Redcliffe at night (help needed) (spoilers?...maybe)

  1. I'm in redcliffe and that zombie invasion is about to start.

    I'm having trouble getting past the second group of zombies over by where the militia were training with their bows. The bastards just wear me down every time, morrigan runs out of magic and its always the last five guys that get me. Is there a certain character or ability/spell that really comes in handy here or am I just going to have to try and outlast these bastards? also, are there more than the two zombie groups because i really hope not.

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    CannonFodder64 - 7 years ago

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  1. First, make sure you did everything possible to help the Militia before advancing to nighttime.
    Let me see if I can remember them all:
    - Dwarven Mercenary and his 2 Thugs
    - The tavern owner
    - The spy in the tavern
    - Giving free drinks in the tavern to increase morale
    - Getting the smith to repair all the armor

    Also, prepare lots of potions.

    Then, when night falls, use your characters (mages especially) for healing and crowd control.
    Mages should heal first and drop crowd control to help militia kill. I don't bother using them for damage as the militia and my tanks and rogues can do all that. But only mages can heal and they do the best crowd control, so I save their spellpoints for that.
    Tanks should taunt so that they take damage instead of militia.
    Rogues should help wherever they can.

    Focus fire to kill things fast and you should have some downtime every now and then that will help heal up your health and mana.

    Best of luck!

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  1. Before the zombies overrun your party, run back up to the knights, they will help you fight. You may also want to use some AOE spells such as cone of cold.

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  2. One thing that can help, if you haven't already tried, is to use the oil barrels in the general store. Load up a save file before the battle begun, then go to the general store and examine the big pile of barrels in the corner. Afterwards, talk to the knight near the windmill and tell hime about the the barrels. If done, during the battle there will be a huge burning barricade across the path, and all of the zombies that cross it will catch on fire, dealing them continuous damage over a period of time.

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    bananapants - 7 years ago 1 1
  3. If you don't have an effective crowd control spell like cone of cold you'll have to rely on poultices and micromanagement to ensure you kill as many of the mobs as possible in front of the chantry. Take advantage of Winter's Grasp to keep stragglers off your caster. A good way to cause massive damage is to use Mind Blast on the mob then Flame Blast them. To an extent it helps to try and keep the militia alive as long as possible as they soak up damage and serve as a buffer to your party, so if you see a group of them getting wailed on it helps to reinforce them and keep them alive for more waves.

    Once things start looking really bad for you immediately run back up to the windmill.

    Once you get back to the windmill try to stay behind Gwyn and the knights as much as possible, run around to avoid dying if you have to but stay in the vicinity. Fortunately Gwyn and the knights appear to be invincible after the first half of the fight at the windmill so they will eventually kill all the horde chasing you.

    After that you may have to go back down to kill stragglers, in which case make sure you are healed first, either with spells/poultices or regeneration just in case.

    This is one of the first *truly* challenging battles in the game that forces you to get creative. You will learn your way around seemingly impossible situations like this.

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  4. It's pretty cheap but here's how I did it.

    I kept 3 melees and a caster in my party, id recommend you keep 3 heavyish damage dealers and a ranged attacker in your party.

    Before you engage anything from the second wave of undead, park your 3 melees at the top of the hill, preferable near the mountain wall. hit H to make your party hold position. I used the caster to sneak up to the top of the path and pull the zombies one by one with ranged attacks, and just letting loose on each individual zombie. The rest of the zombies will hang around in the square by the fire. Sure everything down in the city square will die, but you can get through this part without using any poultices. Your group will disengage after each pull, since you didnt go down and "engage" in combat. This means you can just sit around and rest to full after each pull.

    It's pretty nice too, you can loot all of the militiamen's bodies for armor, netting you about 4~5 gold from the quest.

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  5. I am guessing that you are talking about the area in fron tof the Chantry where all the militia members are using bows. I kept everyone in the militia alive. Healing them when they got too low and using my party to focus on zombies that were Elite or about to kill another militiaman. Try to keep everyone close, if a militiaman wanders off, help him kill his target so he'll return to the group. My strategy was that if you can keep all the militiaman up, that is just more damage output against your foes.

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  6. I think Chromatose suggestion is the best strategy , we have the same strategy to coup this problem and that work well with me . i think try that strategy might help you to finish this quest.

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  7. When u are helping the bowman militia below, there are some recommended ways to do it:

    (note: in your party should be you, 1 archer, 1 mage, and 1 frontliner)
    If u are a mage: do some AOE attack when the NPC militia begun to crumble, heal your frontliner, stay in safe distance
    If u are frontliner: Attack the enemies, when your frontline (your ally and NPC militia) begin to fall, run around, let the enemy chases u while your archer and your mage finished them.

    If u still can't beat them, just outlevel them.


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  8. To me this battle had no challenge on normal wat are you guys thinking? Not tryin to be mean but really just Go to the tower first pick up wynne then you really should never get low on health during this battle due to her spells. Then just get some aoe hexes/paralysis from morrigan and the fight is over.(Sleep is very useful long duration and practically whole screen range :DDD ie. Waking Nightmare ftw)

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  9. If you want tips to fight better and not cheap, fire and lightning spells work the best. Cold doesn't affect them as much. Enchant Alistairs sword with fire damage, get Shale if you don't have him and give him fire crystal damage and spirit defense. Worked for me.

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