How to use poisons?

  1. I am having trouble adding poison to my weapons, how exactly is it done?

    "Please keep in mind this is my first time in a 'real-time' action RPG, so please no tech vocabulary."

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    RamonIAm - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Open up your inventory screen (default hotkey for this is 'I').

    Select the character whose weapon you want to apply the poison. You can do this by either having the character selected when you bring up the inventory screen, or by scrolling to the character after you open up the inventory screen.

    Last, find the poison you want to use, and double-click on it. As soon as you leave the inventory screen, the poison will be applied.

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Other Answers

  1. You use poisons just like you would a poultice, potion or balm: simply select it from your party inventory or hotbar and your character should automatically apply it to the weapon they're holding. You'll see the little cooldown timer in your buff bar that shows how long the poison lasts when it's applied.

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  2. Also, that paricular character needs at least one point in Poison Making to apply poisons to weapons or use poison bombs like acid flask.

    Example: Alistair has 3 points in poison making. Leliana has 1, and you main character has 0. Alistair can make 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teir poisons, provided he has the recipe (mostly available from vendors). Leliena can make 1st teir poisons. Alistair and Leliana can both apply any poison in the game. You main character can neither apply nor craft any poisons.

    One idea is to have a character that you leave back at camp learn 4 points of poison making. Your main party each learns one point, and bam you can use any poison in the game.

    A final note: for quick access to poisons, open your inventory and drag your favorite poisons to your quickbar. Then, during battle just click the quickbar to use them. Characters with poison making skill will have the skill itself in their quickbar. Click the skill to open the crafting window

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