What are the plot specific gifts?

  1. In the console commands there is one command that gives you all the plot specific gifts. My question is what are they, and is it possible to accidentally give these gifts to someone other than who it is intended, or to sell them off?

    User Info: fletchmustdie76

    fletchmustdie76 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Plot specific gifts are refused when you offer them to anyone other than who it is intended for.
    A list:
    Alistair (Broken locket found in Redcliffe castle, Duncan's shield in the Grey Warden storage in the Denerim warehouse)
    Morrigan (Gold mirror from the stuttering merchant in Orzammar commons, Black grimoire from Irving's study in mage tower, Flemeth's grimoire in Flemeth's hut)
    Leilana (Andraste's grace flower - redcliffe mill, alienage tree, west brecilian forest)
    Sten (Sten's qunari sword - impossible to mis-give as it is clearly marked as his)
    Zevran (Dalish gloves in the shade's campsite in W. Brecilian forest, Antivan boots in the chest at the merchant's store in Haven)
    Dog, Wynne, Oghren and Shale have no specific gifts.

    User Info: John117X

    John117X - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. So far I found two plot specific items: for Leliana, I found her mother's flowers up by the mill in Redcliffe, and for Alistair, I found his long lost amulet up in castle Redcliffe somewhere (the Tab key is your friend).

    I just started the game, mind you, and I visited Redcliffe right after it was opened to me, so this is as far as I got at the moment... Hope this helps, ever so little :)

    User Info: TDubau

    TDubau - 7 years ago 1 0

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