Can shapeshifters tank?

  1. Can shapeshifters tank like druids in WoW?

    i just want to know if there are other classes that can tank on this game. So i guess im asking are there any other class that can tank on this game?

    a.) bear shapeshifters?
    b.) arcane warrior?
    c.) 2 handed warrior with massive armor?
    d.) dual wield with high cons/dex with warriors or rouge?

    is shield a must? btw, im planning to play on Hard or Nightmare.

    User Info: bebangs

    bebangs - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For c and d - only if you manage to get the proper feats and attributes to stack. For a two-hander, the slow attack speed means that enemies can get in a lot of hits before you land that one crushing blow - ideally, you should have a mage casting haste and/or stunning the enemies around your tank.
    As for d - I haven't tried one myself, but there seems to be similar problems. There is a feat that allows you to swing your weapons in a wide swoop and stun the enemies around you, but I don't remember any feats that afford protection against missile attacks the way the shield feats work. I surmise the devs. intended the sword/shield guy/girl to be the tank (Alistair being a prime example) and the two-handed/dual wield to be the DPS.
    It's a personal choice - your team will be very likely much different from mine, and the support people (mage, rogue or warrior) in party interact differently. Play and see!

    In response to a and b: Bear shape is good, but on hard and nightmare you really should get the 4th level upgrade. An alternative would be to get a ranger specialization and call in a familiar (wolf, bear or spider).
    Arcane warriors can be the best tanks in the game. Max out their skill tree and increase con if your secondary specialization is to be blood mage or willpower if it is spirit healer (don't bother with shapeshifter then, the alt. shape cancels out the effects of arcane warrior).

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    John117X - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. a) I've heard that bear shapeshifters make ok tanks but not the best.
    b) Arcane warriors could potentially be the best tanks in the game if played/planned right.

    Not too sure about c and d yet.

    User Info: jpri26

    jpri26 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Someone forgot another option for the best tank and its A+B

    Notice that the bear got a great armor and agro just from a clother, and this is the Point, scalates if are wearing armor, yes, if you are wearing a full jugger armor, you get also bear bonuses (when i say bear i meand bear with the tier 4 shapper spell bonus) making you an unkilleable tank (highly recomend wear an high defense shield before transformation too) and yep, when you change shape you lose the arcane bonus but, you keep what is important, is the best dmg mitigation you can get, and hold the agroo pretty good

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