How can i beat the Broodmother in Dragon Age Origins?

  1. I can only get her health down to halfway when the darkspawn and the tenacles kill me. I'm already on easy(yes i'm crap) and I still die.
    the party I have is a warrior(me), allister, morrigan and oghren.

    User Info: C-roadie-G

    C-roadie-G - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    How can u beat the brood mother if u dont have blizzard or inferno or tempest? cos i tried to do what xeno said with my character who is a dual wield, leilana as an archer, morrigan and ogren but i keep failing

    User Info: ulquiorra56

    ulquiorra56 - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I have me( a level 10 rogue elf), alister( level 10 warrior), Zevron(Level 11 rogue elf who is my archer), and oghrain. I get so close but the darkspawn and tenticles screw me. Help

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    matnepatriots13 - 7 years ago
  4. Clarification Request::
    Nevermid. I just kicked its ass. Thanks anyway

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    matnepatriots13 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. One way to to cast a large AOE spell like Inferno or Blizzard on her, then sit back and deal with all the darkspawn and tentacles that pop up. Have one ranged character keep plinking away at her during the whole time.
    Alternatively, focus on the tentacles. Taking them out seems to also damage the Broodmother, so if you keep destroying them you should be able to drop her health dramatically. It really helps to have some kind of persistant AOE spell to place on at least one entrance that the darkspawn will use. If you can, get the second glyph, as this can be placed on the party and let them hold their ground. This helps protect them from both the darkspawn and tentacles because it gives a defensive bonus, and it helps protect against the Broodmother's spit as it gives a chance to evade projectiles.

    User Info: Xeno426

    Xeno426 - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Like Xeno said but there are other ways to deal with the darkspawns and and tentacles at the same time while plucking away at the broodmother's health. One is to have wynn heal, morrigan drop aoes like it's her business (bring a whole lot of lyrium potions) and regular range when aoes are still going, a tank that can draw the dark spawns to him/her and one other range character that just concentrates on pincushioning the broodmother with arrows. But that's just how i did and found it quite easy to do but does drain the gold when you stock pile lyrium potions. not a bad idea to have everyone also have health potions if wynn can't get a heal off fast enough.

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  2. Might want to turn difficulty down to normal or easy if it isn't already to prevent self destruction from all your aoes.

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  3. Definitely use AOEs. I had Wynne, Morrigan, and myself, all with at least one massive AOE going on,, and then use some blood magic to take care of the darkspawn with a tank, like Alistair, running around. As long as your tank doesn't g anywhere near that mess of inferno, earthquake, tempest and blizzard that the broodmother has become, you'll be good, and the mother will be dead within a minute or two.

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  4. You can stand on the stone part of the floor(near the far side of the room from the broodmother, as well as scattered areas throughout the room), and the tentacles will not be able to hit you. They seem to be only able to emerge from the ground that is infected or whatever.

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  5. i had me (duel wield warrior) i just popped beserk and went to town on the broodmother. morrigan attacked the tentacles and alistair and ohgren held off the darkspawn. It worked pretty well.

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  6. Wat i did is always have two mages in the party and auto blood magic them and you will pwn anything your tank will not die and neither will yu ^.^ (Helps to have a few hexes on morrigan have allistar hold tentacles)(Glyphs on wynne to help allistar tank and you should not need any aoe spells :DD)

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