Race and Class effect on Endings(SPOILER)?

  1. I was just wondering how the different classes and races affect the different endings one can get. For example, I know one can marry either Anora If main is a character male Human noble or Alistair if main character is a Female human Noble.

    So how does being a mage affect it for example, does being an elven mage gives you some special ending possible for example and so on. I mean there are after all a number of combinations.

    Human Noble - Marry Queen or King
    Dwarf Noble and Commoner - Paragon
    Dalish Elf - ????
    City Elf - ????
    Elf/human Mage - ????

    User Info: Denethor0

    Denethor0 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I dont knw about City Elf and Mage endings but i do knw the Dalish Elf ending.
    There is an option to which you can ask the queen to give your ppl the Dalish land so they may live on.
    She gives you the Hinterlands and Ostagar (if id spelled that right) and then say something about both their races.
    Also your keeper will be there so u can talk to before going to gate so the ppl can see their hero.

    User Info: JinBlazes

    JinBlazes - 7 years ago 0 0

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