Redcliffe Village - Zombie Horde ?

  1. How do I get past the zombies at the town square? Is there a special tactic? The town militia is no help in the end and my party is largely outnumbered.

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    zabara13 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm not sure if you've done these bits before you began the fight, so I'll list out how I assisted them (I just did this quest).

    1. Talk to the scratchy voiced mayor and find out everything they need. That should be Veterans, Repairs, and Morale.
    2. Talk to the Knight next to the windmill and find out what they need. All they really want is a prayer from the chantry.

    Morale: Go to the tavern (right across from the windmill) and talk to the trio of militiamen trying to get drunk and unable to afford it. Convince Loyd (through whatever means necessary) to give them free drinks. You can buy some recipies and a gift from him too.

    Veterans-Light: You can also convince to Loyd to join the militia, and he will almost certainly die, leaving the Inn to his serving girl.

    Veterans: While in the same in, question the serving girl about the elf in the corner. Confront him (he's an agent of Loghain spying on the castle) and force him to join the militia in the fight.

    Veterans/Morale: Head back down to Dwyn's house and get inside somehow (I kicked in the door, it was badass). Convince him, one way or another, to join the militia men.

    Repairs: Head over to Owen's home. Convince him to repair the militiamen's gear in exchange for your searching for his daughter (you won't actually go looking yet).

    While you're down here, check out the general store. There are a few casks of oil to inspect. Next, head over to the Chantry.

    Prayers: Talking to Reverend Mother Hannah you can convince her to give out some chantry amulets to the knights that, though not magical, will improve their morale and make them 'feel better'. Whatever, that's another check off your list.

    Oil: Return to the knights and distribute the amulets through Ser Perth. Mention the oil to him and he'll have his boys round it up.

    Now you're ready for the fight. You've got burning oil as a barricade before the knights and they'll fight a little harder. When you run down to fight you'll note that the militiamen are in better armor, the elf, the dwarf, the dwarf's 2 thugs, and (if you forced the issue) Loyd are pitching a fight with everyone.

    For this part of the battle I found using Mind Blast invaluable, as it let me stun all the undead and give the militia time to unload. Being a mage AND having Morrigan, I could pump them out twice as often. Also, the paralysis burst combo (glyph of paralysis + glyph of repulsion) used sufficiently far away from the main fighting, kept half the waves from approaching before the previous wave was done.

    Also, I used Forcefield on the yellow undead (there were two I believe) to pin them in place. Having Alistar use Threaten and Taunt while keeping a healing eye on him worked wonders as well. Lelianna was sort of wasted space, she kept dropping her bow and jumping in. I'd suggest Wynn as a third mage for more Mind Blasts and mass healing.

    One note, however, your enchantments (flaming weapons) don't transfer to the militia or knights, so don't expect to get more from the spell than normal.

    Also, the undead are highly resistant to cold and nature damage.

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    Dwovar - 7 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. I guess you enter the fight in very early. that's mean you don't have good weapons and skills for crowd control.

    try to keep the militia alives if you have mage healing, and if the militia got wipe out then lure the zombies to the knight at top of the hill

    User Info: jk2l

    jk2l - 7 years ago 1 0

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