Is there a way to fix Romance with Leliana?

  1. ok here is the thing, i started wanting to be with leliana. Gave her gifts here and there and talked to her. Keep in mind that i gave her both her main gifts the flower and the pig rabbit. She at 100% and into me but not loved. Here is the problem i also gave morrigan her two main gifts and the next time i had talked to her she had pretty much told me she loved me so to speak. Then when i was doing a quest in this one area i had both Leliana and Morrigan in my grp and i heard them talking to each other. They were somewhat fighting over me anyway the next time i went to camp and talked to Leliana she pretty much force me to choose between her or Morrigan. I told her i wanted her and not morrigan, so when i talked to morrigan she knew that it was over and now she is friendly to me instead of loved which is fine. My problem is I havent goten Leliana main quest or her dialog hasnt open to love type stuff. The only thing i can talk to her about is her stories which ive heard all of them and about us. That only 3 options none to which lead to more important things for love states or bedding. So has anyone had this type of problem or know how i can fix it? thx ahead!

    User Info: JinBlazes

    JinBlazes - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I've been doing that nothing came up. Ended up finishing the game. Going 4 her again on a new toon. Thx

    User Info: JinBlazes

    JinBlazes - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Have Leliana in your party and go travel around the world. You should run into some assassins or bandits i forget which. Leliana will stop you from killing the bandit leader and that will start up her quest. After you finish up her quest, she will initiate a couple of conversations and if you do good her status will change. i believe in the second conversation you can steer it so that Leliana confesses that she likes you.

    User Info: deathdealer33

    deathdealer33 - 7 years ago 0 0

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