How do I make the statues on the circle of magi work?

  1. Im trying to get the Yusaris sword but i cant make the statues on the circle of magi work ..they just keep giving me electric shocks and thats all ....please help

    User Info: Hamzadark

    Hamzadark - 7 years ago

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  1. First you need to obtain the quest: Watchguard of the Reaching.

    You do this by collecting all 6 Apprentice Notes scattered around the tower. Hold down TAB to highlight objects (I recommend rebinding it to an easier to use key).

    Next, go to the third floor of the tower and find a large room with 3 statues. When facing toward the statues, click them in this order: Left side, Right side, Middle. Continue on to the final room of this floor (the room with the stairs leading up to the next floor). There will be one more statue to click here.

    When you click on these statues in the proper order, you will not be given any notification that you have done it correctly other than you will not be shocked. Do not click on them multiple times, just click once.

    Once you have completed this step go back to the first floor. In the room in which you met Wynne there will be a door with stairs that lead down. Other mages and children will still be in this room. Click on this door and a boss mob will spawn called Shah Wyrd. Kill it, there will be two corpses to loot. The one with the sword is often underneath the first corpse.

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    plucky027 (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Agree with the answer above with two small additions.
    1) If you get an electric shock, you got the order wrong so start again.
    2) There is NO activation sound associated with these statues (not like the summonings earlier.) Although infrequently the character will say "Done" but not reliably enough to use as a determinant. So if you don't hear anything it's a good thing :)

    (P.S If you are unsure if it was activated, hit F5 and see if you get an electric shock by clicking again.)

    User Info: Nyack1st

    Nyack1st - 7 years ago 0 0

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