Alistair ending *spoilers*?

  1. If you "harden Alistair", is it possible to keep both him and Loghain at the end?

    I have seen most people say it's impossible but curious to see if anyone went the "harden" route and got to keep both..

    User Info: ryiven

    ryiven - 7 years ago

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  1. As far as i knw he goes crazy if you keep Loghain alive during the Landsmeat. Plus if you look at the party select screen where Alistair stands that where Loghain stands if you choose to keep him alive. The bottom line is that Loghain is a secret playable character towards the end if you keep him alive but doing so Alistair will leave. Also if you keep Loghain alive after Alistair leaves the next time you go to camp Wynne will get on you ass and leave as well. Well maybe she leave because i wasnt high in favor with her still that will happen though. Hope this helped any!

    User Info: JinBlazes

    JinBlazes - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. What you can do is let Loghain live in Landsmeet, and make him do the final sacrifice. You can also do it yourself, or make alistair do it. If you are Male, Morrigan will make a deal with oyu and save you.

    User Info: Ethelwulfx

    Ethelwulfx - 7 years ago 0 2
  2. Alistair will leave the party regardless if hardened or not, if you choose to allow Loghain to live and join you.
    If you harden him, it makes it easier to convince him to become king, with any of the options, as well as makes it a bit easier to convince him to do the deed with Morrigan if you are a female player.

    User Info: shyressa

    shyressa - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. No there is no way to keep them both. I recommend to keep Loghain cz he's much much better than Alistair in combat. And keeping him doesn't make anyone else leave....."JinBlazes" must have done something really stupid.

    User Info: jafarthegreat

    jafarthegreat - 7 years ago 0 0
  4. He'll leave if Loghain lives, that's pretty much unavoidable, however I heard nothing from my other comrades about it. Also Morrigan's deal will apply to you even if you're female, she just won't sleep with you. Also if you do choose Loghain, don't make the mistake I did because when you lose Alistair, you lose everything on him, which may or may not be superior to Loghain's equipment, and because I used Alistair as my tank, I lost my most geared person, aside myself, and Loghain was missing tanking talents that I had with Alistair, so if you plan on him to tank, make sure to check what abilities he has, and to buy a tome or such for him if you need him to get a needed talent.

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  5. It works check it on Youtube

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