Best sword and dagger please?

  1. Im looking for the best longswords and daggers around. Could anyone tell me what they are and where to find them?

    User Info: einsteinonspeed

    einsteinonspeed - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are a few different swords, but I'd say the 1H Starfang sword would be the best in the game, provided you have The Warden's Keep DLC. If you don't, there's good alternatives: Topsider's Honor from Deep Roads quest (you find parts of the sword and once you have all parts you can go claim it). The Keening Blade from Gaxkang during the Unbound quest is also a very nice sword (note that Gaxkang also drops a rare item named Fade Wall, wich is one of the best shields in the game so worth a few reloads to get). Asturian's Might once upgraded is also not so bad (but I think that is again from The Warden's Keep DLC). As for daggers, during Shale's companion quest (after Caidan it should trigger) you can get Thaig's Shanker, wich is a nice dagger. There's also a very nice dagger that you can buy at Orzimmar over by the vendor by the entrance to the Diamond's Quarter, it's named Rose Thorn or something like that, for me, that seems to be the best dagger in the game atm. Note that there is also a DLC item dagger wich is supposed to be fairly insane.. I don't have it (yet at least) -- but it was stated that all that bought DA:O before Nov. 30th should get it.. I don't know though, it might be poorly written email notifications and only apply to people who bought the game after that mail was issued.

    User Info: NeilVaage

    NeilVaage - 7 years ago 0 0

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