Heavy hitter and travler achivemenet?

  1. I am trying to get these two achievements have beat the game twice now and have no clue how to get them anyone got them yet?

    User Info: Redemption626

    Redemption626 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The heavy hitter achievement pretty much forces you to be using a two handed weapon with high damage (axes/mauls rather than swords) at tier 5-7 and to have a character with strength stats piled up as high as possible (idk if arcane warrior with high magic stats would work too, but see no reason why not).
    Here's a list of places you should have visited (Other readers feel free to add if I have missed any):
    Korcari Wilds
    Flemeth's Hut
    Redcliffe village: Tavern, Simon's smithy, Dwyn's house, abandoned shop, house of the girl that asks you to find her brother, chantry, mill.
    Redcliffe castle basement and all adjacent areas
    Redcliffe castle main floor, upper floor and outside
    Village of Haven: houses, store, chapel
    The Sacred ashes mountain (all interconnecting caverns, make sure you explore every bit)
    Lake Calenhad landing and the Spoiled Princess tavern
    The Circle Tower (all 4 floors, the harrowing chamber and the Fade areas)
    Dalish camp, West and East Brecilian forests, Brecilian upper and lower ruins (there are three hidden areas right next to the entrance - check your map), werewolf lair, elven ritual chambers (solve the water jug puzzle to open the door).
    Frostback mountains
    Orzammar - Commons, the two shops, the tavern, the chantry area next to the tavern (unlocked once you get permission for the priest to start a chantry)
    Orzammar Dust Town - one shop, one abandoned dwelling and the carta's lair
    Orzammar Diamond Quarter - Harrowmont's residence, Aeducan Royal Palace, the Senate chambers and the Shaperate
    Orzammar - the Proving grounds - north and south wings, the arena (may be optional - accessible only to Harrowmont faction)
    The Deep Roads - Aeducan Thaig, Caridin's cross, Ortan Thaig, the Dead trenches and Anvil of the Void
    Denerim- Marketplace, wade's emporium, wonders of thedas, Genitivi's house, Gnawed noble tavern, Alistair's sister's house, Warehouse, Arl Eamon's mansion
    Denerim- Dark Alley, Dirty Back alley, rundown alley, Gaxkang's house, dirty hovel, Maleficarum hideout
    Denerim alienage - shop, orphanage, quarantine facilities, Elder's house, Shianni;s cousin's house
    Arl of Denerim's Estate, Royal Palace
    Fort Drakon - Only accessible in its entirety in the endgame.

    I suspect you may have missed out on some of the Orzammar sections or the Denerim alley areas. Good luck!

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    John117X - 8 years ago 0 0

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