Where are all the backpacks located?

  1. Which locations & which merchants in those locations sell backpacks?

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    evisruc - 7 years ago

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  1. The following vendors carry backpacks:

    - The quartermaster at Ostagar: He sells one before you set out to the Korcari Wilds, and another when you come back after completing your quests in the Korcari Wilds. Make sure you buy both of them, as these are the cheapest backpacks in the entire game by a huge margin, and available much earlier as well.

    - Bodahn Feddic at your party camp. He carries three; one only available on your first stay at the party camp, one afterwards but before you complete Nature of the Beast(the main quest at the Brecilian Forest), and one after you complete Nature of the Beast. Keep in mind that Bodahn's backpacks are the most expensive ones in the game, so only buy these if you really feel you need an inventory expansion right now, or have more than enough money.

    - The quartermaster at the Mage Tower.

    - Varathorn at the Dalish Camp. He will sell a backpack only when you clear three main quests, one of which must be Nature of the Beast. Keep in mind that if you side with the werewolves in Nature of the Beast, or complete the sidequest Cammen's Lament by seducing either Cammen or G.heyna, then you cannot trade with Varathorn afterwards.

    - Gorim at the Denerim Market District. As with Varathorn, he will sell a backpack only when you clear three main quests. These can be any three; A Paragon of Her Kind(the main quest of Orzammar) does not have to be one of them.

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  1. I bought two of the backpacks from the Quarter Master in Ostgar or something.

    One before the ritual quest and one before the big fight.

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  2. I dont remember all the loc but your best bet is to check all merchants more than once. So like go first time before u head out and do a few quest then come back and check their stockpile. Some of the merchants restock their wares!

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  3. Locations:
    Quartermaster at Ostagar (don't know if he offers 2, though).
    Camp shopkeeper (1 when you first make camp, another afterwards).
    Circle of Magi Quartermaster - 1
    Gorim in Denerim - 1
    Varathorn in Dalish camp - 1
    For Varathorn and Gorim, you might have to complete one major story quest each.

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  4. From what I'm told, it caps at 120 total, and I haven't seen another one since hitting that. You can definately get 2 at Ostagar, and they are the cheapest ones you will find. Make sure you buy one before you talk to Duncan and start the quest. You'll be able to buy another after you complete it.

    I'm pretty sure I got 2 in the party camp and the one from the Circle quartermaster on my last run.

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  5. Responding to mn12sc35th - I've got 125 so far, but I haven't seen any more after that.

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  6. I am convinced that 125 is the max possible number of slots in inventory, because after getting 125, I found TWO MORE backpacks to buy, but buying them was a waste of gold.
    (Being cautious about "being convinced" about this: of course, there's always a possibility of a bug in my saved game... But I think that chances are that I'm pretty right here about this issue).

    And, before anyone asks me about "where did I found the backpacks": I don't remember.
    And, before anyone asks me about cheating: No, I didn't use any cheatcode - so I asure you that there are, AT LEAST, two "extra" backpacks to be found after reaching the "limit" of 125 inventory slots - and I reached this cap when I was only at 50% of the game, right before begining the Landsmeet line quest, so I believe that there are possibly more to be found.
    (Sorry for my bad English)

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  7. The cap is 125. When you've reached it and uses another backpack, it does nothing.

    User Info: lbuuyk

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