What is the best best build for each class?

  1. I'm new to RPGs and I'd like to try the different classes. How should I add the attribute points (dex, str, etc.) for different types of characters? (Warriors, Mages, Thiefs) and does theRace of the character change that?


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  1. Because you're new to RPGs I'm guessing you're not going to be playing around with power builds anytime soon, so it really isn't all too difficult to sum this up for you. To answer your last question first, no race doesn't really matter, not in dragon age that is. In a DnD rule based game it can matter a lot, however, in dragon age it's more about which origin story you'll go threw, and which race you like the most.

    Mage, while being one of the most complex classes, it is one of the most simple when it comes to attributes. Get your willpower up to around 40ish then put everything else you have into magic. Str, Con, Dex, Cun, can be fully ignored.

    Rogues and warriors share the dual weapon and archery trees however both of these are better fits for the rouge class.

    If you want a duel weapon rogue, you'll need enough str to use your armor which will be exactly 20. Then you'll need about 28-30 dex to get the talents you'll need. After that the full focus is on Cunning, put everything else into it, and make sure you have the Lethality Rogue talent! If you find your self running low on energy too often, then stick a few points into willpower, but don't go overboard with it.

    With Archery once again you need enough str to use your armor, which is still 20. Then if you want to open locks with your character, you'll need 30 cunning as well as Device Mastery, the forth level deft hands. Other then that put everything else into Dex. Once again if you run low on energy too much put some points into willpower, however, it really shouldn't be a problem with archery.

    As for the warrior, if you want to tank (weapon and shield tree) then you'll want to use the top armor and you'll need the str to wear it, which means you'll need 42 in str. After that it's all about the dex. The more dex you have the harder it is for you to be hit, always a good thing. I really wouldn't put any points into con as it will only give you 5hp per point, which doesn't really mean a whole lot. You may want some willpower though, again just enough to make sure you can use your abilities and what not.

    And finally, the Two-handed warrior. This is by far the most simple, just put everything into str. If you need more willpower, feel free, but other then that your full focus is on str.

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  1. Because specializations and playstyle so heavily effect optimal builds there is no way anyone can give you a definitive answer for every class without authoring an entire strategy guide.

    How about you just pick one class, figure out your chosen weapons and specializations and I'll give you some tips from there?

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  2. Most of the above is solid generalized advice. I do a lot of things differently, particularly for mage and warrior but you'll figure out your own playstyle as you go along. Once you see how things work you'll adapt what you do to fit into how you want to do things. In the end, as long as it works for you personally, nothing else really matters.

    Also remember that chosen specializations can play a heavy role on your stat choices. One example is that certain specializations rely heavily on sustained abilities: arcane warrior, ranger, bard. Another example, a Blood Mage that ignores Con is just asking to die.

    Read everything inside the game in detail, every single ability, get to know what they do and what is required to attain them. Do some research if needed (google and dragon age wiki are your friends). If something doesn't work as well as you thought, no big deal, do something different next time. Apply your knowledge. Knowledge is what RPGs are about, rather than fast eye-hand coordination. You'll do fine!

    For stats, do not forget about the Mage Tower. When you do this portion of the game you will enter the Raw Fade. Over the course of completing this area you will gain permanent stat bonuses for your main character only. Use those gains for lesser stats (like Cunning for a mage who only needs 16 to max Coercion and other skills). Instead of putting level up points into Cunning just to attain those skills use what you get for free from doing this area or you'll end up with wasted points. I highly recommend doing the Mage Tower first once you are out of Lothering.

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