Any tips on defeating the broodmother?

  1. I tried countless options and failed at each: ranged attacks; concentrated attacks on defeating all of the tentacles and moving back and forth between them, the Broodmother, and the darkspawn; focusing my mage on the Broodmother while my other party members focus on other dangers. Problem probably lies in my party (two one-handed weapon warriors, one tank, and one mage) since I lack the expertise needed probably in ranged attacks (usually with Leliana but I substituted her for Oghren for the sake of the story).
    So does anyone have any helpful tips on defeating it with my present party?

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    Loulwa4V - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    thank you. I actually just beat it. I just retreated to a path above the Broodmother whenever she unleashed her tentacles or called for Darkspawn and cornered them there, giving me leeway for clean and fast kills. then i just headed for the broodmother and attacked her there. took a great amount of lyrium potions and health poultices but it worked.

    User Info: Loulwa4V

    Loulwa4V - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. well, first some links for this prob:
    for some reason the site isnt letting me post links, so click on answers, click on open questions and voila, first ill be enemy bosses with four open posts for this.
    this is what i posted in another thread:

    well it doesnt matter what your party looks like really. If you dont have a healer put in tactics to use health potions once health below 50% of 75% or whatever.
    hit the tentacles, not broodmother directly. concentrate all power on one, dont spread out.once darkspawn come get rid of those first.
    have you got the ice spells? cone of cold(freezes targed so its immobile)? (or blizzard-careful, fiendly fire-get out of range) if you have cone of cold use, rinse repeat. that and potions should get you through easily.
    btw, you can also turn down the level to easy. go to options and adjust. On easy it should be possible to get through the game even with a team consiting of only tanks.

    should you still be having drastic problems despite using potions on automatic, cold spells and on easy you have made seriously bad choices for skills and or point spending. sorry.
    also check if you can still spend some. (whenever i check i notice im 2 levels behind with that)

    also if you would like advice to step by step tactic or advice for team in general you ll need to give a rundown of what skills/spells your crew has, armor, damage etc.

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Other Answers

  1. I got through this fairly quickly without a ranged specialist. I gave everyone bows anyway. Keep everyone on the edge of her tentacle range and have them focus on one tentacle at a time, don't ever go anywhere near within range of her arms. If you don't have enough bows or ranged attacks to kill her tentacles focus on her until she she gets mad and sends them out to you, then clobber them one at a time. Whenever she sends in mobs take them out first, then get back to her. As long as you have a decent healer or potions with you, you should be able to tough it out.

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