How do I solve Magi collectivity Scroll of Banistors?

  1. Where are the exact locations for each of Scroll of Banistors? I can only found 4 of the scrolls and I don't remember where the place I missed the 5th. So please anyone can give me the details of the locations, Thanks.

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    aegea - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Found the answer at the Dragon Age Wiki
    --Circle Tower - Senior Mage Quarters: Ancient Texts In the same room as the first 3 blood mages, but on the other side.
    --The Circle Tower - Great Hall: Ancient Texts In first room. These contain another Scroll of Banastor.
    --Ruined Temple: In the South Eastern Chambers section east of the first hall in the ruined library, marked 2 on the Ruined Temple map
    --Ruined Temple: From the Main Hall map marker, take the west door to the Cultist Chambers area( There should be two mages in two bedrooms, near the chantry). The scroll is in the room just north-west of the Cultist Chambers map marker in a pile of books marked 'Ancient Texts'.
    --Lair of the Werewolves: In a pile of books marked 'Ancient Texts' in the south-eastern most chamber

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