What does the Dwarven Merchant's belt actually do? How is loot generated?

  1. The Dwarven Merchant's Belt says that it increases money gained while wearing it, (or something to that effect). Does that mean more loot in loot drops? does that mean that merchants charge less or buy for more? Does that mean that I get more when picking someone's pocket? What I've been doing is wearing a belt that's good for combat and then switching to the Dwarven Merchant's belt to pick up loot, pick pocket and buy and sell from merchants. It is an annoying hassle and I don't really see a difference. How is loot generated? Do I have to be wearing the belt the first time I visit the merchant and after that the prices are fixed? Do I have to be wearing the belt when I kill the person because loot gets fixed on death and doesn't change afterwards? Do I have to be wearing the belt when I first enter an area because loot to be pick pocketed is generated Upon entering an area and gets fixed? How and when is loot generated? Often times reloading the game after a pickpocket or a fight and doing it again doesn't generate different loot. Prices at merchants seem to be fixed once you visit them and don't change after that. The prices that merchants buy things for also seems to be fixed, yet the percentage of the actual value that they buy things for seems to change by item, (generally merchants seem to buy items for between 20% and 25% of what they sell them for). Most merchants sell the same item for the same price but a few will sell the same item for much less, like say, a backpack or a book costing 15%-20% less at certain vendors. Does anyone know how the system works and how to get the best loot drops and deals from merchants? There is an Archivist Belt that increases XP gained from new codex entries. The increase seems to be 50%, from 50 xp to 75 xp. That is a substantial difference! You would think the Merchants belt would work similarly. I know this is a Very long question but it could be Immensely helpful to a lot of people if it could be figured out. Thank you!

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  1. First of all: This is not ONE question, it's more like a million of them ~_~
    Secondly: I sincerely doubt anyone on this board can (or would want to) give you answers on how exactly some of the game mechanics you wanted to know about work, so maybe you should go to the Dragon Age forum and ask there, with all the developers around and stuff :o

    Thirdly: The belt increases money you loot from killed enemies, as already noted by tetsuo93, but has, to my knowledge, no effect on quest rewards/pickpocket or money you find in chests or stashes.

    For the future: keep the question short and don't hit people with a wall of text, that would be marvelous :)

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  2. I wore it all the time and I certainly didn't obtain a vast amount of wealth. It's almost as if it's a practical joke. Like when you imagine a traveling merchant selling you "magic" elixir, only to find out it's not growing back your hair....xD

    User Info: SOP_CSarean

    SOP_CSarean - 7 years ago 1 1

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