Morrigan relationship help?

  1. I choose a male human noble and then i journey from redcliffe to denerim and to the mage thingy .my relation with morrigan is full,but not yet in romanced, then what should i do? start over cuz i messed ?

    User Info: ShujiMeguro

    ShujiMeguro - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. At certain points of conversation there are places to bring up the romance option. You need to bring the topic up, read the conversation options more carefully next time. If you wish to romance someone, sometimes you have to be the one to state your intentions and initiate the flirting.

    If you are at 100 with Morrigan you will not get the option to 'fully' romance her anymore. You can easily reduce your approval with her, there is a conversation option that loops to reduce approval. This is done by asking her a personal question, asking why she is there, and uhh I forget the next option but you'll figure it out. It's -5 each time. You'll probably need to get yourself back down to around 55-60 approval before giving her the mirror if you wish her to join you in your tent. At 90-100 she will no longer bed with you. It's a story thing you'll understand later.

    From here you can give her the Golden Mirror which is purchased from a vendor in Orzammar. This item has a romance starter line in conversation. The line is something like 'a gift for a beautiful woman'. It also gives up to +23 approval rating.

    Alternately, you can give her the Black Grimoire and do her side quest. Or start over.

    As a recommendation, always do the mage tower first. Combination of getting stat bonuses from the fade, getting Wynne, and getting the Black Grimoire early on.

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