Need help with Human ending? - Major Spoilers

  1. Before the end i kept on losing my party members
    first allistar ran off cuz i didnt gave him the throne after all the time he didnt wanted to be king and i liked the idea of having logain on my team....
    so he left.....
    if u take logain to camp then wayne goes crazer and leaves
    then morigan tells me she can save logain or me at the final battle....if u dont accept her proposal she leaves...
    but if u do logain winds up dead anyways???
    so is this a plot hole?
    and who knows weather we will have our old party members in the next DLCs to come?

    User Info: recvx_freak

    recvx_freak - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    - if morigans ritual was supposed to save the warden giving the final blow then why did logain die anyways-

    User Info: recvx_freak

    recvx_freak - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. hmmmm both u guys are partially right

    i tried the ending again and this time i killed the arch demon myself so in the ending i was alive and logain too
    so u have to do the final blow to save logain....cuz when u talk to morrigan she says if u want logain to die the let him give the final blow and redeem his self some stuff like that
    and i only heard the part where if u take logain to camp wayne will leave i will try that soon....
    for now im playing as elf rogue duelist which is MUCH better then playing as a warroir tank.....hitting with 1 sword and shield is that much fun :p

    User Info: recvx_freak

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Other Answers

  1. well, as this is already marked spoiler:
    umm, when you get loghain only alistair leaves. It doesnt trigger anyone else leaving. Wynne must have left because of other reasons. Maybe you re a blood mage and owned up it?
    Morrigan shouldnt leave either, only after the archdemon is killed; but she ll do that no matter what choices you made.
    Morrigan offer to save you or loghain from sacrificing yourselves to kill the archdemon, either make a child with her or you or loghain will need to sacrifice yourselves to kill the archdemon.

    User Info: seekuh

    seekuh (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Ok, every character has one or more crisis moments where they might not any longer consider you an ally and can not travel with you. The Loghain and Alistair is one such for Alistair as he will NEVER be in the same party as Loghain whom he sees as responsible for killing Duncan.

    Also, according to the Official guide, if a characters approval ratings is negative then this character may leave at any moment and I assume this is more likely the more into the negative that they are.

    In Short, keep everyone in the party happy. And talking to them should give you an idea what would make them angry and/or turn on you. Like Lelianna is religious theoretically, if one could start burning chantry buildings and killing chantry priest then she would be a LITTLE angry :P, mind you that burning chantry's is not possible as far as I know so just used Lelianna and that as an example.

    User Info: Denethor0

    Denethor0 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. As for Loghain dying, that was probably a bug or something.

    If you get a conversation before striking the final blow, then that means the ritual has not been made and one warden will die.

    But also consider, it is also possible you made a misstake...I know as I made a similar one on my first play through. Was going to save the dog in that one and did finish the quest but for some reason I can not remember, I had to reload which put me just moments before finishing the quest. And I kinda forgot to talk to the handler and thus lost the dog as a pal, since Lotheringen was gone by the time I realized I hadn't gotten the dog yet.

    User Info: Denethor0

    Denethor0 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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