Who are the strongest allies?

  1. I have a couple of allies in my party and I'm just wondering who are the strongest in the game. I'm guessing it can vary between different allies from the tactics you may use but what I'm wondering is, is who the strongest ally is stat wise and for their class.

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    Thanks Crippled for your response, btw I only have to rogue classes with me which is Leliana and Zevran, from what I am understanding you're saying that Leliana is a better general rogue than Zevran so I should be lvling her up? btw, how good is Shale in comparison to the other tanks?

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Accepted Answer

  1. All depends on your playstyle, your main character's class, and what works for you. Everything I'm about to spew is my personal experiences based on how I personally play. Take it for what it is. What works for me may not work for you and you may find something that fits your game better.

    As previous stated, Zevran is weak. I find it too tedious to reposition him for backstabs and have full control over my main character. And again, no lock-picking from the start along with poor distribution of other talents puts him at the bottom of my list for companions.

    Sten is also extremely weak. He only gets 1 specialization point, not 2. If properly setup 2h warriors can be great, but I tend to shy away from them. They provide very little utility to go with their damage when compared to rogues and mages who excel at utility. If you want an NPC 2h warrior in your group, go with Oghren as he gets 2 specialization points and I find him hilarious. =)

    Morrigan is weak at the start of the game, in my opinion. Why do I say this? Not Enough Tactic Slots. Shapeshifter Sucks. I also dislike her starting spells, I set mages up much differently but this is just a playstyle choice. Once you get her moving she's quite powerful though, good as any other companion you can choose. If you get her atleast the Heal spell she is more than capable of being your healer, but it takes time to set her up as a fully speced healer. This also takes away from her damage and crowd control for a time. It's just annoying to me, I tend to use her more later in the game than the start. Mage Tower should be your first stop (other than sidequests) once leaving Lothering anyway so you'll have Wynne early. Though you may choose to kill Wynne heh, so adapt your group to not only what "seems" the best on paper but to your roleplaying as well... you'll be happier in the long run. The game isn't "just" about min/maxing numbers.

    Wynne is very strong, as she starts out with not only a full compliment of healing spells but maxed out skill in tactics no matter what level you aquire her at. It is very easy to get her setup to require very little micromanagement right from the start. Given some extra levels she can crowd control quite well on top of being a primary healer.

    Leliana is your best option for a rogue in your group. Set her up as an Archer, Bard, Ranger. She can easily gain the ability to pick all locks in the game early on. Her damage output is decent and requires almost no micromanagement at all. Being ranged she is usually clear of being hit by AEs or aggroing strong melee mobs. Song of Valor rocks. Once you gain the ability to summon ranger pets the damage she provides to the group is quite good. Also helps to have the extra body around to soak damage. As a blood mage her pet is indispensible as you can use the pet to suck health from instead of your other party members. If by some chance that pet dies you can just summon another easily. Being heavy on sustained abilities is why she is easy to manage, you won't be using a lot of special attacks with her if you use this specialization setup.

    Alistair is always in my group, no matter what class I'm playing. If I'm playing rogue, mage, or damage warrior I run him as templar/champion for rally and tanking. If I'm playing a tank as my main character I run him as templar/reaver and my main character as champion/reaver. 2x Aura of Pain coming from indestructible tanks with Wynne behind you healing is absolutely disgusting.

    Dog isn't bad. I use him occasionally depending on my main character's class. Dog is kind of the middle-ground, he's not particularly strong but isn't weak either. His best use, however, is having him find special objects for you. =)

    Shale, no idea, I refuse to pay for DLC as I won't buy anything I do not have a hardcopy of. Oh well. From what I've read, Shale sucks at holding aggro in comparison to a warrior tank, but I have no personal experience with Shale to give you.

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Other Answers

  1. All allies and more or less as good as you make them. The only really bad companion is Zevran. I know a lot of people aren't going to like hearing that as he is a pretty interesting character, but he starts with no locking picking still and it's hard to get him into backstabbing position on every fight, so he's often not doing as much damage as he could be.

    But really no one is endlessly better then anyone else. Just use the characters you like the best, it's a role playing game after all, dialogue is just as important as any skill.

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  2. I would say Leliana is the better rogue. Plucky did a pretty good job with the general over view of each person. But, as I said before, go with who you like. If you feel Zev is a better fit for your group then don't be afraid to use him. He really isn't set up as bad as it looks, as he's meant to be a cunning rogue. Because locking uses cunning you don't have to max out Deft Hands like you would for Leliana. Each rank of Deft Hands adds 10 to your cunning check vs locks. I believe you need 60-70 cunning to open the hardest locks in the game.

    Shale isn't bad, I've never really had a problem with aggro, however, I would have to say Alistair is the better tank. With the top end gear Alistair will have more armor and def than Shale, but to tell the truth it doesn't matter too much by the end of the game. If you built your tank right they'll rarely take damage, should be able to go threw most fights with out even needing a heal.

    I personally like Shale as a damage/back up tank. If your main tank dies for what ever reason you can make Shale jump over to a tank and pick things up with out much of a problem. Shale is also nice to have around for when there are a ton of mobs and your tank needs a little help keeping everything off the healer and what not.

    Anyway, because I just can't say it enough, go with who you like. If you want to use Shale for a tank and Zev as your Rogue, do so, at the end of the day it doesn't matter much as long as you've enjoyed the game.

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  3. Alistair and Morrigan are almost always in my group. And the third member rotates between Ohgren(majority), Sten and Leliana. The others I don't use as much. I'll use Shale if I need his boulder rain to take out a lot of people. I only use Zevran when I want 3 archers. Then I go with My character(a rouge), Leliana, Zevran and Morrigan. I really wish I used the dog more but using any of my warriors is usually more effective.

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