threaten/Taunt near the Broodmother for a while until you're sure it is attacking your tank, whether it's Alistair or you. Leli and Wynne should be focusing on shooting the Broodmother and keeping you alive, respectively. When it is about to use Sweep or Grab, run back a bit to get out of its range, then continue beat the tar outta it. After a while the tentacles will regenerate and Darkspawn will show up. Have your team run around and beat the tar outta them until it's just the Broodmother again. Rinse and repeat.

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  12. My ideal team for ANY situation seems to be my melee rouge PC tearing it up, Alistair tanking, Morrigan dishing out elemental dmg, and Wynne healing and also dishing out some dmg.
    I actually had Ogren on instead of Alistair at the time.
    Focus-fired one minion at a time and then the tentacles while Morrigan beat up broodmother while standing on the rocks with Wynne. Wynne obviously kept us all alive and dealt some dmg.
    I had anywhere from 3 to 6 injuries on each char before the fight even started. Died the first time but beat her the second.

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  13. Attack the tentacles, then use long range attacks on broodmother...getting close makes broodmother grab you and attack broodmother takes damage she decides to birth darkspawn to attack you and distract you, destroy them and the tentacles again...rinse and repeat

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  14. I doubt anyone will read this because it seems u have all the answers u need but maybe this will help.

    The way i did this was the same way for the high dragon and arch-demon which were both fairly easy. Put ur mage and ur archer on the only area where there is none of the goo. Then have ur fighters, which should be a tank and a damage, on the goo and attacking the tenticles and darkspawn. Your mage and archer should be attacking the broodmother unless they are needed elsewhere.Change ur tactics for ur computer-controlled players to lesser health potion when below 50. This should keep them with good health.Continue attacking the broodmother and darkspawn with tenticles until the the moments come when u can fullout attack the broodmther. Cone of cold works well on all monsters including the arch-demon and they are frozen for about 10 seconds. MAke sure ur tank has the broodmothers attenion when ur attacking her. This should be an easy fight if u have good gear and good weapons.

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  15. Me: Range Rogue Bard/Ranger(only 1 level into Bard, maxed Ranger) with stuns
    Alistair: Jugg Armor(just do the's easy).
    Wynne: Spirit Healer(didn't unlock BM till other game, then continued this one :( )
    Morrigan: Spirit Healer

    Make sure both mages have Mind Blast tree as Force field and C.Prison are over powered. If needed you can Taunt+Force the Alistair. I have never taken any Lightning spells outside of what Morrigan comes with(it doesn't scale with Spell power). Cone of Cold is a must for everything. Just freeze, shoot an enemy with Wynnes stone fist(don't get for Morrigan). If swamped use a mind blast --> Sleep --> Waking Nightmare.

    I used the spider summon, but rethinking the Wolf is a better Dps. The bear is a nice option due to the high HP. Just keep Alistair alive and tanking, freeze tentacles, Crowd Control the swarms of dudes, and keep the pressure on Broodmother. Really not a hard fight at all.

    This fight is only if you are using 2 Warriors and less than 2 Mages. Currently I am using 3 Mages + Rogue(Leliana Ranger). Yes, I am Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage. I take almost no damage, never get hit, and have to use Cone of Cold and a few other cheap spells to draw aggro. Yes I have kicked everyone out of my party, put it on Nightmare and solo'd Broodmother with Arcane Warrior. It's easy.

    The only other build I know that can Solo Nightmare mode is a All Dex rogue after the Dex bug fix. Just max dex and you never get hit...

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  16. 3 mages + alistar in some decent armor with +healing items and you can skip bothering with tentacles or darkspawn on nightmare heh... unfortunately its also true that you can't run this fight on tactics... and you will need to use potions >.< can't afford to have my mages switch to bloodmagic on tactics with that fight and try to get some hp back from poor tank lol.
    If you have a problem with that fight on normal or god forbid on easy... you really need to read manual and use tactics >.> so your 3 other companions dont just stand around doing nothing. But on serious note unless you use a lot of mages it would be best to drop down enough tentacles to be able to survive through their damage w/o having to use any defensive tactics. darkspawn i would personally ignore just make sure to kill genloks since they tend to be rogues and repositioning yourself so you dont get backstabed is just too much of a hassle.

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  17. I think this can help you if you watch carefully ;)

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  18. You probably need to accept one of the other answers and close this one, at has been eight months ! My twopennyworth as follows.

    I'm unsure what those asking this question are doing wrong. Broodmother has always seemed a pushover. I've yet to play on nightmare level but she was hardly worth pausing breath for on the other levels. All bark, no bite.

    I never worked out a strategy, strolled in, in whatever armour I had on at the time, saw the beast. Initially ignore the main body, stay back and melee the heck out of the tentacles. They're easy, will even be withdrawn after a bit of damage.

    When they aren't around you can melee the main body but probably best to stay back and use range attacks. Fill her with arrows, cast spells, whatever you have. When reinforcement darkspawn are called up, switch to dealing with them, then go back to the broodmother main body or tentacles, whichever is there and nearest.

    Job done, sit back and wonder why you took next to no damage.

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  19. Barring personal opinions and party set-ups the Broodmother fight is a fairly simple one, but not easy.

    Things to keep in mind when fighting her. Ignoring her and solely working on the tentacles is an alright strategy but the tentacles will start working your melee over rather rapidly and need to be dealt with. Not to mention but when she reaches a certain health pool she knocks everyone back and summons darkspawn to help her in the fight who also need to be dealt with.

    If you have a Blood Mage in your party, then Blood Wound will be your saving grace and take this fight from hard to easy-average. Use Blood Wound to lock down any "adds" so you can take them out before working on the Broodmother proper.

    If you have a trapper in your party keep in mind where the adds are going to come from and lay traps accordingly. My personal favorite is a grease trap where they come in at and then lob fire grenades at them for a constant area of fire.

    Lastly if you find it overwhelming just stay calm, step back from it, and ask yourself what went wrong and what can you do to fix it. CALMLY!

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  20. The same way you do almost everything in this game.

    use a mage with the 4th fire spell, and high fire resist which is rediculously easy to get.

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  21. I had no problem beating the broodmother, well i was level 34, but if you have two mages, one warrior with the heaviest armour and taunt and a rouge (dual blade!) it's no problem

    Just keep using infinity flurry and punishment with your rouge and throw all spells in from the mages, and let the warrior take the damage... It should be fine

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  22. you can lave Wynne pertrify/ freeze it and have and then you can simply attack it and kill it, rereezing/ petrifying it

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  23. I went melee with one range and it worked well. main Char, Alistar, Morrigan, and the Dwarf and i killed the Broodmother

    User Info: Demonox1

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  24. I just went for all-round melee attack with Ogren, me, Alistair and Morrigan
    all that you have to do is set Ogren up away from the broodmothers attacks, and Alistair as the tank in the front occupying the broodmothers attention, Morrigan was set up at the entrance casting spells from afar all you have to watch out for is the tenticles that pop up every so often, and i placed myself behind the broodmother as to get backstab bonuses as im a rogue. And the best thing is we had pretty average armors and weapons on Ogren had his dwarven armor and battle axe, Morrigan had her robes and staff, Alistair had heavy chainmail (veridium) with metal kite shield and oathkeeper, and i had a nice pair of dragonbone leather armor with veridium longsword and olafs prized cheese knife.

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  25. I confess I spent way to long trying to beat her by just going up and hacking and slashing her. Died way too fast. Very few potions, and an already injured team. :(
    So I changed to ranged, and it worked great. Got it over on 2nd try easy I stood everyone at the back, on that stone. The tentacles try to get at you, but can't. I then had Lilliana and myself (rogue) on bows, Oghen hacking away, and Wynne attacking/healing when needed. Attack tentacles first (don't need to kill them, they go away before that), then get clear view of Broodmother.
    When the minions come I swapped the rogues back to sword/dagger to get rid of. Swap back to bow when they're gone, and repeat on tentacles then Broodmother. Only damage taken is from occasional spit, but Wynne and occasional potion can heal.

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  26. Hey if anyone is having trouble with the broodmother, just listen to this. All the other answers are way too complicated. Talking about how you better have a mage with spells, attack the tentacles first, go up the ramp, dodge the grab, dodge the spit, use fire, yada yada. All kinds of conflicting answers. After a few tries, I figured it out on my own. And I didn't have to switch my party members or use any special tricks. And I'm only level 14. I'm a warrior, and through the whole game I've used my dog, Alistair, and Zevron. I just like my dog cause he's my dog lol. And he's fast and can lure-out the bad guys. And I met Alistair first so I like him. And I like having a thief, because I don't like missing-out on locked-up gold. Anyway, here's the simple way to beat the broodmother: Just set you're guys up in the back of the room, spaced apart (so only one guy at a time gets hit by spit). Don't even worry about the tentacles, because they can't hit you there. Ignore them!! Just fire arrows or bolts at the broodmother. Simple as that. I did need to use a lot of health potions though. I just kept using the lessers. I had 19 to begin with....I think I used 14 of them. I know that's a lot, but it is what it is. And as you can see (from the fact that I had 19), I save them up for battles like this one. Back to the issue at hand, the only thing that causes damage is the spit. Then when the 2 waves of darkspawn come, I just stopped firing at the broodmother and killed them. That's the only thing my dog helped with in this fight. It takes a while, but eventually my 3 guys fired enough at her to kill her. The waves of darkspawn are not tough ones. No emissaries with nasty spells or anything. Just regular gremlocks, hurlocks, and shrieks...and only about 4 at a time.

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