What are the best and strongest , armor , helmet , boots , gloves , shield and sword for a human worrior ?

  1. I'm lv 25 warrior and i just need to know the following things and where and how can i get them ???

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    NIZO_101 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. My favorite would be either the Effort set or the Legion of the Dead set, for armor, honestly, between Warden Commander, Effort, Legion of the Dead, Juggernaut, Wade's Dragonbone Plate, and the Blood Dragon, it's a matter of asthetic preference and your situation. I like Keening Blade the best, and probably Howe's Shield or Portable Bulwark (? from the camp merchant?) are best for shield.

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Other Answers

  1. it really is all debatable because of the variety of character builds, personally i had a weapon+shield warrior that was around 22 at the end of the game and i wore the blood dragon armor throughout most of the game due to its good protection and excellent stat bonuses and other perks.

    other good sets include the juggernaut armor you can find in the brecillian forest (quest starts in the ruins where the werewolves are) and also a suit of armor Wade (armorsmith in Denerim) can make for you with a dragon scale you get from killing the high dragon near Andraste's Ashes

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  2. If you have access to Soldier's Peak (DLC), the Warden Commander Armor you can get there is a very good set. But most named sets (Effort, Juggernaut, Wade's, etc...) will be more than adequate especially at level 25. For a shield, Howe's Shield gives a +12 to defense. And for sword, again if you get to Soldier's Peak, the Starfang is the strongest. If not, the Keening Sword you get from Gaxkang in Denerim is a solid choice. But you may get the Fade Wall shield from him instead, which is a good shield so either way its worth it.

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